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Yarmouth Guest Book  Volume #124  - Jan1 to Dec 31    2012

Don't Let
The Sun Go
Down On Me.

Date: 2/24/2012   Name: Angie Thurston
Location: Sandford   E-Mail: athurston@eastlink.ca

Comments: Oh, our poor little draw-bridge! Nobody wants her. Dept. of Highways owns the little doll, but are not going to spend a penny to maintain her. They will wait until she falls down and then tear her down because of the liability.
I think the municipality should buy it, and transportation would likely sell for a dime to get rid of it. Being a government organization, they would likely want to deal with the municipality, not a group of locals who are concerned of her well being.
So municipality, it's up to you.  You represent us.

Worlds Smallest Drawbridge
Links | cbc via facebook link | Villages http://www.yarmouthvillages.com/sandford/index.htm

Date: 2/15/2012
Name: Marie
Location: pei
These memories were written on November 11, 1995. I discovered it again only in 2012, in a box of stuff meant to be shredded. I looked it over and decided it might fit in with the Sand Beach stories. I found there also another story I had written on December 7, 2004, about Christmases in Sand Beach., so I will include that story here as well. (Marie)]

My Memories of the Second World War, of our school and one special teacher.  Continued....

Date: 2/14/2012
Name: Barb
Location: British Columbia
E-Mail: barb@barbmccully.com

Comments: interested in your book, where can I purchase it?

Date: 2/17/2012
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: billboudreau@flash.net

Comments: My new website's banner is Wedgeport, Nova Scotia. You may see it at www.billboudreau.com.

Date: 2/17/2012
Name: Denise Pothier Nystrom
Location: Rapid City, SD
E-Mail: diz2352@yahoo.com

Comments: My father was reared in Lower Wedgeport.  Hope to visit again soon.

Date: 2/11/2012
Name: Jack A Allen
Location: Hillsborough, Albert Co NB
E-Mail: kworkerjack@yahoo.ca

Comments: I appreciate that you have highlighted the different communities of  Yarmouth County . I was born and brought up in Carleton and moved away many years ago. I still own property there and return as often as I can In the late fifties I was involved with the YMCA Camp.I am concerned that the lakes and rivers that form the chain of water ways which are polluted now will be restored.

Date: 2/12/2012
Name: Sandra Waters
Location: Collegeville PA, USA
E-Mail: swaters360@aol.com

Comments: looking for property in the area as an escape from the nonsense that has become the USA...hehehe

Date: 2/12/2012
Name: Claire Semler
E-Mail: cpsemler@aol.com

Comments: I am beginning an exciting family history journey, as I explore my greatgrandmother's family line in West Arichat, Nova Scotia.  This is a nice tribute to the beautiful homes in the area. Thanks.  ~Claire

Date: 2/13/2012
Name: Lee surrette
Location: Cape cod Massachusetts

Comments: I met a gentleman today with the last name surette. Which down here is not a common name. We struck up a conversation and he told a bit of the surette family history. I have to admit I don't know much about it? I know that my family is from the nova scotia area. I'm looking forward to researching more. Very interesting!

Date: 2/1/2012
Name: Anne BT
Location: N H and NS
E-Mail: scotiaserenity@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi folks--now we can offically say spring is NEXT month.  Yarmouth is doing well--not much snow this winter and mild temps.  It isn't too early to start thinking about coming to Yarmouth for a vacation this year.  You can fly in from Portland, Maine or drive on up to St. John, N. B. and take the ferry on over.   Be prepared though, you will fall in love with the area and want to come back again and again.   Come and see where your ancestors might have come from, explore the Scottish culture without going to Scotland or just take the time to relax and enjoy the Acadian culture.  Yarmouth has all of that right at its doorstep!
I'll be looking for you!

Date: 2/3/2012
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: billboudreau@flash.net

Comments: Please read my essay at http://thisibelieve.org/essay/107707/ on growing up in Wedgeport that made me who I am. Bill

Date: 2/4/2012
Name: George White
Location: Orleans, On
E-Mail: oldman@sympatico.ca

Comments: Yarmouth----A Half Century of Changes

With the passage of time, there are always going to be changes, some good, some not so good. Yarmouth Town and County have experienced both in many ways I am sure.

As a former resident of the County, I try to return to my roots as often as I can, usually at least once a year. As what I might term being an “outsider”, I have noticed many changes over the past half century, unfortunately not all can be listed on the good side of the ledger.

A half century ago, one could get to or leave Yarmouth either by trains, buses, airplane or ferries. Today there are none of these modes of transportation serving Yarmouth.  Read More .....  

George White
Orleans, ON

Date: 2/5/2012
Name: Natalie Crosby
Location: New Minas, NS
E-Mail: wcrosby@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Fun to read your note Ossie.  I checked my 1949 Yarmouth Directory and it is Richards Lane.
"Up the hill from the cotton mill", who could forget that ad on CJLS?
Natalie (Bain)

Date: 2/5/2012:  Name: Janice Hines  Location: Yarmouth   E-Mail: janicehines@mail.com   Comments:

Date: 2/6/2012
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
E-Mail: bill@billboudreau.com

Comments: NPR (National Public Radio) affiliate This I Believe has published, online, my essay "Character."
The essay tells how growing up in Wedgeport made who I am. The hard word paid off. Bill

Date: 2/9/2012
Name: Brenda Headley (Gaudet)
Location: Barrie On
E-Mail: brendaheadley@hotmail.com


Date: 12/31/2011
Name: marie
Location: pei
Comments: Hello again Godfrey, If you do not mind, you could add this as "further memories of Grandmere" Thanks and God bless, marie
In May 1937, a few weeks before my sixth birthday, my older brother and I were to make our First Holy Communion at Saint Ambrose Church in Yarmouth.  Grandmere Rosalie (Surette) Doucette (Theodore), who lived only five houses north of ours on the other side of the road in Sand Beach, ..................
Continued at http://www.yarmouth.org/villages/sandbeac/index.htm

Date: 1/1/2012
Name: marie
Location: pei

Comments: So happy to read about Lake Annis --all new to me-- and to see such wonderful pictures from the past. What great pictures they are! Many thanks! marie (who once lived in sand beach).
Link: http://www.yarmouth.org/villages/lakeanni/index.htm2

Date: 1/3/2012
Name: Gerry
Location: Sydney
E-Mail: gerry_condon@hotmail.com

Comments: My father's parents were from Poulamon area and mom's from Louisdale.  Looking forward to visiting on this site

Date: 1/4/2012
Name: Dave Murphy
Location: Bracebridge Ont
E-Mail: dave.murphy4@sympatico.ca

Comments: My mother (Olive Cann) was born in Overton. She married my father (Murray Murphy) and moved to the family farm in Brooklyn. Now a sub-division.  Of the 5 children, only Mary Gates, still lives in Yarmouth.

Date: 1/8/2012
Name: patty macdona;ld
Location: inverness,n.s.
E-Mail: carolmacdonald64@yahoo.com

Date: 1/17/2012
Name: Albert Surette
Location: North Sydney Nova Scotia
E-Mail: albertsurette@hotmail.com

Date: 1/20/2012
Name: Rog Burton
Location: Lake Wal;es, FL
E-Mail: rpg-nan@tampabay.rr.com

Comments: Neat presentation.......FUN checking out your operation. Keep-up the good work.

Date: 1/22/2012
Name: Brenda Deveau
Location: Salmon River
E-Mail: gbdeveau@eastlink.ca

Comments: Surette's Island is one of the most beautiful places I've been...especially Tittle Road....

Date: 1/24/2012
Name: Arthur "Ossie" Perry
Location: St. Catharines, Ontario
E-Mail: aperry2@cogeco.ca

Comments: I left Yarmouth in 1957 to pursue a career in 'Upper Canada'. My father was an RCMP officer in the county. John Cunningham, his wife and son lived with us just after the 2nd war. John was PT boat Capt and his father, at the time, I think was the Lighhouse keeper, John followed his father as keeper of the light, and was also the local pilot of the harbour. I can remember the 'Star of Suez' was entering the harbour and the helmsman was not following the pilot's directions whereupon the Capt. gave John the wheel as it ran aground in the harbour. I think John claimed salvage of the vessel.
The Perry family lived 'up the hill from the Cotton Mill', above the tracks and adjacent to Roger's Furniture. I forget the name of the street that separated - it might have been Richard's lane - the house was owned by Harry Margolian.
Every visit I made to Yarmouth always meant a visit to John's abode. He was in the lobster business for awhile and he would always give me a nice lobster for my mother, along with my fish purchase.
The last visit was about five year ago , he was living in a nice little house on the lane next to False Harbour with his lovely wife and his 'duck tolling dog'. I brought apples so he could continue feeding the deer on his propertyand he always had a few stories to tell. I'll miss him !

Webmaster's note:   Their may have been several ships of that name?  The following links are to two of them ?
http://www.uboat.net/allies/merchants/2514.html | http://ebooks.faithwriters.com/ebook-details.php?id=125 |
If you have more information on a Star of Suez we would be interested in adding it here.  Thank you..

Date: 2/18/2012 Name: Vernon A. Wilson Location: United States E-Mail: verson3@msn.com  Comments:

Date: 2/19/2012 Name: michael rideout Location:  E-Mail: lonewulf62@hotmail.com   Comments:

Date: 2/20/2012    Name: BRIAN SURETTE   Location:    E-Mail:

Date: 2/25/2012
Name: Mark Jacquard
Location: Edmonton Alberta
E-Mail: mbjacquard@gmail.com   Comments:

Date: 2/27/2012
Name: Richard Amirault
Location: Cumberland, RI
E-Mail: richamiro11@yahoo.com
Comments: My grandparents were both from Pubnico, both with surname Amirault, but distant cousins.  My grandfather's twin sister married my grandmother's twin brother.   They had descended separately from family lines of brothers Louis and Leon Amirault.

I am interested in the familiar genealogy of the Amirault, Belliveau, D'Entrement, de LaTour, Gaudet, Duon, Hebert and Comeau families, among the many I have in my family fan chart.

Date: 2/28/2012
Name: Theresa Hebb
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: TheresaHebb77@gmail.com
Comments: Hi I used to live In Port Maitland, Yarmounth Nova Scotia when I was a little girl and I loved the country.  Then my family moved into town on Beacon Street.

Date: 2/28/2012
Location: LONDON ONT

Date: 3/5/2012
Name: david goodwin
Location: digby n.s.
E-Mail: davidgoodwin7@hotmail.com

Comments: my fathers father was george goodwin ,born in argyle area around late 1890`s i believe,.he moved to gloucester mas.don`t know much more, would like to find more info.presently in florida.

Date: 3/5/2012
Name: Mark Sweeny
Location: Rose Bay Lun. Co. N.S.
E-Mail: merrywood7@gmail.com

Comments: Merrywood,
I spent my summers at Merrywood from 1958 to 1973. Many fond memories of that place. The Perry road is one of a kind.I hiked & walked & went trout fishing around many of these lakes, Upper Crawley & Lower Crawley,Half Moon Lake, Lake Fanning & Pickle Pond.Bad Falls is also a beautiful spot.The Y.M.C.A. camp holds many memories.I remember Nate Bain,a special person.Hope the water situation improves on the lakes.

Date: 3/9/2012
Name: Carol LeBlanc
Location: New Hampshire, USA
E-Mail: cleblanc_1@comcast.net

Date: 3/17/2012
Name: Bob McRitchie
Location: Oregon
E-Mail: bobmcritchie@yahoo.com

Comments: Good Day...

My Grandfsther,Gilbert S. White, was born in Yarmouth, NS in 1875 or thereabouts. I cannot find his parents. Can anyone help??

Date: 3/18/2012
Name: Rozalyn Flynn Thomas
Location: London, Ontario
E-Mail: thome739@rogers.com

Comments: Hi. My family lived on Chebogue Road from 1975 to 1980, across the street from Eileen &(Wayne-late) Cunningham, Eileen is one of our cousins. Moving east on Chebogue, in the direction of Starrs Road, is another cousin of ours, Carol,& Calvin Lace.  Both girls are daughters of the late Evelyn & Ted Chetwyn.  Moving west from Eileen's house, past the Cook Dairy and moving more toward town, was another daughter of Evelyn's, and cousin of ours  Mary, & Basil Messenger - both deceased. They used to have a sawmill on the property. 

My mother was the daughter of Charles and Ina (spelling)Allen of Yarmouth, her name is Lorraine Margaret Allen and she married a man from Sydney, John Joseph Flynn, they also called him Don and Red. We lived in Yarmouth for some of my younger years, maybe from ages 4-7 or 8 (I was born in August 1955 in Collingwood Ontario (dad was Army then)and then I remember living in Darlings Lake a couple of years until 1964 when my father moved us to London Ontario. Mom and dad operated a Restaurant, General Store and Post Office on a Corner in Darlings Lake. I remember it wasn't far from 'Gilligan's House' or more properly known as 'Churchill Mansion' I believe.  My youngest brother Roderick Douglas was born on June 20, 1964 and I remember we were moved to London Ontario sometime that summer.

 When dad had a bad heart attack in 1975, he moved mom back to Yarmouth and into that house on Chebogue Road about April 1975.  He died that Christmas and at the time, mom, dad, Rod and I were in a house in Hebron and my brother, William Palmer, his wife and new baby were in the house on Chebogue. In the spring of 1976, my brother went back to Ontario and Mom and I and my youngest brother Roderick moved back to Chebogue Road house. I came back to Ontario for schooling for a time in 1976 and mom struggled to keep the house going on her own.  She worked for the housekeeping staff in the Yarmouth hospital. It was my uncle Clarence 'Cab' Allen who did the carpentry work on the Chebogue House and straightened the upstairs walls to make bigger bedrooms. 

I loved that house and I loved every day at the kitchen table looking out over the Chebogue River. Those few short years are still some of my favorite memories of my life. So many trips down Chebogue Road on the way to town with my friends, heading off to work at Dom Tex. (Dominion Textiles) I was a spinner on midnights at the plant.

We were there for the terrible blizzard when the power was out for 3 days in a row and we survived with blankets, body heat and kitchen stoves that ran with wood or oil.  A lot easier to survive that type of thing down home than it is up here in the city. Almost seems like a given in the Maritimes.

Just in case anyone is searching their family trees, I will provide the rest of my family info.  You never know. My oldest sister Lois Helen, married the son of a shipbuilder from Salmon River, Clarence Deveau. My next oldest sister Donna Marie married a German man she met in Ontario named Roland Schaufler.  Then there is my brother William Palmer who was in the Chebogue house when my dad died. He was married to Marty Tuytel and had a sister Margaret who stayed in Nova Scotia with her husband when Bill & Marty returned to Ontario.  Margaret eventually divorced and remarried a man from the Kentville area and they are still there.  They run a very successful mortuary for animals. Then my sister Norma Mae Veronica Andrews who married a soldier here in Ontario, Kenneth George Andrews who is from Shubenacadie (spelling).  All of his family are in that area and all of his brothers were in the army.  I married a man from a small town up here called Poplar Hill, Clifford Ernest Thomas. My sister younger than me is Debbie Ann and she is up here in London and so is our youngest of all Roddie.  7 of us altogether and that is why Mom and Dad felt they should move us to Ontario to give us better opportunities.

So there you have it, a family who had enough time in Nova Scotia who has it in the blood and no matter how long we live in Ontario, home is always the Yarmouth area.

Date: 3/18/2012
Name: Rozalyn Diane Flynn Thomas
Location: now in London, Ontario
E-Mail: thome739@rogers.com

Comments: I have a story to add about the Churchill Mansion.  My family lived in Darling Lake in and around 1964.  My mother is Lorraine Margaret (Allen) Flynn from Yarmouth and my dad was John Joseph Flynn from Sydney.  They ran a restaurant, general store and post office on a corner in Darling Lake.  They had 7 of us kids and we used to play with the Hatfields across the street.  I remember we would sometimes play at Churchill Mansion before and after going swimming in the lake.  It being in the Maritimes and all, and us being children, of course there were stories about the vacant house and of course we did get into the house to scare ourselves senseless.  I remember one story in particular about a supposed murder in the house in the vacinity of the big fireplace.  The story goes that someone was murdered in that spot and even when they replace the flooring, the blood stain returns.

The one and only time we got into the house (most of the time we were too terrified to go back in there), we were quietly moving around the place in a line, holding onto each other.  We were heading up to the widows walk to see the 'coffins' that were said to be up there when we heard footsteps coming down.  We were screaming and running so fast that no one ever knew what took place next.  We were out of that house still running and screaming across the lawn and down the hill toward home.  We never went back into the place and though I feel quite sure it was our over-active imaginations, any time I was near that house again my hair would stand on end and I always felt like I was being watched.

My mom died in London Ontario in 1992 and we took her home to Yarmouth to bury her with my father in 1993. We took the time to go back to the Mansion.  It was being operated as an Inn.  We asked if we could take pictures and told them of the story from when I was younger.  They did not know of the story of the 'murder' so perhaps it was made up, we will never know I guess, but we definitely have the 'scary' story we tell to people of Churchill Mansion that Gilligan from 'Gilligan's Island' is supposed to have owned at one point.

I had a boyfriend, (I had returned to Yarmouth in the late 70's) whose father worked for the Yarmouth bus terminal.  He met Gilligan (can't remember his real name right now for the life of me) and the captain when they had come over from the states at one point.  Apparently they were there because Gilligan bought the Churchill Mansion.  He never moved into it and sold it within a short period, and probably because we never really cared about it, we never did find out if it was a real story - it was fun to tell.

We used to play with a family called the Hatfields and spent many a winter day playing in the woods on their property.  I also remember my younger sister and I used to visit an older couple up on a hill named the Hearts.  They would have us in for cookies and let us watch the beautiful cardinals and blue jays that would visit their feeders outside their kitchen window.  That was when I developed my love of both of those birds and I have never forgotten those visits to Mr & Mrs Heart.  The spelling could have been Hart I suppose, I was only 7 or 8 at the time.  Another thing I remember about Mrs Heart was the fact that it was at her house that I first tried Tang orange juice and Ovaltine.  I am almost 50 years older now and I still think of those times and that wonderful loving older couple (maybe they weren't older at all, if if was 7 or 8 older could have been in their 30's to me, right?)  maybe they had white hair and that is why I always remember them as an older couple.

I remember going down one of the streets of Darling Lake with my sisters and brothers and the Hatfields and stealing rhubarb from one of the gardens.  We would eat those sour green apples from the trees and pick and eat blueberries from the hills.  We never had to go home for lunch because we literally ate off the land.

I have fond memories of taking the school bus and everyone singing the most recent Beatles songs.  I remember I was in grade one with Miss Cann but I can't remember the name of the school. Those are my memories of Darlings Lake (I always called it) and they are precious memories indeed.

Date: 3/28/2012
Name: marie
Location: pei

Comments: Thank you Guest Book writers from all over, for all these wonderful Yarmouth and county stories, personal memories, so captivating and precious to read and to have on record! Each and every one means something to somebody somewhere, even if you think your story is nothing much, you have no idea how you touch hearts tied to Yarmouth but living far away. Brings back memories for them, but more than that, your story sometimes provides valuable family information, fills in a "blank" in the family story of someone who has always wondered about this or that relative, ancestor, neighbour or school-mate.

I was deeply moved that someone far away wrote to the Webmaster and said that part of a story I sent in, was the only thing this descendant knew about her GRANDMOTHER! That touched my old heart deeply, and gave me new insight into how important and necessary it is for us to write whatever inspires us, even if it seems stupid and banal to us, someone will treasure something from it. Continue to write, write, and write!

[Example, one writer brought back very fond memories for me of when I watched what (back then for this town-dummy) was like a 'miracle', a very young cousin in Lower Wedgeport "pulling a lot of milk out of a cow" -- a small part of his busy daily routine. I felt so ashamed for being so inferior and un-educated when comparing how I spent my time in our town, with how my young Wedgeport cousins at that time, showed me what real "hands-on" living was like. Whoever it was who wrote in about milking a cow in or near Yarmouth, thank you!]

Thank you Marie

Date: 3/30/2012
Name: marie
Location: pei

Comments: See what I mean?
I was just writing about readers sending in little stories and bits of information that will do wonders for someone somewhere, whether or not we plan it that way. For example, I went way way back to read some of the entries, and I believe it was Springtime way back years ago, in about 1996, and someone wrote in and made my day (today in 2012) when he/she reminded me of the following (quoted) Yarmouth expression:

"Name: RJD
Location: Yarmouth
Email: marmich@atcon.com
Comment: Some nice in Yarmouth"

--And it's some good to see this again! Yup, you proved that you have connections to Yarmouth when you can call the place "SOME NICE"!
Some of us used to think it was SOME foggy down around Pubnico and Wedgeport. Last time I drove with an Island friend, through East Pubnico down toward Shelburne, wanting to brag about the scenery in West Pubnico from the East Side. But I was laughed all the way down, because the fog was so thick we couldn't even see the East-Side shore line!

So much for my bragging about our beautiful view across the amazing Pubnico harbour. That harbour has personality, believe me! Some days, early mornings or evenings, the water was so calm the loons echoed for miles, and the least flip of a sea creature echoed up toward the woods across the road.  Voices of people and sea creatures over on the West Side could be heard very well from Middle East and Center East, as they worked around the wharf across the harbor on the West Side. 

Calm most days, but at one point in my years spent there, and walking home from Lower East Pubnico school on a windy winter day, and watching the dark gray rushing waves, wild and capped with incredibly high white foam, well, on those days Pubnico Harbour was showing its powerful strength even some anger.

Yes, RJD, whoever you are, I echo your words from 1996:
"some nice" alright -- awesome!

Location: Port Morien
E-Mail: jacklynnmac@hotmail.com

Comments: My brother in law just returned from Tusket. He delivered a car to a dealership there.  Lots of trees along the drive there he said., and the roads were as straight as a poker (easy to drive on them). My husband and I must make a visit to your little place.

Date: 4/16/2012
Name: Thomas Crosby
Location: Edgewater Fl
E-Mail: tcrosby600@gmail.com

Comments: Has any of my Crosby clan been in touch with Bev Crosby of Queensland Auatralia? I have not been in touch with her since about 2006 and her e mails come back to me. I hope she has just changed her e mail and that she is ok.
    Bev and I met through this site in 2004. The Crosby family is from Yarmouth but Edward Andrew Crosby jumped ship in about 1860. on board a Confederate ship as the Civil War was beginning. He never went back to NS and started a fanily there.
    If you are out there Bev please e mail me, or if anyone knows of her please do the same.

Date: 4/17/2012
Name: Karen mukherjee
Location: South wales uk

Comments: I would like to send my best wishes to Anne Moses who was a very dear friend of mine. I remember how hard Anne and Tom Moses worked within their community and tried to support everyone, by bringing the south Ohio community centre together.  I have very fond memories of events held at south Ohio community centre and hope everyone has appreciated it as much as I did. X

Date: 4/17/2012
Name: Karen mukherjee
Location: South wales uk

Comments: Missing all the wonderful people that we met in Yarmouth. Hello all ! Such a beautiful place and the people were awesome. 

Date: 4/19/2012
Name: Dawn Robbins
Location: Essex County Massachusetts
E-Mail: disneydawn@hotmail.com

Comments: I am doing genealogical research and found your website. It was nice to find out that Salmon River, Pleasant Lake and Riverdale were all the same place as  those are all the birthplaces I am finding in the old archives .Thanks  Dawn Robbins

Date: 4/21/2012
Name: Karen Goudey
Location: Pleasant Valley
Comments: Hey Lillian
We are so looking forward to you returning to Pleasant Valley :)

Date: 4/21/2012
Name: Lori Biagiotti
Location: Bradenton, Florida
E-Mail: 14gjchs@gmail.com

Comments: I've enjoyed looking at this site. My husband is a descendant of Philippe Mius d'Entremont through his paternal grandmother.

Date: 4/27/2012
Name: Thomas Crosby
Location: Edgewater Fl
E-Mail: tcrosby600@gmail.com
Comments: HELP, I am looking for Beverly Crosby from Queensland Australia. I have lost touch and hope someone can help.

Date: 4/27/2012
Name: Cathy
Location: Stinson
E-Mail: stinsonsind@bellsouth.net
Comments: Looking for any information on a family tree for June Nickerson Stanley - born to Robert and Ethel Nickerson in 1938- October, I think.  Thanks for your help.

Date: 4/27/2012
Name: cody billy doucette
Location: Wedgeport Ns
E-Mail: cody_doucette20@hotmail.com

Date: 4/28/2012

Date: 4/29/2012
Name: Kurt Surette
Location: Elizabeth .Co
E-Mail: Ksurette@mac.com
Comments: A visit is on my bucket list.

Date: 5/1/2012
Name: Toni Cook
Location: Alma, Michigan
E-Mail: Highlandpt@frontier.com
Comments: Decendent of: Clara E Frost Born in Argyle, Spouse: Frank Parker Howard  Mother:  Emma P Alexander  Father: Israel Frost 

I notice that the Frost Inn was a part of this area and wondered if there was a
connection between my GG Grandmother or GGG Grandfather

Thank you!
Toni Ann Kent-Cook on Facebook

Date: 5/8/2012
Name: Dave
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: imasuperfan@hotmail.com
Comments: I am on a fixed income who lives in Toronto I am thinking of visiting relatives in Yarmouth and surrounding area this summer.  I do not drive is there anyway to get from Halifax to Yarmouth for $ 75 or less return.  I am not sure of the days but it might be late July/Early August for between a week and a half to 2 weeks.

Date: 5/9/2012
Name: John Goudey
Location: Toronto, Canada
E-Mail: jgoudey@rogers.com
Comments: Very helpful to update my memory on the history of Lake Annis, its great citizens and family members who contributed to its success.
Webmaster Comment:  It was John Goudey who provided me with most of the information for Lake Annis pages (a scrap book he had)

Date: 5/11/2012
Name: Vaughn and Shelley Cosman
Location: Wellington
E-Mail: shelleyvaughn@hoymail.com
Comments: I am looking for old pictures of the area if anyone has any.I would just like to see our place(#1491) when it was use as a farm.Thanks Vaughn Cosman

Date: 5/12/2012
Name: Mike Rideout
Location: truro
E-Mail: lonewulf62@hotmail.com
Comments: Nice Pictures Nice place to be miss it a lot!!!!

Date: 5/13/2012
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: bill@billboudreau.com
Comments: My new novel, REDEMPTION ISLAND, is released. The cover is an image of Wedgeport. The novel may be viewed at: http://www.billboudreau.com/published--hm.html
Thank you, Godfrey.

Date: 5/18/2012
Name: Yvonne Surette
Location: virginia, usa
E-Mail: litknit@aol.com

Date: 5/29/2012
E-Mail: gflynn@eastlink.ca
Comments: Thanks to a CBC news story I heard about the "Oldest Acadian |Village" located in the Publico area. Both my wife and I are interested in the history and look forward to visiting the area to explore and to learn more about the Acadians. Thank you for your efforts.

Date: 5/30/2012
Name: Margaret DesJardines
Location: United States
E-Mail: margaretdesjardines@yahoo.com
Comments: I used to visit every summer Lower Wedgeport. My grandmother still lives there. My maiden name is Doucette.

Date: 6/4/2012
Name: Caroline Randall
Location: Maryland
E-Mail: cran2777@msn.com
Comments: Beginning to research Randalls in Kemptville.

Date: 6/5/2012
Name: laurie doucette sylvia
Location: centerville mass, us
E-Mail: gigi.l.sylvia@gmail.com

Date: 6/10/2012
Name: Cary J. LeBlanc
Location: Hampstead North Carolina USA
E-Mail: cleblanc4@yahoo.com
Comments:  I first came to the point at age one and now at age 83 i can tell you this is the last place God made. I can't accurately tell how many times ive been there but 45 trips would be close. My first recolection was 21 houses all a different color. And sumertime was hay season and farming and fishing and berry picking and yes baseball season. Felton Legere was the pitcher and we would go by boat to Comeau's Hill to win a game. My Grandad Joseph drawned at the old wharf when i was a year old and he did see me that summer. This made Grandma curtail my playing near or in water when i spent my teen summers. How ever when the tide was out Rampint was o k for claming. The old community hall had a dance with the local musicians every couple of weeks. And Yarmarth a busaling town on Saturday nights. As was church every Sunday when everyone dressed up for the occasion. I cold write  volumes to say what was and now is but for you who live on God's Little acre be assured you are very lucky people. I'll make a presnt day observation as to changing times. Some 45 years ago my wife and i joined Felton to hawl lobster traps one buoy with 2 traps all pulled up by Hand and muscle. He was in a tee shirt and we in Parkers scarfs mittens ear muffs as this was in the middle of winter. All this with navgation by a box compass. Now after being on My Grandchilds new boat all electronic equipment from hawling and Navgation it's unbeleivable where you are today. Perhaps one day i will take the time to sit down and write a book detailing  the beatiful memories of how lucky i was to be a small part of your fantastic culture Cary LeBlanc

Date: 6/12/2012
Name: Car LeBlanc
Location: North Carolina
E-Mail: cleblanc4@yahoo.com
Comments: Let's go back 70 + years ago and compare Yarmouth then and now. Summertime two boats a day one from New York [The Arcadia & St. Johns}and one from Boston { Boston & the Yarmouth} music and welcoming tourist groups hawking Breamar Lakeside Inn Grand Hotel you name it all thriving lodging places to stay. Wedgeport the world tuna tornaments each year Famous people coming to this Famous entrance to Nova Scotia. Arrive and depart by train or bus Arcadian Bus Lines. And Saturday Nights all the surburban residents converging in their best outfits Shopping having a stroll up one one side and down the other side on Main Street. An stopping for an icecream and then the Movie It was like Times Square on New Years in N.Y.  WW 2 brought a halt to this little paradise and changes took place and Yarmouth lost it's way of life After war years an Airline flight from Boston was added and summers a boat from Bar Harbor the Portland would come. and yes even a jet boat the Cat Now all this is history and don't exist. For me at age 83 who saw all this i can't understand why this should happen to such a rich heritage that once was. To bad i don't know Donald Trump who could tell me how to revive Yarmouth with all it's assets. But for now i'll settle for all those beautifl memories of what was once Yarmouth.

Date: 6/15/2012
Name: gwen raynard
Location: toronto
E-Mail: Comments:

Date: 6/17/2012
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: billboudreau@flash.net
Comments: www.billboudreau.com
Expulsion - a 1755 Event

Date: 6/19/2012
Name: Pamela Morgan
Location: Calgary, AB
E-Mail: pamjm403@hotmail.com

Comments: Just browsing every now and then to see what's new, when I have the time.  It's a nice place to show my children where I grew up.

Date: 6/20/2012
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: billboudreau@flash.net
Comments: Wonderful recollections by Cary J. LeBlanc. Thank you.

Date: 6/22/2012
Name: Paul DeViller
Location: Andover Ma
E-Mail: paul.d.deviller@lahey.org

Date: 6/22/2012
Name: Pam
Location: Culliton
E-Mail: Mousaba@sbcglobal.net
Comments: My husbands family is from this area back several generations

Date: 6/23/2012
Name: Tara Taylor
Location: Fort McMurray, AB
E-Mail: medic8593@hotmail.com
Comments: I just drove thru the other day... I am buying property in Sluice Point... I am excited to be a part of the community!

Date: 6/25/2012
Name: roberto   garutti
Location: boston  mass  usa
E-Mail: robertog1943@gmail.com

Comments: port   maitland  is  a  beautifull  town

Date: 6/26/2012
Name: Guy VanAmburg
Location: Argyle
E-Mail: karguyle@eastlink.ca
Comments: Nice site but you have the "power dam hand dug in 1964".Did I read this wrong?
The power project was done around 1929, and certainly not by hand.
Webmaster Comment:  The source of the statement is found at: http://www.yarmouth.org/villages/tusket/index.htm
It Reads:   "Part of the history of  Tusket begins with Canada's oldest Court House which still stands next to Carl's Store. This Court House was built in 1809. It served the Argyle area as a law court and strangely has a tower area for a bell. Only a mile or two from the Court House is the power dam which was hand dug in 1963."     ( I do not remember who compiled that information but for sure it could not refer to the tusket power dam. )     Maybe some one can provide more information on the topic.    Thank you
They may have been referring to the construction of the fish ladder ?
Date: 6/27/2012
Name: Carole
Location: Tusket
E-Mail: crobin7074@comcast.net

Comments: How we love coming over to Yarmouth area for vacation!  We are all hoping the boat comes back on.  If so we can see Yarmouth tourism come back!

Date: 6/29/2012
Name: Cary LeBlanc
Location: Hampstead North Carolina USA
E-Mail: cleblanc4@yahoo.com

Comments:  My Grand Dad was Darcy Fitzgerald, who way back in life gave 5 children on a sunday in Church after his wife died. This is about in 1912.  My Mother Ella was adopted by Joseph & Philomene Surette on Pinkney's Point. Some many years later while visiting him he remarried and had a son Named Tim ? To let you now my Mom aunts and uncles are no longer with us . Could you shed some light on what happen to end Fitzgerald's on Comeaus Hill?


ate: 7/7/2012
Name: Debbie  Doucette
Location: Truro, NS
E-Mail: seasise-escape@hotmail.com
Comments:     No matter how far I move , Surette's Island is always gonna be HOME.

Date: 7/15/2012
Name: Walter M. Nichols
Location: Kemptville, Ontario
E-Mail: WalterMaxwell@sympatico.ca

Date: 7/26/2012
Name: Victor
Location: Bangalore
E-Mail: contactus@indiaflowerplaza.com
Comments: Nice Site. We at www.indiaflowerplaza.com want to get affiliated to you.

Date: 7/28/2012
Name: don gillis
Location: halifax
E-Mail: dgillis@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Just passing through looking for information on a lumber mill that my G-G-G-grandfather was involved with in  the area.
He was employed with the " Alfred Dickie Lumber Co"

Date: 7/31/2012
Name: Terri Williams
Location: terriw.enterprises@gmail.com
Comments: My Canfield ancestry leads to Abigail Hersey born 17 Jun 1791 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.  She was married in 1813 in Yarmouth, and she died about 1856.  I'm interested in any further information about her and her family.

Date: 8/2/2012
Name: Maria Storm
Location: Yarmouth

Date: 8/2/2012
Name: Raymond Surette
Location: Kitchener,Ont.
E-Mail: suretguitars@yahoo.ca
Comments: My grandfather was from Surette's island.His name was Nicholas Leger Surette.He was born in 1874.His twin sister was Leonice Surette.My father's name was also Nicholas Leger Surette.He was the second youngest of seven sons.We moved to Ontario in 1947.My wife and I and our grandaughter are coming to Yarmouth and area for a visit in one week's time.-----Ray Surette

Date: 8/4/2012
Name: michelle hillison
Location: North Carolina
E-Mail: michelle@hillison.com

Comments: My grandmother was a Babin from Eel Brook and her parents were living  on Surette's Island when she was born. Lovely to see this, thanks!

Date: 8/5/2012
Name: Ray Surette
Location: kitchener,Ont.
E-Mail: suretguitars@yahoo.ca

Comments: My first cousin Mary Lou Parker lives in South Ohio.I lived there for a few months in 1947 with my aunt Odelle Surette before my dad brought me to Ontario.

Date: 8/5/2012
Name: Lynne Fabricant
Location: Eugene, Oregon USA
E-Mail: lynnefabricant@gmail.com

Comments:    I am hoping to learn more about my great great great grandfather, Captain Calvin Valpey and his descendents. I am interested in any history about his father, who was ship-wrecked in the Tusket Isles.
   Calvin Valpey was captian of the Schooner "Eagle" which sailed from from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to San Francisco, California on April 20th, 1851.
   He was married to married Elizabeth Gardner, daughter of Captain Reuben Gardner of Yarmouth. They had 3 daughters and 3 sons. their names are Emma, Calvin, Horatio, Lizzie, Charles, and Alice.

Date: 8/6/2012
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: billboudreau@flash.net

Comments: Read "Expulsion - a 1755 Event" on website: www.billboudreau.com. Thanks, Godfrey.

Date: 8/12/2012
Name: Heather Lemoine
Location: Fredericton NB
E-Mail: hlarcher5@gmail.com

Comments: Hi,
Thank you so much for this site.  I have learned so much history. the reason this is so special to me is because my mother (Mildred Ann Pitman) grew up in Sand Beach and lived in the Horton House. I loved this house and visiting in the summers. I also loved listening to the fog horn at night as I went to sleep, and watching the fishing boats go out at sunset. If you have anymore pictures of the house I would love to see them.  Thanks again for bringing back such wonderful memories.

Date: 8/13/2012
Name: Jim & cindy Smith
Location: 38 Melbourne Rd., Arcadia, NS
E-Mail: smithbro@eastlink.ca

Comments: I was just interested in finding old photos of Arcadia, and came across your site.  My husband loves to swim in the Chebogue River when it comes in at high tide right in Arcadia by the road; I could see the remnants of a large post near the edge of the bank and wondered if there had been a building there or what, and now we know! You can see in your photo the wharf on the left.  Very interesting, thank you.

Date: 8/17/2012
Name: William (Bill) Surette
Location: Groveland Ma
E-Mail: wrs244@comcast.net
Comments: Son of Eugene Surette and Cecelia Surette (White) (Malden Ma)  Brother to (Agnas) Jean Doherty of Nashua Nh and Carol Killam of Florida

Date: 8/20/2012
Name: Lynda Maciejewski
Location: Alden, ny
E-Mail: Lmaciejew@aol.com
Comments: My mother was Margaret Marchand, daughter of Alvina and Alfred Xavier Marchand. If anyone would like to contact me, I would appreciate it.

Date: 8/30/2012
Name: Margaret Broderick
Location: St. Catharines Ont
E-Mail: margb@sympatico.ca

Comments: Nice to see pictures of where i orig. came from , lots of changes

Date: 9/7/2012
Name: Alice R. d'Entremont Cote
Location: Baldwinville, Massachusetts
E-Mail: a-cote@comcast.net


Date: 9/9/2012
Name: Bill Boudreau
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: billboudreau@flash.net

Comments: My new book, Wedgeport ~ Poems, Folklore, History, Images ~ is now available on Amazon.com



Thank you Godfrey.

Date: 9/11/2012
Name: frank trecartin
Location: dartmouth
E-Mail: whitmantp@eastlink.ca


Date: 9/11/2012


Date: 9/12/2012
Name: Alex, (Sandy) Christie
Location: Gulfport. Mississippi
E-Mail: alex.christie@att.net

Comments: If you go way back to 1994 in the archives you will find that I was one of the first to make an entry in the Guest Log. I have made a number of entries since that time and do go back quite  often to peruse the latest entries.
I have made contacts with some long time friends and some of them as well have read my entries and gotten in touch with me. It is so very pleasant to have that experience. I intend to go on making the occasional entry, always with the hopes another long lost friend will read it and contact me.
I get back home once in a while, to be sure, not near as often as I would like it to be. And at age 67, I never know when the visit I am on will be my last one so I take each opportunity I can to come home.
Looks like now the next chance I will get will be in the new year, trying for a nice spring vist.
Had a wonderful time when a couple of my life long friends, Joey Haley, (also my brother-in-law), and Loran Allan came all the way down here to Mississippi to spend a way too short week visit with us. We even took an afternoon and went over top New Orleans which is only about an hour and a few minutes to get to from where I live. While we were over there we took an afternoon cruise on one of the old Mississippi River steamboat stern wheeler. We had such a great time out there on the Mighty Mississippi River.
Always something to do and something to see.
My door is always open to anyone who wants to come and visit,but please, do yourself a favor and do not come in the summertime. It way too hot and humid, you would want to spend most of your time in the air-conditioning of the house or a car.
I am very serious about the standing invitation. Just call couple of weeks in advance so we can have some time to prepare an entertainment schedule for you. The next time you see, Joey or Loran, ask them if it's true about Southern Hospitality.
Just please come and experience for yourselves.
Have to run ,supper is on the table. Which reminds me, ask them about the Southern Cooking they got to enjoy while they were here.
Take care my friends . May the Lord Bless and always keep you safe.
Sandy Christie

Email: alex.christie@att.net

Webmaster Comment:  Thank you for you letters All the best.

Date: 9/16/2012
Name: Heather
Location: Berwick, Maine
E-Mail: h.kodzis@getxsi.com

Comments: I am curious about family history.  What I know:

1.  Grandfather; Sylvain LeBlanc, born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia;
2.  Married to Mary Hayden, born in Guysborough, Nova Scotia;
3.  Arrived in Gloucester, MA, USA around the turn of the century.
4.  Children:  Kenneth, Richard, Arvila, Rita, Adele, Dorothy, Mariam Patricia, Eleanor.  Mariam Patricia (“Tish” or “Pat” to her many friends) married Andrew F. Cronin, their daughter, Corinne Patricia Cronin, is my mother. 
5.  The family settled in the Malden/Medford, MA area.
6.  My mother believes that the LeBlanc’s had been fairly new immigrants to Nova Scotia comparatively speaking.

Does this information sound familiar to anyone?  I am sure we still have family in Nova Scotia.
Come to think of it, my husband’s mother’s family is also from Nova Scotia.  Angus and Gladys Malcolm immigrated to the US and had Alexander Angus, James, John, Joyce, and Joan.  Joan Malcolm married Robert G. Kodzis of Saugus, MA and went on to have several children:  Kimberly, Joni, Robert Jr., Jayne, John (my husband) and Vikki.  I am not sure what part of Nova Scotia the Malcolm’s originated.

I wish you a friendly “Hello”/“Bon Jour” and a sincere “Thank You”/”Merci”!

Date: 9/16/2012
Name: Kathy McDonnell
Location: California
E-Mail: irishmcdonnell@gmail.com

Comments: Love Yarmouth and many other areas of N.S. but my roots on my Mother's side are in Deerfield, Hebron, Knowlesville, and early Yarmouth. The name is Whitehouse and i know the woods are full of them. I have been trying to contact Nels /or Bernice Allen as she inquired on another site about my Great Grandmother Mary Ethel Whitehouse. I would love to share info. and answer her questions as I have answers. My e-mail came back as unable to deliver. I recently lost my one remaining contact in Yarmouth, Ruth Porter 97 yrs.a cousin whose Grandmother was my great grandmother's sister.Last visit was in sept. 2008 but was in Peggy's Cove at B&B on morning of 9-11-2001. People all over couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. Thank you "Hand to man, heart to God"  Kathy

Date: 9/19/2012
Name: Ed. Smith
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
E-Mail: e.w.smith45@live.com

Comments: Hey Gang:
  It's me, again. My latest book, "Write From The Heart" was released a couple of weeks ago. I hope to be in Yarmouth for some time in October, and I'll have a bunch of copies with me if anyone is interested. I'm hoping to set up a book signing while I'm there. Will post more info as I receive it. To all who purchased my first book, "The Writes Of E.W. Smith", I thank you very much. According to Google, you've helped give it a five star rating. Lots more about Yarmouth in my new book.

Date: 9/22/2012
Name: Sharon Robart-Johnson
Location: Yarmouth, N.S.
E-Mail: samsrj@eastlink.ca

Comments: The stories about Sand Beach, Yarmouth County Nova Scotia are invaluable.  They keep the history of the area alive.  Thank you for sharing.

Date: 10/4/2012
Name: Joyce (Brown) Belakonis
Location: Dover, New Hampshire
E-Mail: jbela9@gmail.com

Comments: I was very excited to find this website as I recently found out that my paternal great-grandparents were from this area.  My great-grandfather was John Lockerd Perry and he married Minnie Cook.  My brother and I have the sexton and Masters Certificate from the Minister of Marine and Fisheries, Canada which was issued to him in December of 1881.  I wish I had learned more information from my grandmother, Henrietta Cook (Perry) Brown while she was still alive.

Date: 10/8/2012
Name: Arthur Davison
Location: 543 W Bluefield Ave Phoenix AZ
E-Mail: adavison2@cox.net

Comments: Davison forepeople lived in Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Date: 10/16/2012
Name: Ed Smith
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: e.w.smith45@live.com

Comments: Hi Folks:
  I'm home for awhile and will be holding a book signing for anyone interested at the Farmers' Market on Water Street on Saturday, Oct. 20,
from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. I'm promoting my second book, "Write From The Heart".

Date: 10/18/2012
Name: Helen MacMellon
Location: Amherst MA us
E-Mail:  Comments:

Date: 10/25/2012
E-Mail: surrette77@aol.com

Date: 10/26/2012
Name: Christa Durkee
Location: Reno, NV
E-Mail: litehousegrl@yahoo.com

Date: 11/1/2012
Name: hazel vacon reinhart
Location: Fort Erie, Ontario
E-Mail: hazelreinhart@gmail.com
Comments: My father, William Ambrose Vacon was the "cookie" or assistant cook
on his father's expeditions into the wilderness as a guide for hunters.
I recall my father recounting that he and his dad, Louis Alexandre Vacon,
were with Babe Ruth during one such trip.

Link: http://www.yarmouthvillages.com/babe/

Date: 11/2/2012
Name: Philip Caswell
Location: Jupiter, Florida
E-Mail: Philip.caswell@gmail.com
Comments: My grandfather, Frank Stanley Beveridge, grew up there, until he emigrated to Mount Hermon School in Northfield, Massachusetts about 1900.
Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.

Date: 11/2/2012
Name: Lynn
Location: DC
E-Mail: Comments:

Date: 11/8/2012
Name: Pat Morehouse
Location: Brandon Manitoba
E-Mail: Patmorehouse@gmail.com

Comments: So great to be able to see it again! Thanks!

Date: 11/15/2012
Name: Ed Smith
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: e.w.smith45@live.com

Comments: I had two successful book signings at the Farmers' Market while visiting friends and family at home in Yarmouth, and I thank those of you who participated in making my time there so precious. For those of you who purchased my last book, "Write From The Heart", I want to thank you ... right from the heart. I do hope you enjoy the book. For those of you who yet wish to purchase said book, the address is:
Baico Publishing Inc., 294 Albert St., Ste. 103, Ottawa, Ont. K1P 6E6
or, contact: baico@bellnet.ca

Date: 11/29/2012
Name: Marie

Here is a collection of stories about Christmas during the Depression Era, a time that was called the "dirty thirties".

How little we all had then, and that material deprivation served to enable us to really appreciate everything. It enabled us to feel sensations and emotions more deeply too, I think.

(Now, ahead in 2004, it seems that children of today can hardly appreciate colored lights in the same way as children did in the 1920s and 1930s, and little candies, new mittens, for example, because they are everywhere.)

Christmas time again! A wonderful time of year when people everywhere seem to be filled with excitement and good cheer. People (of our age now) like to reminisce about Christmases past and share heart-warming stories. I hope you who read this story will write your own favroite Christmas memories and share them with everyone. I would really love to read every one of them! Please just write them the way you would tell a friend your memories, and send them in.  ( Continued... http://www.yarmouth.org/villages/sandbeac/index.htm

Post Cards Yarmouth Area: http://www.avoiceinthedesert.com/yarmouth/misc/misc.htm

1. A Trip to the Grand Hotel: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia ...
2. YARMOUTH NOVA SCOTIA - Video Dailymotion

Date: 11/30/2012
Name: Mary Bochain
Location: Vail, CO


Date: 12/7/2012
Name: Geiselle Surette
Location: Delray Beach Florida
E-Mail: Geiselle@comcast.net

Date: 12/8/2012
Name: glen raynard
Location: toronto ontario canada
E-Mail: glenray4@gmail.com
Comments: any history sent our way would be great thanks for this beautiful history of my family.

Date: 12/8/2012
Name: glen raynard
Location: toronto ontario canada
E-Mail: glenray4@gmail.com
Comments: Thank you Jenessa Trask for maintaining this site

Date: 12/8/2012
Name: Jim Petrin
Location: Mavillette
E-Mail: jamespetrin@eastlink.ca

Date: 12/12/2012
Name: Mary Healey
Location: Oldham, Lancashire, England
E-Mail: magdalen1959@sky.com
Comments: Beautiful area. Was looking for you because we've received a Christmas card with a return address for Pubnico Nova Scotia - it isn't ours and seems to have been sent via the diplomatic bag. 
Wish we were there now. lol.   Have a great Christmas season.
Kind regards,
Mary. x

Date: 12/14/2012
Name: Ed Smith
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: e.w.smith45@live.com

Comments: Merry Christmas folks:
 I composed this poem a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I'd share it with all of you ...  Do have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastically Happy New Year.
Christmas Hug
E.W. Smith
Webmaster Comment: Thank you Ed... Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

At bedtime, every Christmas Eve,
When our stockings were well hung,
The fire down to ashes
And the caroles being sung,
We, in our pyjamas
Would, by the window, pause ...
To see if we could get a glimpse
Of dear, old Santa Clause.
We would gaze across the snowdrifts
And, we'd stare up at the sky ...
Hoping that we'd get to see
That reindeer really fly.

Then, Mom would tuck us into bed,
Making sure we're safe and snug ...
'Tis then we'd get our greatest gift:
That heartfelt Christmas hug.
Of all the gifts I've e'er recieved ...
And, of all the memories they brew,
The ones that cause the greatest warmth
Are of Mom and Dad and You.
The presents, wrapped, I'm grateful for ...
And, I thank our Lord, above;
But, the greatest gift my soul receives
Is knowing that I'm loved.

So, tonight as my great-grandkids stand
By the window, near the tree,
I watch their faces all a'flush
With innocence and glee.
Tonight, their Mom will tuck them in
Making sure they're safe and snug ...
And, I'll get to share my heart, once more,
With that precious, Christmas hug.

Date: 12/17/2012
Name: Marie
Location: pei
E-Mail: mrcob@eastlink.ca

Comments: What a beautiful and timely poem. Every child is infinitely precious and needs hugs every day, it's essential.  What wonderful memories you write for us! Thank you Ed.

Date: 12/18/2012
Name: clarence
Location: martique
E-Mail: cjoeph7@hotmail.com




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