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update Sept 16 1999

Date: 8/22/99
Name: kalipo
Location: ontario canada
E-Mail: cliff.surette@sympatico.ca

Comments: A very gratefull thank you all for the presentation complied on Arcadia. Without a doubt the most informative data compilied. Again, a special thanks as I was born in Arcadia in 1950 just by the junction.

Date: 8/22/99
Name: Lorna Duquette
Location: Yarmouth VIC
E-Mail: lornapooh99@yahoo.com

Comments: I want to give a special thank you to a great lady named Cathy at the visitors info. center in Yarmouth. She tried her darnest to help us on Mon, August 18th. We came over on the Cat that morning but our plans got changed and we were stranded at the dock basically. Cathy tried everything she could to get us on a tour which were all full for the day and then a rental car which also were all taken. So we resorted to the walking tour of the area. She made a better situation out of one that was pretty disappointing. My friend and I chuckled as we walked and remember how hard she tried and all avenues she tried to help us. I recognized her in the photo of the Tourism Team in the Coastal Discovery Magazine as I was unpacking my gear.

Thanks again Cathy.
Lorna Duquette/St. Augustine, Florida

Date: 8/23/99
Name: Larry Chapman
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: thegrouch@ns.sympatico.ca


Date: 8/23/99
Name: Lisa Robart
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: lisarobart@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi,

My mother's family grew up in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia [actually my
Aunt Sharon (Johnson) lives in Greenville] and I'm wondering
if you have any information about black history in Yarmouth in the 1600's.



Date: 8/24/99
Name: Amy Maciag
Location: London Ontario


Date: 8/26/99
Name: Stephen King
Location: Bangor, Maine
E-Mail: king@bangor.ma.net

Comments: Hello, as many people may already know I am still recovering from my accident.  So me and my wife thought it would be a great idea to get away and relax for awhile,
we decided to visit Yarmouth from Sept. 10th, to Oct. 30. Seeing this website convinced us to come.  Thank you for  all the usefull information on this website, your doing a great job for your community, and tourists alike.

Date: 8/27/99
Name: Theodore/Ted Morris
Location: Thornhill Ontario
E-Mail: tfmorri@ibm.net

Comments: I sent an e-mail to Linda with an enqiry about a Yarmouth County map and promptly received your Yarmouth County Guide. Thank you very much. It wii be very helpfull.

Date: 8/28/99
Name: Jim Marshall
Location: Sanford,Maine, U.S.
E-Mail: theq@cybertours.com

Comments: I have been coming to your beautiful corner of the world all my life. I had a cottage at Yarmouth Light for many years. Though I no longer have that cottage. It's a pleasure to visit time and again through the 'net'.

Date: 8/29/99
Name: Jo-Ann
Location:  West Dover, Halifax County
E-Mail: wmellis@sprint.ca

Comments: This, is a nice site to visit. i have lived in Port Maitland my husband was born there. Wilfred Ellis Son of the Late Edward Ellis And Mildred Malliet Ellis. They grew up on the richmond road. beside the Uptons And the Doucetts. we were there for a visit on the 6 of August for the exhibition, and stayed for a couple of day's. enjoyed ourselves a lot . next year we will stay for a week, and take in all the sights of the area. we even picked some rose hips i hope that they will grow here they are beautiful. we walked on the port maitland beach and watched the tide come and go the sound of the waves made my husband homesick. as the saying you can take the boy out of the country but you cant take the country out of the boy and this is true for anyone born in the country as i was as well. well thank you for this time and i cant wait til next year. and my husband feels the same way.we do have another connection there as well we have 3 boys that have grown up there and in salmon river we have a son who is burried there as well 23 years on sept 24 next month. so this place does hold a special place in our hearts. bye for now and we will be back to yarmouth when ever we can . your's truly Mr & Mrs Wilfred Ellis.

Date: 8/29/99
Name: steve gee
Location: england
E-Mail: spgee@globalnet.co.uk

Comments: just looking for map of raynardton

Date: 8/30/99
Name: Jeanne Killian
Location: Sullivan Co., New York
E-Mail: samkill@msn.com

Comments: Just looking over your area - also thinking of visiting Nova Scotia and Newfoundland first couple of weeks in October.
Nice web site!

Date: 9/1/99
Name: Larry Rine
Location: Lake Bluff, IL
E-Mail: lrine@financialwisdom.com

Comments: I am interested in knowing more about residential real estate in your area.  Could you send me web addresses of any real estate agencies with online presense.


Date: 9/4/99
Name: Beth
Location: Ottawa/Port Maitland
E-Mail: 58Fiat@netscape.net

Comments: Counting the days until next summer

Date: 9/4/99
Name: bonnelle markham
Location: lethbridge alberta
E-Mail: bmarkham @ direct.ca

Comments: i enjoyed this site verymuch. my husband grandmother lives here. unfotunately i have never been to this partof the country. the only thing i would add to your site is more pictures.mabey a photo album just of yarmouth. i know i'll come back and mabey some day even compare pictures. thank you for this oopportunity.
                           Bonnelle Markham

Date: 9/6/99
Name: Debby
Location: Franklin, Ma
E-Mail: dan123deb@aol.com

Comments: Hi,
 Trying to find lodging in Yarmouth and Halifax since we will be visting for a few days in September.
Thank you

Date: 9/11/99
Name: Ann Gorveatt MacDonald
Location: Charlottetown  PEI
E-Mail: lou.ann@isn.net

Comments: Doing family research on my Mother's side.

Mum was Hilda Cosman of Sand Beach (Yarmouth), daughter ofthe late Janie and John Edward Cosman.  I am having trouble finding out who my Great-Grandmother's family was.

Gram's mother was Sophia Moulaison married to Simon Hubbard presume of Yarmouth area.  Mum once told me that Sophia's family were from South Ohio.

Does anyone have her name in their family tree or know of her? My Grandmother was born in 1890 so you would have to go back some years to find Sophia's birth.

Would appreciate any help.

Spent alot of summers at the Grandmother's in Sand Beach, have some great memories.  Hope to get "Down Home" soon.

Glad you have this web site.  Ann J. MacDonald

Date: 9/11/99
Name: Caroline Anderson
Location: Malahat , Vancouver Island
E-Mail: mcduff@islandnet.com

Comments: Hi ya everybody in Yarmouth and Dayton and Port Maitland.
Would love to say " Hello " to my family ~ Alfred and Tineke Posnak at the Austrian Inn and Chris and Connie & Jesse Campion of Port Maitland, and of course my friend Crystal McCormich and her husband Paul and her children Danice and Dylan... Please if you see them pass along a Hello to them for me ???
Thank you

Date: 9/11/99
Name: Darlene. Gaudet
Location: Massachusetts
E-Mail: angelsea1@aol.com

Comments: I was born in Nova Scotia, and raised there as a young child, I have spent much time there, and in my opinion, it is one of the most Beautiful places to Live or visit. Much of my family still live there, and I try to visit as often as possible. My children have all been there, and they Love it as well. The beaches are the most beautiful I have ever seen, and well, the sunsets....I have seen the most beautiful sunsets from the shores of Nova Scotia, they are awe inspiring. Being an Artist I have done many oil paintings of Nova Scotia, and they always win, as people can tell that there is Love in them..My Love for my home country.... Nova Scotia, Canada

Date: 9/11/99
Name: darlene Gaudet
Location: massachusetts
E-Mail: angelsea1@aol.com

Comments: I love the photo of Port Maitland beach, of all the beaches I have been to in this world, this will always remain my utmost favorite, I have had so many countless happy memories of Port Maitland, and I am so grateful that God created such a beautiful place. Also the People in Port Maitland are  the best. , Amongst them are my family members. Thankyou for the Port Maitland page..awesome

Date: 9/12/99
Name: Daniel Fox
Location: Yuba City Californi, USA
E-Mail: dfox@jps.net

Comments: My maps show a "goodsize" airport at or near Yarmouth. I can find no information about any scheduled airline flights. Have you any info?

Date: 9/12/99
Name: Jerry Doucette
Location: Oshawa Ontario
E-Mail: jdoucette@uswa.ca

Comments: Having been away from Yarmouth for the past 25 years I found your site to bevery interesting.

Date: 9/13/99
Name: Pam & Bob Rutkowski
Location: Chicago, Illinois   USA
E-Mail: rutkowskis@worldnet.att.net

Comments: We're interested in "Ferrying" over to see Yarmouth on our next trip to Maine.

Date: 9/13/99
Name: Jack
Location: yarmouth ns
E-Mail: j_scott@nssympatico.ns

Comments: WELL DONE !!!!!!!

Date: 9/13/99
Name: Doug "Buster" Pippy
Location: Elkhart, Indiana
E-Mail: CDNewc@aol.com

Comments: Sure wish I were back home in Nova Scotia.

Date: 9/14/99
Name: paula lockhart
Location: Vancouver B.C.
E-Mail: paula_lockhart@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi!
Love N.S. and your neck of the woods. Am a former Maritimer and love to take some vacations there. Was born in P.E.I.andlived in New Glasgow, Saint John and Dartmouth.
Regards Paula

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