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Name: Jeffrey Dawson
Location: Red Deer, AB
E-Mail: jeffreyd@city.red-deer.ab.ca

Comment: Say Hi to Mom & Dad Ulric & Betty Dawson 13 Chester St

Name: Jean-Luc Devis
Location: Baltimore, MD
E-Mail: Jean-Luc.Devis@jhuapl.edu

Comment: I really like the Web Site you have developed. I have visited Yarmouth and SW Nova Scotia for several years now, mostly by bicycle. I would very much like to relocate to your pleasant community. Do you know of anyone who may need assistance with marketing, publishing, or advertising. I am currently in that field and would appreciate any leads you may have. Once again, the Web Site looks great. Keep up the good job! signed Jean-Luc

Name: R.D.&MIckey
Location: Arizona
E-Mail: rdemore@prodigy.net

Comment: Real neat way to visit Yarmouth,like the jpeg of the town, hope to visit again,greetings from the Sonora Desert,105 degrees F. today Hello to George Rice,Bruce Bangay,Garnett Cann.

Name: Kevin P.
Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: Don't have one

Comment: Yarmouth is the best!

Name: Craig Boudreau
Location: Charlottetown, P.E.I.
E-Mail: boudreau@isn.net

Comment: Great web page. Ihope this gets there.

Name: Brian
Location: South Africa
E-Mail: bspurr@nn.independent.co.za

Comment: If anyone can tell me the best way to travel from Portland to Yarmouth and back I would be grateful. The best price regular sailing etc. Also want to know the public transport from Yarmouth to the Annapolis Valley and back. Cosy, and regularity etc. Please e-mail me. Brian - South Africa

Name: Hurls
Location: Rockville
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: I am a very cool man. Enough said!

Name: Jim Ellis
Location: US.Fl.
E-Mail: info@abcoamer.com

Comment: Will be visting Yarmouth on July 25,1997. Could you recommend a B & B for two adults, private bath. Thank you, Jim Ellis E-Mail info@abcoamer.com

Location: ONTARIO
E-Mail: garnet@aztec-net.com

Comment: Dave LeBlanc says HI! to Bobby & Judy Powers. Long time no see. Remember the " Big Rock " It's gone !!!

Name: Mike Janet Emily & Jill
Location: Yarmouth NS
E-Mail: jemm.stone@ns.sympatico.cTourist

Comment: All are Equal... All are Welcome!

Name: Marcia Rice
Location: Coos Bay, Oregon
E-Mail: rice@harborside.com

Comment: My mother's family are some of the first families to Settle Yarmouth area. Do you have a detailed historical map showing names of locations named after these early settlers.

Name: Craig Ewing
Location: Englewood, CO USA
E-Mail: Stargard@aol.com

Comment: Please send information for Yarmouth!

Name: Lauren L. YOung
Location: Enosburg Falls, Vt. 05450
E-Mail: lyrics@together.net

Comment: HI, My friends & I will be visiting Yarmouth in July. I am looking for a schedule for boatride from Yarmouth to Bar Harbor. Can you steer me in that direction. Thank you Please check out my website at http://www.cyberxpress.com/lyrics

Name: Andrea Macdonald
Location: Antigonish, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: Coocooo@hotmail.com

Comment: I am trying to find the E-mail address of my cousin who lives in Hebron (yarmouth)

Name: Fred Morton
Location: Oshawa Ont.
E-Mail: vfmorton@netrover.com

Comment: Hi Yarmouth I surfed in before but wanted , to mail my new E-mail address to anyone that wants to drop a line, love to here from people from the Yar. area,you have a great home page have met a lot of old friends on it ,thanks keep up the good work.....F.M...

Name: Joan K.
Location: Quincy, Massachusetts
E-Mail: kingsbur@tht.com

Comment: Does anybody out there in Yarmouth have a good recipe for Rappie Pie? I enjoyed having some while on vacation in Nova Scotia last year. I've looked all over for recipes and am dying to have a second helping, but since it is a regional dish to your area, all people I've asked have not heard of it. Thanks in advance!

Name: Barbara McGregor
Location: Massachusetts
E-Mail: barbmcg@worldnet.att.net

Comment: none at this time. first time at this site will come back later for sure thanx

Name: judy Frotten
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: dolphin@pathcom.com

Name: David C James
Location: No Location Specif
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Please mail the Yarmouth county tour guide book to this address: David C James 101 Gothard road Lutherville,Maryland,USA 21093

Name: Carroll James
Location: USA
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Please mail me a guide book to this adress: Carroll James 6717 Queens Ferry road Lutherville,Maryland 21239 Gratefully Yours Carroll James

Name: Marion Skakowski
Location: USA
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Please mail me a guide book to this adress: 104 Hedgewood road Lutherville,Maryland,USA 21093

Name: Odette James
Location: USA
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: PLease mail me a guide book to this address: Odette James 101 Gothard road,Lutherville Maryland,USA 21093

Name: Dale Skrakowski
Location: USA
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Please mail me a guide book to this address: Dale Skrakowski 15 Arwell court Carney,Maryland,USA 21236 Sincerely Yours Dale Skrakowski

Name: Margie Skrakowski
Location: USA
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Please mail me a guide book to this address: Margie Skrakowski 213 Townleigh road Reisterstown,Maryland USA Gratefully Yours Margie Skrakowski

Name: Mary Goco
Location: USA
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Please mail me a guide book to this address: Mary Goco 9205 Twin Hill Lane Laurel,Maryland,USA 20708 Gratefully Yours Mary Goco

Name: Linda Goco
Location: USa
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Please mail me a guide book to this Adress: Linda Goco 68641 Ducketts lane Elkridge,Maryland,USA 21227 Gratefully Yours Linda Goco

Name: Lisa Henry
Location: USA
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Please mail me a guide book to this Adress: Lisa Henry 12 Belfast road Timonium,Maryland,USA 21093 Gratefully Yours Lisa Henry

Name: Patricia Kelly
Location: USA
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Please mail me a guide book to this Adress: Patricia Kelly 6118 Everall avenue Belmar,Maryland,USA 21206 Gratefully Yours Patricia Kelly

Name: Falcon
Location: Oshawa, Ontario
E-Mail: Falcon @Durham.net

Comment: I cannot seem to find the schedules and rates for the Bluenose Freey from Bar Harbour Maine to Yarmouth. Could you please help?

Name: ed hatch ed hatchh
Location: bridgton maine.
E-Mail: unknown.

Comment: can the yarmouth vanguard be placed on the internet.

Name: Willy Drinkwater
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
E-Mail: Scot G1@aol.com

Comment: My wife Yvette, my two boys, Ian & Allen, and I have been coming "Down East" for years now....my in-laws, John and Emily Burke, (Bourque) live in St. Anne du Russeau on the Light House Route where they retired in the early eighties. Yvette's Aunt who passed away many years ago, Vicki Bourque, was a school teacher in Yarmouth County, until her retirement in the late seventies. Yvette's family are related to the Armstrongs' of Yarmouth that are in the Blueberry business & breeders of Little River Duck Dogs. I truely feel I'm "Coming Home" every Summer when the Scotia Prince pulls into Yarmouth.......

Name: Lauren Young
Location: Enosburg Falls Vt 05450
E-Mail: lyrics@together.net

Comment: Hi, We will be in Yarmouth on Tuesday night July 15th, 6 of us. appreciate your suggestions. I know we want to catch the seafood festival. any recommendations on accomadations. thank you

Name: Kenny "Bird" Cleveland
Location: Cambridge, Ontario
E-Mail: adinhole@easynet.on.ca

Comment: Hi, lived in Yarmouth until 1992, in Milton, and at Braemar Lodge, (home of a couple infamous toga parties). Having since been in Northern Alberta and now Ontario I realize how great Yarmouth is! It will always be home!

Name: specks
Location: Toronto Ontario
E-Mail: fyfe@yesic.com

Comment: Hi G.J..!!!! I would be the one who always picked on you cause of my Mom's apartment you used to rent ?? for those who know me my name is Karen/Kerry Hatfield I am the daughter of Martha Hatfield and Fish~eye Robicheau. HI Uncle Tic.....(my Godfather) I am origanally from Yarmouth and I am sooo pleased wit this home page and its guest Book...Great Idea!! I found this page at 2 am one morning while surfing and just throwing names in a search engine..!! I would love e-mail from anyone in the yarmouth area or from anyone from the yarmouth area..that is in their early 30's who went to Maple Grove...Yarmouth Highin the early 80's..... hope to hear from all of you soon...00

Name: Fred Morton
Location: Oshawa Ont.
E-Mail: vfmorton@netrover.com

Comment: Great home page, nice to see so many names I remember from when I used to live in Yar.in your guest book,feel free to e-mail when ever you want,have a great summer.

Name: mary
Location: College Corner Ohio
E-Mail: malone_mary@msmail.muohio.edu

Comment: Will be traveling to Bar Harbor this August. Hopefully we can take the Bluenose Ferry over to Nova Scotia. I would like to know of some interesting, exciting, relaxing things to do after getting off the ferry. We'll be on foot. Thanks!!!!

Name: Fred Mendenhall
Location: No Location Specif
E-Mail: allout@penn.com

Comment: Plan to visit your area in September. First time. Suggestions?

Name: George Prat
Location: New Orleans, LA
E-Mail: excel@acadianet.com

Comment: Please forward lodging information for the Yarmouth area.

Name: Thurman Rhodes
Location: upper Marlboro, md USA
E-Mail: trhodes818.aol.com

Name: David F. Martinez
Location: Corrales, New Mexico
E-Mail: none at this time

Comment: info on Yarmouth busses north

Name: Arthur
Location: York, Pennsylvania
E-Mail: mrcandee@aol.com

Comment: Am looking for the following, maybe you can help 1) Quaddy postcards 2) Cobalt Blue Swizzler Sticks 3) Books about W.C. Fields 4) Guinness Book of Records from the '60's 5) Ripley Believe it or not Books

Name: Kevin Crawford
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: kevinc@is.hbc.com

Comment: Great site. Yarmouth deserves to be well-represented on the 'net. Save some lobster for the next time I'm down.

Name: George
Location: Nashua NH
E-Mail: gcmartin01@sprynet.com

Comment: Plan to visit your location. Would like you to list ferries, times of departure and how to make reservations if required.

Name: Heather Crow aka Buzzie
Location: Forest Glen
E-Mail: bhcrow@klis.com

Comment: Just checking it out :)

Name: Margie McGrath de Vazquez
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
E-Mail: Mcamiro@ibm.net

Comment: Thank You for the nutrients page. It is very easy to understand and it is helpful. Gracias Margie
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