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March 2006

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The People you know.
Genealogy requests 
*Please Note: The proper protocol when someone requests information on a specific individual is to inform that person and get  permission to pass on information or have them contact the person requesting the information. 
If you wish to contact us email to webmaster@yarmouth.org.  Please type Yarmouth or one of it's communities in the subject line.
Hello:  Their are hundreds more people reading this guest book then signing it.  Please don't be shy, sign in and write us as often as you like.  Our viewers enjoy reading these messages even if they do not directly know you.  Share a bit of you with us. 

Requests on this page:
 Camp Happy | Yarmouth Bands from the past | Spraque | LINDA NILES |Gavel, Campbell,Roberts,Crocker | Herbert Rymer

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Date: 3/1/2006
Name: Rob Guest
Location: Pr. George B.C.
E-Mail: rob_guest@shaw.ca

Comments: Hi,
I am working on my Grandfathers Auto-Biography, His name was Ivor B. Guest. He stayed at a place called "Camp Happy" somewhere near Yarmouth on water as they had small motor boats and sail boats. I have some pictures of the Yarmouth Yacht club from August 15, 1909. I was wondering is that your club? Do you know anything of the Camp Happy" from 1909? If so may I have some pointers in the right direction please.
Any information would be so appreciated.
I am sending you 3 images. Does the area look like it is around Yamouth?
Rob Guest

Webmaster Comment:  After contacting Mr. Guest he sent the following pictures.  The center picture: buildings in background look like ones that use to exist on Killam's wharf in Yarmouth N.S..  Their are not many places in the harbour that has a rocky shore.   If anyone has any information about these pictures or the people in them or camp happy we would love to hear from you.  Thank you:
Email:  rob_guest@shaw.ca   and webmaster@yarmouth.org
Thank you               Click on pictures for enlargement

Date: 3/1/2006
Name: NovaServe (James Ellis)
Location: Glenwood
E-Mail: info (at) novaserve dot net
Comments: RE: Those noisy windmills
Thank you for your comments Jamie
Because of the length and possible further comments I have placed your comments in Magazine Yarmouth
Date: 3/2/2006
Name: kris cameron
Location: trenton n.s
E-Mail: cameronkris@hotmail,com

Comments: i use to live in meteghan about 10 or 12 years ago 

Date: 3/5/2006
Name: ken cochran
Location: land o lakes fl
E-Mail: cchran08@verizon.net

Comments: possibly looking to purchase land on morris island

Date: 3/6/2006
Name: mel chute
Location: thonotosassa,fl
E-Mail: chutepara82@yahoo.com

Comments: Hi Doris: Thanks for giving Brenda Cummingham my address, received a nice letter and photo's from her last week. Brenda also enclosed a photo of her brother Gerald. Will be down to Port Maitland this summer.Remember you as I worked planting potatoes for your father. Take care, Mel 

Thanks Mel nice to hear we are appriciated.  <Reguest Letter GB98,99,100>

Date: 3/7/2006
Name: Greg Surette
Location: Douglasville, Georgia
E-Mail: gregsurette@msn.com

Comments: I hope I can make it to the island someday.

Date: 3/7/2006
Name: annie
Location: carleton yarmouth county
E-Mail: kathycrosby@eastlink.ca

Comments: just wanted to say i live in carleton and love it here. i also work in carleton at the y-camp. it is a great place to work with good friendly people.

Date: 3/9/2006
Name: Jeanne Boudreau
Location: Samson's Cove/Petit de Grat

Comments: Awesome pics of Isle Madame, very scenic makes you appreciate the uniqueness of our island and its beauty.
Thanks for the memories!!
Jeanne (Samson) Boudreau
Thank you Jeanne

Date: 3/9/2006
Name: Michèle
Location: Gatineau, Québec

Comments: Happy to find this site.  I love to visit my place of birth, even if it is most often via the web. 
This is a great network of information!
Thank you Michèle

Date: 3/9/2006
Name: Karen Bruynell
Location: Massachusetts
E-Mail: kbruynell@hotmail.com

Comments: I would just like to thank whomever runs this website.  I was trying to track down my cousin via this site.  Not only did she email me eventually, but while I was waiting, others who read my description of who I was seeking responded w/great suggestions on how to contact her.  So, again, thank you a million times over!  Karen  <Request Letter GB101>
Thank you Karen

Date: 3/9/2006
Name: Florence Newell (Whitehouse) 
Location: Ontario
E-Mail: floathome@sympatico.ca

Comments: I enjoy reading this guest book every month and looking at all the great pictures Lynn has given us. Keep up the good work. Yarmouth is a great place and I enjoy all my visits there.  Thank you Florence

Date: 3/10/2006
Location: abj ci
E-Mail: omobaba@abj.ci

Comments: I dey here agin

Date: 3/10/2006
Name: Ness&Pat
Location: Mississauga, ONT
E-Mail: vanessalje@hotmail.com

Comments: I lived in Yarmouth NS all my life but I moved to Mississauga ONT 4 months ago. HI EVERYONE!!!

Date: 3/11/2006
Name: Rob Guest
Location: Pr. George B.C.
E-Mail: rob_guest@shaw.ca

Comments: This is great place to browse. Thanks for posting my pictures too! 

Date: 3/11/2006
Name: Holly  Dugas
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: brianholly@eastlink.ca

Comments: Hi ness, I see you found the site no problem,

Date: 3/11/2006
Name: Bruce Taylor
E-Mail: btaylorconsults@aol.com

Comments: Planning a visit, maybe, and interested in knowing more.

Date: 3/11/2006
Name: Max
Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts
E-Mail: maxwell_pennock@comcast.net

local contractors aere of particular interest to me. 
we love visiting every summer from bar harbour.  this webpage captures our favorite visit in 1998 - http://www.mestern.net/canada/novascotia/yarmouth/index.php

Date: 3/11/2006
Name: stephanie monge
E-Mail: monge.stephanie@wanadoo.fr

Comments: I m the litle sister of jean rené monge a friand of jimmy. this very sympatic in your country thank you for the good momment.

Date: 3/12/2006
Name: Vanessa
Location: Mississauga, ONT
E-Mail: vanessalje@hotmail.com

Comments: Hey Holly and Brian how you doing??? Miss me yet?? LOL

Date: 3/12/2006
Name: dan gallagher son of gerald
Location: kitchener
E-Mail: sorry

Comments: hello from ontario everybody i amthe nephew of pat  and bev
gallagher i stillremember everybody scott doucette gina raynard bonnie daryl baker if anyone remembers me call
1519 502 8518 yarmouth has had a very positive effect on my 
life i willnever forget. things are very different in ontario. missyou all love dan gallagher have to go bye bye

Date: 3/13/2006
Name: kathie
Location: Florida
E-Mail: player2002@bellsouth.net

Comments: i would be happy to get news from the area . i grew up in Arichat in the 1960's. 

Date: 3/13/2006
Name: Tonya Doucette
Location: Upper Tantallon (Halifax, NS)
E-Mail: tonyadoucette13@hotmail.com

Comments: I lived 17+ years on Pinkney's Point, still have lots of family that lives there.  Fishing, or playing games with the neightbours I had a blast growing up!

Date: 3/14/2006
Name: Gretchen Surette
Location: Toms River, NJ
E-Mail: suretty4@aol.com

Comments: Such a wonderful site. We cannot wait to visit. Since my husband has a very limited knowledge of his family origins, this site gives my daughters a sense that there are other Surettes out there!

Date: 3/14/2006
Name: Marlena Moulaison
Location: New Hampshire
E-Mail: m_moulaison@yahoo.com

Comments: I've been looking for any information of the Moulaison familly now for years and I'm hitting dead ends. If anyone has any information on my family and the ties with Nova Scotia and Louisanan please e-mail me. Thank you

Date: 3/14/2006
Name: Don Hurlbert
Location: Cary, North Carolina
E-Mail: logos@sprintmail.com

Comments: Interested in the history of the Hurlbert (Hurlburt) family in Tusket. 

Date: 3/15/2006
Name: Vanessa Enslow
Location: Mississauga, ONT
E-Mail: vanessalje@hotmail.com

Comments: I liked the gallery of pictures. There was even a picture of my mom and Loren's home in Pembroke.....I lived there, in Pembroke for 9-8 years. I love it there. I miss the beach and everything it was so quiet and relaxing unlike the city.

Date: 3/15/2006
Name: susan  doucette (pothier)
Location: pinkney's point
E-Mail: susandoucette902@hotmail.com

Comments: I was born in Yarmouth, but moved when i was 6mths.. Couldn't wait for the summers when we could visist PInkney's point..had great summers...it is a great place to live...moved back there when i was 17...Still there raised three daughters there..Too them there is nothing like Pinkney's Point...Great site ...

Date: 3/15/2006
Name: Joseph Boudreau
Location: New Jersey USA
E-Mail: jjb943@yahoo.com

Comments: Found my link to D'Escousse, Placide Boudreau/Boudrot 1807-1889 and his wife Anastasia 

Date: 3/17/2006
Name: Moe
Location: Stretch
E-Mail: mauricelandry343@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi again Godfrey, I visited your site back in March of 2005, it is a wonderful thing that you are doing and don't let any of the skeptics or paranoid people tell you otherwise.I was reading some of the comments and there are a few of them. My house is jpg im-0934, I'am the son Delta and Clarence (CRITCH) Landry. My Mom's hose is jpg 0941. I haven't showed it to her yet but i will. 
Thanks again for the great pics. Maurice

Date: 3/17/2006
Name: Karni Sweeney
Location: Calgary
E-Mail: karni.sweeney@acm.ab.ca

Comments: Thank you for putting up the pictures of the villages. I grew up in Deerfield/Braemar area. One day while playing around on the net I found this site, Low and Behold there was a picture of MY river. I grew up in the house just up from the pictures you have in the Braemar link. I was feeling a little home sick and that just brought me home.

Thank you

Date: 3/17/2006
Name: Steve Cochrane
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: scochrane50@hotmail.com

Comments: Absolutely Amazing !!!  I can't believe that pic. 

Date: 3/17/2006
Name: basil
Location: newell
E-Mail: onedayme2003@yahoo.com

Comments: Really interesting !! There is a picture of my house in sand beach. Nice to reflect and have a visit, even if it is on the net.  thank you  Basil

Date: 3/18/2006
Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth , Nova Scotia
E-Mail: imissyarmouth@gmail.com

Comments: I am in the process of making a website that features Yarmouth Bands from the past. If anyone out there has pictures and would like to send them to me along with a small description,band members etc. I would appreciate it.


Date: 3/18/2006
Name: Joan LaPierre(Carston)
Location: New Brunswick
E-Mail: joanlap@yahoo.com

Comments: Even after more than 40 years "away" I still call Plymouth "HOME". Congradulations on this web page.

Date: 3/18/2006
Name: Cher
Location: Riverview, NB
E-Mail: crosss@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: My sister Annie married 1969 to Clarence H. Spraque.  Both have passed away.  They had one son James and he had been trying to found his father's relatives.  I don't know Clarence's parents name, but they lived in the Yarmouth area.

Date: 3/18/2006
E-Mail: pdfran@mts.net

Comments:   IN AGAIN.
Webmaster Comments: Links Paul on this site

Date: 3/19/2006
Name: Malcolm Surette
Location: Gatineau, Québec
E-Mail: malsur@videotron.ca

Comments: Born and raised on Surette's Island ... now retired from the Federal Government, I'm pursuing my hobby as an artist (oil painting)... pls check my website, at:


Date: 3/19/2006
Name: thomas surette
Location: MAINE.U.S.A
E-Mail: tumamuin52@yahoo.com

Comments: hi, yall my family tree took me all the way back to noel surette. france.thank you.

Date: 3/19/2006
Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: imissyarmouth

Comments: I am very interested in old pictures ofYarmouth bands(small description if possible). Please,if you have any,contact me. You can check out the new site below but remember it is a work in progress and there are only a few bands in it now. I hope that over the next few weeks it will grow as I receive more. Let's share these long forgotten photos with the rest of the world.

Date: 3/20/2006
Name: thomas surette
Location: MAINE, U.S.A
E-Mail: tumamuin52@yahoo.com

Comments:  hi. email me and we will talk thank you

Date: 3/20/2006
Name: Marion Miller
Location: Yarmouth, N.S.
E-Mail: marion.m@ns.sympatico.ca


Date: 3/20/2006
Name: philip
Location: foxboro ma
E-Mail: pmearl@verizon.net

Comments: Looking for aspot to vacation

This could be the place

Date: 3/21/2006
Name: Terry Jones
Location: Stavanger, Norway
E-Mail: Terence.Jones@subsea7.com

Comments: I used to be stationed on a British Submarine based at HMCS Stadacona in Halifax in the mid sixties, I had a fantastic friend her name was LINDA NILES she lived in Creighton Street and started work at one of the major banks in Halifax after graduating. If anyone knows of her name or where abouts today a line would be appreciated. I miss Nova Scotia But Norway is very similar

Date: 3/21/2006

Comments: I love this site

Date: 3/21/2006
Name:             jenna
E-Mail: buttmj@student.ednet.ns.ca


Date: 3/21/2006
E-Mail: croweleg@student.ednet.ns.ca

Comments: I love this site

Date: 3/21/2006
Name:             jenna
E-Mail: buttmj@student.ednet.ns.ca

Comments: this site is so so so cool keep workin on it.............

Webmaster Comment:  Thank you students at ednet. If you have any stories of your community you would like to add to the site just drop me a line.  G.J.LeBlanc retired teacher   webmaster@yarmouth.org.

Date: 3/22/2006
Name: Bad Dept
Location: Germany
E-Mail: yosko70@aol.com

Comments: I found your page by chance but its very interesting

Date: 3/23/2006
Name: Jean Golten
Location: Cardiff Wales
E-Mail: sarah.golten@btinternet.com

Comments: Just wanted to wish my lovely brother a happy 70th Birthday. 
George Walker lives in Glenwood after emigrating in 1974. We miss him so much and wish we could be with him on this special day.  The best thing about his living in Canada is the wonderful holidays me and my large family have enjoyed in Nova Scotia.

Date: 3/23/2006
Name: Amanda earle
Location: plesenty vally
E-Mail: pony_pal_23292hotmail.com

Comments: i live there?? that si cool

Date: 3/23/2006
Name: Bill Surette
Location: Estero, Fl. USA
E-Mail: billysu3@hotmail.com

Comments: I was happy to visit the website of my family's homeland. I am the son of Joseph Sylvester Surette, who was the son of Henry William Surette, aka Big Henry, of Sluice Point. I also had an aunt and uncle who had a litle variety store just before the bridge going over to Morris Island. Their names were Sadie and Nary Surette of Surette's Island. I also had an aunt and uncle, Joseph and Bernadette Surette who lived on Sluise Point. I would be happy to have any friends or family members contact me via email.

Date: 3/23/2006

IF NOT FOR  FAMILY  AND GRANDKIDS OUT HERE I WOULD Be back to finish my days  as we say at home.
keep up the good work 

Date: 3/23/2006
Name: Bob Corson
Location: Smithfield, Maine USA
E-Mail: olbob@tdstelme.net

Comments: My wife and I are planning to visit Yarmouth this summer. Will be searching for possible relatives, Gavel, Campbell,Roberts,Crocker, in Gavelton area, possibly Argyle also.These would be my Great-grand parents and Great-Great grandparents descendents. Would love to hear from possibles before we go. Can you imagine finding some relatives or houses where they lived? Oh the possibilities. I only hope I have enough water in  my body to shed the tears.....
Best regards to all.
Bob and Olive Corson
Smithfield, Me. USA

Date: 3/24/2006
Name: Leigh-anne d'Entremont
Location: Lethbridge  Alberta
E-Mail: leigh-anne6@shaw.ca

Comments: WOnderful website...

Date: 3/25/2006
Name: schebri 
Location: sala
E-Mail: tikktiwinne@yahoo.fr

Comments: je sui un jeune francais , j'habite haute normandie je conne uniquement le francais je conne pas  lenglais  cher mer j'aime la vie j'aime la astrologie et le globe terrestrs et les extraterressetrs

From: <narnie@nb.sympatico.ca>
To: <webmaster@yarmouth.org>
Subject: Guestbook 
Would you kindly post the following comment in your guest book?
I am trying to help a lady from Australia locate any descendents of her brother, Herbert Edward Rymer.  Herbert was born in London, England in 1912.  He immigrated to Canada at the age of sixteen.  He arrived in Halifax, NS on February 18, 1929 on the Regina, a White Star Dominion ship.  Herbert sent a postcard to his mother after he arrived in Canada, and that was the last contact his family has had.  His sister, Betty Lawson, is 94 years old, and would like to know about his life in Canada. Herbert's parents were Harry Duncan and Bessie Louise (Ruddell) Rymer.  Herbert had seven brothers and sisters.

If anyone has any information on Herbert Rymer, or his descendents, an e-mail would be greatly appreciated.
Darlene Baxter, 412-1720 Hickey Rd., Saint John, NB E2J 3S7 Tel: (506) 696-0570

Webmaster Follow-up: 
----Letter to Darlene

I have posted your request at http://www.yarmouth.org/s-book102.htm
and in our genealogy request page http://www.yarmouth.org/genealogy/index.htm
I did a search in Canada 411 but did not find that name in Nova Scotia
Did find some in Canada http://findaperson.canada411.ca
A google search for him or someone with the same name brought up the following

Searching through our guest book I found the following entry.
It dates back to about 1994-95
Name: edward rymer 
Location: #1 placid court Yarmouth 
Email: No Email Address Specified Comment: as a long time resident of yarmouth county I think this is a very positive aspect of our citizens attitude
good luck 
The place may have been purchased by someone new, I did not find a rymer in the local phone book. 


---Letter from Darlene

From: <narnie@nb.sympatico.ca>
To: "Godfrey LeBlanc" <webmaster@yarmouth.org>
Subject: Re: Guestbook 

Thanks ever so much for the quick response, Godfrey.  Since Herbert arrived in Halifax, I decided to start my search in NS. There is one on-line listing for Rymer in the NS Phone Directory, which is Edward. The address is 1 Placid Court, Yarmouth, NS.  However, a gentleman from Newfoundland has that number now, but has a different address. 

With no luck in NS, I made telephone calls to Rymers in ON, and Western Provinces.  These Rymers were not familiar with the name Herbert Edward Rymer, but were eager to help by searching their family trees when there was a possibility they may have been related to Herbert.  After searching their family trees, they made return calls to me to verify there was no connection.  One lot of Rymers I contacted came from Leedes, England, and the rest were of German and Ukraine descent, and none had relatives from the East Coast.  Although my search was unsuccessful, I got to chat with a fine lot of people.

I searched the on-line database for NS obituaries and found two Rymers listed.  One was Michael Richard Rymer who died November 12, 2003, and Robin Edward Rymer who died January 23, 2006. 

I then searched for neighbors of Edward Rymer, and spoke with a lady at 2 Placid Court.  Her name is Pat Comeau.  Pat told me she lives next door to Eddie Rymer, but there were no lights on as we were talking.  Michael Rymer was Eddie's dad, but he had passed away two or three years ago.  Eddie and Pat's son are friends.  She told me after Michael Rymer's first wife died, he remarried and they had the one child, Eddie.  Eddie was eight years old when his mother died of breast cancer.  Eddie is around 25 or 26 years of age.  Eddie's father,Michael, and his first wife had daughters, only, and Pat figured they would all be in their forties.  Pat told me Eddie's half sisters live in Carleton, but she did not know their married names.  I decided to post the notice in your guest book in hopes that one of Eddie's daughters, or someone who knows of them would see it.

Herbert's dad, Harry Duncan Rymer was killed during WW1 on November 4, 1917.  The Rymer family home was bombed during WW2, and all photos of Herbert, and his postcard were destroyed.  Herbert's mother died shortly after.  Herbert's mother made several attempts to find her youngest child through the Salvation Army and other agencies, but without success.  Hopefully, Herbert's sister, Betty Lawson, will find closure before she passes away.

Could you give me a list of funeral homes in the Yarmouth area where the remains of Michael, and Robin Rymer may have rested?  Their obituaries may provide the information we are looking for.  Your input is greatly appreciated.  If you have any other suggestions, please e-mail me.

Thanks again,
Darlene Baxter

They are:

H M Huskilson's Funeral Home Ltd & Crematorium
29 Albert St
Nova Scotia B5A 3N1
Phone: (902) 742-3626
Sweeney's Funeral Home
567 Main St
Nova Scotia B5A 1J6
Phone: (902) 742-3245

If anyone can help in this quest it would be appriciated

Date: 3/25/2006
Name: Robert M. Corson
Location: Smithfield, Maine USA
E-Mail: olbob@tdstelme.net

Comments: My Grandmother, Armina Campbell was born in Argyle NS 10/12/1870. My wife and I intend to visit the area this year.
Bob Corson

Date: 3/25/2006
Name: Jackie
Location: Durham, Maine
E-Mail: windyacres4@suscom-maine.net

Comments: We are making another trip to Yarmouth the end of July for our 35th wedding anniversary.  We love it there in your beautiful town and love all the people too!!  We have been coming up since 1984 and have made well over 50 trips on the Scotia Prince and now we hope to make at least that many on board the Cat.  We would love to receive any discount or gift coupons you may have.  Can't wait till July to see everyone again.  Love that Rodd Grand and Karen MacKay,  and all the tour guides too.

Date: 3/26/2006
Name: Tom    (Thomas)  Hennigar
Location:  Millbrook, Ont.   (Carelton)
E-Mail: tomandlynda@nexicom.net

Comments:  A friend of mine gave me this email address, so I'd just like to say "HELLO" to all of my friends and family back home. Hope your all doing fine!  Tom Hennigar......

Date: 3/27/2006
Location: LOME TOGO

Comments: Nice website. I would like to visit Yarmouth. I have not been down that way yet. My husband and I toured as far asLunenbourg. Nova Scotia as so much to offer in beautiful places to see. 

Date: 3/27/2006
Name: Claudia Comeau
Location: from upstate NY to Texas
E-Mail: cacomeau2002@yahoo.com

Comments: My grandfather moved to Wallkill New York area from Nova Scotia.  I heard we had a town named after us.  I'm just curious.  Their was a John Francis Comeau and  James Comeau

Date: 3/28/2006
Name: Micael Rosén
Location: Sweden
E-Mail: micael.rosen@telia.com

Comments: My name is Micael Rosén and is from Orebro in Sweden. and I meet a girl from Yarmouth, in London several years ago.Here name and adress was then.
Webmaster:address removed
Here friends name was Hannah Thibedeau.

Is there anyone who knews something about Coollen , or where I can search for here.
Please contact me  micael.rosen@telia.com

Best regards 
Webmaster Comment:  I will contact her as she teaches where I will be subbing tomorrow.

Date: 3/28/2006
Name: Emy monster
Location: ------------------------
E-Mail: -----------------------

Comments: nice site

Date: 3/29/2006
Name: Betty Lefaive
Location: Poughkeepsie New Y ork 12603
E-Mail: blefaive@pcsd.k12.ny.us

Comments: I would like a Guide to Yarmouth, I plan to visit in  September.   Could you also recommend a hotel over looking the water to stay at.  Also a Ferry schedule.  Thank you very much for your cooperation. 
Betty LeFaive
15 Spackenkill Road
Poughkeepsie, New York 12603
Webmaster Comment:  Please contact Tourist Association http://destination-ns.com/
Hotel by sea. rodd colony inn yarmouth http://www.rodd-hotels.ca/
Ferry  http://www.catferry.com/

Date: 3/29/2006
Name: Alan Robbins
Location: New York
E-Mail: arobbin@twcny.rr.com

Comments: Hello All,
My father was born in Yarmouth and I understand we have been there for quite awhile; sometime shortly after the American revolution. I plan on coming up this summer for a few weeks to do some research. looking forward to meeting you.

Date: 3/31/2006
Name: prince
Location: lagos
E-Mail: mugu@mugu.com

Comments: i like it 

Date: 3/31/2006
Location: TUSKET


Date: 3/31/2006
Name: Gerald (Gerry) Surette
Location: Litchfield, NH
E-Mail: grsurette@adelphia.net

Comments:  Spent many summers at my grandmothers house on the island and have fond memories of the people and the island.
My fathers and uncles names are on the monument that stands outside the church. Both of them were WW2 veterans. 
John Amedee Surette
Mike Richard Surette

 Hopefully my wife and I will be up this summer for a long overdue vacation.



Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth 
E-Mail: lhemeon@gmail.com 

Comments: I took these pictures of Yarmouth so others can see the character, beauty and charm that we have to offer. There are many former Yarmouthians who miss home so I hope these bring back memories. 

Webmaster Comment:  Thanks again for the pictures Lynn.   This sites contains lots of interesting and beautiful pictures of the Yarmouth area.  Well worth your viewing time. 
Lynn Hemeon Comments: If there is anyone who wishes a picture of your street or old residence , please email me. I may have it or will get it for you. Only pictures of Yarmouth as I have very few outside of town, but you never know.
This is only for those who have moved away and miss good old Yarmouth and it's FREE.
E-Mail: imissyarmouth@gmail.com
Obscure Places By Tim Gregory:   "Checkout our Navigation Maps for beaches, golf courses, lighthouses, museums, and unique places, to see places  you can travel to in Southwestern Nova Scotia."

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