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Name: Jeffrey Dawson

Location: Red Deer, AB
E-Mail: jeffreyd@city.red-deer.ab.ca

Comment: Say Hi to Mom & Dad Ulric & Betty Dawson 13 Chester St

Name: Bud
Location: Bedford
E-Mail: Fuller@ns.sympathico.ca

Comment: Linda, Yarmouth always has a place in my heart, it is where I was born and brought up. I try to visit every few years, most of friends there have died, but i still miss it.

Name: Wanda Morgan
Location: Middletown, OH
E-Mail: morganwl@muohio.edu

Comment: I have found your site most informative and interesting. We are planning a trip to your area this summer and would like to have some literature sent to us. We are interested in the ferries to Maine, accommodations, dining and points of interest. The mailing address is: Wanda Morgan 508 S. Highview Road Middletown, OH 45044-5037 Thanks.

Name: Frank Muise
Location: Summerside PEI
E-Mail: frankmui@atcon.com

Comment: Not a bad site! I lived in Yarmouth most my life,and I miss it some times.My mom and dad still live in Brooklyn,Bill & Gloria Muise.Say hi to them for me!THANKS

Name: Dangerous Danny Davis
Location: The WWF
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: I would like to say that Yarmouth is one of the roughest towns on earth. Peace out to Keith B, and of course the one and only Geoff McGray.

Name: Its Mine!!!!!! (Cathy)
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: ycta@auracom.com

Comment: Finally, I was able to browse our site. Looks great GJ!!!

Name: Richard Jones
Location: Ormond Beach FL 32174
E-Mail: jonesr14@mail.firn.edu

Comment: Several years ago, my wife and I took the ferry to Yarmouth. We arrived late at night and had accommodations about 12 miles outside Yarmouth. I cannot remember the name. The hotel had a very large stone or brick building with a pub and large dining room overlooking the lake. We arrived in darkness and stayed in a wooden cabin with maybe four other units. I remember getting up at dawn and seeing one of the most beautiful sights. I plan to come back to Yarmouth this summer. If you can identify these accomodations and give me an address, I would appreciate it.

Name: kerry thompson
Location: deep river, ontario
E-Mail: s6le@unb.ca

Comment: i once visited yarmouth in the spring time. it was so beautiful and foggy. i didn't really see much but i had a dandy time. thanks yarmouth.

Name: Under Water Bill
Location: Newfoundland
E-Mail: wsmith1@inseine.ifmt.nf.ca

Comment: I have been diving for the past 5 months and i am intrested in reck diving. Could you send me some information on reck diving in your area. Thankyou very much. William Smith

Name: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Drozd
Location: Wading River, New York
E-Mail: hartwood@li-fish.net

Name: gail sherry
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
E-Mail: marlton@ibm.net

Comment: Hello Yarmouth! Nice to see you! I am originally from Nova Scotia (born in Digby) but my mother is from Yarmouth and most of her family is still there. Her father was Stayley Allen who was once Chief of Police. Haven't been back home in ten years but plan to in June for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. See you then.

Name: Marjorie (Harrison) Sprague
Location: Springhill
E-Mail: msprague@com.com

Comment: Just like to say hello to a resident (former ?). Hi, Irene Mallet. We lived on the same floor of St Mary's University. "A" house third floor. Have you heard from Liz?.

Name: Blair Baxter
Location: London Ontario
E-Mail: none as of yet

Comment: Great to see so much info on my home town. Been gone for almost 8 years . hi to all my old friends and aquaintances.send me a message I will keep in touch. HI TO MOM AND DAD

Name: Kevin Smith
Location: Calgary, AB
E-Mail: lakeside@cadvision.com

Comment: I am looking for information: Does Troy Lawrence still live in Yarmouth? Does anyone know Travis Burkett's e-mail address? Last I heard he was studying to be a genius for the government. If you know the answer to either of these questions or other members of the class of '83 please drop me an electric line.

Name: Tom Hillesland
Location: San Ramon, California
E-Mail: tomhills@ccnet.com

Comment: Hope to visit this August. Was looking for info on the ferry from Bar Harbor. Any info?

Name: Chris Penney
Location: Saco,Maine,USA
E-Mail: cpenney@lamere.net

Comment: glad to see my old home town is keeping up with the times ..i'd love to hear from any old friends from town,drop me a line and keep on surfin the net!!!

Name: DoDo
Location: Y.C.M.H.S
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Name: blair baxter
Location: london ont
E-Mail: bbaxter@abacus-cafe.com

Comment: Hi to old friends and neighbors drop me a line. great to see so much info on my home town. hi to mom and dad

Name: Pauline & Bernice d'Entremont
Location: Pubnico-Ouest
E-Mail: paulined@ns.sympatico.ca

Comment: Very interesting and thanks for posting our events.

Name: Warren Meuse
Location: yarmouth N.S
E-Mail: wmeuse@at-data.ns.ca

Comment: Great page.Yarmouth and counties has plenty to offer.

Name: John Olmstead
Location: Nanaimo, B.C.
E-Mail: Olmstead@island.net

Comment: Why is your airport not listed under the "Transportation" heading? Does the airport have an e-mail address? - would like to contact them. Thanks.

Name: Emery Peters
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: WOW!!!! This is great. Maybe I won't need that subscription to the Vangard to keep in touch!!!

Name: Jacqueline Saccary
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: saccaryj@atcon.com

Comment: I like your homepage. I plan on taking a whale watching tour this summer.

Name: Large Marge
Location: Portland OR
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: I love you guys

Name: amy mariaskin
Location: pittsburgh pa
E-Mail: amariaskin@juno.com

Comment: Hello, Planning a trip with my friend to Nova Scotia in June (the 14th to the 18th) Would appreciate any information you can send: Amy Mariaskin 6448 Monitor Street Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA

E-Mail: bbudge@mail.mbnet.mb.ca

Comment: Hi if anyone happens to see this message and maybe went to school with me please take a minute to drop me a line and let me know how everyone is doing and how things are back home.,

Name: Malcolm Surette
Location: Gatineau, Quebec
E-Mail: malsur@travel-net.com

Comment: I was at Yarmouth Vocational School 1956-58; anyone out there remember that far? :)

Name: Kelley Southern
Location: No Location Specif
E-Mail: ksouth@atcon.com

Comment: Great to see so many people from many different places have found the Yarmouth Homepage.

Name: Doug Johnson
Location: Smiths Falls, ON
E-Mail: djohnson@byfalls.com

Comment: I'm originally from Arcacia. Just checking to see if there are any familiar names lurking about on guestbooks or email listings. Be glad to hear from any old cronies or cronettes

Name: Richard/MariTess Crosby
Location: Oregon, USA
E-Mail: richardc@mailman.tvcc.cc.or.us

Comment: We have found your WebSite helpful in securing accomodations in Yarmouth during our upcoming visit. Pax

Name: jesie Fuentes: JO
Location: Hickory N.C
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: GET MORE BEANIE BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Ed Calvert
Location: Brandon,Fla.,USA
E-Mail: lordCalvert@worldnet.att.net

Comment: Greetings from soggy Brandon, Fla., to the town of my birth. I was up there in FEb. taking care of business, and had the opportunity to visit several places listed on your pages. The five-Corners Rest. was very nice.Ate there twice. Sat in on Lions Club meeting-always said you were a great cook, Bob. Visited w/ Mayor Crosby- a must, every time I get up that way. He does have Yarmouth at heart. Wife and I went to Candy factory. Community should help and make outside a tad more * picturesque * since it really is a community historical/cultural/tourist attraction. A visit to Yarmouth is not a visit without stopping by and saying hello to the very friendly folks @ ERNIES RESTAURANT. So what if not * Downtown*. It hasa a lot of the towns history on its' walls. Been there some time, too! That big,new store up past the mall- wow! It does coompare quite favorably to a superstore owned by "W****T. That Flowershop inside it is , my wife and I think, the best in town!! We still call them up for special occasions, and ask them to make flower arrangements for my mother, etc..

Name: Ed Shaw
Location: Digby
E-Mail: edshaw@marina.istar.ca

Comment: Any one out there that remembers The old Vocational School with Bob Smith and Mr.Hersey and Mr.Deveau. Those were the days! Left there in 1966 and followed "Toonkie" to Halifax - Been married for nearly 30 years. Joined the Air Force in 67. Great to see Yarmouth on Net. Don't live that far away,but only moved here from New Brunswick Feb.96. If anyone hears or thinks about a reunion of The old Voc. Please cound me in.

Name: Bernadette
Location: Florida
E-Mail: graham@iu.net

Comment: Planning on visiting for the first week of July. Need 1B/R cabin or effencies.. Preferably in Peggy's Cove. Please e-mail me with information and prices. Thank you, Bernadette

Name: Bernadette
Location: Florida
E-Mail: graham@iu.net

Comment: Planning on visiting the first week of July. Looking for a 1B/R cabin or effiency. Please e-mail me information and prices. Looking forward to our visit. Bernadette

Name: Eddie Shaw
Location: Digby (for now)
E-Mail: edshaw@marina.istar.ca

Comment: Looking for anybody I knew in junior high at Maple Grove 1980-1983. E-mail me, I love to hear from you!

Name: Harold K. Williams
Location: Wisconsin, USA
E-Mail: h.k.w@mail.tcbi.com

Comment: How about a Free Sample
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