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Date: 7/2/99
Name: Kathleen Goldy
Location: Orlando, Florida
E-Mail: kaethe@gdi.net

Comments: My mum lives on Cape Forchu - and grew up in Yarmouth.  All of these web sites have been a great help as my sweetheart and I plan our trip up to see lighthouses and go sailing this summer in Nova Scotia!
Thanks for all of the hard work put into these pages!!

Date: 7/5/99
Name: Dan Roepke
Location: Columbia, IL
E-Mail: metcalf@wholenet.net

Comments: Need tourist info for lodging in August.

Date: 7/6/99
Name: Christine Surette
Location: New York
E-Mail: christine_surette@mccann.com


Date: 7/6/99
Name: Stephen Surette
Location: Arlington, MA

Comments: I have read with great interest the comments of so many seeking family tree information. Copies of my book "TUSKET WEDGE," a study of the families of homes of Wedgeport, NS, are available by contacting this e-mail. Names include: BABIN, BOUDREAU, COTTREAU, DOUCET, LEBLANC, POTHIER, RICHARD, ROBICHAUD, SURETTE, and others.

Date: 7/7/99
Name: Glyn Land
Location: Langwith
E-Mail: land@netlineuk.net


Date: 7/7/99
Name: Greg Claus
Location: Plattsburgh, New York
E-Mail: gclaus@pressrepublican.com


Date: 7/8/99
Name: Geoffrey Johnson
Location: Bronxville, NY
E-Mail: gmjohnson@ibm.net

Comments: My family has owned the sea captain's house called "Four Winds" (across from the church) since 1947.  It's nice to see the history being preserved by this web site.

Date: 7/8/99
Name: Mark k. Brown
Location: PO Box 6,Warrensburg,NY 12885
E-Mail: mkb3@capital.net

Comments:  Looking forward to a business- meeting trip to your area in September.
My wife and I stayed in Yarmouth on our honeymoon 26years ago.
Looking forward to this fall.

Date: 7/8/99
Name: Cheryl M. Cote
Location: Bristol, Rhode Island USA
E-Mail: Cheryl_Cote@brown.edu


Date: 7/8/99
Name: Patty Kelly
Location: New York State
E-Mail: townmidd@catskill.net

Comments: Please sent tourist info and ferry info from Bar harbor to me.  planning a trip the 1st week in august 1999.  My Name is Patty Kelly, St. Rt. 1, Bx 66, Fleischmanns, NY 12430.  Thanks.

Date: 7/8/99
Name: Ginny
Location: USA
E-Mail: ginvikfan@aol.com

Comments: I am trying to do research on my family tree.

I am a decendent of Lyman Allen.  By names and a few dates I can trace Lyman Allen to me.  Is there anybody that can help me do my research?

Thank you

Date: 7/8/99
Name: Michelle Adley
Location: Framingham MA
E-Mail: madley@urell.com


Date: 7/8/99
Name: Connie Williams
Location: San Francisco, CA
E-Mail: cwilliams@fremontgroup.com

Comments: I grew up in Port Maitland and my name was Connie Noiles then.  I lived on Charles Street in the Ellis home until I moved to Massachusetts in 1956, I believe.  I try and come back every summer when my parents, Barbara and Carl Williams are there in grandma's house where I grew up.  In fact I will be there next week.  Finding this site was a great surprise and it's lovely.  Thank you.


Date: 7/9/99
Name: Al Palutke
Location: Stephens City, VA 22655
E-Mail: palutke@visuallink.com


Date: 7/10/99
Name: ed  and millie hatch
Location: bridgton maine
E-Mail: mph@megalink.net

Comments: just want to know how the labor strike at the rodds grand is coming along.during our vacation in may we talked and made friends with some of the folks on the picket line.tell shelly rose of 108 parade street we said hi.many thanks.ed and millie hatch.

Date: 7/10/99
Name: D. Surette Jr/ little Dungie
Location: ontario
E-Mail: spaceace@rivernet.net

Comments: Hello family: just a little homesick, need to see the sea.

Date: 7/11/99
Name: steve gee
Location: uk
E-Mail: spgee@globalnet.co.uk

Comments: nice page

Date: 7/14/99
Name: Martin Pothier
Location: Abilene, TX
E-Mail: nikonbld@camalott.com

Comments: My ancestry is from the Wedgeport area. I have an uncle and aunt,  Freddie and Susan Boudreau and many cousins in Wedgeport.  I used to spend summers there, staying with Willie and Therese Boudreau.  My mother is Irene (Boudreau) Pothier.  I get back there about every two years.

Martin Pothier

Date: 7/14/99
Name: George and Diane Hefner
Location: Livermore, CA
E-Mail: hefnerg@home.com

Comments: How can we get a ferry schedule from Portland, Maine, and back to Bar Harbor, Maine?
 We plan to visit Nova Scotia approximately September 19-21,particularly Peggy's Cove, where Diane's ancestors settled many years ago.  Her maiden name is Dickson.  Any suggestions of things to see there, or in other parts of Nova Scotia, in a two day visit?

Date: 7/14/99
Name: Lorraine Hill
Location: Revere, Massachusetts
E-Mail: lorhill


Date: 7/14/99
Name: Lorraine Hill
Location: Massachusetts
E-Mail: lorhill@hotmail.com


Date: 7/17/99
Name: C. Jean Constantine
Location: Salisbury NB
E-Mail: sjdc@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: I stumbled across this great website.  I'm originally from Yarmouth and my parents have a cottage in Kemptville.  It is nice to see how the Yarmouth and County are depicted by this website!!!

Date: 7/17/99
Name: cN
Location: bRAZIL LAKE

Comments: I'm dissapointed about the Brazil Lake page.

Date: 7/17/99
Name: Doreen Somerville
Location: Burlington, Ontario
E-Mail: somerv@cgocable.net


Date: 7/17/99
Name: Doreen Somerville
Location: Burlington, Ontario
E-Mail: somerv@cgocable.net

Comments: I am interested in real estate sales in your lovely village

Date: 7/17/99
Name: G Grijpstra
Location: Holland
E-Mail: gerrit_grijpstra@hotmail.nl

Comments: It's an extremly nice place,beautiful pictures,it's sure worth a visit
regards Gerrit

Date: 7/18/99
Name: Dick La Pierre
Location: Naches, WA 98937   USA
E-Mail: plapi32633@aol.com

Comments: We are looking for more information on your area.
Rain Fall?
Tax Structure?
Cost of Living?  Price of a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, gallon of gasoline, dozen eggs?
We would very much appreciate any help that you could give!

Date: 7/18/99
Name: R. W. Lee
Location: Collingswood, N. J. USA

Comments: We're coming for a visit soon and look forward to it based on the information we've seen on your WEB-SITE.....

Date: 7/18/99
Name: Martin Pot;hier
Location: Abilene, TX
E-Mail: nikonbld@camalott.com

Comments: I am trying to locate my great-grandfather's house in lower eelbrook.  My uncle knows where it is, but I need a map so he can pinpoint it.  Is there a website that would have a map of the area?

Martin Pothier

Date: 7/18/99
Name: brenny
Location: toronto
E-Mail: bjspj@yesic.com


Date: 7/22/99
Name: Darrell LeBlanc
Location: Frog Point


Date: 7/23/99
Name:  Crystal Durkee
Location: Calgary Alberta
E-Mail: cdurkee1@sprint.ca

Comments: Nice to see home town on here if you know me please write

Date: 7/23/99
Name: Ryan King
Location: Calgary Alberta
E-Mail: cdurkee1@sprint.ca

Comments: Hey good to see the home town please write

Date: 7/23/99
Name: Paul Blanchard
Location: Stratford-Upon-Avon, England
E-Mail: ppblanchard@brookes.ac.uk

Comments: I have enjoyed finding your website.
I would love to see some pictures of the village on the net.
I was born in this location in 1947 (although my birth
certificate shows the village as called Reynardton),
my father being Raymond John Blanchard. I have lived in the
UK since the age of five, but feel that I must go back to
my roots soon.

Paul Blanchard


Date: 7/23/99
Name: Mike and Bev
Location: Pictou, NS
E-Mail: bev.mac@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: My sister and her family live in Wedgeport.  A nice place to
be.  Hope to get to visit her more often.  I am looking for
the fella who runs the airport, forget his name.  His wife
knits alot and sells her products at the local flea markets.
If they can get in touch, I will let them know what about.
Thanks, and by the way--Great site!

Date: 7/25/99
Name: catherine newell
Location: rockville
E-Mail: cgnewell@klis.com

Comments: very nice place to visit

Date: 7/29/99
Name: Sarah
Location: New Glasgow, NS
E-Mail: it_fizzled@hotmail.com

Comments: I miss Yarmouth! I lived there for twelve years. I miss sitting in Frost Park
and eating Tim Bits on Saturday mornings. I miss going to Port Maitland beach,
the water was cold (your legs froze when you stepped in) but you didn't have
to worry about jellyfish.
 I miss attending Central School. I miss the field days, and playing in the
playground around it's trees. I miss all the friendly corner stores and knowing
who everyone is, I miss walking out my door and seeing the ocean.
 I guess I'm done reminiscing.

Date: 7/31/99
Name: Arne Proksch
Location: Verden, Germany
E-Mail: proksch.d-e@t-online.de

Comments: It is great to read about a little town like Yatmouth in the net.
Especially when you can read articles written by former school mates.
Go on like this, it is great to read about you guys.
All the best

Date: 8/1/99
Name: Ken Hall
Location: Ormond Beach, FL, US
E-Mail: kehall@n-jcenter.com

Comments: Planning a trip to Nova Scotia (Rossway was my Mother's birthplace - 1900) around Sept 11 - 17. Trying to find
nice, nice accomodations with ocean view in the Yarmouth area
that won't put this retiree in the poor house!

Date: 8/1/99
Name: sid skinner
Location: mission,bc

Comments: just visiting

Date: 8/1/99
Name: R Bradley
Location: Detroit,Me. USA
E-Mail: rbradlet@telplus.net

Comments: Neither Yarmouth or Bar Harbor seems to have any reference to the ferry that runs between them

Date: 8/2/99
Name: Jim DeViller
Location: Orleans, ON
E-Mail: jdeviller@sprint.ca

Comments: Great site. Veryhelpful. I am trying to find DeViller family links so the history and maps have been very useful. I would appreciate it if you could pass on my name and address to any and all DeViller's you know. I would love to hear from them and get info that will help me build up our family tree. My address is 1165 Medoc Court, Orleans, ON, K1C 2S6, (613) 834-9218 - jdeviller@sprint.ca
Thanks for your help

Date: 8/2/99
Name: Lilian Maclean
Location: Dunfermline, Scotland
E-Mail: Lilian.Maclean@btinternet.com

Comments: I'll be spending a day or two in your area in early September and look forward to meeting the local community at that time. We'll be entering Canada via Halifax Airport and exiting on the Cat to Bar Harbor from Yarmouth. Can anyone put me in touch with a car rental company which will let me pick up a car at Halifax and drop off at Yarmouth?
Best regards

Lilian Maclean

 Date: 8/2/99
Location: California
E-Mail: Roemar@Prodigy.net

Comments: Looking forward to visiting in September,

Date: 8/6/99
Name: KIM


Date: 8/6/99
Name: Lori
Location: Etobicoke,Ontario
E-Mail: olive.hulan@sympatico.ca

Comments: Just arrived home today from vacationing in Yarmouth
and would like to say Hello to all of the friendliest people
that anyone could ever wish to meet.
I would also like to say
a special hello to TWO of my friends who i had the pleasure
of meeting for the first time....we became close friends via
the internet.....you guys are great.....you made me feel so
welcome and at home....it will be a holiday that will not be
forgotten for a long time to come.

Date: 8/6/99
Name: Connie Hubbard-Spacek
Location: Owen Sound,Ontario

Comments: Thanks for helping me find things to do with my children when we come down for a weeks visit.

Date: 8/7/99
Name: Khoo Seow Kiang
Location: Singapore
E-Mail: skkhoo@letterbox.com

Comments: Hello :)

Date: 8/7/99
Name: Shauna
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: me_13@gurlmail.com

Comments: It's nice to see a local homepage for a change. Keep up the good work.

Date: 8/10/99
Name: Kim White
Location: Hartland, N.B.
E-Mail: kim_white@sws.nb.ca

Comments: I grew up in Plymouth, N.S. and left for N.B. after high school. But my heart stays in good old N.S. and as long as I am away that is the way it will be!

Date: 8/10/99
Name: Joanne Telfer
Location: Hartwick, NY
E-Mail: JoJoTel@compuserve.com

Comments: We are hoping to visit in August of 2000.  We are a family of 4 (children's ages:  7 and 6 as of next year.)  We would like to rent a cottage/small house on the ocean.  We have found many advertisements and such, but living in upstate New York and looking at words about a place we've not been in years is difficult.  We would appreciate it if you could send us any rental property listings you have, and phone/addresses/names so we can contact people to get a better idea of what is available.

Your website is wonderful.  Each time I look here, there is something new for me to read about, and makes me want to come visit that much sooner!

Thanks in advance,

Joanne Telfer
189 Nersesian Road
Hartwick, NY  13348


Date: 8/11/99
Name: shirley forsyth clements haley
Location: british columbia canada
E-Mail: nlon@bc. sympatic.ca

Comments: trying to to trace my micmak heritage mother born at chebogue yarmouth county n.s. in 1902 out of wedlock. her father john haley,her mothers name julia,[ muise]?.clements? clairmont?,lumantang?,my mother had a half brother , first born of julias ,born before 1902.also had a brother harvey haley and a sister gertrude.she had a aunt gertrude ,last name muise,possibly her married name. had an uncle alfred.mother was raised by her aunt annie flint haley and uncle[ship builder] last name flint. I believe that my great grandmother was born at clumoose (Comeau's ?)Hill

Date: 8/11/99
Name: Edward Lukacs
Location: Washington, DC USA
E-Mail: eml@patriot.net

Comments: I was browsing for acommodations.  My wife and I will be
vacationing from 4.9.99 to 26.9.99, and expect to arrive
in Yarmouth around 9.9.  We know little about Nova Scotia,
never having been there, and we intend to limit ourselves
to the south coast, going no further than Halifax,
and possibly to Digby or so on the Bay of Fundy.  The
Yarmouth area seems an ideal place to set up our "base camp".

Date: 8/11/99
Name: Edward Lukacs
Location: Washington, DC USA
E-Mail: eml@patriot.net

Comments: Your site is nice and clean; attractive and uncluttered.
See you in mid-september.

Date: 8/12/99
Name: Andy Cardiff
Location: new to Yarmouth
E-Mail: acardiff.klis.com


Date: 8/12/99
Name: K. L. Peavey
Location: Maryland
E-Mail: kpeavey@erols.com


Date: 8/14/99
Name: Gilles
Location: Wedgeport
E-Mail: g.pothier@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: I'am a fisherman that goes fishing from Pinkneys point,it's a nice place to fish from.

Date: 8/14/99
Name: Joe Shrader
Location: Walkersville, Maryland
E-Mail: jshrader@netstorm.net

Comments: We are planning to visit my wife's relatives in Salmon River later this year, and you have some useful information for us.

Date: 8/15/99
Name: david reifsnyder
Location: maryland, usa
E-Mail: wheelmaker@hotmail.com

Comments: I wish I was in Yarmouth, especially in Lake Annis. I have found this site to be informative, it's been bookmarked for further visits.

Date: 8/15/99
Name: dave  jack (felix)
Location: kent, ct.    usa
E-Mail: djack@snet.net

Comments: in the planning stages of my vacation. plan to motorcycle tour all of n. s.
 this month. looking forward to visiting your "fair city" aug. 16 or thereabouts.
will enter the guestbook again aftyer the visit...

Date: 8/15/99
Name: Kimberley Stead
Location: West Pubnico
E-Mail: kim.stead@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Beautiful pictures of our sunsets!

Date: 8/15/99
Name: Ralph J. Rooney
Location: Hampstead N.H.
E-Mail: ralphrooney@netscape.net

Comments: Enjoyed the web page. My Greatgrandfather Capt.John Nelson Berry sailed a four master from Nova Scotia.I belive he lived in Digby.After I was born he carved a model of one of the ships that he was Master of I was told the model was of the Evangeline. This year I had the model ceaned and restored. This was done by a professional.IN Newburyport Mass. We are going to be in Yarmouth from the morning of the twenty-third and leave the morning of the twenty-fifth. We are really looking foward to our trip.

Date: 8/15/99
Name: Paula D. Callahan
Location: North Attleboro, Massachusetts
E-Mail: pcd@ici.net

Comments: My sister and I had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful land in July and absolutely fell in love with it. We have traveled extensively and NEVER met such warm and friendly people! It is very refreshing to travel and enjoy every aspect of the trip. I am returning in August with my husband during his vacation, and look forward to reuniting with new friends and exploring more of your beautiful countryside. Our father was originally from Canada and perhaps that's part of why we are so drawn to your area.

Date: 8/18/99
Name: Reg Atkins
Location: Rotterdam, Holland
E-Mail: atkinsra@euronet.nl

Comments: Really enjoy your website. Would most appreciate seeing the Brazil Lake website as we have just bought a cottage on the lake. Please let us know when it is ready! Keep up the good work!

Date: 8/19/99
Name: Matt Gaudet
Location: Prince Edward Island
E-Mail: gaudetm2@hotmail.com

Comments: Visit my page please!! The address is www.more.at/nofx

Date: 8/19/99
Name: carol Dijoseph
Location: glenside, pA USA
E-Mail: lbdj@gateway.net    and Ldijos@aol.com

Comments: I along with my husband and another couple are arriving in Nova Scotia on August 26th.  We are very anxious to look around; none of us has been to NS before.  However, friends here all praise NS and tell us we will enjoy ourselves.


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