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Be sure to be here in 2011 for  Yarmouth250

Hello:  There are hundreds more people reading this guest book than signing it.  Please don't be shy, sign in and write us as often as you like.  Our viewers enjoy reading these messages even if they do not directly know you.  Share a bit of you with us. Thank You..

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Yarmouth Guest Book  Volume #123  - Jan1 to Dec 31    2011

Date: 1/1/2011
Name: Loretta Francis-Hurlburt
Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: autumnnites@hotmail.com

Comments: I would like to thank the creator of this site. Over the years I have found it very helpful in being reunited with former friends & even family members I had lost contact with.

I would also like to take this oppurnity to wish everone a blessed, healthy & prosperous 2011........ Hello Paul Francis formerly of Yarmouth & now residing in Winnipeg. We attended Center School together [same classes] and we lived on Prince Street. It's been a lot of years ago. I hope you & your family have kept well over the years. Have you ever been back to Yarmouth? I remember you, your brother, Albert & Nina. It later years my family lived in the same house as you. The old house is long gone. Are you on facebook? There is a site on there you might be interested in, it's for people who grew up in the south-end. There is a lot of old pictures, one of your father when he played with the Gateways & also with the Missionaires. The old church on East Street, the playground, Prince Street, etc. I enjoy looking at all the old pictures on that site & I'm sure you will too........... Looking forward to 2011 and renewing relationships with lost family & friends on this wonderful site.... 
Happy New Year and God bless.

Date: 1/2/2011
Name: Raymond  Bégin
Location: Lac Montjoie, Qc
E-Mail: raymond.bozena@videotron.ca

Comments: my first hearing today about the islands on Radio-Canada on a sheep farm


Date: 1/4/2011
Name: Jane MacIsaac
Location: Alberta
E-Mail: chummys2@hotmail.com

Comments: Most informative and beautiful pictures.  Reminds me of home (formerly from Hazel Hill, Nova Scotia).


Date: 1/5/2011
Name: Dot Vallillee
Location: Yarmouth, NS
E-Mail: dotvallillee@eastlink.ca

Comments: "Come on down..to Yarmouth Town" for a Celebration by the sea! The celebrations have begun and will continue all year as we salute the arrival of the first English settlers to this area in 1761.
Web Site: Be sure to be here in 2011 for  Yarmouth 250

Date: 1/6/2011
Name: marie
Location: pei

Comments: I wonder what Yarmouth was like 250 years ago! A lovely place with pleasant climate year round and a beautiful gateway harbour, and a modest population whose openness and friendliness have never been surpassed. 
Congratulations on this 250th!

Rappie Pie
Bringing history alive for 250th

Yarmouth and Acadian Shores
Date: 1/9/2011
Name: yvonne surette
Location: virginia
E-Mail: litknit@aol.com


Date: 1/9/2011
Name: John n Telford
Location: Hyde Park, NY
E-Mail: peerlessjt@optonline.net

Comments: My wife was watching Iron Chef America and they were cooking with Canadian Lobsters, obtained from Cape Forchu fishery. Although we have been to Nova Scotia and explored its many interesting fishing villages, we intend to return and will most certainly visit Cape Forchu in the next year or so. My wife and I are originally from Ontario, Canada therefore have always had a continuing interest in Canada and its unique provinces.

John and Ruth Telford

Date: 1/10/2011
Name: Nora M. LeBlanc
Location: Tiverton,Ontario
E-Mail: nora.ed@tnt21.com

Comments: This place sounds very interesting and I'll make sure to plan my trip for August for the festival.I'm from Concession many years ago but still have family down there.Thanks for the information.

Date: 1/12/2011
Name: Esther Tedford
Location: Oshawa, ON
E-Mail: etamalin@rogers.com

Comments: Just a short note for anyone visiting this website and see the name Tedford which has deep roots in and around the Yarmouth area to let you know that I have created a Tedford family tree on Ancestry.com.  Although not complete by no means, and there may be some incorrect information there as well, if anyone has any questions or more family information, I can be contacted at etamalin@rogers.com.

My father was William Randolph Tedford (Randy), son of Jane Morrell Tedford Poole and Oscar Henry Tedford.  He had one brother Leslie and three sisters Alva Wood, Bertha Delaney and Margaret Jeffery.  Two half sisters also who moved to the U.S. and died there.

I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in this family tree.

Esther Tedford

Date: 1/14/2011
Name: Buck Matheson
Location: Oromocto, NB
E-Mail: aaf123@nb.sympatico.ca

Comments: I'm helping a friend trace her family tree.  Her Grandparents are Durwood A Nickerson(1913-1976) and Marie Cottreau(1917-1980) both deceased. We have vitals from Cemetery database. Is there any desendants out there or anyone know Durwood or Marie's parents?

Date: 1/15/2011
Name: Wilma Churchill Stone
Location: Estero,Florida
E-Mail: stoney26@comcast.co

Comments: I love this site and I check in whenever I need a Nova Scotia fix. I grew up in Port Maitland and I always think of Nova Scotia as home.

Date: 1/15/2011
Name: Malcolm Matheson
Location: Oromocto, NB
E-Mail: aaf123@nb.sympatico.ca

Comments: I am assisting a friend trace her family in and around Yarmouth, Her maternal Grandparents are Marie Cottreau(1917-1980) and Durwood A Nickerson(1913-1976). Would anyone be able to assist with identifying further maternal ancestors? 

Date: 1/19/2011
Name: david/deborah
Location: owen sound, ontario
E-Mail: davidpostings@yahoo.ca

Comments: looking at homes for sale. what a beautiful place.

Date: 1/19/2011
Name: maureen clohessy
Location: toronto ontario
E-Mail: maureensmansion@hotmail.com

Comments: thank you for providing this info and history.

Date: 1/22/2011
Name: Bernie Quigley
Location: Cole Harbour NS
E-Mail: quigley1846@hotmail.com

Comments: Researching Hatfields of the area

Date: 1/27/2011
Name: bavaria
Location: carleton
E-Mail: bavaria@eastlink.ca

Comments: bavaria is closed since jan 2009


Date: 1/29/2011
Name: Steven Stewart
Location: Dartmouth, NS

Comments: I remember Durwood and Marie.  They lived here:


My grandparents lived in the house on the next hill, to the left in the picture above, and here:


I remember my grandmother sending me as a young boy up to Marie's with money to buy eggs.  She kept a hen house.

I asked my mother about Marie's parents.  She didn't know, except that she was from Wedgeport.  She recalled that they would visit her relatives there.  To her knowledge, she wasn't directly related directly to any of the many Cottreaus in Sand Beach.

I remember Durwood and Marie's son Johnny, as he lived in the Sand Beach house for many years after they died.  I also remember Corrina, who was a teenager when I was a young boy in Sand Beach.


Date: 1/15/2011 
Name: Malcolm Matheson 
Location: Oromocto, NB 
E-Mail: aaf123@nb.sympatico.ca

Comments: I am assisting a friend trace her family in and around Yarmouth, Her maternal Grandparents are Marie Cottreau(1917-1980) and Durwood A Nickerson(1913-1976). Would anyone be able to assist with identifying further maternal ancestors?  

Date: 2/5/2011
Name: marie
Location: pei

Comments: Sue Hutchins and Bruce Bishop, thank you for the most beautiful video-audio recording about Yarmouth 1761 - 2011 at the top of this page! I play it over and over again: Spectacular!

 Date: 2/13/2011
Name: Bob McRitchie
Location: Oregon

Comments: Hi All...

My Grandfather, Gilbert S. White was born in Yarmounth NS, in 1875. I am unable to verify his parentage...can't find them. Any thoughts??

Date: 2/18/2011
Name: lynda kacicz
Location: ocala, fl.
E-Mail: lkacicz@cfl.rr.com

Comments: within the year will possibly be looking for a small cottage to rent,in yarmouth.  near fishing village.

Date: 2/19/2011
Name: mildred & darrell hebb
Location: halifax
E-Mail: darrell_mildred@hotmail.com

Comments: worlds best town
hi everybody

Date: 2/20/2011
Name: Bob Kozey
Location: Connecticut USA
E-Mail: kozeyacres@att.net

Comments: I am trying to find out when the canoe rally is taking place this year. I know it's on a Friday in April, just not sure which one. If you have a date set could you please email and let me know.

Bob Kozey

Date: 2/22/2011
Name: Mandy lister
Location: Carmichael
E-Mail: Mandycsus@aol.com

Comments: My grandparents are surette's. I've heard my grandpa talk about this island. My great grandmother lived on surette island.

Date: 2/22/2011
Name: Bobbi-Jo Wyman
Location: Pubnico
E-Mail: bb-jet@hotmail.com

To: webmaster@yarmouth.org
Subject: Surette's Island
From: defwll@aol.com

Dear Mr. LeBlanc,
          I am a 74 year old woman, with the maiden name of LeBlanc.  I lived in Massachusetts all my life.  My father, William Everett LeBlanc migrated from Plymouth, Nova Scotia to the states in 1921 at the age of 18.  His mother, (my grandmother) Rose Marie Surette was born on Surette’s Island in the year 1865.  In 1890 she married my grandfather Zacharie LeBlanc. He was born on Fish Island in 1839 – died in 1913. 
 As a child, during one of our many trips to N.S. (Yarmouth, Salmon River, Mayflower, Plymouth, Wedgeport area) we visited my fathers uncle Trovea  Surette, on Surette’s Island.  He was the brother to my grandmother Rose, and a well know boat builder.  I am not sure about the spelling of his first name, however, if you have any kind of information about him, I would appreciate hearing of it. 
Thank you kindly,
Janet (LeBlanc) DeFeo
57 Ledgewood Hill Dr.
Nashua, NH  03062

  Date: 2/25/2011
Name: Patricia Soucy- Buchanan
Location: Las Vegas, NV
E-Mail: pattianan123@yahoo.com

Comments: I was in West Pubnico in 2004 for the d'Entremont reunion. My mother is Madeline Veronica d'Entremont, cousin to Madeline d'Entremont in West Pubnico. Both are related to Philip Muis d'Entremont. If you know any other d'Entremont's there, please have them contact me.

Date: 2/26/2011
Name: Rick Taylor
Location: Salem, NH
E-Mail: rmt@brplusa.com
Comments: Great!

Date: 2/27/2011
Name: Paul Taylor
Location: Burlington,Ma.& Wedgeport, N.S
E-Mail: cardinal01@rcn.com

Date: 2/27/2011
Name: Damien LeBlanc
Location: New Jersey USA
E-Mail: DL1151977@aol.com
Comments: fond memories of Wedgeport. My grandparents born there. Many years of family events and summer vacations.Those were the days. The Scotia Prince The CAT and The old Bluenose ferries. I will always have a place in my heart for Good Old Wedgeport.

Date: 2/28/2011
Name: Tabitha Surette
Location: London Ontario Canada
E-Mail: tabsurette@rogers.com

Date: 3/5/2011
Name: Anne Beattie
Location: N H and NS
E-Mail: serenity@nhvt.net

Comments: Yarmouth needs the support of all those who visit Yarmouth/were from Yarmouth/are in Yarmouth/own property--EVERYONE.
There will be a rally on Sunday March 6 on Main Street in support of having a positive open review of all business plans and to support those working so hard for this.  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_145494492179418&notif_t=group_activity
If you don't read this in time or can't get there--send emails to show your support. 
The people who read this page use it as a means of keeping in touch, so thanks for making it available.

Date: 3/5/2011
Name: Thomas Alan Gray
Location: Leduc, Alberta
E-Mail: graywriter@shaw.ca

Comments: 2010 and it's still going around!

Date: 3/6/2011
Name: John Rodgers
Location: Derry, New Hampshire
E-Mail: johncrodgers@comcast.net

Comments: I hope to come to Pubnico this Summer.  It is where my grandmother, Eva Larkin, grew up.  I believe in the white house across the street from the stone bridge.

From: "James Zeender" <James.Zeender@nara.gov>
To: <webmaster@yarmouth.org>
Subject: Visit to Yarmouth

I am planning a visit to Yarmouth and Port Maitland this summer.  My grandmother Alice Jeffrey Smith was born in Port Maitland.  She married Thomas Smith of Massachusetts.  My mother, Ruth Smith Zeender, recalls with pleasure her summer journies to Port Maitland to visit her Aunt Ruth and Uncle Loren and their children Bob. Lorna and Myrtis Smith.  Mom's brothers Tom and Dick have passed but Mom and youngest brother Harry Smith of Nashua, New Hampshire are still living. Mom is unable to travel, but I am hoping to make contact with next generation cousins who are still living in the area.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Zeender
Shady Side, Maryland

Date: 3/10/2011
Name: Roberta Goodwin (formerly Lyon
Location: Lloydminster, Alberta
E-Mail: mystic_towers@hotmail.com

Comments: Love this feed.  Lived in South End, Hebron, and Parade Street. My mom is Lu Lyons and drives for Town Taxi still. Anyone recognize me please send me an email.  Love this guest book.  Miss Yarmouth.

Date: 3/12/2011
Name: Glenn Fox Dec 18 2009
Location: glenn03@eastlink.ca

Date: 3/8/2011
Name: Ralph& Eleanor MacDonald
Location: Thorburn NS
E-Mail: raelmacdonald@eastlink.ca


Date: 3/12/2011
Name: malcolm stuart porter
Location: fall river nova scotia
E-Mail: fallguys@eastlink.ca


Date: 3/13/2011
Name: Addison Daigle
Location: Pierre Part, Louisiana USA
E-Mail: addisondaigle@aol.com

Comments: Tuning in to your local radio station here in south Louisiana. Love the music. Cajun Cousin.

Date: 3/13/2011
Name: Steve Goudey
Location: Fredericton

Comments: I was born and brought up in Yarmouth. I moved to New Brunswick in 1972 but I still think of Yarmouth as home. I have never been in a town that has a deeper and more interesting spirit. Walking up William street on a foggy Fall evening or on the back streets looking at the old homes is so therapudic. Yes this little town has a unique character and I have always been proud to call it home. I wonder if Sealed Landers who settled the town in 1761 felt that when he sailed into this little port? I know my ancestors did in 1775 when they arrived. Yarmouth has never been about the status quo. But it has always been about family,the people,the history and the geographical location. Yarmouth has never been the end of anyone's trip. It has always been the beginning.It has an adventure around every turn if you know where to look. I have been visiting there since 1972 have seen something new on every trip but you have to get off Main street.

I hope to get home this summer to help celebrate this incredible anniversary.

March 13th 2011


Date: 3/14/2011
Name: marie
Location: pei

Comments: Thanks for the memories, Steve G, and on that same street on a foggy evening or at anytime, the gentle coo-ing of A.T.'s pidgeons. To this day, every pidgeon I see reminds me of Yarmouth's most gentle soul and biggest heart.

Date: 3/17/2011
Name: Peggy & Harley Major
Location: South Dakota USA
E-Mail: the2cruisers@gmail.com

Comments: This is a terrific site. Our ancestors are from Carleton & Kemptville. We would dearly love to find relatives of Ed & VernaWalton. Our grandparents were Wallace Hurlbert & Violet Perry.
Thanks for any help. Keep up the great work. We really love the fish & chips from the Yarmouth dock!!
Regards, Harley.

Date: 3/21/2011
Name: Barbara (Walsh) McGregor
Location: Quincy, Ma. USA
E-Mail: barb4617@comcast.net

Comments: At present I am looking at a photo of ste. Anne's. I took it about 3 years ago. I've had many trips to Nova Scotia in the hopes I could find information about my grandmother. Ste. Anne's and Eelbrook have been mentioned. Word is Nellie was a Mi'kmaq born in 1880 in Yarmouth County and immigrated to the US in 1893 on the ship Yarmouth. She spoke often of a "Convent School" she attended.
I live in a senior housing area and have 4 Sisters of Charity living here also. They have advised me to ask about Boarding Schools in the area from the 1800's.
Ste Anne's is a lovely church and last time there I spoke to 2 lovely ladies one of whom was a Mi'kmaq. I have since lost her email and perhaps she lost mine also. I was so hoping to hear from her. I don't remember her name but we talked of Fr D'Entremont whom I and my sister had met and I also still have his letters to me about my grandmother. I guess years ago, the Muse and D'Entremont families were quite but something went wrong. It happened in my family when I was quite young and that is why I am still looking for information on my grandmother.
We knew her as Nellie (Parker) Walsh who married our grandfather James Walsh here in Malden, Ma in 1904. I have a copy of her marriage license and she says Henry Parker was her father and Anne Muse was her mother. They settled in Wakefield, Ma 
Nellie arrived in Wakefield as I said in 1893 with Louis LaFeve, his wife Fanny and their children and one Anne Muse a sister-in-law, widowed age 65 and her niece Nellie age 13.  Anne was not Nellie's mother and that's the problem I'm having.  I'm looking for Nellie Parker's baptismal record. However we understand her real name was Mary Ellen Muse and she was Mi'kmaq.  Would you have these records?
Sorry about the length of this letter. I do carry on sometimes.
Barbara McGregor

Date: 3/22/2011
Name: jeanette (gaudet
Location: massachusetts
E-Mail: onin143@comcast.net

Comments: hope someone can help--trying to locate greatgrandmother history micmac princess think late 1800's--she married a gaudet maybe from yarmouth --my cousin & myself are searching for any info we can aquire--much appreciated--we just found out were part micmac--and proud of it...

Date: 3/23/2011
Name: chelsey
Location: port maitland  E-Mail: chelseybear00@hotmail.com Comments: nice website

Date: 3/23/2011
Name: robert doucette
Location: richmond ri usa E-Mail: robert.doucette@cox.net

Date: 3/26/2011
Name: Rolf Lockwood Location: Toronto E-Mail: rolf.lockwood@gmail.com

Date: 3/27/2011
Name: monty burns Location: UK USA
E-Mail: montyburns@hush.com Comments: Great Website! Greetz from Monty and sbmTA  montyburns@hush.com

Date: 3/29/2011
Name: Chuck Hatfield
Location: Lived in Sand Beach/ now Ontario
E-Mail: blue.noser.3@hotmail.com

Comments: I would'nt be the man I am today if I had not lived in Yarmouth N.S.
I miss the smell of the salt air down in sandbeach and what an incredible childhood it gave me.
Thanks Yarmouth!
If anyone would like to keep in touch...send me an e-mail!

Date: 3/30/2011
Name: David Comeau
Location: Marlboro , Ma
E-Mail: marlboroguy43@aol.com

Comments: What a great site  all the school pics have my aunts and uncles  in them  the comeau's  i belive that my uncle sonny told me that his house was the school ! the pics of the town are wonderful  it is like driving around  i remember most of the places !

Date: 3/31/2011
Name: Joanne Gurman
Location: Hamilton
E-Mail: craftymeema@yahoo.ca

Comments: Looking into family history and have run into a bit of a quandry.  My Grandmother was Lydia Comeau and married to Arthur Hayes .  I have been told her father or grandfather changed his name from Como to Comeau.  He was a sea captain, Italian from the Lombardi district,
and married a french girl. Does anybody have any info that could help???  Thankyou. 

Date: 4/4/2011
Name: surette van vollenstee
Location: johannesburg south africa
E-Mail: svanvollenstee@sasfin.com


Date: 4/7/2011
Name: Flora Hurlburt Shaw
Location: Sandford, Yarmouth County
E-Mail: fshaw@eastlink.ca

Comments: I came across this site quite by accident today and enjoyed it very much.  Thank you Lillian for all this information put together so beautifully.

Date: 4/10/2011
Name: Nelson Allen
Location: Elliot Lake ON
E-Mail: nallen@persona.ca

Comments: Born in Yarmouth. Raised in Deerfield. Alvin Hatfield was my step-father..
Went to Deerfield school,served in Royal Canadian Air force.Discharded in 1945,moved to Ontario 1947.
Would to like to hear from any that knew me    Nelson

Date: 4/11/2011
Name: Karen M
Location: Richmond, BC, Canada
E-Mail: lu_cid2004@hotmail.com

Comments: Got this e-mail from a work-mate who was asking me if I could pass it on to another fella who we used to work with. I think I will pass it on to the next guy, but with a link to this site. I thought there was something "fishy" (pardon the totally intended pun) about this story.

Date: 4/15/2011
Name: lorne and suzanne hegstrom
Location: Mississauga,ontario
E-Mail: Beautiful! We want to move to Annis lake very soon

Date: 4/16/2011
Name: gerard an mary mackinnon
Location: wellington
E-Mail: gerard.mackinnon@eastlink.ca

Comments: we moved here in 1985 an we love it here. i have a small busines in lawnmower repair. mackinnons smallgas engins reparis@1896 hwy one wellington. it is so quited here and people are so nice we just love it here. mary and gerard mackinnon thank you for the opp.

Date: 4/16/2011
Name: David O Surette
Location: Saugus MA
E-Mail: Davidosurette@yahoo.com

Comments: Hello to all my cousins  and Peace

Date: 4/16/2011
Name: pauline lanier
Location: greenfield n.h. 03047
E-Mail: pauline 1@myfairpoint.net

Comments: My mother's father was Moses Newell.  Cousins are Surette from Comeau's Hill, N.S., Canada.  My grandmothers name was Agnes.

Date: 4/20/2011
Name: William M Crosby (Bill
Location: Trenton, ON
E-Mail: joynbing@sympatico.ca


Date: 4/26/2011
Name: Barbara McAlpine-Nicholas
Location: Hillsboro, Oregon


Date: 5/8/2011
Name: leonard bere
Location: florida
E-Mail: gratfulbere@yahoo.com

Comments: my father was robert howard bere  son of dr howard k bere my father is not noted in this my unnt nancy is

Date: 5/8/2011
Name: Joan Costello
Location: Pittsburgh P

Date: 5/15/2011
Name: Sam McKinnon
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: 5/22/2011
Name: Jaye  Hodgson (Aileen Doucette
Location: Ste-Marthe, Quebec
E-Mail: chesnutred@yahoo.ca

Comments: Just looking up about where my grandmother comes from. (Aileen Doucette,daughter of Oliver Doucette, sister to Judith (Jacquard),Warren and Lloyd).

Date: 5/27/2011
Name: Laura Aldape
Location: Elgin, Illinois
E-Mail: aldapel@hotmail.com

Comments: Will be visiting next week and looking to see what events and sites to see during the week of 5/31 and to get read some of the history of Wedgeport.

Date: 5/29/2011
Name: Steven Illum
Location: Springfield, Missouri
E-Mail: stevef_i@yahoo.com

Comments: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=stevenillum

Date: 5/31/2011
Name: Victor A Roth
Location: Tiburon, California
E-Mail: vroth@comcast.com

Comments: My father was stationed at radar base in Tusket during WWII.
I went there during summer vacation. I was 9. We stayed on a farm owned by John Woods. It was a pig farm. The air force trucks would come down and dump there food scraps, dishes and forks, et all. My family, my mother being Scotish, became friendly with Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield, who had a delightful cottage, near the water. I remember that she was a wonderful baker. And her brown bread with molasses was outstanding. To this day I talk to my wife about Tusket. It was probably in 1942 when I was last there.
Love to you all.

Date: 6/1/2011
Name: Daniel Bontecou
Location: Kailua Kona, Hawaii
E-Mail: BONTECOUD001@hawaii.rr.com

Comments: I am the owner of the south end of Johns Cove Beach and Footes pond along with a cottage up the road a bit.
I truely miss Cape Forchu and everyone there and look foreward to the day that my wife and I return.

Date: 6/3/2011
Name: Joanne Andre
Location: Chilliwack, B.C.
E-Mail: joanneandre@shaw.ca

Comments: June 2, 2011
Really enjoyed your very informative site. The pictures are beautiful.
The reason I was looking at this site is that my sister is moving to Nova Scotia this summer and I wanted to see what it was like. After being born and raised in Chilliwack,B.C., living here 55 years she is making the courageous move with her husband,leaving behind a very large Dutch family in search of a more tranquil life style. We will all miss her very much but this also gives us all a good reason to get out and see more of our beautiful Canada.I am already planning my first visit to Nova Scotia with great excitment.

Date: 6/3/2011
Name: bill thibault
Location: cole harbour
E-Mail: wthibault@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: I visited in the 70's it looks the same nice.

Date: 6/7/2011
Name: pam Thelen
Location: burlington ontario
E-Mail: hthelen@cogeco.ca


Date: 6/7/2011
Name: Maureen Graves
Location: Rockville MD
E-Mail: MRG1948@gmail.com

Comments: My grandparents were Eloi Muise and Natalie Surette. I know I have relatives on and around Surette's Island.

Date: 6/11/2011
Name: robert sullivan
Location: halifax
E-Mail: bobsulli@eastlink.ca

Comments: Any info or pictures about mooswa  from 1937 to 1947 would be much appreciated Thank you from a Mooswa camper It would be nice to have another one !? Bob

Date: 6/14/2011
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: bill@billboudreau.com

Comments: Please visit my new website: http://www.billboudreau.com. The site contains many references to back home, Wedgeport, Nova Scotia. Thanks.

Date: 6/20/2011
Name: Pat Lively (Cushing)
Location: Lower Sackville
E-Mail: livelyp@hotmail.com


Date: 6/29/2011
Name: alan macconnell
Location: halifax
E-Mail: alanmacconnell@gmail.com


Date: 6/30/2011
Name: Andy Bowen
Location: DeLand, Florida
E-Mail: abowen27@cfl.rr.com

Comments: I just located your website. I love it. My grandfather Holland Foote was born in Pembroke in 1879. My mom lived on the farm when she was young child. He and hia brother Lockhart had ajoining properties. When we visited in 2006 we found the house.(s) I do hope to visit again soon. My wife's grandparents are from advocate Harbor.

Regards, Andy Bowen & lynn.

Date: 7/7/2011
Name: Jane
Location: mail@bestwinemaking.info
Comments: Excellent resource you have and I enjoyed the visit. Please visit me at http://bestwinemaking.info.

Date: 7/9/2011
Name: Mary tothill
Location: River John, NS>
E-Mail: marytothill@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Had a phone call from someone in Arcadia and wasn't sure where it was since the person never returned their call as to what they wanted.

Date: 7/9/2011
Name: john lacey
Location: northwest florida
E-Mail: packer1942@yahoo.com


Date: 7/10/2011
Name: Janet Scharf
Location: Belliveaus Cove
E-Mail: marinershuttle@eastlink.ca

Comments: Port Maitland is so incredibly pretty!

Date: 7/13/2011
Name: Jill Rogers
Location: Dartmouth
E-Mail: rogers.jill21@gmail.com


Date: 7/19/2011
E-Mail: oremoe@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi.
 I was born and lived in Yarmouth area until 2006. Born on Forest Street near the airport. The only house still standing between the present Lafarge site and Acadian Sea Plants building.

Just browsing as I'm always interested in any history that I might have a connection with.

Lived in town until I was ten years old(1965). Then in Arcadia (first house on right on Chebogue Rd. built by my father, Victor,
in 1965). Lived there until 1974 when I started working and living  between Halifax and Yarmouth.

One of the FUN things about being 56 years of age is knowing lots of others who are at or close to the same age. Ha, ha !

Now living in Quispam as my wife is from Saint John West and we are both employed here.

Can't imagine Yarmouth without ferry traffic. However, one thing I  was proud of when the "Cotton Mill"(D.Textile) and the Tin Mine(where  I was employed)both closed is that Yarmouthians didn't waste a lot of time making noise about it. They just put their heads together and  found other means employment. I'm sure they can do it again.

Some tips from my experience that could help Yarmouth area are:

- What do WE like to have available that attracts us to go to other   places ? - SPECIALIZED ITEMS AND ATTRACTIONS not available at home.

- What do WE like to see when we go ANYWHERE ? - LOWER PRICES.    Not prices that we think "The Tourists" will pay.

- How do WE like to be treated anywhere ? - TREATED LIKE PEOPLE FIRST  not like a walking pocket book.
Proud to be from YARMOUTH NOVA SCOTIA ! Keep up the good work.
Oren Cook.

Date: 7/23/2011
Name: Elaine Scott
Location: Oakville, Wa.
E-Mail: ScottGE@q.com

Comments: Hi, My name is Elaine Scott, I'm a Activity Director at an Assisted Living Communuty in Centralia, Wa.  We had a Garage Sale Today for the Seniors who live their.  We received lots of items to sell from residents, their families and Staff to sell.  I purchased this little quilted item with blue material, gold stars, in the center is a picture of a lighthouse with a building with it or in front of it.
On the back of this is white material with a stamp that says:
The Austrian Inn Limited,
P.O. Box 924, R.R.#1
Dayton, Yarmouth
Nova Scotia, B5A 4A5
Is this Inn near a lighthouse, I was wanting to find out more about it.  Is there a website that I could see what the Inn looks like.
I take it that this is something that was sold at the Inn.
Just courious about the place.  Thank You for your time.

Date: 7/25/2011
Name: Mary Ruth Surette Giglio
Location: Medford, Ma.
E-Mail: maryruthgiglio@aol.com

Comments: I was raised on Surette's Island. Moved to Massachusetts in the 60's. Retired and spend Summers on Surette 's Island.

Date: 7/26/2011
Name: Barbara Cottreau Paon
Location: New Brunswick
E-Mail: reallybigmamma@hotmail.com

Comments:  I stumbled on this site while looking up some family history.  

 I noted a few mistakes on the page about the Tusket Islands. The Island that had a family of nine living on their own was indeed Candle Box Island, not Tusket Island. That family was my Grandparents, Norman and Clara Cottreau with my dad and his siblings, at least a dog or two and perhapes cats! And, by times, a hired girl! Who could possibly be lonely on that 1 acre island? LOL

 Grampy was the light keeper there for 26 years.

 Also, Candle Box Lighthouse is in fact still in operation, but automated.

above comment refers to the following page.

Date: 8/1/2011
Name: ronald     doucette
Location: Quinan
E-Mail: ronald.doucette@yahoo.ca


Date: 8/7/2011
Name: Anissa W
Location: Mississauga, ON

Date: 8/11/2011
Name: Sonja Alcock
Location: Cloyne, ON
E-Mail: sonjaalcock@yahoo.ca

Comments: A good friend of mine lives in this lovely little village, so I thought I would check it out.

Date: 8/13/2011
Name: Maurice Courchesne
Location: Weedon, Québec
E-Mail: jonquille@b2b2c.ca

      We are planning to move to Nova Scotia, and we happened to need information about a property on Surette's Island. It was interesting to learn about the history and geography of that island.

Date: 8/14/2011
Name: Bruce & Laura
Location: Maywood NJ
E-Mail: noon.moon@verizon.net

Comments: Just met a local couple (Wedgeport) on holiday in the NYC subway system on thier way to the World Trade Center site. Nice couple! Gave me a couple ideas about relocating to Wedgeport NS. Were retiring to Florida but would like a place in NS.

Hope to be there soon!!!!

Date: 8/20/2011
Name: Gil Surette
Location: gilsurette@hotmail.com
E-Mail: Home Sweet Home


Date: 8/25/2011
Name: Kellie O'Brien
Location: usa
E-Mail: kobrien7@hotmail.com

Comments: I'm interested in the history of Surette Island because it was named for my great great grandmothers family.  Her last name was Surette.

Date: 8/26/2011
Name: Paul Trefry
Location: Beverly, Massachusetts
E-Mail: patrefry@comcast.net


Date: 8/27/2011
Name: Beth Tucker
Location: Halifax, NS
E-Mail: etucker40@hotmail.com

Comments: Thank you so much to who took the time to photograph the homes ... great resource.  Thanks for sharing.

Date: 8/27/2011
Name: Rick Kennedy
Location: Montreal Q.C.
E-Mail: rwk216@hotmail.com

Comments: Hello
Hope you are all well. Really miss Yarmouth co.

Date: 8/27/2011
Name: Paul DeCoste
Location: Highland Lakes, NJ USA
E-Mail: pedecoste@gmail.com

Comments: Pat and I just enjoyed your hospitality.  The Isle and its people are beautiful.

Date: 8/29/2011
Name: Jeff Deveaux
Location: England, UK
E-Mail: jmlds62@gmail.com

Comments: I was interested to find that Pleasant Lake was once called Salmon River. My ggf (Louis Deveau) was born in Salmon River and it has always been assumed that this was Digby county mainly because that what it has on the marriage cert! The marriage cert also has his parents' as Archange Deveau & Elizabeth Deveau. We can find no records of an Archange & Elizabeth in the Salmon River (Digby) area but I have found a death record for an Elizabeth Deveau in Tusket. Considering a few other things like the wife of Louis (Annie Muise) being from Sluice Point and we are unable to tie Archange & Elizabeth to any family in Salmon River, Digby, unless we accept that Archange was wed to Caroline Martin. I reckon there were Deveau and Martin families in the Tusket area in addition the the enclave at Salmon River, Digby.
Anyhow, the village info is great, hope you can keep it live.


Jeff Deveaux

Date: 8/30/2011
Name: John Parsons
Location: Hampton, NH,03842,  USA, Earth
E-Mail: jp1211@comcast.net

Comments: My mother was Julia Irene Dentremont, who was the child of Alcid Dentremont and Charlotte York.  My grandfather, Alcid Dentremont, may have been born in Pubnico, NS, probably in the 1880's or 1890's. I am trying to confirm this.  If you have any information, I'd be very interested in hearing of it.

Many thanks,

John Parsons 

Date: 9/1/2011
Name: Betty MacDonald
Location: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: clarencem@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Hi,  I wonder if you could tell me how to contact St. Michaels in Wedgeport. I know my Grandparents were married there on February 8, 1921 but I cannot find a record through the NS site.  A Rev. Deveau officiated.  I was told that it was possible to pay to get a copy of the wedding record directly from the Church since I cannot find on the Government site.

Thank you

Date: 9/4/2011
Name: Earl Allen
Location: Oshawa Ontario
E-Mail: Allen5953@gmail.com

Comments: Hi my name is Earl Allen,my Mother was born on Pinkney Point on April 12 th 1932.My Mother was born to the DeVilllier Family.How ever she was not brought up by that Family,but the Surrettes Family.My Mother married Leslie Allen from Brazil Lake.Their marriage was made on Pinkney Point,July 12 1958.I was born in Yarmouth March 17th 1959 but in December 1959 they moved to Oshawa Ont where i grew up and live to this day.

Date: 9/5/2011
Name: Nicole Surette
Location: Malden, Ma 02148
E-Mail: nmsurette@gmail.com

Comments: Hi,

My family has been to the Island before.  I would love to come and see it myself as well. My Great-grandfather is Enos Surette, and my Grandfather is Francis E Surette of Malden, Ma

Date: 9/6/2011
Name: Bert  Ranson


Date: 9/13/2011
Name: Richard Michaud
Location: Conshohocken
E-Mail: rlm@clearleaf.com

Comments: Spent two wonderful summers in Wedgeport as a child in the very early 50's. My MOther's maiden name was Charlotte Bowman, and her Mother's maiden name was LeBlanc and she was born in Wedgeport.

Date: 9/17/2011
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: billboudreau@flash.net

Comments: Bill Boudreau - www.billboudreau.com
Wedgeport, Nova Scotia, Carolyn D. Wall, OLLI-OSU, OLLI-OU, Laurel Yourke, University of Wisconson, Donald Lamm, Santa Fe, New Mexico are mentioned in my article, "Interlude" at http://usm.maine.edu/olli/national/pdf/LLI%20Review/LLI_Review2011.pdf LLI Review, page B30

Date: 9/20/2011
Name: Tony e' Mary Ruth Giglio
Location: Medford Ma. 02155 U.S.A
E-Mail: maryruthgiglio@aol.com

Comments: We have the great pleasure of living on the Island each summer.
The people are fabulous, friendly and fun to be around.

Date: 10/1/2011
Name: Iris d'Entremont
Location: Forest Glen/West Pubnico

Comments: Was to the Field Day today, very nice and a very good lunch. Lots of people came out to celebrate with the White's.

Date: 10/4/2011
Name: Kendall Sweeney
Location: Stewiacke
E-Mail: kesweeney@eastlink.ca


Date: 10/10/2011
Name: wyona ouellette
Location: lawrencetown
E-Mail: ncc1701@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: have never been there and not sure i couldfind itbut i love tofish and would love to try it out.

Date: 10/12/2011
Name: Earl Surette
Location: US wellmen iowa
E-Mail: low-bmi@yahoo.com      

Comments: I Earl scott Surette Im a drict descendant from the iland

Date: 10/19/2011
Name: Cheryl Raniere Morrison
Location: Barrie, Ontario
E-Mail: cerm_bird@hotmail.com

Comments: I recently visited my daughter, husband and their family on Surette's Island.  I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and have very strong family ties with the French Shore (Salmon River, Lake Doucette).  I was once a Deveau and my children are Deveau's.  I had never been to Surette's Island... I did not even know it existed.  I had the most beautiful time there.  I fell in love with the Island and its history.  I can see why my grandchildren are being raised there.  I walked sometimes 2 hours a day - it was so so beautiful and peaceful.  I want to go back next summer and spend more time there.  My father-in-law (a Deveau) claims his mother was a Babin from there.  I fell in love with the place.  They are very proud and decent people.  I nicknamed the place "God's little peace of heaven".  I love the old bridge and the huge hawk nest.  My granddaughter and I would carefully walk across the bridge with great respect for the engineers of that time. I am so happy I discovered this sacred and beautiful part of my province.  Long live the beautiful people there and may the history always be preserved.
Thank you. 

Date: 10/22/2011
Name: Karen Goudey

Comments: Thank you for the wonderful information Lillian, awesome!!!!

Date: 10/25/2011
Name: Erin S Kelley
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
E-Mail: erinsk57@comcast.net

Comments: My name is Erin Kelley, and I am a direct descendant of Captain James Kelley, the founder of Kelley's cove!  Greetings from sunny California!

Date: 10/26/2011
Name: paultravis
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: paultravis591@hotmail.com


Date: 10/27/2011
Name: jeanne (surette) golrick
Location: millers falls massachusetts
E-Mail: jgolrick@comcast.net

Comments: Hello everyone! I love the island too.... spent time there on occasion in summers. I am first generation American as my dad was a surette from the island. Have lots of fond memories and photos, have also a question... Does anyone know of the island so called ile d'etoile? This is allegedly where meme had lived prior to her marriage to pepe . I do not see it on a map. Please send info if you have it. Great site and wonderful to know there is a way to connect.

Thank you!


Date: 10/27/2011
Name: patsy Cleversey (Joshua)
Location: Halifax Nova Scotia
E-Mail: pcleversey@msn.com

Comments: Browsing.

Date: 10/31/2011
Name: stuart boudreau
Location: enfield novascotia
E-Mail: careypricefan3113@hotmail.com

Comments: nice sitei learnedalot!

Date: 11/8/2011
Name: daniel
Location: saulnier
E-Mail: d-saulnier@hoymail.com


Date: 11/12/2011
Name: troy winfield
Location: terrebonne quebec
E-Mail: swimmerdog@live.ca

Comments: my family and i are going to be moving to ns next year and i have been looking for places to live and work. everywhere i look it makes our choice of a place to live hard because of how beautiful the province is. i know we will enjoy living and growing no matter where we land.

Date: 11/17/2011
Name: Margaret Munro
Location: Penticton, B.C.
E-Mail: sodbuster2@shaw.ca

Comments: Hi,
Had  to go up on the internet to learn about Tusket.  You see, our daughter and son-in-law named their new puppy Tusket.  She is a Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever.  Thought you might be interested in their choice of name.

Date: 11/20/2011
Name: sam belding
Location:  try counties
E-Mail: ssbelding@eastlink.ca

Comments: just looking for g.g.uncle sam belding or anything he may have worked at...

Date: 11/28/2011
Name: Laurie Stroing
Location: Belle River Ontario
E-Mail: spunkystrong@hotmail.com

Comments: We are doing a projecton community development

Date: 12/2/2011
Name: donna robichaud
Location: halifax


Date: 12/3/2011
Name: Karen Goudey
Location: Pleasant Valley
E-Mail: kgoudey1970@gmail.com

Date: 12/17/2011
Name: Connie Pothier
Location: San Leon, Texas USA
E-Mail: conniepothier@aol.com


Date: 12/19/2011
Name: Stan Surette
Location: Summerside, PE
E-Mail: stansurette@gmail.com

Comments: I was born on Surette's Island on the 29th of June 1940 at the old Parish House.

Date: 12/24/2011
Name: Pam {Bourque} Musgrove
Location: Middleton,N.S.
E-Mail: black.raven.2@hotmail.com

Comments: I used to live in Sandford and I moved away in 2002 to Ontario. Now,I live in Middleton with my husband,whom I've been married to since 2007.





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