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Last update April 4 1998

Date: 3/11/98
Name: Golmayo Santi
Location: The Hague - The Netherlands
E-Mail: golmayo@nc3a.nato.int

Comments: I am looking for the 1998 ferry schedule. Would it be possible to get this infor.
S Golmayo

Date: 3/12/98
Name: dan currie
Location: pictou
E-Mail: dancurrie@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: a great town website! I look forward to my next visit to Yarmouth.
Could you please e mail me the dates of your SEAFEST celebrations and who is organizing the parade.

Thanks Dan Currie

Date: 3/12/98
Name: Susan Surette
Location: Yarmouth Nova Scotia
E-Mail: ssurette.auracom.com

Comments: This is a great place to visit and I come back often as it changes all the time. I am doing research on Acadian names,and the internet has been very helpful, especially this guestbook. If anyone has an Acadian name, I will glady
help them get started, or if you will give me some information, I will put your branch on my ever growing-tree.

Hi Derrick and Josh, wish you both the best.
Thanks again Linda for the fine work.


Date: 3/13/98
Name: Gregg Becnel 1113 Colonial Dr.
Location:  Alabaster,AL 35007
E-Mail: becnelg@bellsouth.net

Comments: Could you please mail information on your area to my mailing address.  I will be in your area Mid Sept. Thank You.

Date: 3/18/98
Name: Renee Marie Boudreau
Location: Mohawk Regional High, Mass.

Comments: I like your websites, but I have been unable to find any information pertaining to the following towns:
Metagan and Saulnierville.  Metagan and Saulnierville are right near eachother and are near Yarmouth.
You can get to them by route 101. Going north.  My grandfather Joseph Michael Boudreau was raised
in Metagan. My grandmother, Marie Eugene Saulnier came from Saulnierville.
They both imagrated to the U.S. in the early 1900's.  I suggest you at least list the small towns
and villages near Yarmouth, even if they don't have a webpage.
I may not have found any information to help with my geneological search, but I found some interesting fact
about Yarmouth anyway.
       Renee Marie Boudreau
       Visiting from Mohak Reg. High
        Shelburne/Buckland Mass.
         Franklin Co.
        (I don't know our E-mail Address)

Date: 3/19/98
Name: celia(patten)waye
Location: Dartmouth
E-Mail: skcm@netcom.ca

Comments: Hi, I am from Brooklyn/Yarmouth
Its great to see home even if its on the net!!!
I have been looking for a irc chat server or bulletin board with people from yarmouth if anyone
knows of any please email the info :)

Date: 3/19/98
Name: lynn Carter
Location: Carlisle Ontario
E-Mail: lynn.carter@sympatico.ca

Comments: We enjoyed the information supplied on your website and look forward to checking in every once in a while to see the changes to your beautiful town thanks,  Say Hi to Bill Carter for us and wish him a happy 71st birthday.

Date: 3/21/98
Name: Sweet~Kerry
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: fyfe@yesic.com

Comments: I miss Yarmouth !! we were there in December and hope to return next December.
anyone want to e-mail me I would love to hear news about Yarmouth. fyfe@yesic.com

Date: 3/22/98
Name: josh
E-Mail: spencer@newulmtel.net

Comments: Thankyou for having this web page.  I will be visiting Yarmouth this summer

and this is my start to know where to go and what to do.

thanks, Josh

Date: 3/25/98
Name: John Chaput
Location: Chezzetcook NS
E-Mail: john.chaput@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Congrats on your page.  More town and cities in NS should
be as thoughtful.

Date: 3/25/98
Name: Caroline
Location: Vancouver Island
E-Mail: mcduff@islandnet.com

Comments: Hi ya Yarmouth!!
This e-mail is coming to you from a small mountain(the Malahat) located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. My Mom and Dad own the Austian Inn in Dayton. My brother Chris works there too. If anyone sees them could they please say Hello from me to them?....  Thanks and Cheers!

Date: 3/30/98
Name: Loraine Moore
Location: Cornwallis, N. S.
E-Mail: lordo@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: I was born and lived in Yarmouth for 22 years. So nice to see something about Yarmouth on the internet. Keep up the good work

Date: 3/31/98
Name: Angie
Location: Sydney

Comments: Hi, I like the page but I am looking for some information on the fisheries there can anyone help me. I'm looking for information to find out when it opens and closes. If anyone can help me thanks.

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