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Yarmouth Guest Book  Volume #127  - Jan1 to Dec 31, 2015  
Date: 12/21/2014   Name: Dave Hardy   Location: Clementsport, Annapolis County   E-Mail: dvddoodle99@eastlink.ca
Comments: Sounds like a way of life that is sadly disappearing due to that deception called ,"progress ????". I bet people still are comfortable to leave their keys in their vehicles 24/7 and their doors unlocked.

Date: 12/25/2014  Name: Martin Richards (Landry)   Location:   E-Mail: highroadsphoto@yahoo.com
Comments: I am part of the Landry and Boudreau families via my mother.

Date: 2/4/2015 Name: Alvin Stanley Hamilton   Location: Hopkinton New Hamshire U.S.A. E-Mail: algean@comcast.net
Comments: Hamilton  I am Alvin  [AL]  Hamilton   MY GRAND PARENTS WERE  Daniel Oscar Hamilton and Annis Jane Whitehouse Hamilton  My parents are Aubrey Delma Hamilton and Bertha May McGray Hamilton   They moved from Forest Glen Nova Scotia to Whitinsville M.A. USA in the early 1900's                                                           

Date: 2/5/2015   Name: Bradford R. Surett   Location: massachusetts   E-Mail:    Comments:

Date: 2/8/2015  Name: Marilyn Saulnier   Location: Arcadia  E-Mail: rozzy24@eastlink.ca
Comments: Wondering if anyone can tell me if Parker, Eakins ran a sawmill in either Deerfield-Haley Rd. or Pleasant Valley-Durkee Rd. around the 30's and 40's.  Thanks

BANGOR, Digby County  in the 1880s, a Yarmouth firm, Parker, Eakins & Co., operated the mill with a rather large crew of 28 men, he said.  (Source)

Date: 2/21/2015   Name: Sharon Rupp   Location: Hamilton, Ontario    E-Mail: Siradmin @sympatico.ca

Date: 2/22/2015   Name: John Byron Durkee   Location: Santa Rosa, California 95401  E-Mail: byronic1@comcast.net

Comments: There is a library in Carleton, Yarmouth Co. Nova Scotia it is my understanding that there is an extensive family genealogy there. Also the Yarmouth Herald did a detailed genealogy on the Durkee family among others. It goes back to William Durgy (O'Durgy ~1650) and supports the idea the William was captured in the Irish rebellion and sold into slavery for 800 pounds of sugar. He was shipped to Barbados and was a plantation slave there until freed by proclamation of King Charles on regaining the throne. Having no means to get back to Ireland he indentured himself to a businessman from Marblehead  (Ipswich?) and came to Massachusetts with him. He fell in love and eloped with a serving girl in his masters home (Martha Cross) and the rest is history.

From: Carmen Thibeau <cthibeau@eastlink.ca>    Yarmouth; Pembroke
Please  can you tell me if there was a steel covered bridge on what is now known as the Bain Rd and if so does anyone have a picture of it.    Thank you for your time

Date: 3/7/2015    Name: christopher muise    Location: chilliwack BC      E-Mail: chrismuise@hotmail.com     Comments:

Date: 3/15/2015   Name: sandra blackmore    Location: spry harbour,ns    E-Mail: couponcodes@hotmail.ca    Comments:

Date: 3/15/2015   Name: otto van barneveld   Location: chester   E-Mail: ottosunrise@ns.sympatico.ca    Comments:

Date: 3/18/2015   Name: June McDermott    Location: Cobble Hill, B. C.   E-Mail: junemcde@telus.net
Comments: Received this today which is the 18th of March, 2015. My family research many statements with "Snopes." Great service considering that much is said or reported that defies reason. How else could that be checked out. Many thanks for this service. June.
Webmaster comment:  Not sure what you are referring to?

Date: 3/18/2015   Name: Marilyn Saulnier   Location: Arcadia  E-Mail: rozzy24@eastlink.ca
Did the Bangor mill saw railway ties when Parker, Eakins owned it
?  Is there a written history of just what type of lumber it produced?

I am writing my father's memoirs and he worked for that firm from 1924 till 1982.  He remembers taking a Parker, Eakins truck to the mill and loading the ends of cut railway ties.  Just the correct length for a wood stove.

Also when did it pass from Parker. Eakins ownership?  They also owned a mill in Pleasant Valley Yar. Co. but at a later date, around the turn of the century. I understand they were operating the Bangor mill in the 1880's.

Any information you could provide would be appreciated.


Date: 3/21/2015  Name: Catherine Doherty  Location: Everett, Massachusetts USA  E-Mail: cadoherty11@verizon.net
Comments: Hi
I'm from Hannah Andrews family, trying to locate a burial ground for her and her husband Joseph E Hamilton, any infor would be great.     Great Granddaughter  Catherine Doherty

Date: 3/28/2015   Name: David Smith   Location: Edmonton, AB   E-Mail: davidyarmouth@hotmail. ca
Comments: My Father was once a Head Lightkeeper on Green Island from 1961-1970. I took my turn on Green Island in 1978-79. In 2014 I was home on Vacation and attempted a trip to Green Island just to walk the Island one last time but things didn't workout to get ashore but did get close to at least view the Island again. Will try again this year . However a few friends and I did get a tour of some of the Tusket Islands and truly enjoyed every moment.

Date: 3/30/2015   Name: Audrey Murray   Location: Sackville, N.S   E-Mail: audreymurray@eastlink.ca
Comments:  Love everyplace Acadian

Date: 3/30/2015     Name: Audrey Murray   Location: Sackville, N.S   E-Mail: audreymurray@eastlink.ca
Comments:  I would like to know why Rocco Point isn't here with a few pix as it is an important site for Acadians. I love you villages, stories, pictures and "tales " from the past.  Thank you , This is a beautiful site.  Audrey

1. Rocco Point Chapel & Trail - Yarmouth and Acadian Shores   | 2.  https://maps.google.ca/maps?q=rocco+point+nova+scotia

Webmaster Comment: I will have to go down there 
This is as close as I got

Date: 4/17/2015   Name: Perry Porter   Location: Alberta    E-Mail: pjporter@telus.net
Comments: Hi.... I came to Southern Alberta in 1960 from Hebron, N.S. Think its time to come back for a visit and soak up some wet salty air, however I think I'll wait for the snow to disappear first.

Date: 4/18/2015   Name: Anthony Tyler   Location: Masset, Haida Gwaii, B.C.   E-Mail: gavins.dad@hotmail.com
Comments: 7th generation Swindell from the Berwick area where I grew up. Hoping to get back to N.S. and settle in the Southwest where my parents have retired. Mom has been tracing the Pinch and Swindell families in the area.

Date: 5/2/2015   Name: helena doucette    Location: glenwood    E-Mail: hmyrer81@comcast.net

Comments: I used to live in glenwood when I was a kid    with my mommy and papa  I miss them so much

Date: 5/19/2015   Name: Tina Lemieux    Location: Mont Vernon, NH   E-Mail: september6740@yahoo.ca

Comments: I came across this site to find out where Comeau's Hill was.  I'm on Facebook and belong to the group called "Rappie Pie Rules" where a woman said she was from there.  I like to use the internet to learn more about the culture of my mother's family the Maillet's of Meteghan, Nova Scotia.  In this forum we discuss all the wonders of this Acadien dish of peeled grated potatoes, chicken broth and shredded chicken layered in a large stainless steel rectangular pan with high sides. 

A quick overview from the area my mothers from of making this Rapure: (for reference only)
Cook chicken in about 20 cups of water and season with pepper, onions & salted scallions.  Seperate chicken from bones, reserve on side and keep broth hot  peel potatoes and grate on small holes of grater using a clean dish drying towel, scoop batches of pulp into towel and SQUEEZE starches out use a few cups of cold water to reconstitute the pulp and make it smooth then add a "magic" number of cups of hot broth to the pulp to get a certain desirable consistency of which is usually only learned by being an elder family member with LOTS of experience

Layer in your "special" pan as listed above with:   Pulp slurry    Shredded Chicken meat   Pulp slurry   bake for several hours (about 3) till a crispy layer is formed on top.

There are sooooo many variations on this that the Facebook group came about on the subject for people to share and discuss them.

Date: 5/19/2015   Name: Mary Ann (Corning) Mitchell   Location: Sparks, Nevada   E-Mail: marymitch2010@gmail.com
Comments: Hi Jim:
Came across your great page as i was researching information for the revision I am doing on a book my sister wrote - Moses Perry: A Founding Father of Yarmouth.
Would love to get caught up on our families and more Perry (and Bain) information.

Date: 5/24/2015   Name: wayne doucette    Location: yarmouth nova scotia     E-Mail: wayneshandyman1952@gmail.com

Original request: http://www.yarmouth.org/s-book103.htm#Lillian
Date: 5/25/2015      Name: John T. Ford       Location: Québec City, Québec      E-Mail: johnford2006@gmail.com
Comments: This is an answer regarding Marsha (Berry) Farmer's request for information about Sylvanus Berry, his wife Lillian(Lily) Sisco, their son John Berry and his wife Florence Gray.
  Lillian Sisco( b. 1872 Chebogue, Nova Scotia- d. July 7 1959, Yarmouth, N.S.) was the daughter of Gibert Sisco(1848-1916) and Mary Elisabeth Turner( 1847-1923) she married Sylvanus Berry(b. Jun 8 1863, Pleasant Valley, N.S.) June 5 1890 in Milton, N.S. .  They had at least 11 children, John Melvin Berry( b. about 1902) was the sixth. Sylvanus Berry was the son of Joseph and Harriet Berry.
   John Berry married Florence Olive Gray, who was born in San Francisco, California in about 1903. Her father was John S. Gray( 1869-1907) who was born in Bangor, Maine and lived in Windsor, Maine with his wife, Margaret Boyle( b. 1881), who was born in Greenock, Scotland. John and Florence married March 15 1926 in Yarmouth, N.S. . They must have had your mother, Lillian Florence Berry shortly after that.  I don't know when or why they split up...but the marriage mustn't have lasted more than five years.  John Berry had a son with my great-grandmother Viola Crawford in 1933, he is my great-uncle, Hubert Sisco.  After that, John Berry had five children with Arthina Stephens, but was never married to her. They had three sons and two daughters between 1938 and 1945. Four are still living, to my knowledge.  John and Arthina lived in Montréal, Arthina moved back to Nova Scotia with one of her daughters and died there, John Berry moved to Toronto, and I presume he died there, but have no record of that.
  Hope that helps, and if you want to know more, please write me as several of your mother's half-siblings are still alive and have children and grandchildren and live in Ontario.

Date: 7/19/2015   Name: Harley Major  Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA   E-Mail: the2cruisers@gmail.com
Comments: You have a fantastic page. We can't wait to visit our Hurlbert & Perry ancestors there again!!

Date: 7/27/2015    Name: John P. Surette    Location: Lawrence, MA    E-Mail: jsurette3@homail.com
Comments: My Grand Father was Born on Surette Island
John Irene Surette

Date: 7/28/2015    Name: shanna    Location: United States   E-Mail: sloghry69@outlook.com
Comments: We found out this island was named after our ancestor.  My great grandmother was Surette

Date: 8/1/2015    Name: Pamela Morgan    Location: Calgary,AB   E-Mail:
Comments: I grew up in east kemptville, moved away in 1986, came back for visits every now and then but that's it. More updates to this website would be greatly appreciated and needed. Maybe a spot for people to tell of there childhood growing up in East Kemptville
webmaster comment:   I agree but usually facebook is what people use these days. If you have information you would like to add please send it along. and we will try placeing it at  http://www.yarmouth.org/villages/kemptvil/index.htm 
as we did for a lady from sand beach http://www.yarmouth.org/villages/sandbeac/index.htm   

Date: 8/2/2015    Name: Ray Surette    Location: New Hamburg,Ontario    E-Mail: suretguitars@yahoo.ca
Comments: Hi;I was born in Yarmouth in 1935.My dad,Nicholas Surette moved with my sister and I to Ontario in 1947.I always enjoy visiting my home town ----Ray

Date: 8/16/2015   Name: Vonda Roberts   Location: Southern California  E-Mail: vondabug@gmail.com
Comments: Attempting to trace back my Roberts line through Argyle.

Date: 9/6/2015   Name: Elizabeth Doucette   Location: Wedgeport, N.E.   E-Mail:
Comments: Just was wondering, how the village looks.

Date: 9/12/2015   Name: Patricia Sollows   Location:        E-Mail: Patsollows@gmail.com
Comments: Patricia Sollows, just looking up genealogy of name Sollows, people have been helpful

Date: 9/16/2015    Name: Gordon Churchill   Location: St. George NB    E-Mail:     Comments:

Date: 9/28/2015    Name: Didi Miesen    Location: Montreal, Quebec  E-Mail: didi1947@gmail.com
Comments: Hello,  I am moving to Nova Scotia and am interested  in the Carleton area - so am taking a look  at your site.

Date: 10/2/2015   Name: Jeanne Penney Tsakeres    Location: Pinkney PT, Narragansett,R.I.   E-Mail:
Comments: Great to see this site about one of the loveliest spots in Nova Scotia.  My mother, Bertha Melanson Penney was born on the point in 1912, the youngest of twelve children.  I traveled to Novie for the first time in 1953 and my parents eventually built  a house on top of a hill.  Our relatives could not understand why anyone would ever build on a hill and be so exposed to the weather but when they saw the view, they understood. Our family continues to use this house with the help of our wonderful relatives. ..God's country!

Date: 10/5/2015  Name: Elaine Marr (nee Pothier)   Location: Orillia, Ontario   E-Mail: elaine.marr55@yahoo.ca
Comments: Loved reading about my father's (Paul Pothier), home town. it was a walk down memory lane, remembering my childhood visiting my grandparents Matthew and Flossie Pothier.

Date: 10/10/2015    Name: Louise mollot    Location: Montreal   E-Mail: Lmollot@gmail. Com
Comments: Sharon Antony has done amazing job growing this company,and her service to people shows in her thoughtful acts like paddleboats n canoes for us visitors or residents

Date: 10/24/2015    Name: Estelle Maxwell      Location: Waller, Tx.      E-Mail: E1Lady@aol.com
Comments: My grandparents Anselem J. Comeau (October 6-1900) and Mary Evelyn Thibodeau Comeau ( October 17, 1905) were born and raised in Digby County. They immigrated to the United States and ultimately resided in Flint, Mi. They raised two children Joseph Louis Comeau and Rosemary Comeau Maxwell. My Mom married George Maxwell in Flint, Mi. I was born of that union. I now reside in a little town called Waller, Tx. This town is about thirty miles out of Houston. I do know that my grandmother's sister Zoe LeBlanc still has children in Digby County area of Canada.

Date: 11/4/2015  Name: Jeff White   Location: Waverley NS   E-Mail: dr.jeffwhite@hotmail.com
Comments: Heading into East Kempt this Friday, with plans to hike into Reeves.

Date: 11/7/2015   Name: Al Hamilton   Location: Hopkinton New Hamshire U S A  E-Mail: algean@comcast.net
Comments:      I am a desendent of Daniel Oscar Hamilton [Grandfather]and Aubrey Delma Hamilton [my Father] of Forest Glen Nova Scotia [ALSO] Aca Donane McGray [Grandfather]and Bertha May McGray [my mother]of Carlton Nova Scotia

Date: 11/17/2015   Name: Al Hamilton   Location: Hopkinton New Hamshire U S A  E-Mail: algean@comcast.net
Comments:      Daniel Oscar Hamilton and Annis Jane Whitehouse Hamilton was my Grandparants     Aubrey Delma Hamilton and Bertha May McGray Hamilton was Parants

Date: 11/22/2015   Name: Dave Taylor   Location: Mid Musquodoboit NS  E-Mail: davidt@ns.sympatico.ca
Comments: My Mother was Anne Brittain,dau of George B = P Lake

Date: 11/24/2015   Name: John Patrick Overton   Location: Weatherford, Ok  E-Mail: Patoverton13@att.net



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