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June-July 2006

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*Please Note: The proper protocol when someone requests information on a specific individual is to inform that person and get  permission to pass on information or have them contact the person requesting the information. 
If you wish to contact us email to webmaster@yarmouth.org.  Please type Yarmouth or one of it's communities in the subject line.
Hello:  Their are hundreds more people reading this guest book then signing it.  Please don't be shy, sign in and write us as often as you like.  Our viewers enjoy reading these messages even if they do not directly know you.  Share a bit of you with us. 

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Date: 6/1/2006
Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: yarmouthbands@gmail.com
Comments: Take a trip to Yarmouth's musicial past.
I am looking for old Yarmouth bands pictures.
Enjoy the trip !

Date: 6/4/2006
Name: Randy Crowell
Location: Vulcan Alberta
E-Mail: rcrowell@telusplanet.net

Comments: WOW love the site miss all my friends down home in Kemptville Mom still lives there HI MOM
like shes going to see that lo lbut if anyone who knows me i would love to hear from you all miss you bunches

Date: 6/4/2006
Name: doapa@yahoo.com
Location: doapa@yahoo.com
E-Mail: doapa@yahoo.com

Comments: Brilliant. Freaking brilliant. Ian Schwartz.

Date: 6/4/2006
Name: Brett
Location: Hubbard's Point
E-Mail: Surbrett@hotmail.com

Comments: AwesomE

Date: 6/4/2006
Name: Tom
E-Mail: tew22@comcast.net

Comments: We are planning a visit to Yarmouth and I was wondering what is the best way to obtain Canadian currency.  I am hoping ATM machines are readily available; if so, are they associated with banks primarily?
Thank you.

Date: 6/5/2006

Comments: Your site is very convenient in navigation and has good design. Thanks!

Date: 6/6/2006
Name: Cheryl
Location: Ottawa Ontario
E-Mail: thebaldwins@rogers.com

Comments: Coming to visit Hughie Grimshaw and his girls in August.  I can't wait.  I have so many found memories of my summer vacations in Chebogue so now I am bringing my daughter back with me for her to experience some of the same.  Love ya lots Uncle Hughie and Aunt Anne.
Cheryl Baldwin (Grimshaw)

Date: 6/6/2006
Name: (Lorie) Dolores MacPhee
Location: Wolfville ,N.S.
E-Mail: bluenoser8@hotmail.com

Comments: I love this site so much. My ancestors Robert and Agnes Bourque lived there in the early 1900's. He ran a store which I believe might be the location of Flat Calm. Thanks for the wonderful pictures which gives me a feel for where my ancestors came from What well kept homes.

Date: 6/7/2006
Name: (Lorie) Dolores Fineberg
Location: Wolfville
E-Mail: bluenoser8@hotmail.com, dfineberg@eastlink.ca

Comments: Hi Everyone!
On a Cemetery researching trip Truro  to Isle Madame,back in 2002, we experienced car trouble.A LeBlanc family on the way to a fishing trip immediately stopped and helped,not knowing who these strangers were. It was a very warm feeling to know people still care and help others.They would not give up and leave until they knew we were up and running. Thank you again!We have never frotgotten this.We live in Wolfville near Grand Pre ,now. A beautiful  Acadian area. So if anyone locals visit this area,send us an e-mail and we will get together for a tea.
Dave and Dolores

Date: 6/7/2006
Name: christina    smith
Location: truro, n.s.
E-Mail: kcwebb@tru.eastlink.ca

Comments: just found this website,will be checking it more closely & reading names of possible friends or relatives,  TY, looks like my kind of website

Date: 6/7/2006
Name: barbara shafer kovach
Location:  usa indiana
E-Mail: hideaway04@comcast.net

Comments:  helo all,   just received a beautiful post card, from capt. huburt hall, ore boat;s of corse, you see, my father was a wheelsman on several ore boats in the fifty;s the block,  josph h tomsand  other;s small and verry large.  my father  met many  mariner;s in his time, remenbering picking him up in indiana harbor, what ever has happend to the fifty;s ore boarts were streaming along. now verry few. some of the ore boats are in dry dock. i wanted to go aboard, but insurence has stoped that, well   we lost a good friend, that was on the canada side some year;s ago she and her husband were on many ore boat;s sally, was a cook, for many year;s she did remenber my loving father. thank;s all for this special day here barbara

Date: 6/9/2006
Name: Joe
Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
E-Mail: jwl@u.arizona.edu

Comments: We had two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dogs.  One, our male BOOMER, recently died at the age of two from Evan's Syndrome.  The other one is a one-year old female named NOVA that is the perfect companion.  She has two ten-year old Golden Retriever companions.  Both of our Tollers were rescued and became loving members of our family.  They are such a special breed and offer a great amount of joy to all.

Date: 6/13/2006
Name: acadianlady
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: acadianlady@msn.com

Comments: Love your site, am waiting for more great pictures of our beautiful country.

Date: 6/14/2006

Comments: Hello, Admin! You are the best Congratulations. Best regards from regular visitor of your site.

Date: 6/14/2006
Name: Little Mary
Location: 10 Beacon St.
E-Mail: door2narnia@hotmail.com

Comments: I wrote a story about Miss Ladd's music lessons.  I went to Tusket too.

Date: 6/15/2006
Name: Janet Cox
Location: Oklahoma City, OK  USA
E-Mail: ladylwyer@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi.  Came to this site based on genealogy research that led to Yarmouth as an ancestral home.  Hiram Strawn and his wife, Catherine, Loyalists, left Bucks County, PA., and according to the Will of Catherine's father, John Wintermute, were living in Yarmouth in 1831.  Hiram and his brother Job originally settled in Welland, Ontario, near Niagra Falls in 1788. Hiram and Catherine later left Canada and traveled to Illinois and Iowa in the mid-1840's. Hiram died in 1871 in Moberly, MO.  My ggg grandfather, James Chace, met Mary Strawn (dau of Hiram and Catherine), married, and firstborn, William James Chase was born in Canada.  I am the gg granddaughter of William James Chase.

Date: 6/16/2006
Name: Hilda Whitley
Location: Havelock, NC
E-Mail: hildakfc@earthlink.net

Comments: We are planning a trip for Sept. 06 and would like to know if this is the community with the light house, bed & breakfas?. Send me some information.

Date: 6/17/2006
Name: vegasbump 
Location: Ely,Nevada
E-Mail: vegasbump@sbcglobal.net

Comments: I am trying to locate Heather White or Gloria Carter.  I have lost their e-mail adresses in the process of moving here from Las vegas.  Can anyone help?

Date: 6/17/2006

Comments: The site''s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment - maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!

Date: 6/18/2006
Name: 50 cen
Location: Austria
E-Mail: cent545@aol.com

Comments: I like your site because of the very nice posts you have

Date: 6/19/2006
Name: Allyson
Location: north vancouver
E-Mail: drcushing@hotmail.con

Comments: Awesome pictures! Enough to make a gal homesick for sure! Thankfully I am soon off to Yarmouth for my yearly holiday!

Date: 6/19/2006
Name: Sassafras
Location: Good site
E-Mail: sassafras@newmail.net

Comments: Thanks a lot. Added to my favorites :-)

Date: 6/19/2006
Name: Elizabeth Murphy
Location: Rhode Island, USA
E-Mail: momreadsalot@yahoo.com

Comments:  My maiden name is d'Entremont and I am always interested in my family's heritage. I have been to Pubnico with my father James d'Entremont of Boston, Ma. I love this place!!!!

Date: 6/19/2006
Name: Sassafras
Location: Good site
E-Mail: sassafras@newmail.net

Comments: Thanks a lot. Added to my favorites :-)

Date: 6/19/2006
Name: howard cooper
Location: Shreveport, LA
E-Mail: howard.cooper@barksdale.af.mil

Comments: I visited Yarmouth last week and enjoyed my visit.  The lighthouse was great and food in restaurant was good.  People in gift shop were very helpful.  Since my family is from Cape Forchu (Hilda Sweeney - mother) I plan on visiting on a regular basis.  I also enjoyed the museum and the research department was very helpful.

Date: 6/21/2006
Name: Ken
Location: Windsor, Ontario
E-Mail: gloriousday@porchlight.ca

Comments: Nice Site. Do you know if St. Michael's Catholic Church in Wedgeport has an E-Mail? If you know it, can you mail it to me. I'm originally from Wedgeport, but live in Ontario now. My web-sit is: linkto-inspiration.com

Webmaster Comment: http://www.dioceseyarmouth.org/

Date: 6/23/2006
Name: traci
Location: ottawa
E-Mail: ruthpittman@hotmail.com

Comments: the house i grew up in is in one of the photos and it was nice to see it. it was a trip down memory lane.

Date: 6/23/2006
Name: Christine
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
E-Mail: Luscious_5@hotmail.com

Comments: I visited Yarmouth about 10 years ago..on a Band trip from High School,,met so many nice people..if anyone knows a Shawn Deveau (has a brother named Jed??)from Yarmouth...let Tell him to email me,,luscious_5@hotmail.com  if not..i really loved your town..thanks for making us so welcome!! Cheers!!

Date: 6/24/2006
E-Mail: mgrgeorges@yahoo.ca


Date: 6/26/2006
Name: Rachael Macarthur
Location: Dartmouth
E-Mail: am_dog@hotmail.com

Comments: Rachael , im really really sorry......I hope you see this, because I know you search your name up on google alot...& hopefully this will pop up? But thanks..I'm 100000% sure you know who this is from.. & If you dont I mistakened you for a former bestfriend?

Date: 6/29/2006
Name: Kenny a Valois
E-Mail: gloriousday@porchlight.ca

Comments: Nice site. I am originally from Wedgeport;I left in 1964 and now reside in Windsor, Ontario. Del Boudreau is my brother. Although, I am not planning to move to Yarmouth, I am planning to come and stay in Wedgeport for the summers, as I will be retiring in two more years. My web-site is:  linkto-inspiration.com        God bless.... Ken

Date: 6/30/2006
Name: Jennifer Surette
Location: Rome, GA
E-Mail: pennywise745@netzero.com

Comments: My grandfather Clifton Surette past recently and I never had the chance to ask him about the family and our name.I would like to find out more info about the Surette's
Thank you

Date: 6/30/2006
Name: Rene surette
E-Mail: stupide123rene@hotmail.com

Comments:  hey ju un surette moi 

---------------July 2006--------------------
Date: 7/1/2006
Name: phil bryant, 
Location: bedford,ns
E-Mail: orbryant@eastlink.ca


Date: 7/2/2006
Name:  Art Berry
Location:  Halifax
E-Mail: easygoing44@hotmail.com

Comments:  Looking forward to my visit to Yarmouth  for the family BBQ july 16. It's always nice to come back to my home town, I am pleased to inform you that Raymond Berry (son of the late Carleton Berry) and Sandi Blackwood Of Calgary will be getting married Oct 21 2006 to Dinah in Calgary, I will be there. Raymond Berry is the grandson of the late Raymond and Sheila Berry
 Pics can be seen on http://arthurberry1.msn.com/
Webmaster Comment: web address above does not seam to work

Date: 7/3/2006
Name: Michelle Hartle
Location: Calgary, AB
E-Mail: schelle43@shaw.ca

Comments: What a beautiful colaboration of pictures.  I have a friend who grew up there and she showed me this site.  Very nice.
Thank You.

Date: 7/3/2006
Name: Laura
Location: NYC
E-Mail: laura@yahoo.com

Comments: best regards, nice info

Date: 7/4/2006
Name: Robert (Bobby) Le Parque
Location: Vancouver, BC
E-Mail: rob.leparque@gmail.com

Comments: Great pictures - sure makes one miss the island. I hope to make it home in the summer of '07 to visit family and see the festivals again. Great work on the website!
Thank You.

Date: 7/4/2006
Name: Fred Petrie
Location: Miramichi, NB
E-Mail: freddyp@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: I visited your site looking for (and successfuly found) a map of your town.  I've gone to Halifax every year since 1985 to see the Tattoo, however, this year I decided to "throw in" a little side trip - I'm going around the West end of NS before going to the Tattoo.  I should be in Yarmouth on Wednesday evening and will be moving on to Halifax on Thursday.  I've been to Greenwood many times (as I used to work with the Air Cadet Organization) but I've never been past Digby. (Obviously, I'm one of those guys who likes to go somewhere he's never been before!) 
Here's 2 websites from my area:

Date: 7/4/2006
Name: Ringtones
Location: Good site
E-Mail: Unknown


Date: 7/4/2006
Name: Rosemarie Lashbrook
Location: Perkinsfield Ontario
E-Mail: rose_lashbrook@yahoo.ca

Comments: I have recently taken an interest in researching a bit more about my Grandfather's life in Arichat.  He was a fishing captain known as Captain Young.  His daughter Mary was my Mother.  If anyone knows anything about this family of 11 children I would like to know more.

Thank you
Rose Lashbrook

Date: 7/5/2006
Name: Rod Bezanson
Location: Pembroke
E-Mail: RdBez2004@yahoo.ca

Comments: Thanks for all the info.

Date: 7/5/2006
Name: Rod Bezanson
Location: Pembroke 
E-Mail: RdBez2004@yahoo.ca

Comments: Nice Pictures except our house isn't there! It's 871 Pembroke Rd. (your page 4 has the pictures of the houses around us)Our house is small but we've done quite a bit of landscaping recently.

Date: 7/5/2006
Name: Jay
Location: Yarmouth NS
E-Mail: bodhi155@hotmail.com

Comments: Just stumbled across this website while looking for pics of the shark to show the guys at work, Never heard the BC story but I personally saw that shark on Parker Aitkens Warf in Yarmouth NS. Aug '04. It was taken during an Annual "Shark Scramble" we hold every year

Date: 7/6/2006
Name: anne marie 
Location: nanaimo
E-Mail: ambenoit@shaw.ca

Comments: I am one of many grand- daughter of michel hache gallant et Phillipe mius d'entremont, my grand ma who raise me was the daugther of michel doiron dit gould garcon a Louis gould je crois anyway those two men's families must of cross each other my mom's mom is related to both. I hope to see the monument, I want my kids to know Canadian history and to all the First nation grand mother named 
Marie who carried us here to never be forgotten. Bless them all 

Date: 7/6/2006
Name: L.Taylor
Location: Campbell River B.C.
E-Mail: lcctaylor@connected.bc.ca

Comments: Like your web site, feels like I'm sitting in a coffee shop reading the local news. Lots of info, looking into   possibly moving to yarmouth area in a few years. Thanks again

Date: 7/7/2006
Name: Tanya
Location: Liverpool
E-Mail: jtbgrant@eastlink.ca

Comments: looks beautiful, will visit

Date: 7/7/2006
Name: Marlisa Mills
Location: Asheville, NC, USA
E-Mail: Marlisa518@aol.com

Comments: We are planning a trip on the CAT to Yarmouth in September and look forward to seeing your beautiful village!
Hope you have a wonderful visit

Date: 7/8/2006
Name: chebri
Location: saids
E-Mail: tikktiwinne@yahoo.fr

Comments: je sui unjeune berbre chretien temoin de jehouvh j'habite en   dans la region  de haut norande MERCI A BIENTOOOT....

Date: 7/8/2006
Name: Lorraine
Location: Surette
E-Mail: lorrainesurette@gmail.com

Comments: Hello,
I was surching a surname and found your web site.  My husband's father (John  DOB 1917)was originally from Nova Scotia His Uncle Albert and Aunt Josephine also resided there up until their death.  Can you tell me if you have any information concerning this family connection to other Surette families.  John's first wife was Marie Mordente.
I would like to at least find out the names of my husband's grandparents so I can continue to search our family tree.  Thank You, Lorraine Surette

Date: 7/9/2006
Name: dick bain
Location: pembrooke/overton/checoggin/sa
E-Mail: wcrodney@gmail.com

Comments: looking for information on clifford bain sr.and jr. presently living in the us and am trying to get the past family history.  Married to a perry? requesting this info for dick bain. thanks 
wayne rodney

Date: 7/9/2006
Name: Eric
Location: USA
E-Mail: eric@mymailersites.org

Comments: Thanks for that. It's always very hard to find something useful

Date: 7/10/2006
Location: SCHANK
E-Mail: WSCHANK@cox.net


Date: 7/12/2006

Comments: Hello, Admin! You are the best Congratulations. Best regards from regular visitor of your site.

Date: 7/12/2006
Name: Leona [Theriault] MacDonald 
Location: New Glasgow, N.S.
E-Mail: duckyg@eastlink.ca

Comments: Great site. Enjoyed the house tour. I grew up in West Arichat.

Date: 7/12/2006
Name: Karen (Doucette) Murphy 
Location: Lower West Pubnico

Comments: Hi, I lived on Surette's Island for only a little while with my parents Pam and Chippy Doucette and my brother Tim. Tim passed away in 1998 at the age of 29. Dad passed away on his 76th birthday on April 29, 2006. I miss my friends that still live there and around there. Love you all.
Take care,

Date: 7/13/2006
Name: Dana Boudreau (Cake)
Location: Louisbourg, NS
E-Mail: Moaninminnie2000@yahoo.ca

Comments:  I just happened upon your website and it was really quite interesting.  My mother Christena and I tried to remember who lived in what house and so on.  We moved from Petit de Grat in 1977, after my father Henry J boudreau (Cake) passed away. thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Date: 7/13/2006
Name: Diana
Location: Haverhill, MA, US
E-Mail: comeauville49@hotmail.com

Comments: At age 12 in 1966 my grandparents brought me to stay with cousin Hannah Marston on Chebogue Point for 3 happy August weeks.  Oddly, my husband's forebears are also from the area as you can maybe tell by the e-mail address!- his dad hailed from Meteghan- we didn't know til long after we'd met. Anyway, browsing the site brought back many happy memories- and hopes for a time when we'll have time to travel and rediscover our roots!  Well-designed site, easy to spend far too much time in!  Best, Diana Comeau 

Date: 7/13/2006
Name: Holly & Joe
Location: Kemptville
E-Mail: scotiangolden@hotmail.com

Comments: We own a camp on John's Island, Southern end, in the Tusket Islands. We absolutely love it there! We are in the middle of renovating...boy it's lots of work.
We are very interested in any pictures we could possibly see. I would love to beable to put together an album of our island from years ago...as well as any other islands pics anyone may have...if you have any could it be possible to borrow them to beable to scan them on my puter? It would be greatly appreciated...I hope someone will beable to help me.
Thanks Holly
Thanks Holly

Date: 7/13/2006
Name: Bob Romkey
Location: Moncton, New Brunswick
E-Mail: rynik@rogers.com

Comments: I just finished a visit your fair town on July 8th. Saw a couple old friends, namely Dave Leblanc and Linda Deveau. Everything looks so nice and fresh. Aw but, the Airport.... it's so sad to see not much happening out there. What's wrong with the so-called airport commission? Can't they get something happening? In case no one remembers I was the Airport Manager from 1982 to 1988. Having been the Airport Manager it seems such a shame to see little activity going on at a small but beautiful airport!

Date: 7/14/2006
Name: Valerie (Hurlburt) Kinney
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: summerrain_ns@msn.com

Comments: Just having a look around -:)

Date: 7/14/2006
Name: Rick Strickland
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: rickmarg@rogers.com

Comments: I was born and brought up in Yarmouth and have many fond memories of the experiences and people I met there.
I am currently a widower and would like to correspond with a girl that remembers things like the Snackerie,Wagners,YMCA dances, and other things that belong to the fifties and sixties.

Date: 7/15/2006
Name: Forchu Alphonse
Location: Concord NH,USA
E-Mail: alphonsejong@yahoo.com

Comments: Just curious to discover that there is a place in the world bearing my family name.I talked to my father the other day.I'm from Cameroon in Africa.My village is Bechati in the South West Province.Forchu is the name of the royal family.I'm sure your Forchu got its named from my family.
I will visit the place one day.

Date: 7/16/2006
Name: Karen
Location: Ontario
E-Mail: karmat111@yahoo.com

Comments: I'm looking for information on my grandparents... George A. MacInnis and Margaret (or Marguerite) S. Morton. They were both born in Yarmouth and are now deceased. Replies from any aunts, uncles, cousins or friends from that marriage would be welcome. 

Date: 7/17/2006
Name: phentermine
Location: Chicago
E-Mail: david.miller@aol.com

Comments: You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.

Date: 7/17/2006
Name: Jean
Location: Diemond
E-Mail: jdiemond@verizon.net

Comments: I was surprised to find the name of the mayor is "Charles Crosby".  I stumbled on to your site while doing some research on my family tree.  My g-grandfather, Fred W Crosby was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in the 1850's and married a Helel or Jane Blauvelt in late 1870's and had a child "Ethel Crosby" while living in Nova Scotia. We may be related!!

Date: 7/17/2006
Name: Jim Zeender
Location: Silver Spring, MD
E-Mail: jzeender@verizon.net

Comments: Dear Sir,

I am planning a trip to Yarmouth/Pt. Maitland area for this September 16-23 with my 84-year old mother, Ruth Smith Zeender.  Mom's mother, Alice Jeffery Smith (daughter of Augustus and Sarah Jeffery, was born in Pt. Maitland in 1891. My mother spent summers there in the 1930s and has many fond memories of visiting her cousins Myrtis Smith Gavel, Lorna Smith Hersey, and Robert Smith (children of Loran and Ruth Jeffery Smith, Alice's sister).  Her brothers Tom, Dick (deceased), and Harry Smith visited too.  Mom's last visit to Port Maitland was in 1981 with my late father, John Zeender. 

To my knowledge, all the Nova Scotia cousins of my mother's generation have passed, so I am hoping to make contact with Myrtis's children or other next generation cousins.  According to a 2003 obituary, Myrtis's children are as follows:

Daughter, Carolyn, Port Maitland; sons, Kenneth (Darlene), Port Maitland, Yarmouth Co.; Clyde (Rita), Picton, Ont.; twin sons, Loran and Leigh (Barb). 

If you could share this message with one or more, I and my mother would greatly appreciate it. 


Jim Zeender
2252 Washington Ave. #102
Silver Spring, MD  20910
(301) 565-0623 (home)
(301) 837-3159 (work)

Date: 7/18/2006
Name: Gregory
Location: NYC
E-Mail: gregory@yahoo.com

Comments: Excellent, love it!

Date: 7/18/2006
Name: Donna Dawes
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
E-Mail: donnadawes@yahoo.com

Comments: My family is from Carleton Village they lived there many,many years ago.  Thank you.

Date: 7/19/2006
Name: career
Location: USA
E-Mail: career@gmail.com

Comments: good day!

Date: 7/19/2006
Name: triphasil
Location: Miami
E-Mail: ron.weinstein@fromru.com

Comments: Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.

Date: 7/20/2006
E-Mail: DIANA.CAPDEVILA@telefonica.net


Date: 7/20/2006
Name: Bill Clarke
Location: Portsmouth, NH
E-Mail: bilclarke@mac.com

Comments: I love the Rudder and would like to move to town.

Date: 7/21/2006
Name: slow-active
Location: Burlington Ont
E-Mail: dcash2@hotmail.com

Comments: love the site, best I've seen for travellers. hope to come out toyou you all in sept-oct/06

Date: 7/21/2006
Name: slow-active
Location: Burlington Ont
E-Mail: dcash2@hotmail.com

Comments: pictures say a thousand word, these pictures tell me that this is were I'd like to visit. the site is amazing. I was in NFLD in june-july (the west coast). loved it for the small towns and villages. Were not big or new town people.
love to see the past. thanks again for your wonderful site.

Date: 7/21/2006
Name: Debby McGregor
Location: Charleston, SC
E-Mail: hotflashweave@knology.net

Comments: i am a weaver located in Charleston, SC--One group of designs that I make I call the "Pembroke Shore" Collection, named after the Nova Scotia village where my boys and I spent so many happy summers digging clams, walking the beach, making bonfires--I still own the little place on the bridge across from the old co-op--If you would like a link to my web-site, it is www.handwovenincharleston.com--if you would like a link from my web-site just let me know the proper URL to take visitor to Pembroke pages--thanks, Debby

Date: 7/23/2006
Name: Chelsea
Location: YArmouth

Comments: great site, hopefully you remmeber me brian:P its chelsea sandras daughter.... its a great site, we keep looking.. at it , and checking the updates :) 

bye chelsea

Date: 7/23/2006
Name: Clayton Roberts
Location: Duxbury Mass USA
E-Mail: clayton@robertsandassocins.com

Comments: Shouldn't it be spelled Roberts Island not Robert's Island.
My grandfather was born there and immigrated to the US in about 1885.

Date: 7/24/2006
Name: mg
Location: england
E-Mail: mgplumbin@aol.com

Comments: my familey & i are visting yarmouth during our vist to nova scotia from the 13th august with a view to moving into the area .

Date: 7/25/2006
Name: Paula Trueman nee Hendsbee
Location: Ottawa 
E-Mail: ptrueman@hotmail.com

Comments: Hey great site, I was raised in Yarouth left when I was 16, I haven't been home in 16 years, married 10 year 2 great kids....
Hope to hear from some old friends Selina, Shelly, Kelly, Linda, Barbara, Lisa, Ronda,  man the list could go on 


Date: 7/25/2006
Name: Gerrie Rousseau
Location: Beaufort, SC
E-Mail: flourishings@hotmail.com

Comments: We're seeking waterfront land on Sureete or Morris Islands. Could you make any suggestions? Thanks

Date: 7/25/2006
Name: paula surette
Location: wedgeport


Date: 7/26/2006
Name: Arthur Berry
Location: Halifax NS
E-Mail: easygoing44@hotmail.com

Comments:  Was nice to be home for a family BBQ also for Parade and  fireworks.  The 11 am church service at the Yarmouth Angican church, was great,Like the new Hyme Book, And Father Ellis still can give a good sermon. As FatherEllis has taking over while the Rector is away on holidays.. 

Date: 7/27/2006
Name: Lola Koppe
Location: 2336 Sierra Drive  Elko, NV. 
E-Mail: mama_koppe7@hotmail.com

Comments: We just returned from Lower Wedgeport after closing a family home.  Plus a bit of vacation also.  Are stay was outstanding and the people were delightful,friendly,and well they just couldn't seem to do enough for us.  The countryside is beautiful, even the fog was nice.  We hope to return in the fall of 2007.  Still have family there. I just can not say enough about the hospitalty and the friendship we shared. It was a wonderful experience.  I highly recommond it to anyone. 

Date: 7/27/2006
Name: Bruce Adams
Location: North Vancouver BC
E-Mail: adams9757@shaw.ca

Comments: Hello to all my friends

Date: 7/28/2006
Name: M.C. Huston, Jr. / Tim
Location: Haverford, PA USA
E-Mail: morrisonhuston@verizon.net

Comments: Michael-
I am a member of the Ardnamurchan Club in Central Argyle.  Many years ago we employed a man named John De Viller when we operated an active farm.  Are you a relation?  He had a daughter named Lilly Marlene who was about my age (now 60). I remember his kindness to me when I was a small boy.
I am looking forward to our visit in August.
Tim Huston

Date: 7/29/2006
Name: James Boudrau
Location: Louisdale/formerly Barrachois
E-Mail: arichat45@hotmail.com

Comments: Thanks for the wonderfull pictures and info. Great job. I may have moved off the island but you can be sure I'll NEVER be too far away!

Date: 7/29/2006
Name: RoseyRedCheeks(Darlene)
Location: LundriganLanePetitDeGrat
E-Mail: d.redroses42000@gmail.com

Comments: wow what beautiful pictures, i am sure if you could get them printed you would sell a lot , for placemats or postcards or framed prints.
Nice souvenirs for people far and near...

Great job...Darlene ...island gal - Lundrigan Lane PDG

Date: 7/31/2006
Name: lorrie 
Location: lunenburg 
E-Mail: wheeler04@eastlink.ca 

Comments: I can not believe the size of this thing I dont care what anyone says but i would not want to be swimming in the ocean around here with one of those swimming next to me i would die from fright 



Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth 
E-Mail: lhemeon@gmail.com 

Comments: I took these pictures of Yarmouth so others can see the character, beauty and charm that we have to offer. There are many former Yarmouthians who miss home so I hope these bring back memories. 

Webmaster Comment:  Thanks again for the pictures Lynn.   This sites contains lots of interesting and beautiful pictures of the Yarmouth area.  Well worth your viewing time. 
Lynn Hemeon Comments: If there is anyone who wishes a picture of your street or old residence , please email me. I may have it or will get it for you. Only pictures of Yarmouth as I have very few outside of town, but you never know.
This is only for those who have moved away and miss good old Yarmouth and it's FREE.
E-Mail: imissyarmouth@gmail.com
Obscure Places By Tim Gregory:   "Checkout our Navigation Maps for beaches, golf courses, lighthouses, museums, and unique places, to see places  you can travel to in Southwestern Nova Scotia."

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