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Name: Jeffrey Dawson
Location: Red Deer, AB
E-Mail: jeffreyd@city.red-deer.ab.ca

Comment: Say Hi to Mom & Dad Ulric & Betty Dawson 13 Chester St

Name: Sonja
Location: Ontario
E-Mail: falcon@durham.net

Comment: just on the chance this is posted, and someone I know or am related to sees it... luv you all, and miss you. Hope things are as great as ever down there!

Name: Noel Page
Location: Boston, MA
E-Mail: m.noel.page@fmr.com

Comment: I am going to Bar Harbor next week and plan to spend an afternoon in Yarmouth. I have heard that the biking in Nova Scotia is amazing and is not to be missed!! I would love to hear from anyone who has biked there and can offer any words of wisdom. Thank You. Noel

Name: Joe & Heather Kossey
Location: Yale,British Columbia
E-Mail: kossey@uniserve.com

Comment: Beautiful senic countryside. Hope to visit in the near future

Name: Denise Tomaszewski
Location: Royal Oak, MI
E-Mail: dtpinecone@aol.com

Comment: I'll be in Bar Harbor, ME from 7-14 thru 7-22 and am planning on taking the ferry over to Nova Scotia. This will be the 4th time I visit Maine and I have yet to make the journey across to Nova Scotia....this time I have to.

Name: Randy
Location: Mittagong , Australia
E-Mail: randy@hinet.net.au

Comment: Just wanted to let you all know that things are okay down under and that I miss all the locals back home. Say hi! to jack Churchill and Ron Kelly. Talk to you soon Randy Kelly

Name: hawk
Location: toronto
E-Mail: henry.beer@sympatico.ca

Name: Nancy Cote'
Location: Port St. Lucie, FL USA
E-Mail: samie@gate.net

Comment: My grandmother, Hazel Sabean, was born in Tusket, Dec. 31, 1898. I am in the process of researching my family tree and decided to "visit" Nova Scotia by the internet. Hope to visit in person during family reunion planned for June 1998.

Name: Greg Bartlett
Location: Brunswick, Maine
E-Mail: gbartlet@col.k12.me.us

Comment: Found your website. My wife Charlene Bartlett and son Cody love to visit yarmouth, 2 or 3 times a year. Love the ocean sites, restaurants, lakes, and especially the people. I love to run the back roads for exercise and go sailing. Hope to visit again in early August. Hopefully some day soon it will be easier and quicker to fly or travel to beautiful yarmouth.

Name: Val
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: ab567@debbs.issc.ndhq.dnd ca

Comment: I grew up in Yarmouth, and my parents are still there, I will be retiring from the Military in a few years and will be moving back there, it is a beautiful place

Name: Nancy Cote'
Location: Port St. Lucie, FL, USA
E-Mail: samie@gate.net

Comment: Hi! My name is Nancy Cote' and I am originally from Quincy, MA. My grandmother, Hazel Sabean Babbitt, was born in either Havelock or New Tusket, NS in December 1898. I am related to the Sabean and Mullen families in that area. Am interested in corresponding via email with anyone from that area. I would like to find out if the house she was born in is still there. Her parents were Capt. Benjamin Sabean and Anna Mullen Sabean. Thanks!

Name: Ed Badeau
Location: Driftwood, PA
E-Mail: ebadeau@ncentral.com

Comment: It has been fun to visit your web site and we are even more excited about our trip now. Thanks!

Name: Patrick Deveau/patmic
Location: Odessa Texas
E-Mail: pmdeveau@iglobal.net

Comment: Nice to see some thing from home

Name: David McCarthy
Location: Cresson, Texas USA 76035
E-Mail: ft2ft@itexas.net

Comment: Just visiting electronic way to an area that I haven't visited in years and hope to some day again. A former South Shore resident.

Name: Gary A. Muise
Location: Reading, Massachusetts
E-Mail: gary_muise@millipore.com

Comment: Made my first trip to the land of my ancestors in June. Stayed at the Pines Resort in Digby. Had a wonderfull time. Visited long lost relatives in Yarmouth and Amirault's Hill. Stood in the house my ggggggrandfather built 212 years ago on Muise's point. (Sluice Point or Point des Ben). Bought an Acadien Flag and have it hanging from my home in Massachusetts. Will be back next year. Would like to correspond with any Acadiens interested in our shared culture and history.

Name: No Name Specified
Location: Toronto Ontario
E-Mail: fyfe@yesic.com

Comment: Hi looking for old friends from yarmouth to chat with on the net

Name: Dave Fowler
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: davef@klis.com

Comment: Yarmouth you have come a long ways, in a short time keep up the good work.

Location: TORONTO
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified


Name: Adam G. W. Vickery
Location: Yarmouth Nova-Scotia, Canada
E-Mail: kvickery@kllis.com

Comment: Reallly nice page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Joey Jo Jo Jr. the 3rd
Location: Halfway to hell
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: Yarmouth is a great town

Name: Carl Sgarioto
Location: Elmhurst, IL USA
E-Mail: marcar@dpliv.com

Comment: Hi! Your site is wonderful. It's informative and beautiful. I'm thinking of taking the ferry from Portland to Yarmouth then driving to Angonish. I need to know how long/far the drive is from Yarmouth to Antgonish. If it works out, we'll take a round trip on the ferry. Thanks for your help. Carl Sgarioto Just a short, but sincere suggestion to ask you to consider expanding your business into major Asian markets, such as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma and others, if you have not done so yet. What is Asian market, then? In Asia, there are 59 nations and territories. It represents huge amount of opportunities for Western enterprises. Let us simply pick 20 out of 59, feel the power, in US Dollars.

Country People Purchasing Power Export Import
Burma 46,833,990 47 billion 879 million 1.5 billion Cambodia 11,220,000 7.1 billion 243 million 633 million China 1,210,998,000 3.7 trillion 149 billion 132 billion H.K. 6,311,850 154 billion 177 billion 196 billion India 953,776,538 1.5 trillion 30 billion 34 billion Indonesia 213,344,750 711 billion 40 billion 32 billion Japan 125,996,385 2.7 trillion 443 billion 336 billion Korea (N.) 23,988,365 21.7 billion 896 million 1.3 billion Korea (S.) 45,983,453 592 billion 129 billion 135 billion Laos 4,998,545 5.3 billion 278 million 479 million Macau 497,537 6.4 billion 1.97 billion 2.2 billion Malaysia 20,238,637 195 billion 72.6 billion 72.4 billion Mongolia 2.884,738 5.24 billion 428 million 229 million Nepal 22,833,386 25.9 billion 438 million 1.42 billion Philippines 75,366,269 182 billion 17.8 billion 26.7 billion Russia 148,230,769 802 billion 78.2 billion 58.7 billion Singapore 3,406,388 66.3 billion 121 billion 126 billion Taiwan 21,590,377 290 billion 94 billion 86 billion Thailand 58,974,376 419 billion 46 billion 55 billion Vietnam 74,289,477 98 billion 5.8 billion 7.7 billion

Can you feel th– A

Name: Andy
Location: Lasalle, Qc
E-Mail: andyb@mbr.centra.ca or andyb@pmk.com

Comment: My wife and I have been yearly visitors to Shelburne where our daughter lives. We normally travel by either of the 2 ferries when travelling back and forth although the last time and the next time (in aproximately 2 weeks) we will be going the long way around via the Trans Canada Hwy.. Hava a good day....

Name: Drew,Yvonne Smith
Location: West Pubnico Yar.Co.
E-Mail: drewsmith@ns.sympatico.ca.

Comment: A very frendly and helpful site.
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