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I am writing to you from Ottawa, and have made the decision to relocate to Yarmouth, where I spent most of my youth.  I have had the good fortune to see all of Canada, but not much can compare to the beauty of Port Maitland Beach and the wonderfull improvements done to the waterfront in town.  The potential for Yarmouth to become another "Bar Harbour" or "Nigaria on the Lake" is very real.  It requires people of vision and daring to do so.  I too remember the Bluenose coming into port and all the tourists (dollars) heading for Halifax.  Make use of  what Yarmouth is all about.  A wonderfull historic seaport with some shady characters thrown in for good measure (rum runners). 


Pardon the slang language here? So..we have the Recycling Plant closing.I tell there no end. First we cry because we are gettingWal-Mart in and it's a bad we may close another plant puttingmore jobs on the line. Jobs are good thing and no one is listening. Nowyou know WHY people get frustrated with living in Yarmouth and wantingnew business in. GREED does have some play in here but I tell ya...itsure makes one discouraged when it comes to "trying" to find work andonly to have "jobs" fold and one be out of a job. With so little jobs tochoose from for most you got to bet that Welfare is expecting to havemore clients. I agree Education is a key to "learning" about jobs...butdoes that mean you still have to leave home to choose a job or career.Shame to leave you know. If the fishing industry ever folds Yarmouth isNothing! Shudder the thought have a ghost town (Canso comes to play asan example).

L. Dukeshire