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Yarmouth Guest Book  Volume #126  - Jan1 to Dec 31, 2014  
Name: Anne BT   Location: Rockville and New Hampshire    E-Mail: serenity@nhvt.net
Comments: This coming year will be a great one for Yarmouth.  For those visiting this page and haven't heard---Yarmouth is getting a ferry for 2014!  It will start in May and run through October.
If you thought about visiting Nova Scotia, coming home to Yarmouth for just visiting a piece of heaven--this year you can!  The welcome mat is out and there is so much to see and do.  The ferry is the Nova Star and you can check it out on line.
Families can be reunited and new friends will be made for sure. 
I am so glad this page is a part of Yarmouth's future!

Date: 1/1/2014   Name: Allan Kropelnicki   Location: Whitemouth, Manitoba.  E-Mail: bella7@mts.net
Comments: It sure looks like a beautiful area.  What is the main source of living now in this region??

Date: 1/2/2014  Name: Alice cusaboon Location: Victoria    E-Mail: wtroyman@msn.com
Comments: Hello my name is Troy waight son of Alice Waight her maidan name was Cusaboom, a few months I wrote a little story about her hoping someone might read it and and knew her from Yarmouth as this was her birthplace but again I misspelled her her maidan name in the write up this it's spelled Alice Cusaboom if you might have known my mom I would love to her from you you can read what I wrote a few months back.
Copy of that letter:
Date: 7/10/2013   Name: Alice Cassanon   Location: Victoria, BC  E-Mail: wtroyman@msn.com
Comments: Hello back in 2003 I wrote a comment on here asking if anyone knew my mother Alice Waight her maidan name was Cassabon from Yarmouth,NS but forgot to include her maiden last back then, just recently my mom Alice passed away peacefully  in hospital she had been sick just over a year at home where she spent her last years.  Again if anyone knew her from Yarmouth feel free to email me. Would like to find her mothers grave site as I plan to make a trip to NS next year with Alice and Raul her  husbands ashes.
Alice's son Troy

Date: 1/3/2014   Name: Lawrence Hemeon      Location: La Grange, Tx, USA    E-Mail: lhemeon@cvctx.com
Comments: Hi.  I'm planning a trip to Plymouth, Yarmouth later this year.  My grandfather, Charles Erven Hemeon was born there in 1878.

Date: 1/25/2014  Name: Jean Hickey ( muse) family    Location: Liverpool England   E-Mail: hickeyjean@yahoo.com
Comments: just seen this site my family  MUSE CAME FROM EeLBROKE so looking forwould to geting some more info' on yarmouth n.s.

Date: 1/25/2014  Name: Maurice Courchesne   Location: Weedon, Québec   E-Mail: jonquille@b2b2c.ca
Comments: We are  considering selling our house located in southern Québec and buying another house in the Yarmouth area. We live in a rural area and I retired from Domtar  few years ago. Have a good day.
Maurice and Aline.

Date: 1/26/2014  Name:  Grace La Rode  Location: Jamaica, NY   E-Mail: larodebrklyn@aol.com
Comments: Very interesting history. It is great to see that you are preserving your histor

Date: 1/27/2014   Name: Raynard Gary   Location: Picton on  E-Mail:

Date: 2/10/2014   Name: Karen Gavel Pitsanuk    Location: St. Andrews, MB  E-Mail: kglassie@aol.com
Comments: I was hoping to find out when Gavelton was established. Glad to see this site and hope it continues to grow.

Date: 2/20/2014   Name: Kevin Bishop   Location: Hamilton  Ont.    E-Mail: Kbsmeg@hotmail.ca
Comments: Born in Yarmouth 1955 ,grew up in south end on Queen St.,then Tooker St. Remember sookie,bunkie baker, Grayson Crocker. Remember my grandfathers store on Queen St ,Goudeys. My dad was a cop and my mom worked at Quality shoe store.attended old south end school,lots of fond memories.

Date: 2/24/2014   Name: John LeBlanc   Location: Ponoka AB   E-Mail: johnleblancdss@yahoo.ca
Comments: Great site

Date: 2/24/2014   Name: William(Bill) Flynn   Location: London Ontario  E-Mail: will-yum-can@hotmail.com
Comments: Hello,I was born in Yarmouth.At 65 now wanting to move home.Unfortunately on limited pension and trying to find an affordable place.Will continue with search and hope to be home by fall.Cheers to all.

Date: 3/2/2014    Name: Kevin bishop   Location: Hamilton on.     E-Mail: kbsmeg@hotmail.ca

Date: 3/13/2014   Name: David Edward Doucette    Location: North Reading, MA    E-Mail: d4mau2@gmail.com
Comments: My mother (Mary Helen Dulong (Dulin) was born in Belleville on 7/29/1907 and baptized in this church.  Her father was Jeffery (Siffrei) Dulin and her mother was Jane (Genevieve) Doucet.

I am only now starting a genealogy search!

Date: 3/26/2014   Name: David & Karen Surette   Location: Providence Froge, VA   E-Mail: djsurette@earthlink.net
Comments: It is so wonderful to see many people I know from around Surette's Island.  My family and I have visited for many years, the friends and family we have on the Island and in Yarmouth.  Hoping to see everyone this year as well.  It is such a beautiful place...

Date: 3/26/2014   Name: Catherine Pothier   Location: moving to West Pubnico   E-Mail: 24cpothier@gmail.com
Comments: Hello, 
My dad's parents were born in Wedgeport and I'm moving to West Pubnico.  Grandfather is Joseph Pothier & my grandmother is Selina Doucet.  I'm looking forward to bumping into some of my relatives again! 
kindly,  catherine Pothier

Date: 4/1/2014   Name: Jean Gillis Vanasek   Location: Shelby, North Carolina  E-Mail: jeanv3@earthlink.net
Comments: Love your website!  I would like to say hello to all of my Lent and Gillis cousins in and around Yarmouth.  Especially Tusket. 
I am a descendant of James Lent (1753-1838), an early settler and prominent citizen of Tusket and my 5th great grandfather. His great granddaughter, Mary Adelaide Lent (1846-1915), my second great grandmother, married Stephen Gillis (1837-1906), a master shipbuilder of Tusket.  They eventually moved to Boston, MA.  Although they moved away, they and some of their children were eventually returned and buried in Tusket.  It must be a wonderful area for them to have that as their final request.  I truly hope someday I can make the trip to your area and visit my roots.
Jean Vanasek

Date: 4/3/2014   Name: Joshua Gavel
Location: Victoria BC    E-Mail: josh@topshelf.org
Comments: Born GEORGE EDWARD GAVEL, to Margaret Mary GAVEL, daughter of John Gabriel & Eva GAVEL. I'm sure that we're somehow connected to the folks in Gavelton, outside of Yarmouth, NS. I was given up for adoption but only fostered, and spent years  searching for family. I found them in Centreville, on the Digby Neck and Marshalltown, near Digby, NS
I would like to find my connection to my family name in Gaveltown. Any information welcomed!
Thanks!     Josh

Date: 4/7/2014    Name: Margaret A Sweeney    Location: Cape Forchu, N.S.   E-Mail: msweeney@eastlink.ca

Date: 4/7/2014   Name: Linda Hicks Watson    Location: Dartmouth NS   E-Mail: linwats@gmail.com or m0mmaw@hotmail.com
Comments: I am just doing research into my family tree, wanting to trace my great grandpas James Alfred Hicks and James Hicks.

Date: 4/9/2014   Name: Cary LeBlanc   Location: North Carolina    E-Mail: cleblanc4@yahoo.com
Comments:  I knew of Pinkney's Point when it had only 21 houses. Dirt road, no electric, two telephones {Legeres & Potiers} Mail once a week Renken with horsse and wagon, Dr. O'Brien one house to house visit a year. He came by Horse and wagon went home with food stuffs & fish no $. Church packed every Sunday. And 3 Model T's. Times have certainly changed. My first visit was in 1931 & i am now 85 you can do the math. In 1954 my wife and i was here for New Years You started at the first house some Roppy pie and a drink on to the next house. And at the break of dawn we were on the wharf. It was as good as being in Times Square back in N.Y.where we used to live. I could write a book about "The Last Place God Built On Earth" My Uncle Ulysse use to say. I can say to you all just maybe if you beleieved that and the Church was still filled on Sunday it could be the town it once was. After all my years i can assure you he is still there. Here was a Man who just walk around and preached and had followers and to this day look at the Christin world he built. Billion's of people who call themselfs Christins And for you who don't beleive what do you cry out when you hurt yourself or fall You Say "JESUS

Date: 4/18/2014   Name: kingsley   Location: nigeria   E-Mail: obasonkingson@yahoo.com
Comments: Am looking forward to visiting soon

Date: 4/21/2014   Name: Thelma Wannamaker   Location: London, Ontario Canada   E-Mail: thelwann@hotmail.com
Comments: Looking for Cove Family in Nova Scotia and tie to ancestor(s) who came from "England?" Cannot find that missing link to overseas.   Can someone out there help me?   Have a tie to Yarmouth from New Jersey but no one from Overseas to Nova Scotia.

Date: 5/8/2014
Name: Cary LeBlanc
Location: cleblanc4@yahoo.com
E-Mail: Last place on earth God made

Comments: At age 85  my first trip from New York i was an infant age one. I spent manny summers while growing up. Dirt roads, no electric, two telephones, one post office once a week. One schoolhouse, a well attented Church on Sunday's. Cows to milk daily, oxen used for tractors. And a baseball team Felton Legere the pitcher. And Saturday night a trip into Yarmouth. Homemade bread, butter and molases to top with. Blueberry pies all you could eat. And my favorite dried codfish. Water from the well outhouses 2 & 3 seats. 21 houses and after dinner walks north to south or south to north.  My story would fill a book Dr. O'brien, Renken the mailman and the model T's 3 on the Point to start with. Interesting people T Dolph, Cecile and Joe Legere the fish buyer. My intrique was a limited education, men could build a house a boat and farm and still raise a family. Women could cook sew quilt all household chores and still have children . Many had musical interest and self learn to play an instrument. Yes the Point had God's print on it. My wife and daughter and i will be there in August Cary Le Blanc

??Date: 5/9/2014   Name: Anastasia Paparis   Location: Veroia, HELLAS (Greece)   E-Mail: anastpapa@teemail.gr
Comments: Dear Friends,
I am working on an exciting project related to ARCADIA, HELLAS (Greece). Because of your city's identical name as Arcadia, may I ask you to provide me with your local authority's post and e-mail details?  Thank you in advance,   All the best,
Architect A.U.Th., Dipl. Arch., PhD, Town Planner / Urban Designer U.C.L. (The Bartlett), M. Phil., 4, Poseidon's St.,
59100 Veroia, HELLAS (Greece)Tel: +30 23310 67846, Mob.: +30 6979484159E-mail: anastpapa@teemail.gr

Date: 5/14/2014    Name: Mary Bethune    Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia   E-Mail: marybethune2@gmail.com,

Date: 5/17/2014   Name: Jim Jeffery   Location: Yarmouth County   E-Mail: jcjeffery@eastlinl.ca
Comments: Nothing in the Guest Book since 2011. Is the Guest book shut down?
(Sorry had problem with website)

Date: 5/18/2014  Name: Jake   Location: Ireland  E-Mail: jakob.brennan@gmail.com   Comments: this website is so 1999

Date: 5/22/2014   Name: Valmond LEGER   Location: MIDDLETON, N.-E.  E-Mail: valmondleger@yahoo.com
Comments: J'aspire a visiter votre ile cette ete, ou au prochain preintemps. Coincidamment, nous avons un nombre de Surettes dans la famille qui sont residents du Nouveau Brunswick. J'aime beaucoup admirer les paysages de nos campagnes de la Nouvelle Ecosse.  A bientot!

Date: 5/26/2014   Name: emily   Location:    E-Mail: emily.ukblogger@gmail.com
Comments: Hello There!!   Hope you’re doing well!!
I’m Emily a content writer, I have a passion for reading and writing.
  Your Blog has the most Amazing posts on Travel. The articles are really Cool, Informative and Interesting for me mostly the "Surettes Island " was really innovative.If you will allow me to I would like to contribute at least one article on “A beautiful sunset view in Surette Island” just for your site <yarmouthvillages.com>. Please contact me if you would like to offer me a chance. I will forward some of my previous work and a bunch of good titles that can appeal to your site.
  So, please let me know your opinion. Looking forward to hear from you.!!
Hoping for a positive response.
Cheers,  Emily Matthews.

Date: 5/31/2014   Name: alfred norton   Location: portland me usa   E-Mail: alfred@maine.rr.com
Comments: we now have a lovely ferry portland /yarmouth the portland end has rail service throughout the us.  When eill Yarmouth connectvia Via to canada

Date: 6/4/2014  Name: Brenda Canady   Location: Massachusetts   E-Mail: brendacanady@att.net
Comments: Greetings,
My grandmother was Mary Louise Jacquard who was apparently adopted by Sylvain and Elizabeth d'Entremont in Yarmouth, approx. 1898/99.  She had a younger sister named Jenny who also later resided in Massachusetts.  It appears that my grandmother left Canada when she was 11 and by age 15 had my mom.  I'm trying to find out who her biological parents were so that I can trace my heritage.  Can you help?
Thank you,

Date: 6/20/2014   Name: Sallie Anderson    Location: Wallingford, Pennsylvania  E-Mail: eillas@hotmail.com
Comments: I am the great-grandaughter of Captain Alfred Durkee, who I understand from your website provided the funds to build the Carleton Library.  My husband and I will be visited Yarmouth to do some geneology research on the  Durkee family.  Would it be possible to visit the Carleton Village Library?  We will be in the area on August 23 and August 24, 2014.
Thank you.
Sallie Anderson
Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Date: 6/25/2014   Name: Sandra J. Bartlett   Location: Morganton, NC USA    E-Mail: ephesians237
Comments: Looking for ancestor.  David Morton may have been born in Kemptville sometime between 1840 & 1860.  Married to Julia Trott.  Child's name Bradford E. Morton.  Any clues as to where I may search?
Thank you for any assistance.
Sandra J. Bartlett
REPLY: Date: 6/27/2014   Name: Dot   Location: Nova Scotia  E-Mail: dotvallillee@eastlink.ca
Comments: Sandra Bartlett,  Is your email correct?  Couldn't send a message.

Date: 7/3/2014   Name: cathy bennett    Location: victoria, b.c.   E-Mail: jo2cat@hotmail.com
Comments: I'm looking at this web site as my husband and I are thinking of buying a home here.

Date: 7/18/2014   Name: Peter Surette   Location: Bradford, MA  E-Mail: petersurrette87@comcast.net

Date: 7/21/2014 Name: Pam Cotreau Brock   Location: Maryland, USA   E-Mail: pscbrock@verizon.net
Comments: I have not been to your area, but my father was born there and the family has a lot of history there.  I hope to visit one day.

Date: 7/19/2014  Name: Catherine Doucette Bourgeois  Location: Lynn, MA   E-Mail: cashyb7@verizon.net
Comments: My father, Laurence Frances Doucette, sisters Dorothy, Verna, Leona and a brother (name ?)  I know I probably still have relatives in Wedgeport.  I know my Aunt Leona married Valois Boudreau.  When my aunt passed, Valois married Rosalie.

Date: 7/25/2014   Name: jean nickerson    Location: overton    E-Mail: jeann@bellaliant.net   Comments: nickerson

Date: 8/5/2014   Name: Ossie Perry   Location:    E-Mail:   Comments: Nancy B was a 'girl friend' one romancing summer while vacationing with her parents at lake Annis !!

Date: 8/16/2014   Name: Leslie and Viola Allen   Location: Bowmanville Ont   E-Mail: lv.allen@hotmail.com   Comments:

Date: 8/20/2014    Name: Cary LeBlanc   Location: North Carolina   E-Mail: cleblanc4@yahoo.com
Comments:           Just spent 2 weeks in God's Little acre PINKNEY's POINT for a family reunion . I now at age 85 and made my first trip here when i was  1 year old and then spent every summer here. Thanks to my cousins Rosella & Herman  Saulnier, Lobster roppie pie clams and fresh from the garden treats. My wife Eveline, and daughter Simone, will take back to the U.S. a bank of family history and love. You who have the good fortune to live here should count your lucky stars, As this is the last place God built for the chosen few. Do keep the faith

Date: 8/23/2014  Name: Pierre J. Surette    Location: Montréal Québec   E-Mail: pierre_surette@yahoo.ca
Comments: Thank's for posting on my ancesters.

Date: 8/30/2014   Name: Ron Depatie    Location: Barrie Ontario Canada   E-Mail: robede@bell.net

Comments: Joseph Melanson and Mary Surette were my two times great grand parents , their son William Melanson married Clara Doucett at Yarmouth in 1904 , Clara was from Tusket and was the daughter of Reuben (Urbein )Doucette , my Ancestors were from the south of Yarmouth and were there for a few generations back . I was in the area in July this year for two weeks vacation . My Wife and i plan to go back one day soon . I would like to make contact with any one who had the same ancestors as myself in your area . Take care every one ..... Ron

Date: 9/6/2014     Name: Anita Donnellan     Location: Wrentham, MA  - USA     E-Mail: Massgrms@msn.com
Comments: My maiden name is Anita Surette.  My grandfather, John Alcide Surette was born on Surette's Island.  I didn't know this until recently, when I saw his immigration record with his birthplace listed.    Growing up, I heard many stories about Nova Scotia from my grandfather.  The first time I went to Nova Scotia was 1968, when my husband's brother married.  We have gone there many, many times since.  In fact, we are going up there in a few weeks.
I have never been to Surette's Island, maybe I might get a chance someday.

Date: 9/18/2014  Name: Lisa Courtenay  Location: Billerica, Mass  E-Mail: lcourt2000@yahoo.com
Comments: I too stumbled upon this site doing research.  My Grandfather, John Leo Surette was the lighthouse keeper on Pease Island for 30 years and raised his family there.  I would love to find out more about the Island and what it must have been like to do this (1922-1952). Lisa

Date: 9/18/2014   Name: Joe LeBlanc   Location: Cole Harbour, N.S.   E-Mail: jhl52@live.ca

Date: 9/26/2014   Name: Robert John Gavel   Location: Bellingham, WA 98229  E-Mail: robbyjon52@gmail.com
Comments: JUST LEARNED THAT MY BROTHER, HERMAN PASSED AWAY IN 2005.  I have not heard from him in over 15 years, Icalled to let him know my son had passed away and he seeme dvery arrogant  and standoffish so  I  let him allone thinking he would find me when he was ready
.  I don't even know his Wife's name. I want to know about Nova Scotia and our family tree that has been Expanded obviously. Please Contact me at the E-mail address I left with any Information that you think may help. THANK YOU< Sincerely   Robert John Gavel

Date: 9/29/2014    Name: william leblanc    Location: mass   E-Mail: billeb1800@gmail.com
Comments: Look for information grandfathers both  are name hilaire Le Blanc  one son of Pierre one son of Timothy

Date: 10/1/2014   Name: Karin Bugovsky-Gasteyer   Location: Vienna / Carleton  E-Mail: k.bugovsky.gasteyer@gmail.com

Comments: We love Yarmouth County and the friendliest people of the world.

The town have making many beautiful things, to welcome the visitors.  This year we make our holidays in July,  so we could visit many events.
Only the opening time from the shops should be the same time when the ferry landing.  The visitors have slept and want have action :-).
One idea for visitors,  make a little canada land or only nova scotia. Miniature buildings and the visitors can walk in hole canada.
We think about how we can start a business in Yarmouth and this is one of our ideas. Because we want to show this beautiful place many friends and visitors.

Nice greetings from Vienna

Date: 10/14/2014   Name: deborah mccomiskey   Location: conn,ontario  E-Mail: chickadeedm@hotmail.com
Comments:   looking for something else spotted this and decided to take a look noticed some mccomiskey's whom I have heard talked about through my mother in law whom was married to rufus mccomiskey i'am married to rufus mccomiskey's son Kenneth mccomiskey found this very interesting

Date: 10/25/2014  Name: Elizabeth Butler Staylor   Location: San Diego, California  E-Mail: lizstaylor@ymail.com.
Comments: Hello,
I am the great granddaughter of Damien Muise and Adele Catherine Boudreau whose mother was nee Pelagie Suret. I will one day visit Pickney's Point and Surettes Island in order to walk in the land of my ancestors. I would love to know more about my Acadien family and the land they loved.

Date: 11/10/2014   Name: Nick Giganti    Location: Bowmanville, ON   E-Mail: Bubsmeister@yahoo.ca
Comments: Hope to visit soon!

Date: 11/19/2014    Name: Diane Marie Surette Scureman   Location: Richmond, Virginia USA   E-Mail: dscureman@verizon.net

Date: 11/22/2014  Name: Margaret Lillian Overton   Location: Lund ,BC Canada   E-Mail: rmducharme1966@gmail.com
Comments: I have read that the name "overton" was originally used to describe the folks from over town.

Date: 12/4/2014   Name: Janet Surette MacNeil   Location: Franklin,MA   USA  E-Mail: jamettoonew@aol.com
Comments: I have visited Yarmouth, NS and Farther Clarence D'Entremont (I believe that is the spelling)in Middle West Pubnico, NS.  The book "The Development of an Acadian Village" "Surette's Island 1859-1970" by Neil Boucher is interesting but as I don't speak French it's a challenge. I understand that I am related to Marie Babine Surette. She was born in Piziquid about 1750. Her ancestors came over to the New World in 1639 with Razilly and Charnissy. This was from an article in a paper dated Thursday, June 29, 1939. I don't know the name of the paper. Sorry. I hope this helps anyone looking for information

Date: 12/12/2014   Name: bruce and neva doucette    Location: Grand desert   E-Mail: millerbruce2007@yahoo.ca
Comments: Mom and I looking at this site she remebers a lot of the names on the site as she is now 95 and lived in pembroke and born there....Arthur Cann her father Olive Cann her Mom

Date: 12/15/2014   Name: K. Watkins    Location: Yarmouth  E-Mail: watkinsdon42@hotmail.com




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