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Name: Judy Bell
Location: Winnipeg
E-Mail: eight@mb.sympatico.ca.

Comment: Alas, a displaced maritimer living in the praries...can't wait to see you all at Christmas!!

Name: John T. Rogers
Location: Spencerport, NY
E-Mail: JTRPenjual@AOL.com
Comment: Dear Linda: I need a favor. I went to school NSAC and NSTC (now TUNS) and roomed with a guy called Marcel Muise. We both graduated in 1975, Agricultural Engineering. I haven't seen him since my wedding (1978. I believe he lives in Lake George.He comes from a large family 7-8 children. One brother is a doctor, oldest brother has a PHd in engineering and was doing BIo-Medical research. I believe that anothet brother went to NSAC (Nova Scotia Agricultural College). There was an Anne Muise listed under the Tourist Association. Could you please pass this message on to her? She could be related. I would like to have Marcel's telephone number, mailing address and if he has one, an E- mail address. He did get married and his wife was named Cathy. She was a school teacher. My name is John Rogers. I live at 22 Valley Park Drive, Spencerport, NY, 14559-1500. My home Number is 716-352-3523. My office # is 716-594-0550. My E-Mail address is JTRPenjual@AOL.com. Thankyou very much for your help. Happy Holidays.

Name: Fred Hall
Location: Bedford - Nova Scotia
E-Mail: ai670@chebucto.ns.ca
Comment: Just a note to say Hello to my good friend Royce Nixon . Merry Christmas to all !!The first reunion of Yarmouth High School was an event to remember . Unfortunately I was unable to make the last reunion . For sure I will attend the next . If there is anyone out there that remembers me please don't hesitate to send me some E-Mail. I use to live on South Park Street and was on Yarmouth High School's Soccer Team . it is great that Yarmouth has this page - what a way to bring people closer together .Fred Hall

Name: Todd & Dick
Location: Portland, Maine
E-Mail: thump61 -- new one to follow
Comment: Just wanted to let you know that we visited and think it is great! Happy Holidays from Prince of Fundy Cruises. Todd Humphrey Dick Baird

Name: bill
Location: macwahoc maine
E-Mail: bmuise@agate.net
Comment: I have relatives living in yarmouth that I have never met do you have a person search?

Name: Ed Shaw, II (INSOMNIAC)
Location: Kentville,NS
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: I was born at the Yarmouth Hospital on March 9,1968. We lived there for many years before uprooting and moving on. My Dad was in the military but he was born in South Ohio and raised in Sandford. He went to school, as did my younger brother and myself, in Port Maitland. My Mom was from Yarmouth but spent a part of her childhood on Surette's Island. You can't imagine how nice it was to see pictures of home while surfing the web. I even sent my Dad an e-mail to tell him about your sight. He probably check it out tomorrow. There is something I am wondering...is there anyway to download the SANDFORD picture as a screen saver? My Dad would love it but probably won't think to ask about it. If it is possible, please e-mail the information to him edshaw@marina.com Keep up the good work and maybe get a few more pictures, like Lake George, where we lived after Dad got out of the service.

Name: Keith Lanthier
Location: No Location Specif
E-Mail: hlanthier@spanit.com
Comment: We are interested in renting a house in the Yarmouth area for a month this summer, preferably on the ocean or with an ocean view.

Name: nancy goudey
Location: fredericton nb
E-Mail: scotia@nbnet,ca
Comment: first time internet user thought i would visit my home town. nancy(jeffery)goudey

Name: Karen Nickerson Romans
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: kromans@sympatico.ca
Comment: Hi Linda...just wanted to wish you and Irving a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 1997. Was in Yarmouth for the holidays, it was great to see my family and enjoy the warm weather. I hope you are well and enjoying life. all the best...Karen and Rick...P.s. great web site have downloaded the picture for my screen saver.

Name: Jennifer Dawn Fraser
Location: NewGlasgow
E-Mail: rfraser@istar.ca

Name: Sharon Nickerson nee Deveau
Location: Carleton
E-Mail: snicker@atcon.com
Comment: just peeked in then got caught up looking for familiar names! Found a few and hope that somewhere out there someone will recognize mine! Would be great to hear from some of the many friends who have now left the area! Good job..and YES!! I think an email address book would be a great addition!

Name: Steven Nickerson
Location: Borden, Ontario
E-Mail: buseikan@netopia.net
Comment: Great work on the Yarmouth home page. It was fun to browse through the site. I was raised in Yarmouth where I graduated from Yarmouth High in 1983 and from the "old" Vocational School in 1985. I lived at 485 Main Street and worked at Sobeys until I joined the Canadian Forces in 1987. I am in the Administration Branch and presently reside in CFB Borden, Ontario where I teach Aikido at my own Martial Arts School. I was fortunate to make it to Yarmouth one day just before Christmas of this year. I am scheduled to move back to Nova Scotia (finally) this summer with a posting to CFB Halifax. I look forward to coming home to Nova Scotia and would love to hear from old friends and neighbors.

Name: Murray Cain
Location: Regina SK
E-Mail: mcain@unibase.unibase.com

Name: Ron Wallis
Location: Richmond, Ont. K0A 2Z0
E-Mail: walron.istar.ca

Name: Jack Boyde
Location: Windsor, Ontario
E-Mail: lboyde@wincom.net
Comment: Send brochure to 504-8955 Wyandotte Styreet East, Windsor, Ont N8S1V4

Name: hayward
Location: halifax
E-Mail: strickland@ns.sympatico.ca

Name: Bill Mahoney
Location: Dartmouth, N.S.
E-Mail: bmahoney@istar.ca
Comment: YCMHS Class of '73. Any classmates out there. Drop me a line.

Name: Karl Corning
Location: Cambridge, Ontario
E-Mail: kccorn@sentex.net

Name: Steve Goudey
Location: Fredericton NB
E-Mail: scotia@nbnet.nb.ca
Comment: Great job on this site folks. I graduated from Yarmouth High in 1972 and Saint Ambrose in 1968. I would love to correspond with any other graduates surfing the net that I may have graduated with. Drop me a line. Love to here from you. Best wishes Steve

Name: Amy Kudelka
Location: Lincroft, New Jersey
E-Mail: a.kudelka@att.com

Name: Ed Shaw
Location: Hill Grove Digby Co.N.S.
E-Mail: edshaw@marina.istar.ca
Comment: I have enjoyed looking at your site because I was born in The Yarmouth area. The only thing that I see that is missing from this site is a list of the churches in the Yarmouth area. Thank

Name: Sarah Hechavarria
Location: Halifax, NS
E-Mail: hechavas@pwgsc.gc.ca

Name: Bill Surette
Location: Kingston, Ont
E-Mail: surettbi@epo.gov.on.ca
Comment: Born and raised in Yarmouth. I left in the early 1960's, but it will always be HOME. I had a wonderful time at the high school reunion held in 1993......Looking forward to the shin-dig 1998. Great job on the website!

Name: Charlie Melanson
Location: London, ON
E-Mail: cmelanson@odyssey.on.ca
Comment: Had a nice visit (eNet). Doing genealogy research on Melanson - Church Point Mossman - Rose Bay (Lunenburg County) Regards, Chas

Name: Rob Garver
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
E-Mail: robgarver@sprintmail.com
Comment: I'd like to get general tourism info about Nova Scotia. Thanks

Name: beavis
Location: uranus
E-Mail: www. @you suck
Comment: you are so cool that writing to you i not even a chore.

Name: Krystal Sweeney
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
E-Mail: ksweeney@student.devry-phx.edu

Name: Tom Felkins
Location: Orting Washington USA
E-Mail: 73125.1314@compuserve.com
Comment: Very nice site. I visited Yarmouth doing Genealogy a couple of years ago. Was researching the Harding line over in Pubnico. Found a diary at the museum courtesy of mister Crowell. You are very friendly folks.

Name: Gary
Location: Muise
E-Mail: gary_muise@millipore.com

Name: Michael O'Hara
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
E-Mail: ck229@freenet.toronto.on.ca
Comment: I can't seem to find the Yarmouth freenet...does it exist, or is it merely a figment of my imagination?

Name: Pamela Hiscock
Location: Guelph, Ontario
E-Mail: phiscock@uoguelph.ca
Comment: I lived in Yarmouth for 2 and a half years when I was in Grade 7, 8, and 9. I went to the Yarmouth Junior High School. I just found this web site and I wanted to say hi. I am now in my frist year of university in Guelph doing Chemical Physics and so Far I am doing great. Bye

Name: Christine Sych
Location: Calgary
E-Mail: sychc@cadvision.com
Comment: I left my heart in Yarmouth. I miss you Yarmouth..:((((

Name: Kelly Kempton-Goudey
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: goudey@klis.com
Comment: Very nice page representing Yarmouth - good work!

Name: Jeannelle
Location: Lower Wedgeport
E-Mail: doule@atcon.com
Comment: It was really great because is somebody from away finds this then it might make up the mind to where they would like to spend their holidays. I really enjoyed the 101 things to do in Yarmouth because i find Yarmouth boring myself.

Name: Barry boyd
Location: Oakville ON/
E-Mail: bboyd@tor.hookup.net
Comment: Graduated '72 (many thanks to P. DeMille). Would like to try to find some old class mates and friends that I have lost touch with. Would really like to find Carol LeBlanc, Karen Muise, Heather Allen, Jackie Goodwin (Sweeney) Alan Roberts, Kaethe Batdorf, Kent Smith to mention a few. If anyone is owed money by Stephen Goudey, I have found him and he says we will all get our money,,Soon!

Name: henry mitchell
Location: springdale
E-Mail: hmitch@fox.nstn.ca
Comment: just lookin around

Name: Lynn LeBlanc
Location: Calgary,Alberta
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Name: Rob & Lynn LeBlanc
Location: Calgary AB.
E-Mail: rleblanc@direct.ca
Comment: We graduated from Yarmouth High Class of 81. Would like to hear from our classmates.

Name: Sherry Goodwin
Location: Fraser Lake B.C
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: Just like to say Hi to all my friends and relatives. My family and I left in 1993 and if anyone would like to get in touch please contact my cousin Jennifer R in grade 10 at Y.C.M.H.S

Location: ST. JOHN'S NFLD
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Name: Joey d'Entremont
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: dap06@sph.ednet.ns.ca
Comment: Hello every in Pubnico. My grandparent's (Minnie&Adolph) lived in the area most of their lives. When ever I can I love to visit the area and my dad has so many memories of his childhood as he spent his summes there.

Location: YARMOUTH, N. S.

Name: Tawnya MacKenzie
Location: Yarmouth Regional Library
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: Hi Linda! Just found your page while cruising the net! Looks great.

Name: "Love Boat"
Location: Portland, ME
E-Mail: hump77@msn.com
Comment: Hello from Dick and gang from Prince of Fundy. Just catching a small wave here in Portland. See you soon.

Name: earl grant
Location: coldbrook,ns
E-Mail: earl-bev.grant@ns.sympatico.ca
Comment: great home page really enjoyed browsing it.

Name: Fireman Joe Beresford
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio USA
E-Mail: Fireman_Joe@Compuserve.com
Comment: was there last summmer just a note to say hi thinkin of ya'll cant wait for motorcycle weather. HSTA july 96

Name: michael melanson
Location: calgary,alberta
E-Mail: melanson@telusplanet.net
Comment: looking to make a family tree of the name melanson,perhaps you could direct me in the right direction,I am from Digby my father Louie from Yarmouth.This is the right end of town. hope to here from you soon? thanx michael

Name: Intoxicating
Location: Fraser Lake B.C
E-Mail: -
Comment: This is a good website but I think that who ever is in charge of it, should update the "Guest Book" more often.

(note: we update it at the end of each month, sorry we can't do it more often)

Name: lillian de wolfe ingraham
Location: No Location Specif
E-Mail: lingraha@biddeford.com
Comment: looking for historical information on the de wolfe family

Name: Mike Jones
Location: Fanshawe College, London, Ont.
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: Interesting

Name: Mike Jones
Location: London Ontario
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified
Comment: That's right I'm back and only because I like this site so much. I'm originally from the Yarmouth area myself. So it is nice to come home for a while even through the net. HI SAR GRADS of 86!!

Name: Peter Kastoft
Location: Frederiksberg Danmark
E-Mail: bbo1166@vip.cybercity.dk
Comment: I hope the weather is nice we have +4 degreas C here in Frederiksberg right now. January 24 1997

Name: Jørgen Kastoft
Location: Fredeiksberg, Denmark, Europe.
E-Mail: none yet
Comment: Visited you March 1996, looking very very much forward to come back, and experieence more of the area.

Name: Leontine v. Leeuwen/Reg Atkins
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
E-Mail: atkinsra@euronet.nl
Comment: Pleasantly surprised to see the Yarmouth Home Page. Yarmouth seems much closer now. Looking forward to hearing from some Yarmouth high graduates (1982: Leontine; late 1970's: Reg).

Name: Jonathan Cunningham
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: at004@chebucto.ns.ca
Comment: I am originally from Yarmouth and am very pleased to see that, using the Internet, someone has finally seen a way to show the rest of the world what we have to offer in our small, quiet, peaceful town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Name: Dave&Cathy Fowler
Location: Yar. co.
E-Mail: davef@klis.com

Name: pat
Location: st john's
E-Mail: patricia.clarke@nf.sympatico.ca
Comment: our family has visted yarmouth,we had a fine time,

Name: Jacque Coulaque
Location: High-Rubber-Boot, New Brunswic
E-Mail: Top Secret
Comment: Hey Donny, this is pretty good eh! You know if I gets me chain-saw I bet I could hack this up real good, eh Donnie!! All Yarmouthians call Randy Carston(Tri Star), Rick Doucette(Credit Union, Yarmouth) , and Warren Gibbons(Terry's Rentals?) and tell them Jacque Coulaque says Hi!! Thanks everyone. I's be back next month.

Name: Dave Atwood
Location: Cambridge, On
E-Mail: dave.atwood@sympatico.ca
Comment: Great page!! All my family is from the Pembroke/Hebron area. I used to go down home every year but have now been absent for about 15 years. Your web page sure makes me homesick. I'll be back soon.

Name: surette
Location: new minas, n.s.
E-Mail: surette.rogers@ns.sympatico.ca
Comment: I am from Yarmouth and would appreciate any communication from anyone from my home town. Thank You, Cherie Surette

Name: Nikki Lovesey
Location: Baturst, NB
E-Mail: lovesey@nbnet.nb.ca

Name: Ed(EDDY) Calvert
Location: Brandon,Florida,USA
E-Mail: lordCalvert@postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Comment: Would like to see [small] clippings on historical events,modes of travel to/from yarmouth to south of border,ie. when Air Nova flying again, what's happened(ing) to Bluenose ferry.

Name: Joan Bain
Location: Prince George B.C.
E-Mail: joan_bain@b.c.sympatico.ca
Comment: Formally a resident of Yarmouth and still have family located there. In March of '96 we bought a house there. Would like to see on your home page news and weather reports. Also more aero photos of Yarmouth and the surrounding areas. We often like to show people where we are from and find the home page very helpful and the stories from the past are great. It helps us to remember who we are and what we stand for.. Keep up the good work..... Thank you Joan Bain/Eric Bullerwell

Name: Linda Howard
Location: Mount Uniacke
E-Mail: ranger@istar.ca
Comment: I frequent the Tri-County area and enjoy firstly, the people in the area, the scenery in spring, summer and fall is incredible and there is lots of beautiful scenery in winter also, with the snow on the trees and ice in many rivers which flow out to the ocean. The territory I cover in my day job is the south shore/valley area of the province and I wouldn't trade it for any other area in the province. It is beautiful..................Linda

Name: Bob Angus
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: everest@ns.sympatico.ca
Comment: A well developed site.

Name: Corey "Donair" Clamp
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: cclap@is2.da.ca
Comment: Born and raised in Yarmouth, nice place to live but I wouldn't want to visit.

Name: Yvette Nickerson
Location: Saint Mary's Univ., Halifax
E-Mail: y_nicker@squid.stmarys.ca
Comment: I'd like to be able to read the Vanguard from Halifax. I am originally from East Pubnico and would llike to be able to read newspaper articles from home. Thanks!! P.S. It's great to see a page from home!
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