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Name: Barry Boyd
Location: bboyd@tor.hookup.net
Comment: Can I do research on documents through this location. I used to have a relative that worked in the museum her name is Pam Nickerson. Does she still work there?

Name: renM8r
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Comment: Great stuff Send E-mail to renm8r@direct.ca

Name: s m hogam
Location: pei
Comment: just looking in to see what is open in the fall

Name: Bill & Marianne Quigley
Location: Winnipeg , Manitoba
Comment: I have a sister and her husband that own and operate two businesses in the Mavillett area. We have visited there, and the wonderful city of Yarmouth. Always enjoy visiting N.S. You may know them, Shirlee and Leigh Kennedy. I am flying to N.S. on the 22 Sep and will be visiting the Valley. It is hoped that I will see my sister as well...if you get a moment please give her a call and let her know that you received some comment on the INTERNET and that she really should make every effort to get down to our brothers home in the valley to visit with me. Her home number in Mavillette is 645-3064. Thankyou. from her brother Bill. Love the Maritimes.

Name: dwight tanner
Location: prince george, b.c.

Name: Felipe
Location: Mexico City
Comment: I Love Yarmouth

Name: Rod Mood
Location: Oshawa, Ontario
Comment: Enjoyed myself in Yarmouth a great deal this summer.* Was disappointed I didn't get
to see any Ox hauls.* Oh, Well. Maybe next time.

Name: Vaughn Murphy
Location: Lwr.Wedgeport,Yar.Co.N.S.
Comment: Nice to see that Yarmouth has such a fine representation on the 'Net.... to whoever is responsible....GOOD WORK
You have done a good job in portraying Yarmouth as a place where the people have a good way of life and i'm sure that all the visitors to this home page would say the same

Name: David Culver
Location: Peculiar,MO
Comment: Systems Administrator of TOS, an Electronic BBS here in KC. (dculver@primenet.com) (david.culver@tm-bbs.com)

Name: Jim McRae
Location: Dayton, NS

Name: Don Comeau
Location: Yarmouth,N.S.
Comment: Just searched Yarmouth to see if there was anything here, keep it up I beleive it,s a good idea.

Name: Ian B MacLure
Location: Mountain View, California
Comment: A former resident of Yarmouth

Name: Fran
Location: Meteghan, N.S.
Comment: I love Yarmouth! I practically go there all the time!

Name: Christian Riera
Location: Saint Mary's, Halifax,N.S.

Name: Garth Atkinson
Location: Yarmouth
Comment: This is God's country!

Name: Keith Doucet
Location: Quinan,Yarmouth Co.,
Comment: Where is the Firefighters Museum page?

Name: "Super" Anderw Schleit
Location: Deerfield, Mass.
Comment: I live in Yarmouth, great place. In boarding school here. Miss home.

Name: Milton d'Eon
Location: L. West Pubnico N.S.
Comment: Nice site


Name: Maxine Nimmo Nee Hersey
Location: Ucluelet BC
Comment: Yarmouth Regional Hospital School of Nursing Class of 66

Name: Kevin Ward
Location: Toronto Ca
Comment: I figgered Id come home electronicly. Im from Barrington Passage

Name: percy boudreau [pierre]
Location: pboudrea@direct.ca
Comment: hi, there i haven,t been back to yarmouth since the late 1970s. I am orignally from little river harbour.regards Pierre

Name: Rory M Lennox
Location: O'Leary, PEI
Comment: Good idea!

Name: Heidi Townsend
Location: St. Thomas University

Name: Dr Alistair F Strachan
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Comment: Well done!

Name: Rev. Harold Beesley
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Comment: e-mail zeteo@atlantic.net
I was born in Yarmouth in 1952, and now I may be moving back...if you have anything you might tell me, I'll be glad to hear from you!

Name: Harry Trefry
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Comment: Email address hat@bnr.ca

Name: Duane Doucet
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Comment: It would be nice if more businesses were encouraged to get themselves on the site. Also, more pictures with hypertexed links would be nice. Thanks.

Name: Dave Schul
Location: Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Comment: Looks like you have a lovely town. I would like a street map of Yarmouth if you have one. Please send one to me at the address below.
Thank you very much for your help,
Dave Schul
2214 Princeton Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66049

Name: Kristen Welburn
Location: Balaclava School
Comment: Poppy and Louis Fitzgerald are my grandparents. I live in Carlisle, Ontario. My mom says we will visit soon.

Name: Kelly Kendrick kellyk@bnr.ca
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Comment: I'm a Bluenoser myself (from Shag Harbour, Shelburne Co.). This web site looks great (and makes me homesick). Keep up the good work!

Name: Peter Wyman, wyman@is.dal.ca
Location: Halifax (from Yarmouth)

Name: Derrick Fitzgerald
Location: Ottawa Ontario
Comment: Just checking out my home town ....

Name: Neil Francis
Location: Calgary
Email: nfrancis@cadvision.com
Comment: Hi, I currently reside in Calgary but I'm originally from Weymouth Falls. What recreational facilities are available in Yarmouth?

Name: James H. Vaughan
Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Email: nstn3182@fox.nstn.ca
Comment: Glad were here.

Name: Colin Mosley
Location: Halifax NS
Email: Colin-M@aci1.aci.ns.ca
Comment: Good site! It's good to see a bit of home on the 'Net!

Name: Stephen E. Goudey
Location: Fredericton N.B.
Email: stevegoud@gov.nb.ca
Comment: Dear Yarmouth: I am a former resident of the town and I would like to get in touch with fundy group publications Are they on E Mail? Nice talking with you. Have a great week end

Name: Stephen E. Goudey
Location: N.B. College of Craft and Desi
Email: stevegoud@gov.nb.ca
Comment: This is a very good idea. Do you have a list of E mail or internet addresses for people or businesses in the Yarmouth area that I could contact for information at different times.
Best wishes , steve

Name: Janice Ruggles
Location: Maryland, USA
Email: jxruggl0@wcc.com
Comment: Yarmouth is my mother's home town so I was interested in what's going on there. Her name is Mary Eskins.

Name: Steve Dorey
Location: The Pas, Manitoba
Email: dstephen@MTS.Net
Comment: Originally from Cape Breton, I Was a Yarmouth resident from 88/8 to 91/8. I was an employee of Dominion Textile Ltd. during those years, nice to see ya on the Web.
Steve Dorey

Name: Lurch
Location: Vancouver,BC
Email: renm8r@direct.ca
Comment: from one bluenoser to another, hello friend. Love the way the site is turning out. Hope things turn out the way the cybergods deem them to be. By the way do you think that the Maritimes will suffer to greatly if quebec splits? What a sad day for canada if that happens!! Derrick J. thibeau

Name: Chris & Adam Rowland
Location: Telford, Shropshire, UK
Email: Chris.Rowland@dial.pipex.com
Comment: I found your home page via my son Adam exchanging e-mail with Sawyer, ie Brian Nickerson's son. What a surprise, an absolutely excellent & informative site. Maybe we'll get over there one day.
Best Regards,

Name: Kent Nickerson
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Email: kentn@interlog.com
Comment: From a Yarmouth County native it's good to see Yarmouth on the Web.

Name: Hannah Finlay
Location: Dartmouth, N.S.
Email: hrm207@akerley.nscc.ns.ca

Name: edward rymer
Location: #1 placid court yarmouth
Email: No Email Address Specified Comment: as a long time resident of yarmouth county I think this is a very positive aspect of our citizens attitude good luck

Email: pilkinga@um.montevallo.edu
Comment: My husband and I visited,briefly, your beautiful Province in May 1995. We plan to return the summer of 1996.

Name: Drake
Location: Oklahoma
Email: bard@nether.net Comment: more tourist info. please

Name: The BunHead
Location: Wolfville
Email: 011142d@axe.acadiau.ca
Comment: Vance Rodney is my hero! Royce Gracie rules the Octagon!

Name: Mike Kellock
Location: Pictou, NS
Email: kellock@north.nsis.com Comment: Hi there Yarmouth!

 Just visiting from Pictou, NS

 Great to see more communities online!

Name: Ron
Location: Great Yarmouth, England
Email: rjtcomp@paston.co.uk
Comment: Interested in links with you.

Name: Jean Richer
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Email: http://infoweb.magi.com/jeangr
Comment: I really like your home page. The reason I visited this page is because my brother is in the RCMP in Yarmouth. If you know him tell him I say HI
Thank You.......

Name: Durk H.Hoekstra
Location: Vancouver
Email: Durk_Hoekstra@mindlink.bc.ca
Comment: Could you do me a great favour? Pass on a greeting to Alfred or Tieneke Posnak at the Austrian Inn 902-742-6202 From her brother and tell them to get on the net Much appreciated

Name: Robert (Bob) Cleveland
Location: Pembroke, Ontario
Email: bobclev@renc.igs.net
Comment: A very nice package of information from Yarmouth. It brings back old memories of my home town. I didn't see a picture of "FOG", Ha! How could I ever forget! Keep up the good work, and stay on line.
Bob Cleveland
Keep me posted via email, Thanks.

Name: Paul E. Giroux
Location: Sebring Florida
Email: pgiroux@ct.net
Comment: Thank you, thank you. Have been to Yarmouth many times. Two sons, (Brian in Yarmouht & Paul in Sandford) a daughter Deborah, also in Sandford. The aerial shot is beautiful and will bring back many good memories.
Will add a link to this page on my home page http://www.geopages.com/TheTropics/1606.
Will be back to check listings. Thank you again.

Name: derrick thibeau(Lurch)
Location: Vancouver,BC
Email: renm8r@direct.ca
Comment: Hello again. Good stuff

Name: Daryl Fridhandler
Location: Calgary,AB
Email: ANCZ28A@prodigy.com
Comment: Just checking in to see what's new. Regards to Phil Star. How's the next nine holes of the golf course? Tell Jane Smith I'm looking forward to returning to my 30th class reunion. They (the organizers) did a great job pulling it all together. Thanks to them all.

Name: Brian K. Whitesell
Location: Chesapeake, Virginia
Email: whitesel@pinn.net
Comment: I was just in Yarmouth in October. I was in Bar Harbor and took the day trip on the Bluenose to Yarmouth. A very nice town. I wish I could have spent more time there in Nova Scotia. Maybe next time I'll skip Bar Harbor and travel through Nova Scotia to Sydney and on to Newfoundland! I was just web browsing for some information on fire departments and followed a link here!

Location: TRURO

Location: EDMONTON

Name: Jeffery Pothier
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Email: R997@unb.ca

Name: dwayne gidney#4
Location: brockville, ont
Email: mullberryhill.com
Comment: how do you get to digby from here?

Name: Alexander "Sandy" Christie
Location: Stennis Space Center Ms. USA
Comment: I was born and spent the first 18 years of my life in Yarmouth. Is there anyone still alive that remembers me?!

Name: helene wagner
Location: virginia usa
Email: hwagner102@aolcom

Name: Richard Loader
Location: Fordingbridge UK Email: 100044,2377 (CIS)

Name: Jean-Paul Melanson
Location: Ottawa
Email: af906@freenet.carleton.ca
Comment: Glad to see a WWW site for Yarmouth. I grew up in Ste Anne Du Ruisseau, Yarmouth Co. and I miss the SEA, so I would like to see some images of the surrounding area.

Name: Reg Goodwin
Location: Abbotsford, B.C.
Email: rgoodwin@uniserve.com
Comment: Hi. I am a new user to the internet..just got on yesterday.. I was born and raised in Yarmouth and have family back there..this internet is great ..and yes I would like to be a recopient on your mailing list.

Name: Jeff Mason & Shelley Goodwin
Location: Nanaimo, B.C.
Email: jmason@island.net
Comment: A fantastic page with a wealth of information. Enjoyed our visit and will certainly be returning. Thank-you

Name: Toshinden
Location: Japan
Email: No Email Address Specified
Comment: I don't like you home page it not very good

Name: Clarence Muise
Location: Sackville, NS
Email: aa820@ccn.cs.dal.ca

Name: krysta hebb
Location: sackville n.s.
Email: 928094@millwood.ednet.ns.ca.
Comment: Krysta.Hebb.

Name: Jamie LeBlanc
Location: No Location Specif
Email: csms017@burridge.nscc.ns.ca

Name: Carmel Avery-Hendsbee
Location: Guysborough
Email: guysrda@atcon.com
Comment: I am the Tourism Development Officer for Guysborough County. We are in the process of putting Guysborough County on the internet. Just serfing to get ideas. I like the Guest Book. We may steal it! Thanks!

Name: happy
Location: duncan van. island
Email: lather@dunca.island.net
Comment: am interested in being on your mailing list, My husband was stationed in yarmouth during the second world war , he was billited with people by the name of thurston and doris Trask who was the daughter of Mrs. Thurston still resides in Yarmouth..say hello to her for us , Rose and Leo Atherton: thank you for your answering my querie.R.A.

Name: Mel Cottreau
Location: Brookside, Hfx Co
Email: Cottremb@newton.tuns.ca
Comment: Great...lets me keep up on things happening in the area where i grew up.

Name: Stan Phillips(Jim)
Location: Maryland,USA
Email: S PHILLIP@po5.ahcpr.gov
Comment: mailing list- yes

Name: Wayne & Coleen Fish
Location: Yarmouth
Email: wfish@fox.nstn.ns.ca
Comment: gj: Where did you get the old picture of Yarmouth. I know its old when there are boats on the old Sweeney Slip down town. Robert sent us your address.

Name: Gary Saulnier
Location: Ottawa
Email: garys@magi.com
Comment: As a "hometown" boy (born and raised in Brooklyn) I am really pleased to see Yarmouth on the information hwy! I've looked around a bit and I want to pass my compliments to Grassroutes for some nice design features. I am also considering moving back to the old homestead in a few years so I may want some info on a business I am currently thinging about. Now that I have found you, I will be visiting again from time to time. Just to see how things are going along. If you know Bruce Johnson and Flint Churchill say HI for me.

Name: Mark O'Hearn
Location: Saint John, New Brunswick
Email: plansj@nbnet.nb.ca
Comment: Nice to see my home town on the highway. Great job!

Name: Mario Hirsch
Location: Europe/austria/innsbruck
Email: Mario.hirsch@uibk.ac.at
Comment: nice to be in your webside. we have a properti at farish lake nearby yarmouth and we are always be interested to get in contact with people over there. maybe there is a way. we also have a one server in innsbruck try them
hope to hear from someone.

Name: Kevin Allen
Location: Sarnia, Ontario
Email: kallen@ebtech.net
Comment: I'm the grandson of Stayley Allen Sr. formerly of the Yarmouth Ploice Force. Just dropping a note to say Hi ! to all in Yarmouth ! I loved my numerous visits as a kid, and I look forward to making a trip down soon.
Kevin Allen

Name: Gary Hines
Location: Rolla, Missouri, United States
Email: ghines@umr.edu

Name: Rick Crowell
Location: Shelburne County
Email: cassa@ra.isisnet.com

Name: Pierre Dumas
Location: Beloeil, Quebec, Canada
Email: pdumas@cam.org
Comment: We went to your beautifull area last summer for vacation. Great food and great peoples. Two week only, was too short. Best Regards Pierre Dumas

Name: Bob Daniels
Location: 43 Groton Rd., Shirley, MA
Email: bdaniels@ultranet.com
Comment: I have very fond associations with Yarmouth. My maternal grandfather, William Edgar Crosby, was born at a place called Lakeside (across Doctors Lake from Hebron). I have even visited the house he grew up in. He moved down to the Boston area and worked for Eastern Steamship as a Chief Steward. His sister Louisa E.Thurston staid and lived out her life in Sanford. Her son, Robert Thurston, lived in that same house untill they died in the 80's. So, anyway I have a very warm feeling for Yarmouth!

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