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Date: 5/20/99
Name: Warren Allen
Location: Miami FL
E-Mail: wpallen@gate.net

Comments: Warren Renate Jason and Ben Allen visited Yarmouth in the summer of 1997.
We had a wonderful time and it was great to get in touch with our historical roots.
I am the son of Roy and Addie Allen (Sarnia Ont). Roy is the son of
Yarmouth native: Stayley and Viva Allen of South Chegogin (sp?). Stayley served
on Yarmouth's police force for many years.

Anyone know any family history to share?

Date: 5/24/99
Name: ginny
Location: orillia, ontario
E-Mail: rvsmith@bconnex.net

Comments: This is really great.
I lived in Yarmouth for some time back in the forties
I have only left it in body ,not in heart.I was in my teens then and I could write a book.
Would love to hear from some one there,I lived on Beacon St.,

Date: 5/24/99
Name: Kim Mathis
Location: Hobart, Indiana
E-Mail: kim.mathis2@gte.net

Comments: I'm planning a vacation this summer to Bar Harbor, Maine, & plan to get to Yarmouth via Bay Ferries. Yarmouth looks like a very interesting place. Can't wait to get there!

Date: 5/24/99
Name: joanne hazelton
Location: ontario
E-Mail: countrygal50@hotmail.com

Comments: my father is from yarmouth\digby area,
i met very few of his relatives and would love to get
to know them.
fathers name louis (bud) hazelton mother hilda hazelton

Date: 5/27/99
Name: Megan
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: Meg_e_@hotmail.com

Comments: I think Yarmouth should have more for the teenagers ages 13-18 to do. Like dances for example. I the summer we have nothing to do , obviously ther are no school dances and If we wan't to go to a dance in the summer we have to drive all the way to pubnico to the Mink, and then drive all the wa y back, and that is a little hard when you don't have a licence, friends in pubnico you could stay wioth or parents that are willing to drive all the way out there and then pick you up again.


Date: 5/28/99
Name: Ronald W. Rochon
Location: Sudbury, Ontario
E-Mail: Ronald.Rochon@Sympatico.ca

Comments: I appreciate the time and affort that you have put into making a great web site.  Will see your part of the country in approximately 9 days.  Travelling out East via Quebec, Gaspe, N.B. and Halifax.  Good luck to you all.  Have not seen East coast in 40 yrs.

Date: 5/31/99
Name: Charles Earls
Location: Delaware, Ohio
E-Mail: earls98@earthlink.net

Comments: We are planning a trip to Acadia National Park at Bar Harbor
,(this August) and was considering a trip by the new ferry
 to Yarmouth.  As we will not have a vehicle with us, is
there anything we can do on foot while waiting for the
return trip back on the ferry?  (about 9 hours).
Any input would be apprecitated.  Thanks....Chuck.

Date: 6/1/99
Name: Chuck Stevenson
Location: Ontario
E-Mail: cstevenson@inhop.net

Comments: None of the Real Estate sites were available, can you give me some internet sites for Yarmouth Real Estate.


Date: 6/1/99
Name: Jonesman
Location: Essex,ma. U.S.A.
E-Mail: boatboy58@hotmail.com

Comments: Enjoyed your seafest two years ago, this july. Thanks

Date: 6/3/99
Name: Nancy Dunaway
Location:  Hot Springs, AR USA
E-Mail:  ndunaway@arkansas.net

Comments: Nice pages, lots of information, I enjoyed it

Date: 6/7/99
Name: Reid Nickerson
Location: Vancouver, BC
E-Mail: rcnick@uniserve.com

Comments: Love your site, helps keep me in touch. Born and raised in Barrington Passage. You can take the boy out of Nova Scotia, but you can't take Nova Scotia out of the boy.

Date: 6/7/99
Name: Tracy Barnes
Location: Calgary, Alberta
E-Mail: tbranes@osler.com

Comments: I am so glad that I was able to find some great photos of my home town to be loaded onto my computer as wallpaper and screen saver.  I miss home.

Tracy Barnes

Date: 6/9/99
Name: Carrie Terry
Location: New Minas
E-Mail: cterry@horton.ednet.ns.ca

Comments: If there is any way that anyone on staff of YCMHS could read this I would really appreciate it. I have been trying to email them for a long time with no success. Thanks.

I was a student at your school last year, and I would like to ask you to please consider reserving me a yearbook (if possible). I would love to have your yearbook for the 1998-99 year as a momento of Yarmouth and all my friends. I didn't have the opportunity to buy one last year, and I would love to have yours for this year because this is the year that I know thge most people attending your school. Please please consider me , I would appreciate it immensely!!!!!! my address is
1014 Russett Street, New Minas, NS, B4N 4A2
my phone # is (902) 681-1595. Please contact me to let me know. I would rather have your yearbook than the one from my school this year!!! thank you for your time and consideration. If you need to talk to anyone about this you could ask Natalie Sweeney, Ellen Sullivan or Jessi Fulton for any help, I'm sure they wouldn't mind.
Sincerely,    Carrie Terry

Date: 6/12/99
Name: Paul Collins
Location: Florida
E-Mail: PaulCollins@ieee.org

Comments: I don't know if you post these messages, but, anyhow, here goes:
My aunt, 94 years old at present, is originally from Advocate
Harbour in Nova Scotia. She is now living near Daytona Beach
 in Florida. She would especially enjoy meeting persons
who share her interest in the sailing ship days.
 In any case, she would be interested in meeting any
Nova Scotians who now live nearby to her in Florida. If you
know of someone, or have a suggestion in this regard, please
Email me at PaulCollins@ieee.org.
Thank you,

Date: 6/15/99
Name: K-G
Location: N.S.
E-Mail: shotokan_kelly@hotmail.com

Comments: Cool site, very helpful.

Date: 6/15/99
Name: K-G
Location: N.S.
E-Mail: shotokan_kelly@hotmail.com

Comments: Cool site, very helpful.

Date: 6/16/99
Name: matto
Location: ycmhs
E-Mail: starbuck@web.net

Comments: it works! it really works!

Date: 6/17/99
Name: Pat and Dave Wissman
Location: Charlemont, Ma.
E-Mail: a-dreal@valinet.com

Comments: Was looking through your page on what people had to say about Yarmouth. Wife and I are coming over on Scotia Prince, on motorcycle, July 10th, '99. This will be our third trip on bike through Yarmouth, and fifth trip overall into Novia Scotia. Beautiful country, not much traffic, and friendly people. Will be going up to North Sidney to catch ferry over to Argentia, Newfoundland, then up to St. Barbe and catch ferry over to Blanc-Sablon, Que. and Labrador, then get on cargo ship to Natashquan, Que., then head home to Ma. through Quebec City. Hope for no break-downs.  Dave

Date: 6/17/99
Name: M. Roshea
Location: Corfu, NY
E-Mail: rosh2@juno.com

Comments: We are planning a trip to Nova Scotia in August and I would

like some info on lodging.

Date: 6/19/99
Name: ray
Location: maine
E-Mail: joray@cybertours.com

Comments: Very nice work.

Date: 6/20/99
Name: Yvonne
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
E-Mail: BetyRubl@aol.com


Date: 6/20/99
Name: Keith and Peggy Milligan
Location: Lake Charles, La. USA


Date: 6/20/99
Name: Keith and Peggy Milligan
Location: Lake Charles, LA. USA
E-Mail: rkm_prm_lc@msn.com

Comments: We plan, along with another couple, to visit y'all in late
Sept or early Oct.  Is this too late in the year for slightly warm weather???  Literature indicates to make reservations for the ferry, "The Cat", is this necessary?

My wife and I live in south Louisiana, in Acadiana...are there any references of our area??  We noticed several towns in your area with identical names to some in La.

Suggest good places to stay and eat and visit.

Date: 6/22/99
E-Mail: gdgdg


Date: 6/22/99
Name: mandy frey
Location: ephrata PA USA

Comments: nice site. helped me plan for my vacation

Date: 6/22/99
Name: Faith Greene
Location: Lower Argyle
E-Mail: Greenfa@burridge.nscc.ns.ca

Comments: Argyle is a beautiful, peaceful spot where you can find
wonderful scenery, friendly folks, and great outdoor fun.
There is lots to do and even more to see, come spend some
time with us, you won't regret it!

Date: 6/24/99
Name: Jackie Palombi
Location: Hamilton, New Jersey
E-Mail: jpalombi@prodigy.net


Date: 6/27/99
Name: Mahmoud El-Begearmi
Location: Bangor, ME, USA
E-Mail: mahmoud@umext.maine.edu

Comments: We will be coming to visit soon.

Date: 6/27/99
Name: Kathy Hurst
Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada
E-Mail: hurstk@barriepuc.com

Comments: We have family in Yarmouth, and were curious to view images on the Internet.

Date: 6/27/99
Location: HULL , MA. USA


Date: 6/28/99
Name: Charles/ Peggy Blair
Location: LaPorte, IN 46350  USA
E-Mail: cblair@csinet.net.

Comments: any information appreciaated

Date: 6/29/99
Name: Rory Lennox
Location: U Brighton, NB was Gavelton
E-Mail: rmlennox@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: It was nice to come home even if only cyberly, This is a really good idea.

Date: 6/29/99
Name: Gin
Location: Georgia USA
E-Mail: vlee64@bellsouth.com

Comments: Just returned from South Ohio to 90 percent humidity.
And 85 degree temp. Needless to say I would rather put
up with the black flies at the lake.

Date: 6/30/99
Name: Melanie Mayberry
Location: Charlotte NC

Comments: Just wanted to see what Canada looked like.  I have a friend from Scotland that will be visiting Nova Scotia this month to compete in a bagpipe competition.

Date: 6/30/99
Name: Dawn
Location: Biddeford Maine
E-Mail: ashmack@cybertours.com

Comments: I was happy to be able to look around at this site because Pinckney's Point was my grandfather Devoe's hometown.

Date: 7/1/99
Name: ken & patricia  francis
Location: victoria b..c.
E-Mail: pfrancis@coastnet.com

Comments: i was borne in yarmouth and lived there  the first fourteen
years of my life.i went to st. ambrose school than center town then to the new juniour high school . moved to winnipeg
in 58.i lived at 79 water st. were planning a familey reuion
for july & aug in the year 2000. please send us information
on rates fore summer  and a bit of detialed  information.
of watre st and the lake milo area,

                     thank you ken francis

  #207-1550 richmond ave victoria bc v8r 4 p6

              250 5951617

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