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May 2006

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Genealogy requests 
*Please Note: The proper protocol when someone requests information on a specific individual is to inform that person and get  permission to pass on information or have them contact the person requesting the information. 
If you wish to contact us email to webmaster@yarmouth.org.  Please type Yarmouth or one of it's communities in the subject line.
Hello:  Their are hundreds more people reading this guest book then signing it.  Please don't be shy, sign in and write us as often as you like.  Our viewers enjoy reading these messages even if they do not directly know you.  Share a bit of you with us. 

Requests on this page:
Leman Coleman | WILSON,CLARK & Co | (Roy W. Hulsman) | Frank Francis | SAMUAL ANDREWS | Murphy's Bridge

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From: "Tom/Carol Mckinlay" <tomcarol21@ns.sympatico.ca>

Good Day 
My name is Tom McKinlay, Jr., I am on the committee called  SOMORE and we are working on a project to do some developement to the area where Munroe's Furniture store and the St. George's Fire Dept were. What we are looking for is if there is any old photos around of these and maybe some of the history of each place. Any help you can give or direct me would be greatly appreciated. My email is tomcarol21@ns.sympatico.ca
Thanks for your time
Tom McKinlay, Jr.

Date: 5/1/2006
Name: kennedy raphael
Location: nigeria
E-Mail: kenraph@hotmail.com

Comments: This is a nice site,keep it up.

Date: 5/1/2006
Name: ron
Location: Cape Breton
E-Mail: ronnie674@hotmail.com

Comments: i recently discovered some artifacts from the site of my great great grandfather's homestead.  one of these items is a stove plate or chimney plate.  on it says: "NIAGARA NO 3".  "WILSON,CLARK & Co"   "YARMOUTH, NS"  also i found some bricks in a stone fence. on the brick says "ETNA" i think they might be from scotland if anyone knows about this or can direct me in the right direction,  please e-mail me at ronnie674@hotmail.com

Date: 5/1/2006
Name: ryan goudey 
Location: 30 belveder
E-Mail: rman_16@hotamiil.com

Comments: nice mom!!!

Date: 5/1/2006
Name: Morgan Calvi
Location: Port Maitland
E-Mail: rgjq@myway.com

Comments: Looking for information on the fisherman, Leman Coleman & his family.  He moved to Quincy, MA in the early 70's (?) & married Nellie Calvi from Hingham, MA (or Northern Italy).

Date: 5/1/2006
Name: Lynn
Location: Duncan, B.C.
E-Mail: pryor1@telus.net

Comments: WOW, it's been awhile since I've visited, the town is growing, and growing.  What a wonderful job you've done in presenting our wonderful County.  Great website,  will visit more often.

Date: 5/1/2006
Name: Kayla Brake
Location: hubbard's point 
E-Mail: xokayla-melaniexo@hotmail.com

Comments:   Hey peepz waz upppp hommie lol

Date: 5/2/2006
Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: imissyarmouth@gmail.com

Comments: I am still looking for old pictures of Yarmouth bands to include in the following website.
So far I have have 20 groups plus music from some of these but I would like more.
Let's keep the memory alive. Please contact me if you have any of the above.

Date: 5/2/2006
E-Mail: j.l.jackson20@cegeco.ca

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Date: 5/2/2006
Name: sarah  ross
Location: annapolis
E-Mail: sarah91146@hotmail.com

Comments: i lived in yarm. now im in colloege in annapolis....ill be back soon

Date: 5/3/2006
Name: joey bourque
Location: sluicepoint
E-Mail: joeybourque@hotmail.com

Comments: i go out the a bit


Date: 5/3/2006
Name: sanusi
Location: london
E-Mail: sanusigasah@yahoo.com

Comments: very nice site keep it up, please mail me for important info.
tks sanusi

Date: 5/3/2006
Name: honda
Location: Chicago
E-Mail: michael.scottwomen@exite.com

Comments: Excellent site, added to favorites!!

Date: 5/4/2006
Name: Michael
Location: US
E-Mail: Michael@gmail.com

Comments: Not much on my mind right now, but it's not important. I've just been letting everything happen without me. I just don't have anything to say right now.

Date: 5/4/2006
Name: James
Location: US
E-Mail: James@gmail.com

Comments: Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!

Date: 5/7/2006
E-Mail: amy_hugs@hotmail.com

Comments: what bars are happenin on the weekends what places do young (in there 20's) people go?
Weakends at the Red Knight are pretty hopping.

Date: 5/7/2006
Name: basil newell
Location: prince rupert b.c.
E-Mail: onedayme2003@yahoo.com


Date: 5/7/2006
Name: Bruce H. Hulsman
Location: Washington state
E-Mail: bhulsman@comcast.net

Comments: My father (Roy W. Hulsman) was born in Yarmouth in 1892.  His father's name was Henry.  His mother was a descendant of the Pollards from (I believe) PEI.  I am a Canadian citizen living in the USA.  Ring any bells??  I would love to hear from anyone who is family or knows anything about the history of my people.
Best regards,
Bruce Hulsman
Webmaster Comment:  Guestbook #51 Hulsman

Date: 5/7/2006
Name: Don mc Cumber Jr.
Location: Hebron
E-Mail: mccumberdon@hotmail.com

Comments: Thanks so much to Lynn for a great website and the work you have done in collecting pictures of Yarmouth bands of the past. It sure brings back pleasant memories. I also want to thank you, GrassRoutes for the Discount Coupons that I received as a welcome to Yarmouth.

Thanks to: Gateway Fuels | Sapphire Sea | MicroAgeA.T.Data | Yarmouth Forklift | McLeods Pharmacy
The discount on my fuel bill was a bonus.
Keep up the good work.

Date: 5/8/2006
Name: Anthony Corporong
Location: B.C abbostford
E-Mail: A_Corporong@hotmail.com

Comments: I miss Yarmouth alot but BC is a really nice place. I lived in port maitland for 5 years with my mother joanne, and my father richard. The one thing i miss the most is the sea, so some day i will come back to my home in port mailand. But i hope thats not for a long time yet. Keep Yarmouth the way it was till i get back most of all frost park.

Date: 5/8/2006
Name: Loretta (Francis) Hurlburt
Location: Yarmouth, N.S., Canada
E-Mail: autumnnites@hotmail.com

Comments: Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Love this site, check in quite often hoping to see a familiar name. I am working on
my family tree and if there is anyone out there related to Frank Francis I'd love to hear from you. I guess making family trees is the "in" thing, just about every other person one speaks to is involved one way or another. It's a great past time and very time consuming.I'm a great history buff (especially British),that's what decided me to get involved in my own roots.....You're doing a great job, keep up the good work and thank you for this site. It's appreciated very much.

Date: 5/9/2006
Name: Kozloski Sandra and Steve
E-Mail: sskozloski@sasktel.com


Date: 5/10/2006

Comments: Wow. This site is great. I have no words to said more than thanx.

Date: 5/10/2006

Comments: I am retracing my greatgrandfathers migration from Melbourne to Portsmouth NH and then to my birth place of Beverly Mass.I have visited our maritimes many times,prior to my interest in geneology and plan to be back this summer for research.
This is a great site Thanks

Date: 5/10/2006
Name: Noel Coonce-Ewing.
Location: Southington CT
E-Mail: noel@cricketsarts.com

Comments: I just wanted to contact you. I spent many summers in Tusket. My Grandfather and Grandmother were Charles and Margaret Allen. They lived in the Bingy house not far from the post office, nearer to the school, on the side of the road the Gaol is located. The house was sold about 10 years ago, to George Warner... (I am sorry I may have his name wrong)I have many fond memories tagging along my Grandfather On his various nature walks, birding,or to the Yarmouth museum.  I can't think of a better place to bring up children. i hope Tusket and Yarmouth County remains as beautiful as it is, with sucess.If it were easier to immigrate to Canada, I would be doing so . I can get a duel citizenship, but my American Husband would be the Bread winner being a high school History teacher. I currently work for the evil American health insurance field while he finishes his certification. I am a trained Archealogist, (illistrator and artist. but I work in insuraace full time as well for the benefits. I have 2 children who I want them to see the beauty of Tusket, it's friendly people the wild blue berries, lupine, the hanging oak, the gaol, I could go on. I love your website it was prefect tonic to my homesickness for Yarmouth county especailly this time of year.
Thank you for listening, you live in a beautiful place. 

Thank You

Date: 5/11/2006
Name: Crazy
Location: Brandon manitoba
E-Mail: lisa_rocks


Date: 5/11/2006
Name: Frances
Location: Nashua, NH, US
E-Mail: frances.lemoine@gmail.com

Comments: Please send info re Yarmouth, Surrette Island, etc. regarding distance, real estate, employment, etc. Thank you in advance.
Webmaster comment; we are not related to tourism or real-estate groups,  you request is beyond the scope of our company.  Pharaohs someone will read your comment and answer your questions.  please try;
 http://www.aboutyarmouth.com , and http://yarmouthchamberofcommerce.com/index.html

Date: 5/11/2006
Name: Linda
Location: Dallas, TX USA
E-Mail: lmsmstudio@aol.com

Comments: My father's family was from Carleton.  He always spoke very warmly of visiting his grandparents in the summertime.  I am planning on a visit this fall but would really appreciate any info on the Stingel family. It was a large family and my  great uncle's name is inscribed on the WWI memorial.  I am looking forward to Nova Scotia.

Date: 5/12/2006
Name: Drew
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: hipsona@student.ednet.ns.ca

Comments: get som mare pics of hebren

Date: 5/12/2006
Name: Delores (Babin) Callahan 
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: delores.callahan@aliant.ca

Comments: Well I'm finally making the time to comment.  I did see this site last year (passed on to me by a co-worker who has relatives on Isle Madame).  It was so cool to see all the houses and the scenery.  I still marvel at the beauty of our island.  Imagine - that's where I grew up!!!  In West Arichat where my dad (Adolphe) and dear Aunt (Genelle) still live as well as 3 brothers; 1 brother in D'Escouse; my sister in Petit de Grat.  We have a cottage in Port Royal so would love to see Janvrin's Island and Port Royal included.  We vist often and our kids love it down there.  Things that I took for grant it (fishing, swimming, walking the beach, combing the woods) they can't get enough off.  Great job of bringing back fond memories.  Keep it up!!! 

Date: 5/13/2006

Comments: Very good site. You are doing great job. Please Keep it up!

Date: 5/13/2006
Name: Tollermom aka Lynda
Location: Hamilton Ontario
E-Mail: thixson31@execulink.com

Comments: I have had great fun checking out your site.  A great deal of good information. I really like the highway cams.
  I do agree with Mr Jeffery that you should include some information on the Little River Dog.  I am coming to Nova Scotia for a visit with a friend who has moved to Yarmouth at the beginning of June. One of my reasons to visit is to explore the birthplace of this great little dog.

Date: 5/15/2006
Name: Cathy Cottreau
Location: Halifax, NS


Date: 5/15/2006
Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: yarmouthbands@gmail.com

Comments: Do you remember The South Exit or the original Ghost Squad? Do you want to hear them again? Check out the following link and go back in time. I have recordings dating back to 1966 and pictures of the Mystics,The Grinders,StageCru,Harmony and many others.
Plan on staying awhile.


Date: 5/15/2006
Name: Jaye campbell
Location: london Ontario
E-Mail: jterran2001@yahoo.ca

Comments: I was very lucky to grow up in this place. and hope to come back soon there are a few people i would love to get in touch with...

Date: 5/16/2006

Comments: Interesting web page is, i'll see you later one more time

Date: 5/16/2006
Name: Paulette Williams Perry
Location: Alexandria, Louisiana, USA
E-Mail: paulawp1@aol.com

Comments: Enjoyed the website.  I'm planning a visit to Yarmouth 6/25/06 thru 6/28/06.

 Date: 5/16/2006

Comments: Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!Your guestbook is example of middle-class guestbooks. Congratulation! Iíll show your site and guestbook to my friends.
Comments: Great Site - really useful information!
Comments: The site''s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment - maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!
Comments: Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!

Date: 5/19/2006
Name:  Art Berry
Location: Halifax N.S.
E-Mail:  easygoing44@hotmail.com

Comments:  Read the Halifax newspaper and today May 19 2006 I  watched the CTV Newsnet and I just want to wish both RCMP Men best of luck as they take there vow in same sex marriage on June 30 2006 in Yarmouth.It goes to show you gays are come in all walks of life. 

Date: 5/20/2006
Name: Norman,Francis,Baldasaro Jr.
Location: Alexandria,NH.
E-Mail: USMCNH1@metrocast.net

Comments: My Grandmother,"Ma",Constance,Marie,Amirault,who came from Amiraults Hill,DOB 1901/Married Mr.Raymond Sampson,DOB 1901/ from Sampson's Cove,Cape Breton Island,lived & raised 7 Children in Malden,Ma.,North/Suburb's of Bostn,Ma.,they had 3 girl's 4 boy's,same as my own Mother;Renette,Constance,Marie,(Sampson),who married my father,Norman Baldasaro Sr.,(Roman Italian/Irish,Mother,Nora O'Brien),grew up on Newton Corner,Ma.,I was later raised in the North Shore community's of,Middleton,& Melrose,Ma.,& have been told that we are related to the LeBlanc's,Landry's, Doucette's,Comeau's,as far back as Longfellow who wrote the Poem,Evangiline,Ditication of Love...& many more French,Arcadian's,in fact my Grandfather stood tall by his Paresian Heritage,Sam(p)son',knowing that his root's dated back to France,but had settled on Cape Breton as early as the beginning of the 1600's,& quite possibly related to Henry Sam(p)son who traveled onboard The Mayflower itself!I even heard say that we go back to,Judge's 14/15/15 in The Holy Bible....
  I know that it is a rich heritage,an recently lost,the familie's youngest brother,my Uncle Roger,Sam(p)son of East Wakefield,NH.,he like his father & Brother's where Skilled Tradesmen in Boston,Ma.,Local 7 Ironworker's Union,
but thier family Love for Music,Life,Laughter & God,has been handed down to the next generation of French Arcadian's who immigrated to America,some forcibaly by the British & Hun's,to create a new life along the Eastern Shoreboard of America & all the way down to the Lousianna & the Gulf of The Great Mississippi,on The Sea they Fished to make a living,and thus served Our Nation Proudly in many a War & Insurrection,to claim The Title of Freedom!
  God Bless to all whose families came here to Our Great Land,worked hard to show us the way....We are all,related in the huge Family of Man!God Bless America,In God We Trust! ~~~ + ~~~ French,Italian,Irish Decent,Roman Catholic,Born Again & Proud of It!My Ancestor's shed to much of their blood for me not to Praise The Holy Name,of JESUS!(Proverbs 3 VV:5&6)Missionaries as well today serve!
 P.S. Single 51 in search of a good Women with a backbone & not like a Jellyfish to continue this Family Tree w/me!I'm stuck on,a gal with Rich Auburn Hair & Sparkeling Blue Eye,like the Ocean Blue....Peace be with you!(Trying to connect with Italian sur-name as well!)Sir,Norman Francis..

Date: 5/20/2006
Name: James R. Surette
Location: Boston mass. 
E-Mail: boa.1@netzero.net

Comments: hello to all my kin.

Date: 5/20/2006
Name: Greta
Location: Regina, Sk.
E-Mail: gbpoole@sasktel.net

Comments: I understand there was a girls school in Arichat sometime between 1865 and 1875.  I believe it was called 'Congregation de Notre Dame'.  I would like to visit this area if the school is still in existance as I will be visiting Baddeck in June.  Can you give me any information about the history of this school?
Thank you,

Date: 5/20/2006
Name: Buy Xanax
Location: Spain
E-Mail: xon454@mail.com

Comments: Nice and very elegant website but more updating will be good

Date: 5/20/2006
Name: Josh Cranton
Location: Port Miatland
E-Mail: lock.cranton@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: We moved to port Maitland at the end of last summer. We are in love with the view of Darlings lake, and look forward to enjoying many more beutiful summers here. Its nice to live in an area where there are always smiles on the faces of the people you meet in the neigborhood.

Date: 5/21/2006
Name: Mgbada Niger
Location: Ikeja
E-Mail: Mugumbada_IKEJA@msn.com

Comments: This is a very cool site keep it up.

Date: 5/21/2006
Name: Jom
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: surang47@hotmail.com
Comments: new coming

Date: 5/22/2006
Name: Marilyn Adams
Location: Woodhaven, Michigan
E-Mail: MarilynOdette@webtv.net

Comments:  I have been to Portland Maine, but no further.  Wish I could visit your area.  Lovely that you have this web site.

Date: 5/22/2006
Name: Nathalie
Location: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Comments: Thanks for the great picture of my grandpa (Jerome Benoit image 160)!!!  It captures his personality quite well!!!  The pictures make me homesick though!

Date: 5/23/2006

Comments: Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!

Date: 5/23/2006
Name: taylor cottreau
E-Mail: cottreau_1991@hotmail.com

Comments: hello

Date: 5/23/2006
Name: Abbeydabbydoo
Location: China
E-Mail: 123_bigbutts@hotmail.com

Comments: this site is very interesting and i found out a lot about Acadia that i didn't know. keep up the good work whoever you are that makes this site possible. 
~*piece out*~

Date: 5/23/2006
Name: Lynn Kent
Location: Ottawa ON
E-Mail: ontheroad223027@yahoo.ca

Comments: Visiting again this year, always love it in Yarmouth.....

Date: 5/24/2006
Name: Holly
Location: Pleasant Valley!
E-Mail: hmclarke12@hotmail.com

Comments: I am from Pleasant Valley, I have lived there my entire life...coincidentally right by the Holley Rd. and my name is Holly.  They recently put up a new sign for the Holley road and it's a misprint...It's spelled the way my name is...poor Mr. Holley would be disappointed.
ANYWAY! I was so proud when I stumbled on this site! It's great!

Date: 5/24/2006
Name: Delene Williamson
Location: 531 Lakeview Dr Canton, GA
E-Mail: WIlliamson.Delene@wellstar. org

Comments: I plan to be in Rockville this November visiting friends. I enjoyed reading the history of the area.

Date: 5/26/2006
Name: Ursula u. Gerhard Twieg
Location: Germany
E-Mail: UschTwieg@aol.com

Comments: Hello, we buyed a cottage 1997 in Gardners Mill with "water front". The dam -in picture a side before- is broken 3 years ago. Please, you write me, when this to repair.
Thank you
Ursula Twieg

Date: 5/26/2006
Name: brian macdonald
Location: yukon
E-Mail: brian.macdonald@yesnet.yk.ca

Comments: is this ohio farm anywhere near clark's harbour?
Webmaster Comment:  Relative to where you are in the Yukon, it is very close. About an hour away.

Date: 5/26/2006
Name: Jeff Surette
Location: Charleston, SC, USA
E-Mail: moose0218@aol.com


Date: 5/27/2006
Name: Naravara
Location: Colorado
E-Mail: naravara@hotdak.net

Comments: Always wanted to live in Nova Scotia.  I like your site.  Kind regards, M Boudreaux 

Date: 5/28/2006
Name: Diane Allen
Location: Riverside California
E-Mail: Ptarshis1@charter.net

Comments: Great reading thru book, Looking for family members my grandfathers brother was STAYLEY ALLEN who was chief of police in Yarmouth.

Guest book Entries for Stayley Allen

Yarmouth Guest Log Report#15 May 1 1997
Her father was Stayley Allen who was once Chief of Police. Haven't been back home
in ten years but plan to in June for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. ...
www.yarmouth.org/s-book15.htm - 13k -
Yarmouth Guest Log Report Pre 1995
Comment: I'm the grandson of Stayley Allen Sr. formerly of the Yarmouth Ploice
Force. Just dropping a note to say Hi ! to all in Yarmouth ! ...
www.yarmouth.org/s-book0.htm - 23k - 
Yarmouth Guest Log Report#34 1999
I am the son of Roy and Addie Allen (Sarnia Ont). Roy is the son of Yarmouth
native: Stayley and Viva Allen of South Chegogin (sp?). Stayley served ...
www.yarmouth.org/s-book33.htm - 15k -
Yarmouth Guest Log Report#21 Nov 1997
I was formerly Nina Allen (Stayley and Viva Allen of South Chegoggin. My husband
Tom and myself live in Kingston, NS now. Siblings: Liz Roberts, Reta Hemeon ...
www.yarmouth.org/s-book21.htm - 8k -

Date: 5/28/2006
Name: Marie
E-Mail: mobrien@isn.net

Comments: Does anyone have a photo of what once was called "Murphy's Bridge" near Milton, Yarmouth? 

My mother from East Pubnico worked there for a Miss Murphy who was a lady of some note in her day, a kindly woman who took great pride in her home and community. She was particular in every way, especially in providing impeccable hospitality to friends and guests. 

Those were some of my mother's memories and impressions from her experience at the Murphy home in Yarmouth when she was age seventeen or eighteen--about 1924 or 1925.  Thank you, 

Date: 5/28/2006
Name: Marie
Location: Charlottetown
E-Mail: mobrien@isn.net

Comments: Thank you for the photos of the buildings in Sand Beach. There I see the home my grandparents bought  and moved into in 1912 when they moved their family from Wedgeport, Theodore Doucette and Rosalie (Surette). Grandpa planted an oak tree in front of the house and it's there yet.  There were pink roses climbing up thes south side of the big old square house that we loved so much because our Grandpere and Grandmere lived there! 
During those years, our eyes were opened to many new aspects of life, of life and of death. We learned about these mysteries at an early age.
I remember seeing Grandpere sleeping in a pretty bed with his black suit on, and I remember his big dark moustache. Dad lifted me up to see him sleeping with his suit on. It was November 1935 and I was age four. That is a treasured memory! Then Grandmere lived there with her son a few more years before they moved to Halifax to be near family members.

Down the road a little further, on the other side of the road was the Horton House, (the very next house to that of John Cosman and Janie Hubbard, on the south side of the wonderful Cosman family! John Cosman died in the mid 1930s, I recall, because they family had a beautiful wreath on the front door for a long time)

Anyway, we lived in that beautiful mansion of a Horton House--for me it was a mansion, especially with the bay window and butler's pantry, little back stairs and large front stairs with its ornate railing. There were three pantries and servants quarters at the back and several outbuildings, two porches, milk pantry, shed, barn, henhouse and so on.  Beautiful rooms throughout, up and down, large hallways, and evidence that indoor plumbing had been in the planning stages. A Mr Fisher had a store in the front room to the north and when we moved in there, we children found a box full of packages of Doubleming gum! Joy for us; chagrin for Mom! There was a stonewall comverd with the sweetest smelling honeysuckle vines, and also fat juicy blackberries.  There was a little apple tree in the back yard that we could reach up into to pick the beautiful blossoms that had perfume sent into them by angels, not the ones who lived in the clouds who made rain fall, but those who lived in Heaven! 

We all had to leave my fairytale home because of WW2 when my father was transferred to Halifax.  What a change for all of us! 

now in my "old age" I take the liberty to pour out what has always remained in my heart, the fairytale story of early childhood that was suddenly changed because of "war onthe other side of the world".
Thank you for reading my story and many many thanks for the wonderful gift of photos of those two houses and of the many other homes with their familiar faces! and environnement. Still a little girl at heart, Marie 
OH! does anyone have a photo of the Sand Beach SCHOOL?

Thank you for your wonderful letter Marie

Date: 5/31/2006
Name: shawna
Location: montreal

Comments: Yarmouth nova scotia is my home town..i miss it down there :) wish Yarmouth nova scotia all the best of love

Date: 5/31/2006
Name: Don Hulsman
Location: Oromocto, NB
E-Mail: hulsmanhouse@hotmail.com

Comments: I received the surprise of my life this week when contacted by a cousin I had never met from Washington State, USA who tracked me down through a third party who had left a message in your guest book. Awesome! I of course then checked your website and was rocketed back to the Sixties and the Ghost Squad site. What great memories that brought back. Thanks for such a great sight.



Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth 
E-Mail: lhemeon@gmail.com 

Comments: I took these pictures of Yarmouth so others can see the character, beauty and charm that we have to offer. There are many former Yarmouthians who miss home so I hope these bring back memories. 

Webmaster Comment:  Thanks again for the pictures Lynn.   This sites contains lots of interesting and beautiful pictures of the Yarmouth area.  Well worth your viewing time. 
Lynn Hemeon Comments: If there is anyone who wishes a picture of your street or old residence , please email me. I may have it or will get it for you. Only pictures of Yarmouth as I have very few outside of town, but you never know.
This is only for those who have moved away and miss good old Yarmouth and it's FREE.
E-Mail: imissyarmouth@gmail.com
Obscure Places By Tim Gregory:   "Checkout our Navigation Maps for beaches, golf courses, lighthouses, museums, and unique places, to see places  you can travel to in Southwestern Nova Scotia."

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