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Last update June 4 1998

Date: 5/8/98
Name: Patricia Stearns
Location: Joliet, Il 60433
E-Mail: Tish_Irish@yahoo.com

Comments: I am interested in learning more about Nova Scotia and particularly the South West shore.

Date: 5/8/98
Name: Patricia Stearns
Location: Joliet, Il 60433
E-Mail: Tish_Irish@yahoo.com
Comments: I am interested in learning more about Nova Scotia and particularly the South West shore.

Date: 5/10/98
Name: angus mac donald
Location: glace bay, cape breton
E-Mail: angus.macdonald@ns.sympatico.ca
Comments: hi folks. my wife and i own and operate Justamere Bed and
Breakfast in glace bay. we have 3 double rooms, 2 with
private baths. we are in a very quiet area of town. this is
our forth year of operation. so far, we have had visitors
from every province of canada and the yukon, about 25
american states, and 8 different countries of europe. we
would love to get e-mail from our former guests or from
anyone planimg a visit down this way. thanks.
angus mac donald

Date: 5/12/98
Name: Jonette Duffus
Location: Plymouth N.S.

Date: 5/12/98
Name: kelly hilton
Location: ycmhs
Comments: cool site

Date: 5/14/98
Name: Jim Kozo
Location: Forest Hill, Md USA


Date: 5/14/98
Name: Keith W. Goodwin
Location: Reading; MA, USA
E-Mail: mkllgood@msn.com

Comments: My father is originally from Lower Argyle. Although I have not visited Nova Scotia since 1972 I have very fond memories. I have recently started to research my families history. I hope to return to Nova Scotia some time this summer or fall to do some investigation into my families past. My wife's family hails from PEI which I hope to visit also.

Date: 5/15/98
Name: David H. MacIsaac
Location: Halifax Nova Scotia
E-Mail: Venom_inc@hotmail.com

Comments: Now working as a multimedia programmer at the largest multimedia company in the
Atlantic Region
Yarmouth was a great place to grow up in and is always great to come back to
since I'm only 3.5 hours up the road

Date: 5/16/98
Name: Betty
Location: New Hampshire
E-Mail: dbeattie@turbont.net

Comments: My Fiancee and myself are interested in getting married in
Nova Scotia,  What do we have to do to make this happen?
We are interested on the Fourth of July,1998 as a date.
Please advise if this is possible.
All your help is appretiated.
Thank you.
Betty Andrews

Date: 5/19/98
Name: Donald Gowdy
Location: Hudson,NH 03051
E-Mail: dgowdy1@juno.com
Comments: Great web page with lots of info. Will be in your town July
3-6 for a family reunion. Best regards, Donald H.Gowdy

Date: 5/22/98
Name: John Vermeulen
Location: De Pere, WI
E-Mail: JohnVerm@Bigfoot.com

Date: 5/25/98
Name: Susan
Location: Bucks County, PA
E-Mail: smark@bellatlantic.net

Comments: Beautiful place -- can't wait to visit!

Date: 5/26/98
Name: Richard E. Hood
Location: Verona, N.J. 07044-2522


I would like to Thank You for the information and the
Detailed Map you sent me.  The only thing missing is a form
or booklet so I will be able to get my Sales Tax and Value
Added Tax back on purchases that I will bring back to the
U.S. If you could send me this or let me know where I can get
one I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


R.E. Hood

Date: 5/26/98
Name: Jackie/Lowplaces
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: lowplaces@yar.auracom.com

Comments: I really enjoyed the infromation that was here on "The Cat"
Normally i don't enjoy travelling by boat, but i hope to give this boat a try.
Very impressive.
We of Yarmouth Must stand up and be proud.
                               Proud to live in Yarmouth
                                   Jackie  Jacquard

Date: 5/27/98
Name: ebean
Location: nh usa
E-Mail: ebean@cyberport.com

Comments: Had a good trip toN/S over the weekend of 23 to 25. great place. thank you.the beans of new hampshire usa.

Date: 5/29/98
Name: Paul E. Giroux
Location: Sebring, Florida
E-Mail: hico@strato.net

Comments: Looking for Macintosh users in Yarmouth area. Visiting son in August, would like some Mac questions answered.

Thank you

Date: 5/31/98
Name: Melanie Surette
Location: Yarmouth

Comments:    I was very impressed by the amount of information given about Yarmouth. This is very nice to see coming from a Yarmouth cictizen of 18 years.

Date: 6/1/98
Name: chris sabine
Location: yarmoth  nova scotia

Date: 6/2/98
Name: J.C.
Location: fort mcmurray alberta
E-Mail: jcb@shaw.wave.ca

Comments: eh ? after bunches of years, i can still smell my old
nova scotian sea air, unequaled on the face of this planet.
sure wish i could see a lot more of your coast line on picture who
knows, it could trigger some inspiration to put some on
canvas. There are a lot of bluenozers out here, and everytime
we meet is just like bonding with a dear family member. keep
your site- up, it's very refreshing.

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