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Name: Les Hubbards
Location: Concord, MA E-Mail: macauley@tiac.net
Comment: I visited Yarmouth, Tusket and Hubbard's Point with my family and a lot of other friends and family the weekend of August 3rd for the launching of my book, "The Hubbard Family of Nova Scotia." We all had a wonderful time and met many new relatives, Hubbard, Doucet, Deveau, Muise, LeBlanc and more. Thank you all for a wonderful time and I hope we can repeat this family reunion of the Hubbards in the not to distant future. Sheila Hubbard Macauley

Name: Sansei Yamamoto
Location: Heiko, Japan E-Mail: 143~iinet.net.nipon
Comment: Just loved your beautiful area... took many picture of surrounding countryside. My friends want to come see. Good place to invest and watch area prosper. People like men from Japan, very friendly. One day hope to come back with family for visit. Did not do all I wanted to do. Many people make suggestions... did not make it to Clipper ship bar. Was told nice place to meet people. Harbor nice,pretty place. I stay in Mavillette while there buying fish. Made many friends. I like to visit this site from my home on the internet. Keep me in touch. Like going home.

Name: Bill Greene
Location: Southern California E-Mail: gaiasigner@aol.com

Name: Hugh (HUEY) Cleveland
Location: Cobourg Ontario E-Mail: parmedia@eagle.ca
Comment: Is there a listing of e-mail addresses and Yarmouth internet subscribers. Would be a great idea. Check out our membership directory at http://www.eagle.ca This way you can quickly find people you know and get in touch with them. Anyway HI everyone back home, if anyone remembers me email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Laura Gaudet-McLennaghan
Location: No Location Specif E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Name: Per Randby
Location: York,ME 03909 USA E-Mail: prandby@nh.ultranet.com

Name: Darlene and Joe Horne
Location: Kirkland Lake, Ontario E-Mail: jdhorne@nt.net
Comment: We lived in beautiful Yarmouth for 3 years (90-93). Joe worked at the Tin Mine and I worked at the Yarmouth Branch Library. Had a good time there and met wonderful people. Haven't been back since we left in '93 but we hope that we'll journey there again sometime. We'd love to hear from anyone that might remember us.

Name: jim maclean
Location: dartmouth E-Mail: sperry@istar.ca
Comment: show waterfront pictures?

Name: Judy
Location: Lower Sackville N.S. E-Mail: judy@atcon.com
Comment: My name is Judy (MacDonald) Dulong. I went to YMCHS as well as the Vocational School. I missed the 20 year reuion last summer for the class of 75. My husband is in the Military and I have been travelling around with him for the last 19yrs. It is good to finally get a posting in N.S. I'm looking to hear from anyone that I went to school with ie: Susan Coffrin, Karen Fitzgerald, Cory Cook, Regie Atkins, Marilyn Britain, Nina Goodwin, Debie Beaupre, Jerry Comoe, and Judy Sisco. There are many more I could mention but I don't want to fill the guest book up. Please drop me a line.

Name: harold stehlik
Location: adams,new york E-Mail: halstel@northnet.org
Comment: was stationed with the u,s.airforce at barrington,Ns in about 1959.Used to come on the blue nose from BarHarbor maine and enjoyed my frequent visits enjoyed yarmouyh on many occasions

Location: PORT DOVER ONT CANADA E-Mail: jwilson@nornet.on.ca
Comment: hi i live in a small fishing town i ontario just stoped to say hi

Name: Roger Bain
Location: Victoria, B.C. E-Mail: rbain43254@aol.com
Comment: Would like to see picture of town

Name: Jeff Baker
Location: Toronto, Ontario E-Mail: momentum@interlog.com
Comment: As a graduate of Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School, it would be nice to see a web-site for the school! Whaddya think?

Name: Todd Wallace
Location: Burridge Campus E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: Yarmouth is a fun place to live for older people, but why don't we have any interesting things cfor young people to do here. We need things to keep the young people around here. Thanks.

Name: Gringo J.
Location: Compton Ca. E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: yo wassup southend-- been a long time but aint forgot all my homies that been down since day one--- especially smoobs,poop and RANDY RELISH(nice mop) peaceout

Name: Roberta Ruel
Location: Boston, MA E-Mail: rruel@jhancock.com

Name: Mark Mackenzie
Location: Sackville,NB E-Mail: msmcknz@mta.ca
Comment: Please send me any info You can On the privitization plans of the Yarmouth-Portland or Yarmouth-BarHarbour Ferry service.It would be Very much appreciated.

Name: Heather Dover
Location: Milledgeville, Ga. E-Mail: hedov@cody.gac.peachnet.edu
Comment: Looking for a great honeymoon get away full of romance and excitement.

Name: Heather Dover
Location: Milledgeville, Ga. E-Mail: hedov@cody.gac.peachnet.edu
Comment: Looking for a great honeymoon get away full of romance and excitement.

Name: Teresa Hicks
Location: Nappan N.S. E-Mail: critters2fox.nstn.ca.
Comment: Just surfing the internetfor people interested in making chocolate. our brother and sister inlaw own and operate Down Home Candy in Amherst N.S. anyone interested in just chating with them can phone them at 902 667 7440. see ya!

Name: Ferris
Location: Connecticut, USA E-Mail: ferris.thomas@snet.net
Comment: I am looking for geneological information on my maternal grandmother's side of my family. I know that she was born in Forest Glen in Yarmouth County, and came to this country, I believe, through St John's, New Brunswick. She was one of several children, born Victoria Britain, with older brot- her's Steve and Leslie in the years just prior to the first world war. If there's any information as to where I can re- search this type of thing I would greatly appreciate any correspondance. thank you. Ferris Thomas.

Name: GodPole
Location: Ft Lauderdale, FL E-Mail: GodPole@internetMCI.com
Comment: Could someone please send me the exact longitude and latitude coordinates for the town of Yarmouth. Thanks

Name: Justin Bridgwood
Location: Ellsworth E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: what is the ride like

Name: Linda C. Bosse
Location: Versailles KY E-Mail: lindab@lex.infi.net
Comment: Sounds like a wonderful area.

Name: Jill & Daphne
Location: YCTA E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: Beautiful page.

Name: Bill&Shirley Lee
Location: Germantown, N.Y. E-Mail: wndwatch@epix.net

Name: Alan Browne
Location: Montreal (Lorraine) E-Mail: alan.browne@sympatico.ca
Comment: Hi Yarmouth! If you know my mom, Faye Browne, pls say hello for me. If you know my uncle, Pete Bushell, say HOWDY!!! for me. Cheers, Alan Browne. (Yeah I'll try to get down there real soon!)

Name: adam
Location: acadia E-Mail: 024863t@axe.acadiau.ca
Comment: A nice and clean town

Name: Melvin Mueller
Location: Merritt Island, FL 32953 E-Mail: mmueller@bbs.mpcs.com
Comment: Would like some tourist information about N.S. to include Yarmouth City Info, Ferry schedules, reservation information and prices as well as any other info on the Cabot Trail. Mailing address: 1350 Scorpious Court, Merritt Is. FL 32953. Thank you.

Name: Nancy Beckstead
Location: California E-Mail: nancy.beckstea@clorox.com
Comment: My mother is from Yarmouth, but she has not been back since 1979, and we are looking into making a trip your way, but the airfare $ are outrageous. We are planning on visiting both Yarmouth and New Brunswick sometime in June of 97. Any suggestions?

Name: Paul E. Giroux
Location: Sebring, Fl., U.S.A. E-Mail: shd@digital.net
Comment: Have family in Yarmouth so like to check in once in a while. Coming south this winter? Check out The Highlands County, Florida Web and see the daily Sunrise in Sebring before you do c ya

Name: Troels Kastoft-Christensen
Location: Denmark Tecnical college E-Mail: http.//fts.dk
Comment: I'm looking for Tri-star industries, 88 forreststreet.

Name: Troels Kastoft-Christensen
Location: Denmark Tecnical college E-Mail: http.//fts.dk
Comment: I'm looking for Tri-star industries, 88 forreststreet. Could you help me find it?

Name: No Name Specified
Location: No Location Specif E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Name: Mark036
Location: Bath, Maine E-Mail: marka@clinic.net
Comment: I will be visiting you this weekend.. Oct 12

Name: Hugh (HUEY) Cleveland
Location: Cobourg Ontario E-Mail: parmedia@eagle.ca
Comment: HI YARMOUTH, If anyone remembers me, please send me email! Its good to see you on the NET. One sugestion, it would be great to see an email directory of the Yarmouth area. Our local server has a great one. Check it out at http://www.eagle.ca Under member services. This would be a great way for people to contact one another. SEE YA!!

Name: Valerie Sandercock-Crosby
Location: Fond du Lac, Saskatchewan E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: Just checking in. I get a little homesick now and then.

Name: Tom Rogers
Location: Darmouth E-Mail: tprogers@atcon.com
Comment: I noticed in reading the guest book that alot of ex-yarmouth people were trying to find email address for other Yarmouth, people, maybe you could look into setting up an address book on the home page. It was nice to see Yarmouth on the net, its always good to get HOME...

Name: Shirley Worthington
Location: Port Morien, Nova Scotia E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: Hi

Name: Waverly Newton
Location: South,Boston Virginia E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Name: Gun-Britt Dahlstrom
Location: Eslov. Sweden E-Mail: jan.olof.dahlstrom@eslov.mail.telia.com
Comment: Hallo Linda! A very good and interesting presentation. I am working at Tetra Pak Research & Development AB in Sweden. Regards Gun-Britt Dahlstrom

Name: dorothy rice nee;boudreau
Location: calgary alberta E-Mail: ricew@cadvision.com
Comment: hi linda,we may possibly be visiting yarmouth in the distant future. although yarmouth is my home town , it has been several years since i have been home. if it is not to much trouble pls send any maps, brochures ,etc. to: 2615 126 avenue sw calgary ab t2w 3v5 thanks.dorothy
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