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Many people sign our guest book looking for information on the Yarmouth area.
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Drew,Yvonne Smith West Pubnico Yar.Co. drewsmith@ns.sympatico.ca. A very frendly and helpful site.

Name: Dick Pothier
Location: Psychiatric Mental Health Ser.
E-Mail: Ca_team@mail.klis.com

Comment: Could you send me a list of resources in the Digby, Shelburne and Yarmouth areas if at all possible as well as things for families and children to do. Thanks

Name: Suzie Jackson
Location: Blacksburg, VA, USA
E-Mail: jacksons@vt.edu

Comment: Am looking for ancestors - Henry Vane Matthews, a sea captain from Yarmouth, married to Eva Jane Pierce. Their daughter was Annie Laurie born in Yarmouth 1890 (my husband's grandmother). They were neighbors to Tom Thumb. Where should I start looking for information? Eva Jane Pierce was the daughter of Elfred Pierce and Ann Maria Hemmeon Decker (I'm not clear on the maiden name - either Hemmeon or Decker). Eva's siblings were Emma E. Pierce (married Elfred Stuart), George, Charles, and Colin Pierce. I think Ann Maria's father was Rev. Philip Hemmeon who settled in Shelburne. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Tom Rogers
Location: Dartmouth, NS
E-Mail: tomrogers@geocities.com

Comment: Lived in Yarmouth for 20 years.....Class of '81. Visit my web site at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/8062/

Name: Oba Harding
Location: Vancouver
E-Mail: obah@unixg.ubc.ca

Comment: My Families from here! Say "hi" to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence please.

Name: ya
Location: Vancouver BC
E-Mail: grandmagus@rocketmail.com

Comment: Love the new construction. Keep up the good work. Derrick Thibeau derrick.thibeau@mailcity.com grandmagus@rocketmail.com

Name: Tyler Mailman
Location: Grande Prairie
E-Mail: No E-Mail Address Specified

Comment: There are not 101 things to do in yarmouth

Name: Doug Johnson
Location: Smiths Falls, Ontario
E-Mail: djohnson@recorder.ca

Comment: Just checkin' in...

Name: Heather
Location: Brockville
E-Mail: dvaughan@recorder.ca

Comment: All That I can say is that Yarmouth rocks!!

Name: Donna Gregoire
Location: Campbell River, BC
E-Mail: gregoire@online. bc.ca

Comment: Just saying hello. We used to live in Yarmouth at 57 William St. Enjoyed our four years very much. Hope Yarmouth is recovering after all its economic difficulties in recent years. Keep up the tourist promotions, particularly in the West. Most people are not that aware of what the East has to offer. Sincerely, Donna Gregoire

Name: Nina Franklin
Location: Kingston
E-Mail: slowhand@sentex.net

Comment: Hi, I am visiting my daughter in Brantford, Ontario right now, for Thanksgiving. I was formerly Nina Allen (Stayley and Viva Allen of South Chegoggin. My husband Tom and myself live in Kingston, NS now. Siblings: Liz Roberts, Reta Hemeon, Murray Allen in Yarmouth. Just sending a little hello, and wish for a great Thanksgiving. Nina and Tom and family

Name: Donald Gowdy
Location: Hudson,N.H.
E-Mail: dgowdy1@juno.com

Comment: Looking for Goudey,Goudie,Gowdy ancesters

Name: Doug Johnson
Location: Smiths Falls, Ont
E-Mail: djohnson@recorder.ca

Comment: Just checkin' in to see I recognize any names in the G'Book; not this time. Nice site...
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