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Workers at the Plant

Rumor has it that the recycling plant in Yarmouth will be shut down and the material from our area will be shipped to another area over 100 km away. I believe it was Digby.   This is to save money?.   40 workers and their families will be without a job.  Yarmouth's tax base will drop.  A negative dent in the Kyoto accord will be created, because of the extra trucking.  It is much cheaper to transport sorted compressed garbage then unsorted,  cans alone are reduced by at least 50 % volume. Plastic bottles and milk cartons likewise. This means more trucking more expense and more pollution. My guess is that compressed  material  requires at least 5000% less road traffic. That is one truck can do what it would otherwise require 50 trucks to do. Has anyone every taken these factors into consideration??????  Next the material still has to be sorted so more people have to be hired at the other end. What of the people and families on this end:  unemployment insurance? welfare? no income ?  Less revenue for the Yarmouth area.  There is no possible way that this move can be more economical. 

I would like to know if there is another reason for the move and who or what group is behind it!


Other comments and insights are welcome.

Just a correction to your page. They are not shipping them to Digby. They are shipping to an unknown destination at this point, but they are figuring the other end of the province. It is District 7 that they are shipping away which includes Digby to Yarmouth. 

Finished high quality product ready for shipping
Taking blue bags off a truck to be counted, weighed and sorted

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Your Comments:

I agree, how could it be cheaper to truck the recycling products to another location, which is going to require more trucking which means more money, build a $300,000.00 holding plant, and hire more workers at the other end. I don't think Wastecheck is doing their math or they just don't care. Why take a locally owned business out of business? Then again, that's Yarmouth, never thinking. Help your own people, keep your people employed, keep the money and business in the Yarmouth area, not in someone else's area.

Lack of Information 

H&H recovery Ltd. may be forced to close their doors, resulting in 40 jobs being lost. Why, you may ask? Because Waste Check is not acknowledging facts, they are not telling everything. The average is $78 per ton to sort blue bags, H&H Recovery Ltd. is at $82 per ton. Big difference? I think not. Waste Check is telling $234 per ton, which is an approximate number but they are leaving out the fact that blue bags need to be transported from outlying areas as far away as Digby, to the centre. Because Waste Check isn't letting all the facts be known 40 people will be unemployed. Yarmouth is not that large of an area and 40 people out of work is a big concern. Can the Yarmouth Food Bank provide for 40 families until they find more work? Can the government afford to have 40 families on welfare? Apparently so if they can ship materials out of Yarmouth to a government funded facility. Now I ask why would the government be paying for 40 people and their families to be on welfare as well as a government funded facility when they wouldn't have to pay anything if they kept things in Yarmouth at H&H Recovery? 

The government hasn't given any funding to H&H Recovery Ltd. nor have they asked for any funding unlike other facilities in the province. H&H recovery Ltd. is locally owned, operated and community minded. 
According to Waste Check, 9 people should be able to do the jobs that 40 people are doing. What they aren't saying is that the blue bags that they want shipped away from Yarmouth will need to be taken to a transfer station (more money) then transported to their destination (more money). Which will consist of those 9 people as well as millions of dollars worth of machinery. In the end $234 per ton broken down as $82 to sort blue bags and $152 to transport the blue bags sounds more than reasonable to me when I know taxes won't go up and 40 families will be provided for in Yarmouth. 

What will the total cost be in the long run??? 
Chantal Deveau

Hidden Agenda ?

Why doesn't Wastecheck tell the whole story? First,they had a meeting and instead of going to the people they're compiling about (H&H Recovery) they head straight to the media, leading them to believe that the price wanted, is three times the price their paying now. They are forgetting to tell the people that the price includes trucking. Take off the trucking fees and they could clearly see H&H only wants $82 per ton, that's only $4.00 more than what their paying now. What does Wastecheck want? Them to do it for nothing, while they line their pockets. Wastecheck wants what Wastecheck wants, to close a locally owned business and move the product out of town. Their plan was already in motion before the contract ended and so no matter what H&H Recovery wants Wastecheck is going to find problems with it.


Who Checks Wastecheck?

Organizations naturally make decisions that are best for themselves. Trucking unprocessed waste 100's of kilometers has got to cost more, and result in more pollution.  Someone will have to foot the bill. The result could be higher cost for the the municipality and you. It is possible that the only group saving money here is Wastecheck. Decentralization vs Centralization.  Is possible that they have been captivated by the dream of a super facility that services the whole province? 

If anyone has any facts and figures it would be to see them.  Does our mayor or local MLA have interest or any say in the matter?.(657s-17-04) Waste Check Website:

Your assignment for this month, (should you chose to accept it) is to find out the players that control this decision and suggest ways of reaching the best method of resolving this potentially negative decision. 

We will post your findings and suggestions here.


Two-bag system?

Here goes Wastecheck again, now they want a two-bag system. There are some people who still don't know how to recycle the one bag correctly. You still find human and animal waste, dirty diapers, needles, live ammunition, used condoms etc. Wastecheck wants to give the program $40,000 for introduction to the two-bag system. I have an idea, give that $40,000 to H&H Recovery and keep approx. 40 people in work for another 5 years. Wastecheck likes  complaining about how H&H Recovery wants too much money for processing recyclables but has it to throw away.
The two-bag system: All fiber products, cereal boxes, shoeboxes, flyers, one bag and everything else in another bag. At the processing centre all bags have to be opened and sorted, how is this making less work at either end? Has Wastecheck ever been to the sorting centre? Has any of the board members? Clearly they do not know how it works or how it is bailed. Election time is coming up, I'd say someone wants to do something and do their homework, not let someone in a suit blind side them because once a decision is made, there is no turning back once they realize they made a big mistake.


Corrogated cardboard to be bailed then shipped.

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