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January 2006

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Genealogy requests 
*Please Note: The proper protocol when someone requests information on a specific individual is to inform that person and get  permission to pass on information or have them contact the person requesting the information. 
If you wish to contact us email to webmaster@yarmouth.org.  Please type Yarmouth or one of it's communities in the subject line.
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Date: 1/22/2006
Name: DonMcCumber Jr.
Location: Yarmouth Nova Scotia
E-Mail: mccumberdon@hotmail.com

We have now settled into our new home in  the Yarmouth area. It is great to once again meet old friends and relatives, after being away for the past thirty-four years. I have met some of my past teachers, such as Richard Crabbe, Don Burns, and Peter Eldridge. Some of you may recognize the names.I havn't seen them since High School days. They havn't changed a bit.
One of the concerns of this area is Tourism. How can things be developed or changed to improve this major industry in this area? 
There are many who monitor this great web site and contribute with your comments.You e-mail about your past family history and of your recent visits to the area.
I would like to ask for your input into this very important subject. You can e-mail me direct and I will pass your comments on to those that are working so hard to make improvements to the Tourism Industry. I believe that there may be some great suggestions out there and I encourage you to pass them on.
You can make a differance.I would like to as well. 

Date: 1/1/2006
Name: Bernadette Nickerson
E-Mail: bcnickerson01@hotmail.com
Comments: A great place.I love it and miss it very much.

Date: 1/1/2006
Name: Eric Surette
Location: West Covina, CA
E-Mail: erichs@corp.earthlink.net
Comments: This is fantastic information...I believe I may have decendants from this family. I would love some additional information if available.
Date: 1/1/2006
Name: Mary Cassells
Location: Toronto, Canada
E-Mail: door2narnia@hotmail.com

Comments: Merry Christmas and a happy new year.  Especially to the Vickeries.  Michael and Irene celebrated their fifieth wedding aniversary.  The clan which gets bigger toasted the couple. We celebrated with smoked salmon and cake. 

Date: 1/1/2006
Name: Valerie (Hurlburt) Kinney
Location: Yarmouth , N.S
E-Mail: summerrain_ns@msn.com

Comments: Happy New Year !!!!

Date: 1/3/2006
Name: Ronald Surette
Location: Mt. Airy, Maryland, USA
E-Mail: reverb43@aol.com

Comments: My name is Ron Surette and am a descendant of the Surette's of the Island and may be planning a trip the Islands this year to bcome the 1st from my branch of Surette's to see it.

Date: 1/3/2006
Name: Nancy Allen Vogt
Location: Detroit Lakes, Minnesota,56501
E-Mail: cenmvogt@tekstar.com

Comments: Hi....My family originated in Yarmouth, NS.I've been there many times and still have cousins there.My Grandfathers were Cliff Cann and George Harry Allen...had the Cotton Mill there long ago.I'm looking for Kent and Lois Allen of Chegoggin and /or any of that family. I have a lot of of history written down from journals and many letters given to me but there are still unanswered questions so wish I could contact someone of that family.Sincerely, Nancy Vogt

ate: 1/3/2006
Name: Roy Killam
Location: So. Ohio
E-Mail: rkillam@klis.com

Comments: First time here, is it really Ceder Lake or Cedar Lake ? I know , I am a prick, as my "Missus" keeps telling me,but how are my grandchildren supposed to become literate when even the schools aren't teaching it? My youngest is 30 and I believe this attitude of the schools started around then. If you have an employee 30 or younger, you better check their spelling on anything other than internal office memos etc. Hey, maybe it is Ceder, just checking.Thanks, Roy Killam

Thanks Roy for taking the time  to point this out to me I have made the correction.   Thanks for the other contributions you made to the web site.  Happy New Year. 

Date: 1/4/2006
Name: rick brittain
Location: on.
E-Mail: rpercybrittain@hotmail.com

Comments: hi used to live in wellington  moved 1957 attended old school   thanks 

Date: 1/4/2006
Name: melvin D.Chute
Location: Thonotosassa, Fl
E-Mail: chutepara82@yahoo.com

Comments: Wishing you all a Happy New Year. I formally lived in Port Maitland on the Richmond Road. Looking to hear from my child hood friends.

Mel Chute

Date: 1/4/2006
Name: rick brittain
Location: on.
E-Mail: rpercybrittain@hotmail.com

Comments: my grand parents lived in ohio ephson and hattie hicks         they attended the baptist church                 a great site thanks

Date: 1/5/2006
Name: Holly Dugas(Pinkney)
Location: YARMOUTH
E-Mail: brianholly@eastlink.ca

Comments: Just checking in and saying hello to Kayla Surette

Date: 1/6/2006
Name: roy killam
Location: so ohio, yarmouth
E-Mail: rkillam@klis.com

Comments: love maps, thanks

Date: 1/6/2006
Name: shannen

Comments:  I like to see all the house

Date: 1/7/2006
Name: Richard and Bernice Muise
Location: Cookstown,Ontario
E-Mail: rocketrm@rogers.com

Comments: Hello,and "Happy New Year".Just stumbled onto your site by luck.Nice site,very interesting.Will be checking it regularly from now on.Both my wife and I are originally from Yarmouth County,she from Amirault's Hill,and I from Belleville.Though long ago moved to Ontario(we met up here),we still go "home" every year or three,as we both still have relatives and friends there.Hoping to go this summer.Do you have any info/history on Morris Island?(aka the Carinos).  Emails from anyone welcome.  .......Richard.

Date: 1/7/2006
Name: Loretta (Francis) Hurlburt
Location: Yarmouth N.S.
E-Mail: autumnnites@hotmail

Comments: ATTENTION;daisypod@accesswave.ca   Hi I've been trying to contact an old school chum of mine. Her name is Gerturde, would you by any chance be her sister? I know she had a sister named Gloria and her mom's name was I believe Annie.I hope you can help. I'd like to talk to her and see what she's been up to over the years. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.BIG SMILEY FACE!!!

Date: 1/9/2006
Name: Richard Schultz
Location: Germany
E-Mail: richard.schultz.55110@t-online.de

Comments: We will come in May 2006 to vist Yarmouth,.
We had bougth a pice of land at Canoe Lake.

Date: 1/9/2006
Name: charles surette
Location: grande digue n-b

Comments: we also have a surette island

Date: 1/10/2006
Name: Sue 
Location: Dumfries VA
E-Mail: s_m_mace@yahoo.com

Comments: Great Great Grandaughter of John and Margret White of Tusket.  Researching family so I thought I'd take a look at Yarmouth.  Lovely!

Date: 1/11/2006
Name: frankie
Location: fla.
E-Mail: frh144@yahoo.com

Comments: love nova scotia see you all again in july

Date: 1/11/2006
Name: Len Gaudet
Location: Toronto


Date: 1/12/2006
Name: Linda Rose
Location: Short Beach
E-Mail: lrose456@yahoo.ca

Comments: My husband William  and I live on a small farm in Short Beach. We have been here almost 21 years and really like it. Our home was built in 1829 by Alexander McCrea who was the first person to farm our land.
We love watching the ever changing tides of the Atlantic and enjoy the abundance of wildlife that visits our farm regularly. Many tourist stop here to take pictues and we have met alot of nice people from many parts of the world. Evenings we enjoy some of the most beatiful sunsets seen anywhere in the world. It is a good place to call home.

Date: 1/12/2006
Name: Sue Mace
Location: Northern VA US (Parking Lot)
E-Mail: s_m_maceyahoo.com

Comments: Hello!

When I was eight, I caught a pickerel in Mashpee lake, MA with my bare hands  My people come from NS, Tusket and St. Bernard.

Great site!

Date: 1/13/2006
Name: aruba
Location: tp
E-Mail: aruba@yahoo.com

Comments: its well and great site

Date: 1/13/2006
Name: tristan
Location: middle west pubnico

Comments: Nice pictures good job

Date: 1/13/2006
Name: Jody Darlene MacIsaac
Location: London, Ontario
E-Mail: jody@millergolfoflondon.com

Comments: Just wanted to wish everyone in my hometown a Happy New Year
and all the best in 2006.  Yarmouth is a beautiful place and I sure would like to make a trip down there soon to see my family.

Date: 1/13/2006
Name:  Arthur Berry
Location: Haifax Ns
E-Mail: easygoing44@hotmail.com

Comments:  Was nice to be in Yarmouth over the Christmas season. It was nice to see family and friends and I think you all who made my visit enjoyable. Was nice to see Father Ellis and his wife.
May be going to Calgary Alberta  for a wedding This summer or fall, date hasn't been set yet. Raymond Berry son of the late Carleton Berry  and Sandi Blackwood has asked his girlfriend Dinah hand in marriage , wedding to take place in Calgary Alberta.Raymond Berry is the grandson of the late Raymond and the late Sheila (Goodwin) Berry 

Date: 1/14/2006
E-Mail: WCLEMENT2@tampabay.rr.com

Comments: I plan to visit Yarmouth in the summer of 2006.My grandmother who was a Le Blanc was from St-Anne_de-
Ruisseau (Ele).Th daughter of Jean B LeBlanc and Marie Domathilde.Have never been up to that area want to see the area.

Date: 1/14/2006
Name: Jason Mitchell
Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts
E-Mail: professormitchelljd@yahoo.com

Comments: Greetings to all who read this. I am related to Herb Cunningham, who used to tend the light. I recall my trip from Maine aboard the Bluenose to visit the cape. I destinctly remember not making it to the top of the light because the horn sounded and stopped my climb halfway, sending me racing down the stairs and across the field back to the safety!

Date: 1/15/2006
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: billboudreau@flash.net

Comments: Tusket Islands song:

Webmaster Comment:  Thanks for the song well done Bill.

Date: 1/17/2006
Name: Stefano
Location: italy
E-Mail: bibi.stefano@tiscali.it

Comments: Hi, I'm trying to have more informations on Briar Lakes (the one with 4 islands).
So I'd be really glad iy any of you could send me pictures or more information on briar lakes, suche as:
-does it get iced on winter so that you can go over?
-How deep the water are?
Does it have plenty of forest around?
what to do in summertime?
I might move to briar lakes comunity, so I'll appreciate every information.
Thanks a lot
Stefano Bibi
Webmaster Comment;  I am not sure of the Briar Lakes..... I think you may be referring to the Bras d'Or Lakes, Cape Breton..  If so the following link {http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mnh/nature/nhns2/900/916.htm}will provide you with some information on what I consider on of the most beautiful places I have been.  Of course, I am from that area so I may be a bit bias. Pictures of Cape Breton via Google.

Date: 1/18/2006
Name: Mickey Sutherland
Location: Adelaide Australia
E-Mail: mickeysutherland57@yahoo.com.au

Comments: Hi

What a nice site. I used to spend my school holiday summers at my late grandparents (Mr/Mrs George Hadley) in Pembroke. I remember riding my bike to the dyke to buy soft drinks and basball cards. I'd go down for a swim at the beach and then I'd watch and help the fishplant workers prepare the herring for the smoke house (kippers).
I recognise many of the houses. My uncles and cousins still live there. Hello to everyone. Please drop me a line if there's anyone who knows me.
Mickey Sutherland 

Date: 1/18/2006
Location: ARICHAT
E-Mail: dboudrot@hotmail.com


Date: 1/18/2006
Name: amy amirault
Location: dartmouth
E-Mail: amyofarcadia@hotmail.com


Date: 1/19/2006
Name: uncle junk 
Location: trent  river ont.
E-Mail: unclejunk@mail.com


Date: 1/19/2006
Name: Ted Surette
Location: Maine  " USA "
E-Mail: tfs3@verizon.net


Date: 1/20/2006
Name: Ryan
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: ryanbrannen@hotmail.com

Comments: its a nice crapy town

Date: 1/20/2006
Name: Gordon James Gowdy
Location: Kingston Ontario
E-Mail: jamesgowdy@sympatico.ca

Comments: Just looking for Gowdy ancestors 

Date: 1/21/2006
Name: Lisa Samson-Benoit
Location: Petit de Grat
E-Mail: lisa.benoit@adecco.ca

Comments: This is wonderful; stumbled across this site on a Saturday morning.  Spent over an hour admiring the photos.  Really nice idea....

Date: 1/21/2006
Name: tina
Location: antigonish
E-Mail: tina.bowie69832@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Hi Arcadia
 My daughter lives in Arcadia ,and i love visiting there it's so beautiful and a great place for my granddaughters to grow up. looking forward to more visits.

Date: 1/22/2006
Name: Darlene Gaudet
Location: carver, Mass usa
E-Mail: angelsea1@AOL.COM

Comments: Of all the places in the world, Port Maitland is my favorite place to be. I have stayed there numerous times since I was a child. I have a cousin in Port Maitland, Brian Smith and his family. My uncle Cecil Smith, owned a boat that he would charter for deep-sea fishing excursions. My Aunt Tressa was the best cook I ever knew, and I absolutly loved staying with them in the summer time, while on family vacations. Needless to say, I love Port Maitland, and have some of my best childhood memories from there. My Dad was George Gaudet from Beaver river, and My mom is from Belleville Nova Scotia..Jacqueline LeBlanc..I just love port Maitland..I welcome any emails..

Date: 1/23/2006
Name: Muriel Saunders
Location: Boston, Ma
E-Mail: MES@partners.org

Comments: I used to live in Yarmouth, on Goudy Street, off of Main Street.  My family moved to Greenville.  Since Yarmouth is so small, my familys name is Johnsons, or Lawrence (Marge).
I would like to move there, but I will be researching for homes in Canada.  Either in Greenville, or in the Yarmouth town.

I also know Larry Pennell, New Life Church in yarmouth.

I would like to hear from you. 

Date: 1/23/2006
Name: Dave Murphy
Location: Bracebridge On
E-Mail: dave.murphy4@sympatico.ca

Comments: My Home town. Actually from Brooklyn.

Date: 1/24/2006
Name: skittles
Location: moncton

Comments: the site rules
Comments: hi   loveb ya
Comments: love the site

Date: 1/24/2006
Name: David Bourinot
Location: FortMcmurray,Alberta


Date: 1/24/2006
Name: David Bourinot
Location: FortMcmurray,Alberta


Date: 1/26/2006
Name: Delphine
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
E-Mail: delphine@lwazi.com

Comments: I've applied for a job in Yarmouth, so don't know at this time whether I'll be moving there. Am visiting the website to find out whether its a community I'd like to live in. 
The site is disappointing - I've not located any good information about the town, its economy, the population size, the real estate market, etc.

Webmaster Comment: Sorry you did not find the information you were looking for. The following sites that link from ours may have the information you seek  1.|http://www.yarmouth-town.com/  |2.  http://users.auracom.com/ycc/  |The following Google search may be of nterest http://www.google.ca/search

Date: 1/27/2006
Name: Richard Cole
Location:  431Bobcat Rd Linden, TN 37096
E-Mail: cole265j@mlec.net

Comments: Good morning. I have a lot on Lower Surrett's Island that I bought from Arnold Muise. Is there any writted history of this area? I also own Echo Island in Raynards Lake near Carelton. Do you know of any history of the Island? I purchased the property from Chris Perry. I think it was once part of the land of a family of area doctors before the lake was flooded. The cabin has 1914 ingraved on the hearth. Also do you know of any web sites that I can purchase or download a ariel photo of these properties? Thanks and have a great day.

Date: 1/27/2006
Name: Mugu Maga
Location: Lome togo
E-Mail: mugu_maga2005@yahoo.com


Date: 1/27/2006
Name: HWF
Location: Munich
E-Mail: hans-werner@tollernet.de

Comments: greetings from germany
Germany: N.S Duck Trilling Retriever:  http://www.tollernet.de

regards Hans-Werner

Date: 1/28/2006
Name: Tammy Amirault
Location: Garden River, Alberta
E-Mail: tc_amirault17@hotmail.com

Comments: It's nice to have a glimpse of home, since I don't make it back very often. I was looking through some old postings and found several from 2001/2002 written by GREGORY NICKERSON. I'd like to let him know that I have some information that may be of great interest to him. I hope he gets this message and that I hear from him in the near future. I'm glad I discovered this site...looks like I'll be visiting home more often now! 

Date: 1/30/2006
Name: jordan bain
E-Mail: jordanbain4@hotmail.com

Comments: Just came across the site.  Very good idea.  Hopefullu the rest of the pictures of overton get up.
take care

Date: 1/31/2006
Name: Stephanie Vogler
Location: Berwick, NS
E-Mail: phil@berwickbruins.com

Comments: I am the grand-daughter of Joseph and Gertrude (Ellis) Crosby, of Yarmouth, NS.  I have heard that they settled in Lake George area, but family refer to Woodstock and Port Maitland as well.

Joseph and Gertrude had six children:  John (Jack); William; Russell; Dorothy (my mother); Emmeline; and Elizabeth (Betty).

I am looking for any information that may exist as my husband and I are getting ready to begin compiling the Crosby genealogy.  I have limited information at the present time, and welcome any assistance anyone may be able to provide.


Stephanie Gertrude (Butler) Vogler
Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada



Date: 10/17/2005 
Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth 
E-Mail: lhemeon@gmail.com 

Comments: I took these pictures of Yarmouth so others can see the character, beauty and charm that we have to offer. There are many former Yarmouthians who miss home so I hope these bring back memories. 


Webmaster Comment:  Thanks again for the pictures Lynn.   This sites contains lots of interesting and beautiful pictures of the Yarmouth area.  Well worth your viewing time. 
Lynn Hemeon Comments: If there is anyone who wishes a picture of your street or old residence , please email me. I may have it or will get it for you. Only pictures of Yarmouth as I have very few outside of town, but you never know.
This is only for those who have moved away and miss good old Yarmouth and it's FREE.

E-Mail: imissyarmouth@gmail.com
Obscure Places By Tim Gregory:   "Checkout our Navigation Maps for beaches, golf courses, lighthouses, museums, and unique places, to see places  you can travel to in Southwestern Nova Scotia."

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