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Comment #1

Just want to make a comment on the Yarmouth Theatre.

I currently reside on Halifax, but visit Yarmouth often, with the possibility of moving there in the near future.  The current theater is a disaster, they have unreasonable lines up, small screens, poor customer service and wicked watered down Soda.  Renovating or expanding the current theatre is a GREAT idea. 

Although, putting it on the waterfront, I believe would be a waste.  You are in a theatre, with no windows, watching a movie.  No one wants to see what's outside.  Leave the prime real state to the things like the shops and restaurants. 

Just my opinion, 

T. Tufts 

Comment #2

Hi there,
In response to the previous  comment about needing a new theatre. If you are refering to the present Empire Theatres, which I think you are. They have no desire to move to the waterfront.  They do indeed plan on building a new theatre complex here with 5 or 7 screens with national name brand concessions such as New York Fries and TCBY Yogurt with possibility of more things. Anyways, the new theatre will be located on the same property it is now.   Now that Plaza Group have bought the property where Price Chopper and Empire Theatres is now for 2.5 million. The vacant piece of that mall will either be torn down or renovated top to bottom. Regardless of what happens the new theatre complex in fact will not be attacted to the mall but seperate. Keep you eye out in the very near future for a press release from either Plaza Group or Empire on the development that will be taking place in that area.
Likelyhood of the present theatre being expanded is slim due to the fact of the mall being sold and Empire Theatres preferring free
standing buildings now,
Hope my info helps 

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