The Rumor Mill
Michelin Tire

1. The first rumor is an old one, concerning the Michelin tire.  Apparently they wanted to set up in Yarmouth but certain influential businessmen thought that this would cause wages to increase in the area so they squashed the plans of Michelin to establish  here. 


Comment #1

I am also the one that wrote comment about Wal-mart...guess you know my "opinion" on that for the "Michelin" won't be as long. 
Just to say..I can't emagine anyone not wanting any company "IN" because it would cause "wages to increase in the area"..why would any councilor not want the people of town, future generations to have a job. The Cotton Mill was out biggest "industry" and it was sadly missed once it folded. It was our biggest loss.
Let the "lobster fisheries" fold and you would see a town fold..look at Canso...a good example of what COULD happen!
I will say no more. Just as always, Yarmouth needs "growth" and that's not new "news".


1. A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth. 
2. Unverified information received from another; hearsay. 

There have been some very alarming rumors that have circulated over the years with regard to the destructive nature of some of the decision making policies of some of the more prominent citizens of the Yarmouth area.  I do not know if these are true or not but my hope is that by putting them up on this web site that some verification of the validity of these rumors can be ascertained.  If you have any comments that support or refute these accusations or would like to add you own concerns please email me: 
Godfrey LeBlanc . On the subject line please type rumor as the first word.