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The Log Report is an Internet meeting place where you can have your messages posted.
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Many people sign our guest book looking for information on the Yarmouth area.
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Name: Drew,Yvonne Smith
Location: West Pubnico Yar.Co.
E-Mail: drewsmith@ns.sympatico.ca.

Comment: A very frendly and helpful site.

Name: No Name Specified
Location: No Location Specif
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Name: barbara mcgregor
Location: Weymouth, ma.
E-Mail: barbmcg@worldnet.att.net

Comment: I have visited many many times both by ferry from N.B to Digby and by car up through Moncton and crossing over into Amherst. I have come home via the Sunset Trail. I have seen Glace Bay. I have visited with Chief Bernard of the Eskasoni and Chief Meuse at Bear River. Peggy's cove and Annopolis Royal, the Fort of Ste Anne. My heart is in Nova Scotia. A wonderful site, both of you. barbara

Name: Angela Thomson
Location: Prince George, BC
E-Mail: Angela_Thomson@mindlink.bc.ca

Comment: Yarmouth must be special - it certainly produces special people.

Name: Valerie
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
E-Mail: nesdart@star.net

Comment: Hi..I'm 43 years old and spent over 20 summers in Yarmouth,actually Deerfield. Love Nova Scotia. When theres more time my husband and I want to visit. Am looking for someone to correspond with from Yarmouth. I'm looking for some old friends and looking to make new ones.

Name: Kerry
Location: Toronto Area
E-Mail: fyfe@yesic.com

Comment: Hi everyone in Yarmouth if you would like an online chatting pal I would love it! I am 31 years old and was born and raised in the yarmouth area my maiden name was Hatfield. can't wait to hear from someone!

Name: Warren Allen
Location: Miami Florida
E-Mail: wpallen@gate.net

Comment: My father was born and raised in Yarmouth. I, my wife, and 2 boys just returned from a great 10 day visit to the area. We had a great time climbing rocks, fishing, paddle-boating, and visiting with relatives not seen in 25 years. Hey relatives!.... drop me a line!

Name: Lee McGray
Location: 2 Spruce St. Newport, NH 03773
E-Mail: leemcgray@turbont.net

Comment: My new address as of 8/1/97.

Name: bruce maillet
Location: williams lake bc
E-Mail: bgm@midbc.com

Name: f. deomampo
Location: sheboygan, wi.
E-Mail: fe_deomampo@ccmail.rustei.com

Comment: I visited your beautiful city of Yarmouth last May, stayed with a great lady by the name of Ms. A. Amiro. She lives by Milo Lake. Please say hello to her and to Dr. G. Sayat and his wife. Would love to come visit again someday. Great web page you have.

Name: Claude d'Entremont
Location: Lower Argyle
E-Mail: clauded@atcon.com

Name: Eric Foster/N1RZC
Location: Fairfield,Maine. USA
E-Mail: n1rzc@agate.net

Name: barbara mcgregor
Location: weymouth, ma. usa
E-Mail: barbmcg@worldnet.att.net

Comment: been reading your page over and over. just a great idea! I have actually seen names of people that I am researching and have e-mailed them. all the best and looking to my annual visit in the fall.

Name: Harold Grandy
Location: Yarmouth, N.S.
E-Mail: harold@klis.com

Comment: In case someone out there hasn't noticed, this area has recently experienced the start of a growing entertainment industry. As a technical assistant, agent,sound engineer, and musician,I have witnessed a lot of unsung talent. This summer's run of Play Yarmouth has generated a lot of exposure for our local talent. Wake up! It's more than resonable that said talent and talent producers have a space within the Grass Routes domain. I would be willing to contribute any pertainent info regarding this highly rewarding endeavor. Thank You.. Harold L. Grandy 70 William Street Yarmouth,N.S. B5A-1Y6 742-0153 Fax.742-0153 e-mailharol@klis.com

Name: Kerry Hatfield
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: fyfe@yesic.com

Comment: Hi I check this bulletin board every month for new messages.!!This is a great place to find old friends. I am from Yarmouth and I'm 31,,,anyone wanting to chat with me can just e-mail me !!!! I cant wait to hear from you

Name: barbara mcgregor
Location: quincy, ma. usa
E-Mail: barbmcg@worldnet.att.net

Comment: Hello! Just wanted to drop by to say how much I enjoy this page. Have seen some familiar names from my area and have e-mailed. Heading for Yarmouth and other parts of Nova Scotia in October. Looking forward to it. Bye for now. Barbara

Name: Jamie/ Jay
Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scoia
E-Mail: kellyjr@burridge.nscc.ns.ca

Comment: I have lived in Yarmouth my whole life ( except for 9 months) I love it here. Having a homepage of it is really cool!!

Name: Roger & Norma Bierbaum
Location: Pearland, TX
E-Mail: rebtree@ghgcorp.corp

Comment: We will be in West Yarmouth the end of September/first of October. Would like some ideas on how to spend our time.

Name: David and Donna Somerville
Location: Perth, ON
E-Mail: dsomer@perth.igs.net

Comment: Hi Yarmouth!!!! Just wanted to say hi to all our friends in Yarmouth we met during our year there...wee sure miss the ocean, the laughs and great times we had...can't wait to get back soon!!!

Name: Shannon Purdy
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
E-Mail: spurdy@shl.com

Comment: Yarmouth is my home although I have not been there for three years now. The older I get and the more I travel the world, the more I realize how much I left behind.Planning a short visit for Thanksgiving to see family and friends. Miss you- see you then!

Name: Harry Spies
Location: Germany
E-Mail: Harry_Spies@compuserve.com

Comment: I need more detailed maps, especially "Darling Lake"!

Name: Craig Boudreau
Location: Charlottetown, P.E.I.
E-Mail: craig.boudreau@pei.sympatico.ca

Comment: Great web site. It was nice to see where some old friends are now living....

E-Mail: pdFfran@autobahn.md.ca

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