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Hello:  Their are hundreds more people reading this guest book then signing it.  Please don't be shy, sign in and write us as often as you like.  Our viewers enjoy reading these messages even if they do not directly know you.  Share a bit of you with us. Thank You.

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Date: 8/13/2007
Name: Gil Dares
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: harboursedge@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Good Day - I am putting together a book of all the former Yarmouth County residents who have left to join the RCMP. So far I have a list of 93 names, but I think there are prabably some of the earlier ones that have not been identified as yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Gil

Date: 7/6/2007
Name: peter kenney
Location: new minas n.s.
E-Mail: peterkenney@eastlink.ca

Comments: what can I say - very nice site - keeping people up to date on each - I like it very much

Date: 7/6/2007
Name: Lily
Location: Tokyo
E-Mail: Lily1978@gmail.com

Comments: Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!

Date: 7/7/2007


Date: 7/11/2007
Name: Robert Pinkney
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: robert@pgconstruction.com

Comments: Planning a family holiday next year.  Thought about checking out the family name.  Also heard of a Pinkney Cove in Newfoundland.  Definately have to work this around lobster season

Date: 7/12/2007
Name: Antique
Location: Latvia
E-Mail: antiqriga23@mail.ru

Comments: Hi. Me very much to like here. I shall advise this site to the friends. 
I am sorry for my English. I only learn this language. 

Date: 7/14/2007
Name: Arthur Berry
Location: Yarouth ns
E-Mail: arthurberry@hotmail.com

Comments: looking for any  info of Bertha Muise, Yarmouth Co She die  at the age of 19 in Halifax on March 29 1928, She is buried at mout Oliver Cemetery, Halifax, I am the youngest grandson, My dad was Raymond Berry. before she die she asked a family to look after her son which they did. just this past week I just found outwhere my grand mother was  buried.

Date: 7/14/2007
Name: Arthur
Location: Berry
E-Mail: arthurberry2hotmail.com

Comments: it has been said my grandmother was from Ouinan  her name was Bertha Muise she die in Halifax March 28 1928 and was buried in Halifax, I just found out where at. before my grandmother die she ask a family to take care of her son which they did, his bring up name was Raymond Berry. he paed away  Dec 6 1986, he was about 2 years old when his mom die.
 anyone has any info Bertha Muise please email it to me, I like to know if she had brothers or sisters, what was her mom and dad name. I am the youngers grandson,

Date: 7/14/2007
Name: Art  Berry
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: arthurberry@hotmail.com

Comments: I am moving back to yarmouth soon,I moved away for 10 years after I get some business done here  it's back to good old Yarmoth

Date: 7/18/2007
Name: Carl Zwerling
Location: Irmo, SC, USA
E-Mail: czwerling@hotmail.com

Comments: I would love to relocate to Nova Scotia, but because I am over 65, I cannot become a permanent resident unless I have a permanent job.  Anyone have any good ideas.  I presently am employed by the State of South Carolina in drinking water enforcement.

Date: 7/19/2007
Name: Holly Pinkney [ Dugas]
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: hollyholly@eastlink.ca

Comments: Just dropped in to say hi everyone.

        Date: 7/20/2007
Name: Dave Pictou
Location: 48 prince st yarmouth
E-Mail: d.p.g.c@hotmail.com

Comments: yarmouth needs a new mayor..period!
yarmouth is not all older generation..they are young people around here an we do want to see yarmouth grow into a more modern city like town..theres nothing for the youth to keep them out of trouble and off the streets.
theres nothing for the younger generation to keep them motiveated to stay in school,to keep there mind on the right track because the lack off athority around to teach them not tell them .in that sit back a think about what i said! $DP$

Name: Evelyn (Nickerson) Doucette
Location: Port Maitland(Richmond Rd.)
E-Mail: ev@eastlink.ca


Date: 7/22/2007
Name: Gerald A Rogers
Location: Lethbridge, AB
E-Mail: garogers@telusplanet.net

Comments: Born in Yarouth July 19, 1932.
Hope to visit tomorrow (July 23, 2007)

Date: 7/22/2007
Name: Gerald A Rogers
Location: Lethbridge, AB
E-Mail: garogers@telusplanet.net

Comments: Born in Yarouth July 19, 1932.
Hope to visit tomorrow (July 23, 2007)
My father was U.C. minister.

Date: 7/24/2007
Name: Ricky
Location: Marion North Carolina USA
E-Mail: crazyrick1964@yahoo.com

Comments: Hi, as you can see my name is Ricky my wife is Susan, have three children Jacob Kendra Alysson son &law Justin two grand children. Ihave been looking at the websites of Nova Scotia for 2 days trying to find out as much information as possible. the more I find the more i am determined to move there and after finding the Yarmouth sites I can see that either Yarmouth or the surounding areas is where i want to be. so please be in touch

Date: 7/24/2007
Name: Glenn
Location: Finland
E-Mail: midgeatluv@gmail.com

Comments: I will always miss Yarmouth, you helped bring some of it back to me though!

Date: 7/25/2007
Name: Tibby
Location: Pubnico n.s.
E-Mail: mjm@klis.com

Comments: I like to know if someone in Yarmouth co. have ever won a big price with the lotto. I have check 49 pages of the big money winners not one was ever won in Yamouth co. I 'm just wondering if we are conected to the main terminal .. lol

Date: 7/26/2007
Name: Nolon a Midget
Location: Lower Sackville
E-Mail: nlandry@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: What a lovely website. I'm currently sailing off of Bahamas and showing some of my shipmates where I'm from. They love the similarities to Newfoundland, and the scenery is beautiful.


Nolon Landry

Date: 7/27/2007
Name: Surette Jonkers
Location: Paarl, South Africa
E-Mail: jonkerss@kwv.co.za

Comments: I never new my name's so popular. Until last year I thought my name was unique until now. Wow an island with my name. Great stuff. I'm amazed. 

Date: 7/27/2007
E-Mail: murdochhenderson@rogers.com

Comments: Wonderful site, so informative. My Great Grandfather( Daniel J Murphy) lived on Brunswick ? from the mid 1880's with his family until his death in 1931. He was the Roadmaster with the DAR.His son Daniel J jr was the Assist. Traffic Mgr. for the DAR in Kentville. A daughter,Catherine Emily Murphy( spinster) I believe lived in the family home until her death in 1962/63. Another son Edwin J Murphy ( my Grandfather)was an engineer and moved to Ontario with the CPR. My Grandmother was Elizabeth Catherine Nickerson, born 1874 in Charlesville.Any replies?

Date: 7/28/2007
Name: Earl Samson
Location: Lower sackville ns.
E-Mail: earl.cheryl@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Hi:
My name is Earl Samson. I live on Lower Sackville just outside of Halifax. My parents moved to Halifax in 1960. My Father ( Peter) ran a store in Little Anse. Would like to hear from some of my classmates who attended school in Little Anse ( teachers Carl and Violet Boudreau). I also attended school in a house next to Junior Samson in Little Anse. Remember some of the ballgames on the hill next to the school? Isle Madame. Interested in anyone who lived Little Anse or Samson Cove.

Date: 8/2/2007
Name: thomas surette
Location: Rumford ,Maine
E-Mail: tumamuin52@yahoo.com

Comments:   hi yall. well i have never been to surette island.some day i,ll make it up there to see. love you all ..thom surette.

Date: 8/2/2007
Name: Theodore Surette
Location: Dunn, NC.
E-Mail: surette32@yahoo.com

Comments: Just looking around it is a very nice site.

Date: 8/3/2007
Name: Viktor
Location: Czech Republic
E-Mail: v.pondelik@seznam.cz

Comments: Before You Apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa

I applied for a Canadian visa on April 22, 2002, via a travel agency GTS in České Budejovice, the Czech Republic. 

My passport was sent back on May 10th with some refusal stamp. Nobody was able to tell me what it means. There was also a telephone number where I should arrange a meeting with an immigration clerk. When I phoned there, there was a reception of the Canadian Embassy and they told me they do not arrange anything via a telephone call and I was switched to an answering machine. There some information was given which do not relate to the arranging of the meeting.

On May 13, 2002, I sent a fax to the Embassy. It was an application to announce possible term of the interview. On May 14th I sent the same application by e-mail.

On May 15th I was sent an e-mail announcing that the Embassy did not give dates of interview and that I should visit the Embassy from Mondays to Thursdays from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm and that I can choose the time in this range of time.

On May 16th I cleared a non-paid time-off at work for a date which was the best for my employer and for my colleagues sto that they would have to work in my place as little as possible. On May 16th they send me a fax with the date of the interview on May 22nd at 3:30 /comparing with an e-mail mentioned above, this is after the working hours in the Embassy /.
I had to change the date of my time-off at work which caused me trouble and what is not fair to my colleagues and to my school head.

On May 22th I had an interview at the Embassy. With consideration of an e-mail cited above, I came to the Embassy already before the working hours to be sure I will be interviewed. 
However I was told I could be interviewed only during the term settled. If I had followed an e-mail form the Embassy, I would go to the capital in vain and I would lost one day by senseless travelling. So they let me waiting for more than two hours in front of the gate. 
Then, in spite of the fact that I was invited for the reason that I “have not satisfied the visa officer that I have sufficient ties to my country of residence or that my level of establishment here is such that this would ensure my return and that I would be willing or able to return to my country of residence after I visit to Canada”, I was asked mostly about my coffers which were, in opinion of the Embassy, unsufficient, althouth, according to an enclosed letter when I had been given my passport back, they were seemed as no problem. 

I was prepared for all the contingencies, and so I could prove my ownership of about 5,000 Canadian dollars. I guess that this sum is a sufficient financial guarantee for a 14-day stay 
in Canada. I had paid for 50% of the price for an accommodation in advance and the Embassy had been informed about this already when I had applied for avisa.

After this interview they kept my passport at the Embassy and in spite of the fact that they promised me its return by two working days, I got it after a week with a refusal of my application. 

When I asked a hotel Victorias Mansion Guest House, 68 Cloucester St., Toronto, ON M4Y 1L5, e-mail: victorias.mansion@sympatico.ca for returning my advance payment paid for accommodation, which is one of conditions for getting a visa, and I sustained this by non granting a visa, I was told, that the hotel was not a savings bank and they were not interested in my problems and that they wouldn‘t give my advance payment back to me.

The Embassy has not even formally answered my e-mail with my request for help, through this day.

Some facts about me: 
I am a graduate from university, I have been a teacher working at the same school for fourteen years, and my employment is valid also for at least next school year, because it is not limited in time. I have never been unemployed even a day in my life. I have been living on my own since age of 19 and I have neve had a need or interest to beg for anything from anybody.
I come from a well ordered doctor and teacher family. I have travelled through substantial parts of  Europe as well as the USA and South Africa without any, even the smallest, problems. I was given a valid, already my second, a 10-year visa into the USA eight months ago without any problems. And in case that they could not argue that there many Czech Gypsies asking for an asylum into Canada in last years, I can add, that my rasa is white.

I can make good every fact mentioned above.

Canada is the only state where I am evidently regarded as a subhuman being and a dairycow.
If I am not good enough for this country, I will manage with it. But I do not know why I should resign to the fact, that I became a non-voluntary sponsor and that they deprived me of my salary for more than one month of work.

I have been fed up with Canada for ever and I don‘t want to have anything common with it even in future.

Viktor Pondelik,
J. Bendy 9
CZ-370 05 České Budejovice.
Czech Republic
European Union

PS: So I have already been to the South Africa in July, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, and in July and August, 2002 in the USA, for the second time. I haven‘t had any, even the smallest, problems there with anybody and we regard each another as civilized people. Of course, I returned home from the staying there and I keep my memories. 

Date: 8/4/2007
Name: Warren Surette
Location: Annapolis, MD
E-Mail: warren.surette@comcast.net

Comments: My dad, P. Ernest (Amos) Surette was born on Surette's Island in 1899 and married Susan Meuse.  The settled in Reading, MA and had 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys.  I was born in 1938

Date: 8/5/2007
Name: Maureen Graves
Location: Rockville, Maryland
E-Mail: mograves@comcast.net

Comments: Hi,
I am the daughter of Gertrude L Muise. Her parents were Eloi Muise and Natalie Surette. I am looking for information on family history

Date: 8/9/2007
Name: Patty Graham
Location: Peterborough, Ontario
E-Mail: pattygraham2003@yahoo.com

Comments: Hello everyone,
I was fortunate to be in Yarmouth August 2 and 3, 2007 and had the great opportunity to stay in the hotel - Lakelawn -my parents honeymooned in over 50 years ago. I did not get her name, but the owner was very gracious with her time and allowed me to explore the original lodge/house rooms which were vacant and take some photos. They will now be a part of my family history records. I greatly appreciate her kindness.
Upon leaving the Lakelawn we drove over to South Ohio in search of the Baptist Church where my grandfather, Rev. Clarence L. Chute, was the Pastor until his retirement in 1964. My grandmother was Jean Chute (nee Richardson) and both grandparents are buried at Hillside Cemetery. We arrived at the Church just as a contractor was leaving and locking up and he informed us the Church was scheduled to be torn down within the next month. I told him the story of my grandparents and he recognized their names and offered to take us into the Church to have a last look around. This was an incredible opportunity and meant so much to me, as was the Hymn book he allowed me to have to take back to my mother (who was unaware the Church was destined to be torn down). Remarkably, that first Hymn book he picked up from one of several boxes was dedicated in memory of my grandfather. The whole experience was very meaniful to me but I don't believe I was able to express how much at that time. I cannot thank him enough. If anyone should know who this kind man is, please contact me at pattygraham2003@yahoo.com or kindly pass this message on to him. 

Patty Graham
Peterborough, ON

Date: 8/9/2007
Name: Alma 
Location: North Bay
E-Mail: bamuise@sympatico.ca

Comments: Beautiful place where I was born--Wedgeport actually.We visit once a year.Might retire there.

Date: 8/10/2007
Name: sharron fielding(smith)
Location: Ontario
E-Mail: serenitywoods2@gmail.com

Comments:    Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to step back into my past. I was born in Yarmouth and grew up in Sanford.                               oh how miss the sea!!! 
   Yours sincerely Sharon M Fielding (Smith)

Date: 8/10/2007
Name: Mrs. Jean Lundrigan
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: j_a_lundrigan@hotmail.com

Comments: Hello Mayor Crosby,

   I don't know if you remember me or not.  I am Evelyn Lewis' sister in law from Halifax.  Evelyn is up here for a visit, so I decided to go on line and show her all the beautiful pictures of your town.  My husband Pat and I were down to Yarmouth for the Sea Fest just a couple of weeks ago and had a fantastic time.  I always love going down, and seeing the family and the beautiful town you have.   My daughter Lisa is well and living on her own in Truro Heights and is working fulltime with Aliant, but she still plans to become a police officer some day.  It's hard to believe that little girl is now 22, how time passes.  We've been coming to Yarmouth now for over 30 years.  Many years we had of the old Sailorette Banquets.  Anyway I've rambled on enough but just wanted to say hello and I love Yarmouth just the way it is.

         Yours truly 

         Jean Lundrigan 

Date: 8/11/2007
Name: Marc Stewart
Location: Moncton, NB
E-Mail: 60watts@rogers.com

Comments: Just happened upon your site while researching Yarmouth.  Interesting.  Mr. Best was my grade 10 english teacher - and my Pastor for a while.  great to see a picture of him.  I really respected that man.  My father pastored Sharon Assembly after him - Bob Stewart.  I remember Ada Fells, lovely lady. 

Date: 8/13/2007
Name: Gil Dares
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: harboursedge@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Good Day - I am putting together a book of all the former Yarmouth County residents who have left to join the RCMP. So far I have a list of 93 names, but I think there are prabably some of the earlier ones that have not been identified as yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Gil

Date: 8/14/2007
Name: Jane
Location: Tokyo
E-Mail: jane1982@gmail.com

Comments: Looking for information and found it at this great site.

Date: 8/15/2007
Name: Richard C. Frauton/Rick
Location: Malden, Massachusetts, USA
E-Mail: rcfrauton@comcast.net

Comments: My grandmother, Frances (Frauton) Vacon was born in Quinan, NS in 1911.  She left there with her twin sister Helen at age 16 on a steamship to Boston. She settled in Malden, MA where she met my grandfather, Dennis (Dan) S. Frauton.  Dennis was was born on Surette's Island, NS.

Date: 8/22/2007
Name: jonathan cheatham
Location: duluth georgia
E-Mail: jonathancheatham@bellsouth.net

Comments: second son of elizabeth irene bower daughter of cedric bower of kemptville 1926. would be happy tohear from anyone who might recognize this

Date: 8/23/2007
Name: tom vickery
Location: victoria bc
E-Mail: tvlunch@hotmail.com

Comments: Just found the page. Nice to read about my Dad. Just played at the Yarmouth museum with a jazz band to raise money for the purchase of a grand piano.

Date: 8/25/2007
Name: Larry and Shirley Stephens
Location: Port Maitland
E-Mail: larry@avoiceinthedesert.com

Comments: Thank you for adding our site as a link from your guest book page.  The visits to our site have increased since you added the link.  I hope that the old postcards of Yarmouth (both town and county) and Port Maitland have been a blessing to all who look at them.  Thanks again and it was nice meeting you, as you said at the time, in the most unlikely of places.  May God bless!!

Date: 8/26/2007
Name: jackie 
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: twobubble42@hotmail.com

Comments: im writing because i think yarmouth could grow in a well lively town. We need things for are youth to do instead of getting in trouble! 
Yarmouth has a  beautyful waterfront, gardens , events (which should be more ) stores - wellwe need to attract more stores to this area -plus more jobs , we don't want the town to be a retirement home !. i have a 20 year old that is thinking of going outwest because of the job shortage! lets do a study and see what we can do to rectify the problem it would be worthwhile. 

Date: 8/28/2007
Name: Warren Surette
Location: Maryland
E-Mail: warren.surette@comcast.net

Comments: Looking for information about P. Ernest (Amos) Surette born on Surette's Island in 1899.  Married to Susan Meuse and they raised 8 children in Reading, MA

Date: 8/28/2007
Name: Jonn
Location: New York
E-Mail: jonn33@gmail.com

Comments: Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information.

Date: 8/29/2007
Name: Midge
Location: MA
E-Mail: mimimec@aol.com

Comments: My  great grandparents owned beach frontage, a home and sm farm near a dock and fishermans buildings in Port Maitland.  The Government took it under the public domain laws from my Aunt Alice Chute in I think the 50's. My great grandparents were the Perrys.  It seems all of the males were fishermen, farmers or carpenters.  Regards, Midge

Date: 8/30/2007
Name: Paul Banner
Location: United Kingdom
E-Mail: mail@davie77.fslife.co.uk

Comments: Hello, 
 Are any of the Tusket Islands inhabited?
 These islands are fascinating to me and are steeped in history.  I am thinking of purchasing Eagle Island as a retreat and any information about it or the Tusket Islands in general would be appreciated.

Paul Banner
It is for Sale http://www.privateislandsonline.com/eagle-island-ns.htm

Date: 9/1/2007
Location: YARMOUTH
E-Mail: MOONEYAUREL @eastlink.ca

Comments: we bought the sawer camp in 1963 & we were at the camp each summer for 8 years untill we bought a cottage at sebim beach in barrington co.  we used the camp every feb. to go skating untill my husband ( bill) died. two years after that vandals burned the log cabin. Then we went swimming in summer on ocassion & fishing in the spring.WE are now cleaning the alders so i can get my car down-- When John G-----  did his clear cutting he made the road almost impassable-Then i had to walk down -for the past three years I was not able to walk down.My daughter Karen & her husband have been driving down on ther "quad " keeping an eye on things !!! when the alders are cleared I intend to up grade the rignt of way to make it easier to access the property. I have pictures of us at the cabin-beach & us at play. Enjoyed the web site thanks Aurel

Date: 9/2/2007
Name: Neil
Location: Northern Ireland
E-Mail: neilmcdonald@irishnation.com

Comments: Hi just came accross the site there was looking up Yarmouth and Williams Lake(BC) as considering going on holidays here if anyone has any info at all on these places or recomend things to see or do here let me know.


Date: 9/6/2007
Location: oshawa  Ontario
E-Mail: clyde sollows@hotmail.com

Comments: looking for information about a  possible relative Walter Edward Sollows  and all the dirt inbetween

Date: 9/8/2007
Name: Malcolm Surette
Location: Gatineau, Quebec
E-Mail: malsur@videotron.ca

Comments: Born and raised on Surette's Island ... worked for Federal Government in Ottawa 38 yrs, now retired in Gatineau, Quebec ... hobby oil painting ... the Island and Yarmouth area is inspiration for my work ... see my site at:


Date: 9/10/2007
Name: Robyn
Location: WV
E-Mail: myst864@yahoo.com

Comments: Your page brings back many memories for me. I lived in NY at the time (1991) and took a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. I then took the Bluenose to Yarmouth and just fell in love with it. By spending the night there I was able to invesgate on my own, enjoying the quaint fishing town. My ancestors are also Arcadian which I found out a few years later. 

I look forward to returning with my daughter to see more. 

I have many pictures and some beautiful sunsets.

Thanks for sharing

Date: 9/11/2007
Name: Mack Surette
Location: Gatineau, Quebec
E-Mail: malsur@videotron.ca

Comments: Born and raised on Surette's Island, now retired in Gatineau, Quebec ... hobby oil painting, inspiration from the Island and Yarmouth County ... visit my site at:

Date: 9/11/2007
Name: Rosanne (Surette) Ogden
Location: Shelburne Nova Scotia
E-Mail: rosanneogden1@hotmail.com

Comments: My father was from Comeau's Hill. Looking for any information on the Surette's who lived in Comeaus' Hill. Grandmother was Annie Surette a half sister to Alfred Newell (Plymouth) deceased in 2002 I believe.

Date: 9/12/2007
Name: Eldon Melanson { BEAR }
Location: Truro ns
E-Mail: eldon.melanson@nscc.ca

Comments: Hi folks.
I enjoy your site very much i was born in yarmouth lived on bond st. most of my life before moving to Truro and went to St. Ambrose school my parents names are Frank and Jenny Melanson my mother was a le blanc from Abrams rivers there were 7 of us in our family keep up the good work.

Date: 9/15/2007
Name: William Charlwood
Location: Ramsbury UK
E-Mail: william@commercialreality.co.uk

Comments: I used to live in Tusket in 1966/67 and am currently looking forward to a visit by two Tusket residents who I've never met but whom I've been in touch with by email since around 2000.

I was last in Tusket in 1982 some 15 years after I lived there as a 6/7 year old boy. For some reason I can't explain my short time there, it was only about 9 months, has had a very big impact on my life. When I was last there I stayed in my old house where Dr and Mrs Fulde very kindly put me up in what turned out to be my old bed in my old bedroom.

Date: 9/20/2007
Name: Roberta Walker
Location: Toronto Ontario Canada
E-Mail: rwalker5019@rogers.com

Comments: I visited both the Lighthouse Route and the Evangeline Trail.  While staying in Yarmouth I was told not to miss a trip to Cape Forchu. My friend and I had already been to Peggy's Cove and I was anxious to see this Lighthouse at Cape Forchu.  I was not disappointed. I am an avid photographer (actually make my own greeting cards with photos from various trips).  I would like to know what the water is that the Lighthouse overlooks, but through research have not found out.  Is it Yarmouth Harbour,or the Bay of Fundy....I would appreciate a reply. Thank you. 
P.S.  I am a Maritimer from Moncton N.B. now living in Toronto.  While I had visited Halifax and Joggins, this was my first trip to this region of N.S.  I can't wait to return!!!!!
Answer... It is the Bay of Fundy

Date: 9/23/2007
Name: Karen Pothier
Location: Cleveland, GA  USA
E-Mail: ksmith@windstream.net

Comments: These pictures bring back many memories of my visits to Pubnico.  My husband is from West Pubnico and immigrated to the States to marry me.  We plan on moving home eventually, since for us, the Pubnicos are home.  It will be returning home for my husband, a new home and a new life for me.  Thank you for the pictures, the reminders, and the memories. 

Karen Pothier

Date: 9/25/2007
Name: e.nauss

Comments: I was looking to see if the community I grew up in was here and IT WAS, I was surprised.

Date: 9/26/2007
Name: Paulette Hicks
Location: Bear River
E-Mail: paulette.hicks@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Nice pictures and information, you've done a good job.


Date: 9/26/2007
Name: Linda D. Spinney
Location: Riverside, California
E-Mail: spinney7@earthlink.net

Comments: My cousin Marieva Smith and I recently visited the area.  We were interested in doing some geneology research on our Spinney, Nickerson family.  We were lucky enough to find the old home where our grandfather resided as a child and the cemetary where many of our relatives were buried.  All in all we had a wonderful time in the area and would love to come back again and hopefully meet some of our long lost relatives.

Date: 9/26/2007
Name: Robert D shediac
Location: Stoneham Ma 02180
E-Mail: k1pkx@yahoo.com

Comments: I  am teh Son of Theodore R Shediac, trying to do a family Tree. Any Info on Him or his family would be appreciated. He was from Yarmouth NS Thankyou

Date: 9/27/2007
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: billboudreau@flash.net

Comments: The Mi'kmags (Micmacs) called Wedgeport, Olsegon, a long time ago. The two-mystery novel, "Olsegon: Wolfwood Forest and Massacre Island," is on sale at the Wedgeport Tuna Museum. The novel's setting is Wedgeport in the early 1950s. Bill Boudreau, www.othershore.org 

Date: 9/28/2007
Name: Eldon Melanson
Location: truro ns.
E-Mail: eldon.melanson@nscc.ca

Comments: Keep up the good work i have many fond memories when i lived in yarmouth iwas born there and lived there a good part of my life thanks and have a great day.

Date: 9/29/2007
Name: Wayne Purdy
Location: Edmonton,AB
E-Mail: blunosr@hotmail.com

Comments: I was born and raised in Kellys Cove.I moved away in 1982.I just found your site and it brought tears to my eyes.I miss home every single day.Thanks for giving me the next best thing.



Link to:  Old postcards from Yarmouth Area  by Larry & Shirley Stephens 

Comments: I took these pictures of Yarmouth so others can see the character, beauty and charm that we have to offer. There are many former Yarmouthians who miss home so I hope these bring back memories.

Webmaster Comment:  Thanks again for the pictures Lynn.   This sites contains lots of interesting and beautiful pictures of the Yarmouth area.  Well worth your viewing time. 
Name: Lynn Hemeon
E-Mail: yarmouthbands@gmail.com
Comments: If you are interested in Yarmouth music check out my site for a musical journey. http://yarmouth-bands.blogspot.com/
Lynn Hemeon Comments: If there is anyone who wishes a picture of your street or old residence , please email me. I may have it or will get it for you. Only pictures of Yarmouth as I have very few outside of town, but you never know.
This is only for those who have moved away and miss good old Yarmouth and it's FREE.
E-Mail: imissyarmouth@gmail.com
Obscure Places By Tim Gregory:   "Checkout our Navigation Maps for beaches, golf courses, lighthouses, museums, and unique places, to see places  you can travel to in Southwestern Nova Scotia."


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