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Date: 3/27/99
Name: Ellen Moore
Location: North Carolinia
E-Mail: mooree@99.ashevieville-school.org

Comments: What is the scedule for Th'Yark this year?  Would you be kind enough to send it to me. Thank you, Ellen

Date: 3/28/99
Name: keny
Location: long island, ny
E-Mail: snowhahn@aol.com

Comments: taking ferry from bar harbour in end of july--want to know whats going on then--any help???

Date: 3/29/99
Name: Linzi
Location: windsor on
E-Mail: canadakicksass@myplace.com

Comments: i plan to be in the yarmouth area in late august/early september and am looking for reasonably priced accomadations. anyone with information please email me thnx

Date: 3/29/99
Name: SirGreasyFork(PtC)
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: adamv@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Good Page!

Date: 3/30/99
Name: guinevere broussard
Location: marseille
E-Mail: thewolf@spirit.com

Comments: am coming home. bringind my fiance'. hope to be wed soon. thank you for the update of my home area.

Date: 4/1/99
Name: Katie Boudreau
Location: Toronto, ON
E-Mail: katie.boudreau@utoronto.ca

Comments: I'm from Nova Scotia, I used to live in Bridgewater, but moved up here to Toronto this past year. My parents are from Yarmouth, so I am quite familiar with the area. If there are any people reading this who are living in TO, and who are from Bridgewater or Yarmouth (or any other part of NS), get in touch, send an email! :)

Date: 4/1/99
Name: dave
Location: malden, MA, USA
E-Mail: data_services@msn.com

Comments: Coming up to show a hundred or so of my friends Yarmouth, a place I have enjoyed.  We'll be coming in by ferry and staying June 12 and 13.  Feel free to send information on in-town attractions, as I will be making up packets of information to give out in early May.

Date: 4/2/99
Name: Quinn Taggart
Location: Pelly Bay, Nunavut
E-Mail: qtaggart@yahoo.com

Comments: nice site
good to see familiar names

Date: 4/3/99
Name: Bunch Andrews
Location: Redford, Michigan

Comments: Please put me on your mailing list at 9030 Kinloch, Redford, Michigan, 48239

Date: 4/5/99
Name: Phil Bancroft
Location: 545 North Road, Sudbury, MA US
E-Mail: pnbancroft@spryney.com

Comments: Will be in Yarmouth on a Cat ferry day trip in May.
Was overnight there on Prince of Fundy trip last year.
Eventually we will stay a while.

Date: 4/5/99
Name: Tammy Statham
Location: Poteau, OK
E-Mail: minipeny@clnk.com

Comments: Hopeto visit this summer.

Date: 4/6/99
Location: Ontario
E-Mail: pgareau@golden.net

Comments: Is 17 Collins still for sale? Is it fixable or beyond repair? Went through it a few years ago and was tempted but it didn't appear to be much employment in Yarmouth.  Really enjoyed the historic home you presented. Thanks.

Date: 4/9/99
Name: Phyllis Richan
E-Mail: prichan@excite.com

Comments: I will be visiting in late August  and  I am interested in any information about Nova Scotia and Yarmouth in particular.  Thanks,Phyllis
Richan 8650 Gulana Ave. C-2055 Playa Del Rey , California, 90293 USA


Date: 4/12/99
Name: Joanne Spinney
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: joanne@klis.com

Comments: It's neat to see Yarmouth with a presence on the Internet.  It would be nice to see more exposure for Yarmouth's "Cat", which is what I was hoping to trip across here.  Pictures of the Cat, and even the Scotia Prince might be a neat idea - sort of like a photo album.  Every little bit helps attract tourists and promote the community :)  Besides, it would make my hunt for Nova Scotia pictures much easier!

Date: 4/12/99
Name: David H. MacIsaac
Location: Halifax Nova Scotia
E-Mail: Superdave@hfx.andara.com

Comments: The yarmouth site is getting larger and larger this is a good thing.
Just thaught I would drop Yarmouth (my birth town) a good hello. Living in halifax I do get to see the town a couple times a year. Nice to see the waterfront looking better each time I get down

Date: 4/15/99
Name: AL      DAIGLE


Date: 4/16/99
Name: Dana
Location: yarmouth

Comments: nice homepage and nice town. great place to live

Date: 4/22/99
E-Mail: waynep1@ix.netcom.com


Date: 4/28/99
Name: Diane
Location: Maine
E-Mail: wildwood@ime.net

Comments: Looks beautiful so far and will be excited ti visit this July

Date: 4/30/99
Name: John Irving
Location: Martinique
E-Mail: jirvin@informatique2000.fr

Comments: Would love to have news from the folks at home!

Date: 5/3/99
Name: Gail Delaney
E-Mail: elsie@sunline.net

Comments: Beautiful area to visit and tour, will probably in the area end of june or early july,,,,

Date: 5/4/99
Name: Susan Billadeau
Location: Raymond NH
E-Mail: rayco@tiac.net

Comments: Great site..Informative..I'm planning my first trip to Yarmouth in September 99..Really looking forward to this..Interesting to learn some of your history before my visit..Thank You

Date: 5/6/99
Name: brian
Location: saint john nb
E-Mail: bearle@nbnet.nb.ca


Date: 5/6/99
Name: Paul & Ann Danforth
Location: Austin, Texas
E-Mail: pfdanforth@worldnet.att.com

Comments: Your Bay Ferrie home pagelooks great. We will be in Yarmouth, N.S. sometime in August and look forward to crossing over to Maine.  We have a 33' motorhome and a Saturn car behind.  I need your help to know what catagory lenth we would fall under.  Also if you have any written materials, our address is:
Paul Danforth
11921 Bittern Hollow
Austin,Texas 78758
Thank You

Date: 5/10/99
Name: Alicia Davidson
Location: Walkerton, Ontario
E-Mail: davidson@bmts.com

Comments: My name is Alicia. I live in Walkerton Ontario.  I have a boyfriend named Mike McIntyre.
Him and his parents once lived in your town and I was wondering if anyone remembered them.
Mike talks about this place frequently, and it sounds like a very nice place.  I even think
we might be going up there this summer.
So if anyone remembers the McIntyre name please e-mail me back.
Thanks alot, hope to hear from you soon.  Alicia Davidson

Date: 5/12/99
Name: Laurel Shellenberger
Location: Anacortes Wa. USA
E-Mail: HTLEZ@aol.com

Comments: We are planning on a visit sometime early September, we were wondering if there is public transportation that goes to Halifax? Thank you for any information you can email us.

Date: 5/12/99
Name: Laurel Shellenberger
Location: Anacortes Wa. USA
E-Mail: HTLEZ@aol.com

Comments: We are planning on a visit sometime early September, we were wondering if there is public transportation that goes to Halifax? Thank you for any information you can email us.

Date: 5/12/99
Name: Tammy Klaassen
Location: Penticton BC
E-Mail: rklaassen@img.net

Comments: I'm trying to track down an old friend.  Lois Russell, maiden name Cottreau.  We met in Calgary Alta, and have lost contact over the years. She is from the area and I believe she has other relatives near by.  Any info, would very much be appreciated

Date: 5/12/99
Name: Michael DeViller
Location: Gagetown New Brunswick
E-Mail: madmike@sprint.ca

Comments: Found you page while trying to find out family info on my grand parents who lived in Arcadia. Not sure of grand fathers name, but Cora was my grand mother's, and Alfred is my uncle's name. Uncle still lives in the old house. I like your page and if I had a map handy, it would prove to an interesting tour.

Date: 5/15/99
Name: Linda Nash
Location: Port St Lucie, Florida
E-Mail: Rnash@gate.net


Date: 5/16/99
Name: James Berens
Location: Myrtle Beach SC
E-Mail: snaphook@juno.com


Date: 5/16/99
Name: Peggy and Roy LeBlanc
Location: South Carolina
E-Mail: PEGLEG1@ftc-I.net

Comments: We would like to tell all Renee and Roy's friends, that they
are doing well.  Roy is a police officer in Anchorage Alaska.
Renee just graduated from Law School.  She graduated Magna
Sum Laud.  We lived in Meteghan Nova Scotia on the blue road.

Date: 5/17/99
Name: Anne-marie Mastraccio
Location: Sanford, maine 04073
E-Mail: amc_mast@yahoo.com

Comments: I am looking forward to visiting yarmouth in a couple of weeks. your site is a great help!

Date: 5/18/99
Name: Barb LaPorte
Location: North Hoosick, New York
E-Mail: btl@phin.org

Comments: Leaving for Yarmouth tomorrow, 05/19.  Can't wait.  Heard so many nice things about the place.

Date: 5/19/99
Name: Joan Moebius
Location: New Jersey (USA)
E-Mail: moebiusj@gw.wilpaterson.edu

Comments: Tried to send e-mail but it wouldn't go through.
Wanted info on day tours from the Ferry dock in Yarmouth.

Date: 5/19/99
Name: Nicole & Danisha
Location: Lake Doucette
E-Mail: Danisha_Nicole@hotmail.com

Comments: Very nice page.  It's nice to see somewhere close to home on the Net.

Date: 5/19/99
Name: Adam
Location: Boston, MA
E-Mail: adamaviva@erols.com

Comments: Excellent Web Site!!! Look forward to our trip to Yarmouth in 2 weeks!!!

Date: 5/19/99
Name: carol
Location: South Carolina
E-Mail: dh67@sccoast.net

Comments: HELLO

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