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Last update July 4 1998

Date: 5/31/98
Name: Melanie Surette
Location: Yarmouth

Comments:    I was very impressed by the amount of information given about Yarmouth. This is very nice to see coming from a Yarmouth cictizen of 18 years.

Date: 6/1/98
Name: chris sabine
Location: yarmoth  nova scotia


Date: 6/2/98
Name: J.C.
Location: fort mcmurray alberta
E-Mail: jcb@shaw.wave.ca

Comments: eh ? after bunches of years, i can still smell my old
nova scotian sea air, unequaled on the face of this planet.
sure wish i could see a lot more of your coast line on picture who
knows, it could trigger some inspiration to put some on
canvas. There are a lot of bluenozers out here, and everytime
we meet is just like bonding with a dear family member. keep
your site- up, it's very refreshing.

Date: 6/4/98
Name: Troy Miller
Location: Ogden, Utah
E-Mail: tmiller1@weber.edu

Comments:  Just wanted to let you know that I lived in Yarmouth
for 5 months (Oct 95 - March 96), and I absolutely love the
 Please e-mail me if you can find an email address for
either Kirby Crosby (lives in town), or Jim Thibeau (lives in

Date: 6/15/98
Name: Mary Butler
Location: Warren, Vermont  USA
E-Mail: warren@madriver.com

Comments:  I would like any info you can send me on Yarmouth and Nova Scotia We have never been there and we are planning a trip we also need Hotel info thanks Mary Butler

Date: 6/19/98
Name: James Kozo
Location: Forest Hill, Maryland USA
E-Mail: ptsb0@bsco.sys.com

Comments: I like your page. This is just the type of data visitors need. Thankyou.

Date: 6/22/98
Name: Jim White
Location: Hudson, FL 34669
E-Mail: jwwhite@gate.net

Comments: My grandmother and Grandfather were both from Yarmouth (Tusket) Grandfather's name Joseph White (maybe LaBlanc) Grandmother's name Elizabeth Froton. Anyone know of any Genealogical info??

Date: 6/22/98
Name: Randy ONeil
Location: Goose Bay,Labrador.
E-Mail: SRP ONEIL@Cancom.net


Date: 6/22/98
Name: Randy ONeil
Location: Goose Bay,Labrador.
E-Mail: SRP ONEIL@Cancom.net

Comments: Can't wait to get HOME this fall for a visit.

Date: 6/25/98
Name: barry slade
Location: guelph, ontario
E-Mail: bslade@golden.net

Comments: lived in yarmouth until 1966.
father herman slade>>>>manager of NS Trust Co.
close family friends were the nickersons>>>clyde & ruth>>>
sorry to hear they passed away. my mother had a cookbook from the women's aux.>>>my wife
inquiring if still in print?

Date: 6/27/98
E-Mail: milda@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments:         I was Empress with all the pictures and Information of Yar. and all surounding areas. They are very Empressive  and Interesting. I enjoyed looking at this site. Very good work.

Date: 6/28/98
Name: Sandra Sabjan
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
E-Mail: sls@netcom.ca

Comments: Your site is great! I can see you have put a lot of work into it.
Too bad other counties, such as Queens Co., couldn't do as well.
                  Glad I discovered it!

Date: 6/30/98
Name: Jerry Gilnack
Location: Red Hook, NY
E-Mail: ggilnack@webjogger.net

Comments: Am looking for ferry information from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth and from Portland to Yarmouth.  Also wanted to know prices.  I did find Bar Harbor to Yarmouth schedule but no prices.  My wife Susan and I are going to visit you this fall for a few days.

Date: 7/1/98
Name: Bub

Comments: Yarmouth is the best place to live


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