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Last update Nov 311998

Date: 10/9/98
Name: Doug Johnson
Location: Smiths Falls, ON
E-Mail: djohnson@recorder.ca

Comments: Just looking for familiar names...

Date: 10/10/98
Name: Rob Heijermans
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
E-Mail: cannuck@bellsouth.com

Comments: We recently moved to the USA and REALLY miss Nova Scotia a lot. The clear waters, the easy-going lifestyle, and the warmth of the people are all indelibly etched in our memories. I flew over NS this week and found the scenery spectacular, both under a full moon and under a clear autumn afternnon sky. What a place! Can't wait for the next opportunity to come back. Greetings to Yarmouth, which we'll always consider our home town!

Date: 11/10/98
Name: Teri Porter
Location: Lethbridge AB
E-Mail: freon@telusplanet.net

Comments: I was just searching the internet on ideas for meat & cheese
trays & came across a web site for Atlantic Canada Superstore
My father was raised in Yarmouth, it was interesting to see
all that Yarmouth offers. I am planning on coming out east in
the near future. It made me more determined to visitm it will
be my husbands first visit. He never realized the history that
was in the area where my father grew up. it was very informative
& intersting.

Date: 11/10/98
Name: Dave Chambers
Location: Sharon,Mass.
E-Mail: dchamb4312@aol.com

Comments: My mother was born in South Ohio..Have visited Yarmouth this passed summer and it was great. Nova Scotia is a beautiful place and I hope to return soon.

                         Dave Chambers

Date: 11/14/98
Name: Beth Cruddas
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
E-Mail: 58Fiat@netscape.net

Comments: I was surprised to see this sight.  The information on this
web sight was much more than I ever expected.  Keep up the great work.

Date: 11/16/98

Comments: Who is the Yarmouth town planner? his phone manner is exceedingly rude.

Date: 11/17/98
Name: C.J. LeBlanc
Location: Kensington, NH USA
E-Mail: cleblanc@nh.ultranet.com

Comments: Yarmouth is a nice place, I've been there twice this year, and I'm going back up there for Christmas.
Very friendly people.

Date: 11/18/98
Name: D. bruce Frost
Location: Orleans, Ontario
E-Mail: d.bruce.frost@sympatico.ca

Comments: Great Page. As a former resident of Yarmouth it is good to see my old home town so progressive and on the net Way to go. If any Roberts, Raynards, Spinneys, Hines, Kehoes, Allens, Pinkneys, etc see this be sure and reply. would like to hear from you.

Date: 11/19/98
Name: Ed Goodwin
Location: British Columbia
E-Mail: cgoodwin@uniserve.com

Comments: Want to say hi to Capt. Ken Kelly, fire chief of yarmouth.

Date: 11/19/98
Name: Gordon Tomlinson
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: tomlin@idirect.com

Comments: Always a nice place to visit, wonderful people , town. I just love it down there. When Im not there my thoughts
are not very far away. Love you guys!!

Date: 11/22/98
Name: Stéphane Turgeon
Location: Victoriaville, Québec
E-Mail: turgeon_turlu@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi!

I will move in your town in December 1998...  I am looking forward to buy a house or to rent a house in your beautiful area by the end of December... I am anxious to live and enjoy the life in your community...

See you soon!

Stéphane Turgeon

Date: 11/24/98

Comments: HEY!

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