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Date: 12/1/98
Name: Evan Goodwin
Location: British Columbia
E-Mail: goodwin_e@yahoo.com

Comments:   I was born in Yarmouth. Moved to northern B.C in 93.
   I love it here!Really good fishing!
   The mountians are beautiful,skiing is great!
    I would like to visit yarmouth someday!
 Anyone who reads this is interested come to B.C for a visit
 you will be glad you came and want to come back again and again.
        For more info. write to me at...

Date: 12/4/98
Name: Barry Slade
Location: Guelph, Ontario
E-Mail: barrys@ionsys.com

Comments: Just reading the guestbook.
I would appreciate someone saying hello to the Nickersons
at the Yarmouth Wool Shop.
Hello, Scott Burton, if you are still living in the area.

Date: 12/17/98
Name: Steve Goudey
Location: fredericton
E-Mail: scotia@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: I am trying to get in touch with an old friend of mine. David Hurlburt. Dave used to live in Yarmouth. About 7 years ago graduated from Maritime forest rangers school in Fredericton. Last i heard he was working at Lo food in South Western Nova some where. David had 3 or four brothers all livng around yarmouth.Anyone know how i can reach him ?

Date: 12/29/98
Name: Fred Morton
Location: Oshawa Qnt.
E-Mail: vfmorton@home.com

Comments: Would like to wish everyone in Yarmouth a( Happy New Year)


Date: 12/30/98
Name: Faith Greene
Location: Lower Argyle
E-Mail: Greenfa.burridge.nscc.ns.ca


Date: 1/1/99
Name: r. hemeon
Location: australia
E-Mail: hemeon@terrigal.net.au

Comments: greeat site ,spent summers there in 1950's  thinking of going  back we'll have to get the foghorn restarted if i'm movng there.!!

Date: 1/4/99
Name: Linda
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: beebop@klis.com

Comments: I have been searching thru these pages and haven't
come across The Vangurd.. I read the Calgary Sun everyday,
I have also written to their Editor, as they have a editorial page
this is all done threw the internet.. I think Yarmouth
could benifit from this, by getting people from all across Canada to write in..
Well it is something to think about.
 <S> Linda..

Date: 1/7/99
Name: John Mooney
Location: Toronto, Ontario
E-Mail: moon@fss.on.ca

Comments: It is always nice to keep in touch with my hometown!

Keep up the good work.



Date: 1/8/99
Name: ---------d'entremont / (J_L_D)
Location:            lower west Pubnico
E-Mail: Jul5@caramail.com

Comments: very cool place (Pubnico rules!!!!!!!!!!!!) I no I live there

Date: 1/18/99
Name: Diana Domoracki
Location: Staten Island, NY
E-Mail: ddance1@banet.net

Comments: We are visiting your town the week of July 4 for ouy honeymoon. We realize we are coming up there peak season and would appreciate any timely reservation tips you could suggest. Also, are you free to mail tourist brochures of stuff to do in the area? Anything would be appreciated. Thank you. Diana Domoracki 46 Purcell ST. Staten Island, NY 10310

Date: 1/23/99
Name: Martha G. Franklin (Mott)
Location: North Carolina
E-Mail: JFMot @aol.com

Comments: Planning a trip to Nova Scotia this summer.  Need lots of details.  Bringing 7-year-old granddaughter and 11-year-old niece.  What do you have for them in the way of your wonderful history and topography?

Date: 1/24/99
Name: Cyncyr
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
E-Mail: nomad@cyberus.ca

Comments: Found this site, thanks to my baby sister and her hubby(Jim & Audrey Vaughn)
I think it's great! Look forward to hearing from old friends and acquaintances
and maybe even make new friends.
My parents are David G. and Rose Pothier from Wedgeport, say hi if you see them.
For those of you who are not sure yet who I am, my maiden name was Cynthia(Cindy)
Pothier, I married a Marchand in'77(we've since divorced) but in July '98 I married
Guy Cyrenne of Ottawa, so I now go by Cynthia Pothier-Cyrenne.
When I was 15-16, I lived in Upper Wedgeport with my Aunt and Uncle(Julie and
Leonard Cottreau)and attended school at SAR.
So if you know me drop a line, or if someone just wants to connect with a Nova Scotian
you're quite welcome to drop a line too!!

Have a nice day !

Date: 1/27/99
Name: Vance Rodney
Location: Quinan
E-Mail: Hardass@bigbiceps.com

Comments: I like what I see so far.  The ladies really seem to enjoy me
That is to be expected however.  I enjoy Shawn's survey as well.


Date: 2/4/99
Name: Mary J
Location: West  Dover
E-Mail: wmellis@sprint.ca

Comments: Hello Yarmouth.It's nice to see you on line as they call it.I am not from yarmouth but my husband is and we did live there for a long time. He is from Port Maitland.We also lived in Cedar Lake for a few years.We try to get back when we can and my husband misses it so.What we do miss is walking on the beach,for there is no place like that up here.you can't find a quiet place for a picnic or listen to the waves hit the shore or even hear the birds singing, just too many cars & people.we have been wanting to stay at the grand hotel for years but never did oh well maybe someday. We have a 28th anniversary comming up on March 15th a week in yarmouth sounds wonderfull. We do keep in touch with relatives and friends ,and from time to time i'll drop you a line ok. Bye for now Yarmouth   MARY J

Date: 2/4/99
Name: Karla
Location: Kent, NY
E-Mail: kmerrifi@brockport.edu

Comments: Dear Yarmouthers:

My husband and I will be arriving sometime in May via "The Cat"
and hope to rent an RV in Yarmouth.  However, I've not been
able to locate a rental outlet.  Can you please advise me
if there is one and how I may contact them?

Thank you!  We look forward to our visit.  Karla LIin Merrifield

Date: 2/4/99


Date: 2/7/99
Name: Urs DuBois
Location: Germany
E-Mail: dubois@main-echo.net

Comments: It´s good to see a web-site from Yarmouth. 15 years ago i viseted Yarmouth the 1st time. And sstill about every year I return to my friends the Bourge-family in Belleville. You shurly know Jacky, eh? Jacky from Tim Hortons. Tell her that I mailed. best regards Urs DuBois from old Germany

Date: 2/8/99
Name: george sims
Location: plymouth,n.s.
E-Mail: gdsims@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: interesting site!

Date: 2/11/99
Name: Nathan Hills
Location: Dartmouth

Comments: I rthought that your site was informative and educational.

Date: 2/16/99
Name: Allen
E-Mail: snietz@mail.ptd.net

Comments: Looking for Nietz family history.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Date: 2/17/99
Name: JohnI
Location: Edmonton

Comments: I,m looking for Holley Burns or Comeau from carleton ,she could reach me by leaving a message at my old number or adress I,m John from pictuo .county . I,m out west but would like to know how you and your family is doing.


Date: 2/22/99
Name: Juanita
Location: Arizona
E-Mail: saneone@netzone.com

Comments: Your site is great! I was born in Yarmouth and have tons of family back home still and I'm still Canadian.  Your site provides this homesick heart with what it needs when I can't get back there.  Thanks so much.  Is the Yarmouth newspaper online? I can't find it and I don't know if I'm just not looking in the right place.



Date: 2/22/99
Name: Terri Innes
Location: Cornwallis Park, NS


Date: 2/23/99
Name: Jack Looney
Location: Boston,Ma
E-Mail: Looney@umbsky.cc.umb.edu

Comments: I hope to return this summer with my class of university
students. As an integral part of our exploring coastal
environments,we will be sailing a classical tall ship,
ERNESTINA( EFFIE MORRISSEY ) to Wedgeport. It is a return
to my family roots as my great grand parent(father's Mother)
and family came from Halifax.Gerard Pothier of Wedgeport
is the uncle of a classmate of mine and I feel that I
really now the area as I last visited two years ago.I am also
loking for accessable sites of marine ,cultural,or political
importance that would be of value to the students.Would
appreciate any additional comments.

Do you have net accessable sailing charts of the immediate
Thanks for your help.

Date: 2/24/99
Name: Phillip Sweeny
Location: Guelph Ont
E-Mail: Psweeny@ uoguelph

Comments: I was told that you have a listing of the geneology of yarmouth names. Is this so and where would i find such.i am particularly interested in Sweeny ( note no e before the y)If so please let me know. How is the weather down there? I hope to be back there in June. Take care Phil

Date: 3/1/99
Name: Richard Knight
Location: Hamilton, Montana
E-Mail: elmtree@montana.com

Comments: We plan to visit this August, and are looking for accommodations at country inns.  Not much luck.  Can you help?  Thankyou, Richard Knight

Date: 3/3/99
Name: Randy Hinckley
Location: East Berne, NY  12059
E-Mail: RHinc88613@aol.com

Comments: Just surfin,  lived there  71/85  nice to see yarmouth again
  Hi!!!!   to the folks.  see ya soon

Date: 3/4/99
Name: Brendan Surette
Location: Halifax, NS
E-Mail: bsurette@is2.dal.ca

Comments: im a former yarmouthian....keep up tha good work yar!!!

Date: 3/6/99
Name: Marie McGovern
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: marietm@istar.ca

Comments: I'm looking for Yarmouth real estate, however, none of your Real Estate links work. Why is that?

Date: 3/9/99
Name: Roxanne Mac Donald
Location: Antigonish, N.S.
E-Mail: x98bvt@stfx.ca


Date: 3/9/99
Name: Joy Sanders Jaquish
Location: White Cloud,  Michigan
E-Mail: jlj@ncats.net

Comments: Hi from a former Yarmouthian.  I lived in Yarmouth for three years and finished high school there in 1970.
It was nice to visit Yarmouth via "the web"!


Date: 3/12/99
Name: Barbara Kendrick
Location: Atlanta, Georgia,USA
E-Mail: bk1204@aol.com

Comments: My husband and I will be coming to Shag Harbour in August, 1999 for a family reunion and we are looking for accomodations starting Saturday, August 14 to approximately Friday, August 20.  We are investigating B & B's, hotels, motels, tourist homes, RV campgrounds from Yarmouth to Shag Harbour to Shelbourne.  If you can help ua, please do!!!!  I have spent much time on-line and am becoming frustrated.  I am waiting for info to come from the Tourism Office in Nova Scotia, but it has not arrived as yet.  HELP!!!  We are planning to fly into Boston and rent either a car or a R.V. to drive to Shag Harbour.  Thank you so much in advance for any info..  Sincerely, Barb and Dayson Kendrick.

Date: 3/15/99
Name: Beth Cruddas
Location: Ottawa Ont/PortMaitland NS
E-Mail: 58Fiat@netscape.net

Comments: I am thoroughly impressed with thi sight.
I have spent many a summer in Port Maitland and never realized
how much there was to do.  I will enjoy this summer with my
children introducing them to new places we will visit together.



Date: 3/17/99
Name: Karen Edelin Strawbridge
Location: Ft. Washington, Maryland
E-Mail: karen.edelin@carefirst.com


Date: 3/18/99
Name: Tara May LeBlanc
Location: Red Deer, AB
E-Mail: wildtarme@yahoo.com

Comments: My family is form Yarmouth, I've been trying to find more about them, the LeBlanc family.  If anyone has any informaiton, any, please email me.

Date: 3/18/99
Name:  DMS
Location: MARYLAND


Date: 3/19/99
Name: Mao
Location: Bombay, India
E-Mail: ambiyem@icici.com

Comments: Hi,

I was on this site cause my friend Shelly stays here in Yarmouth
and was just curious to know the kind of city she resides in.
Yarmouth seems to be a serene and a pleasant place. I am glad
that I got introduced to this city.  Thanks to Shelly.
Best regards for all of you out there.

Date: 3/19/99
Name: Rose Pictou
Location: Truro, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: page1@auracom.com

Comments: Come and visit my Truro Website (unofficial). If you would like
to exchange links let me know.

<a href="http://members.xoom.com/truro_site">http://members.xoom.com/truro_site</a>

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