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update Oct 28 1999

Date: 9/17/99
Name: Nicole Surette
Location: Georgetown,MA
E-Mail: N/A

Comments: I just wanted to see pictures of Surette's island. It is where my family is from.

Date: 9/17/99
Name: Gary
Location: Melanson
E-Mail: gary.melanson@sympatico.ca


Date: 9/17/99
Name: Jeanie
Location: Massachusetts
E-Mail: jean@streamware.com


Date: 9/17/99
Name: Betty J. HAYS Woods
Location: Alaska
E-Mail: davidandbetty@gci.net

Comments: Hi Everyone,
I have been working on my family tree  for many years & am getting nowhere by
conventional methods.My ancesters said  only that they were from Nova Scotia,
they  did not say where "in" Nova Scotia. they were there in the 1700 & 1800& migrated
to Boston & Gloucester, Mass. 1800 & 1900. I'm trying to post a message in each of
your  lovely counties in hopes some one  will read this & get in touch with me with
knowledge of the following surnames:


 Some day when I can find my ancesters I am going to visit all of
your beautiful Nova Scotia. Thank you for providing a place to
post this message.
Betty J. Hays Woods P.O.Box 231853 Anchorage Alaska
E-Mail davidandbetty@ gci.net

Date: 9/17/99
Name: Jeanie
Location: Norwood, Massachusetts
E-Mail: jean@streamware.com

Comments: I recently needed information on travel because an in-law passed away.  Not only was the site helpful but beautiful and I learned a lot.  It made a tough time a bit easier; feeling like I was there.

Date: 9/19/99
Name: Alison Ryan
Location: Moreno Valley, California
E-Mail: bastet@eee.org

Comments: Have never been to your area.  It sounds and looks wonderful.  Maybe next summer!!!

Date: 9/20/99
Name: jackie
Location: Durham, Me
E-Mail: windyacres@nqi.net

Comments: We've visited yarmouth at least 2 a year sometimes as many as 4 times a year since 1984. We've made 2 trips so far this year and will be arriving again Oct. 8, 1999 and can't wait. Nancy Knowles has been giving us tours from the Grand Rodd Hotel for most of these years and taught us alot about your town. There have been so many changes in your small town and you've done a GREAT job making all us tourist fell welcome. We love you all.

Date: 9/21/99
Name: Bill Mahoney
Location: Cole Harbour, NS
E-Mail: mahoney@sprint.ca

Comments: I recently came across some old pictures (30+ years old) from Yarmouth Minor Hockey in the 1960's as well as some  from Father Albert LeBlanc's hockey charters to Boston  Bruins games. There are links to these pix from my web page. Take a look. There are lots of recognizable faces. You may  find yourself in the pictures. Let me know if I got any of  the names wrong.

My web address is:

Date: 9/25/99
Name: Raymond C. Smith
Location: Bradford Ont.


Date: 9/26/99
Name: T.L.Reilly
Location: Essex,England
E-Mail: trevor.reilly@virgin.net.

Comments: my sister has bought a property in the vicinty, just checking the place out.T>L>R>

Date: 9/27/99
Name: Francis Robbins
Location: North Bay, Ont (Amirault'sHill
E-Mail: frobbins@hotmail.com

Comments: Have a great day

Date: 9/29/99
Name: Henry R Gagne
Location: Warren Maine
E-Mail: henryg@midcoast.com

Comments: We are visiting Yarmouth October the 5 & 6..I`m sure we will enjoy the stay..

Date: 9/30/99
Name: René Cyr
Location: Gatineau, Québec
E-Mail: jojocyr@netcom.ca

Comments: From Feb. to Sept. 1956, I was stationned in Yarmouth with the R.C.M.P., then located at 9 Parade St. Cpl. Don Black was in charge.
Cst. Don Batstone and Cst. Ed Byrne were the other members.
Does anyone recall that far back?

Date: 10/1/99
Name: Peter V. Surette Sr.
Location: Summerton  S.C.
E-Mail: fuzzyandpete@ftc-i.net

Comments: my daughter told me she found web site she lives in Ontario  ,I am the great grand son of William Surette  my great grand mother was Laura Muise

Date: 10/1/99
Name: DaveBarb
Location: north east Ohio
E-Mail: davebarb@raex.com

Comments: we love the ocean your pic. were nice

Date: 10/2/99
Name: Wayne Willison
Location: Miami Florida
E-Mail: wwilliso@bellsouth.net

Comments: I used to live in Carleton.

Date: 10/6/99
Name: Debby Breiner
Location: Maine
E-Mail: Dbreiner10@aol.com

Comments: nice info cant wait to visit

Date: 10/6/99
Name: Larry Archer
Location: Maple Ridge, BC
E-Mail: bullfrog@infoserve.net

Comments: I've been following the "lobster-war" situation in our local newspaper. I wanted to let the non-Native Fishers know of my support!!! I'm using this site to express my opinion because I'm unable to find a more appropriate one, If a site is available please send it to me.
Larry Archer

Date: 10/6/99
Name: Fred Morton
Location: Oshawa , Ontario
E-Mail: vfmorton@sprint.ca

Comments:  "Happy Thanksgiving "...to you all in the Yarmouth area,I love checking into this Homepage, every now and than,keep up the great work...

Date: 10/7/99
Name: Jerry Doucette
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: none

Comments: I learned stuff I didn't know about my own town.

Date: 10/7/99
Name: Jill
Location: Yarmouth

Comments: Very good and full of information. Check it out!!

Date: 10/7/99
Name: Samantha Macdonald
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: sammydawn@hotmail.com

Comments: Yarmouth is a pretty good place to live.

Date: 10/7/99
Name: cory leblanc
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: nebula62@hotmail.com

Comments: i think that this site has plenty of great information on it and it gives tourist many things to look forward toif they read it beacuse it isnt flashy it doesnt catch the eye. if it were done with bigger banners, brighter colors,and better pictures i think it would be an extremely good web site!i give it a 7 out of10

Date: 10/7/99
Name: Melissa Harrington
Location: Yarmouth

Comments: This home page is great. There is alot of great info for
people who don't much about yarmouth and for those who do.
Great work!

Date: 10/7/99
Name: Darren LeBlanc
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: jondavis810_@hotmail.com


Date: 10/8/99
Name: Charlie & Michele Shawaryn
Location: Paulsboro N.J.
E-Mail: winston1@citnet.com

Comments: stopped in yarmouth on our honeymoon trip in july 1991. beautiful  town and people.

Date: 10/8/99
Name: William Cole
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
E-Mail: wcole01@pop.snet.net

Comments: From the the Viking fog, bring back "74".

Date: 10/8/99
Name: marcelo pereira
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: mpereira14@hotmail.com

Comments: The site is really interesting and we can see and know a lot of places, especially for me that I am from Brazil, it is really good .
Marcelo Pereira

Date: 10/8/99
Name: Emily
Location: Brazil Lake
E-Mail: dgj;dfkj

Comments: Very beatitfull town of Yarmouth woth many attraction's and places to visit but too many old people.  Not enough things to do

Date: 10/10/99
Name: jackie
Location: durham, me
E-Mail: windyacres@nqi.net

Comments: Another great visit to Yarmouth!!!!!!! What super improvements to the water front, a great job at the lighthouse. I can't thank the Rodd Grand, Muretta, and Nancy enough for making all our trips teriffic. Super hotel and the best tour guides+++++

Date: 10/15/99
Name: holly
Location: beaver river
E-Mail: crouse@klis.com

Comments: nice place to live beaver river is

Date: 10/15/99
Name: Donnie
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: donnie@klis.com

Comments: I miss Halifax! heheh..

Date: 10/15/99
Name: Pete Hillier
Location: Newfoundland
E-Mail: pjhillier@yahoo.com

Comments: I can't wait to visit. I'll be down, June 2000 on my way to New York for the summer.
If anyone can tell me of a good tent campground I would appreciate it. Thanks and see ya
in 2000

Date: 10/16/99
E-Mail: tdiavatis@aol.com

Comments: We plan on a fishing trip to NS next summer (2000) and would appreciate any information on chartering boats for deep sea fishing.  We just receive the 1999 Complete Guide for Doers and Dreamers.  Congratulations to those responsible for publishing such a beautiful & informative publication.

We will be a party of 6 adults contemplating our journey in July 2000.

Date: 10/17/99
Name: Tom & Anita Ross
Location: San Clemente, Calif. USA
E-Mail: Ironman150@aol.com

Comments: My granfather James Ross and his father built ships in Yarmouth, so my wife and I would like to visit. Do you have any info and the Ross family. Ross boats ?
Thanks very much, Tom Ross

Date: 10/19/99
Name: Shari
Location: Massachusetts
E-Mail: kukalaka@aol.com

Comments: As a child, I visited Yarmouth almost annually on our way to the Shelburne area.  Nice to see it again, even if not in person.

Date: 10/21/99
Name: Lisa Taylor
Location: British Columbia
E-Mail: taylor_dalu@hotmail.com

Comments: I went to University (Dalhousie 1991/92/93) with Huey ??? (big weight lifting - friendly guy, always drove a Camaro - can't remember his last name) from the Yarmouth area.  I think his father was a Fire Chief or something.  I found this site while searching for an email address etc.  If anyone knows him, where he might live now and if he has an email address, I would very much appriciate any information you may have.  I am trying to track down old friends from University.
Thanks  - P.S. nice site about your little town.

Thanks, Lisa

Date: 10/22/99
Location: BOX 28, VERNON, VT 05354 USA
E-Mail: jrmann@sover.net

Comments: I have visited oince in 1963 - my wife and I are planning to visit again in 2000 - now that we are retired and have time to poke around and take our time.  Would appreciate information on your area.  (We have the big Nova Scotia tourist book) would like local information of your area, if that is posible....Thank you. And thank you forbeing  a part of such a fine site.  J R Mann

Date: 10/22/99
Name: Lorraine Temple
Location: RI-USA
E-Mail: LorraineT200@excite.com


Date: 10/23/99
Name: Llizzard
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: isms9921@burridge.nscc.ns.ca

Comments: Hello everyone! Have a nice day!!

Date: 10/23/99
Name: Laurie (Trask) Thurber
Location: Freeport , Digby co.
E-Mail: laurie.thurber@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: After growing up in yarmouth, I enjoy visiting family and friends
in the area. It was nice to see this site , and surprised to see that
it included South Ohio. With our communities worried about oour
 biggest industries being taken away , maybe some of the people looking
at this will realize that there are alot of people in our fishing
communities that are affected by the recent decisions being made by the
supreme court of Canada. Tourism may be the only thing left in our beautiful
part of the world.

Date: 10/25/99
Name: Gary
Location: Memphis, TN
E-Mail: gpurdy@wwkcpas.com

Comments: Having grown up in Port Maitland, it is nice to have this site to check on from time to time.  A great picture of the beach!

Date: 10/25/99
Name: Gary
Location: Memphis, TN
E-Mail: gpurdy@wwkcpas.com

Comments: Having grown up in Port Maitland, it is nice to have this site to check on from time to time.  A great picture of the beach!

Date: 10/26/99
Name: Kasey de Jonge
Location: Plattsville, ON
E-Mail: kaseydejonge@icqmail.com

Comments: Hey Yarmouth! How's it going? I'm planning on taking a fishing holiday to Yarmouth this summer, and would be able to send my info or URL's on Yarmouth in general.

THanks, Kasey

Date: 10/26/99
Name: Katherine Surette
Location: yarmouth ns
E-Mail: k_surette@hotmail.com

Comments: i think you should put something about the schools in yarmouth in this page but otherwise it is good. i also think it should be bigger. it should have more pictures of stuff in yarmouth and things like that

Date: 10/27/99
Name: Mike Groden
Location: Isle of Bute Scotland
E-Mail: Mike_Groden@yahoo.co.uk

Comments: Very good web page, I paid a visit to your town 5 years ago from Portland and enjoyed the visit very much and was very impressed with your museum, it has a great collection of marine oil paintings.

Date: 10/29/99
Name: Diane Faustino (nee Boudreau)
Location: Oshawa, On
E-Mail: faustino@idirect.com

Comments: Enjoy looking at different sites, the pictures of the cotton mill are interesting but so bare. My father worked there all his working life.

Date: 10/29/99
Location: SULPHUR, LA.
E-Mail: winnie137@juno.com



Date: 11/1/99
Name: Lisa
Location: Halifax/Black Business Initiat

Comments: Great information on Greenville NS  and the people of that community.

Date: 11/2/99
Name: Elly-lynn
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: Elly-lynn@Canada.com

Comments: I wonder if someone could contact me at the e-mail above, with regard to one of the pictures on your site?<br>You have done a lovely job with this site! Yarmouth should be proud!<br>Lynn

Date: 11/2/99
Name: Francine D'Entremont-Dobson
Location: Eastern Passage, NS
E-Mail: Francine@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Bonjour, Both of my parents were born and raised and married in West Pubnico, NS. My late Tante Isabelle who died this year lived in Bellville along with her husband Wifred for a good many years. They had lived in Bellville, Ontario before returning to Nova Scotia. There house was located on a hill overlooking a lake. It was a very old house but I always enjoyed visiting when I could. Her many grandchildren and great grandchildren visited her often during the summer months. I have been doing research into my acadian roots and am interested in knowing more about other acadian communities. Thanks for listening Fran Dobson

Date: 11/3/99
Name: wondering...
Location: Yarmouth

Comments: Does anybody have any information on the bed and breakfast that is located across from the Yarmouth County Museum?  eg. phone number, email address???  It would be nice to contact them and compliment the two on the excellent job they did on that historic home!  Thank you!

Date: 11/5/99
Name: Gaudet Ray
Location: Bowmanville Ont.
E-Mail: georgie1@sympatico

Comments: Former nova scotian from new tusket Great site

Date: 11/6/99
Name: Rusty
Location: Surrey, BC
E-Mail: rustyc@istar.ca

Comments: :)

Date: 11/6/99
Name: geoge t. comeau
Location: canton, massachusetts
E-Mail: gcomau@acad.suffolk.edu

Comments: I love the idea of this web page and can not wait to see more
of Meteghan, Comeauville and Salnierville.

Date: 11/6/99
Name: gale sabharwal
Location: toronto
E-Mail: snoopcat@attcanada.net

Comments: Hi. I grew up in Yarmouth, and I just wanted to see if there was anyone I still knew there. PLAN to visit early next year and I hope to see some old friends.


Date: 11/8/99
Name: Edward  Wight
Location: Belleville, Ontario
E-Mail:  ed.wight@sympatico.ca

Comments:  A former Yarmouthian who left and joined the army in 1950,
 went to Korea, returned in 1953 and married Evelyn Muise
 from Yarmouth South.My Dad, now deceased, was Sgt Wight
 with the local RCMP detachment. Evelyn's brother is Levi
 Muise of Brooklyn.We visit Yarmouth every summer as it
 will always be home to us even though we reside here in
 Ontario. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who wishes to
 contact us, especially people we have not seen since we
 left Yarmouth so many years ago.


Date: 11/9/99
Name: Mike Muise
Location: Mississauga,Ontario
E-Mail: inlineis@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi Iam the grandson of the late Mr and Mrs Edward Muise
who lived at Hamilton Manor and then passed away in Tidal View at the ripe old age of 94. My parents now live in Scarborough Ontario, and I live in Mississauga, my dad was born in Yarmouth and I was born in New Waterford Cape Breton

I would love to hear from anyone, so drop me a line and Merry Christmas.. sorry I couldn't be there!!


Date: 11/10/99
E-Mail: egreaves@icom.ca

Comments: Very new at E-mail, browsed through the names in this directory and found a friend that I have had no contact with for over 50 years. I lived in Yarmouth from 1934-1957, would be interested in hearing from anyone who attended Milton School from 1934-47.

Date: 11/10/99
Name: Mary O'Brien
Location: Westport, Connecticut
E-Mail: maryo@flash.net

Comments: My mother was raised on Cape Forchu and I spent many, many wonderful summers visiting my grandparents on the Cape, playing in the "Old Lighthouse", roaming all around the Cape from Ship's stern to the back shore.  My mother and grandparents are gone now, but there is a very special place in my heart for the Cape.  My son also feels the same way I do.  It was a wonderful place to grow up, and I am always renewed when I visit "the Cape".  After spending 20 years in Dallas, Texas, I now look forward to visiting the Cape more often.

Date: 11/11/99
Name: Chuck Drinkwater
Location: St.Albans,Vt.
E-Mail: gemstone@together.net

Comments: After searching my genealogy for three years and finding my ancestors all the way back to two passengers on the Mayflower,I found that the Drinkwaters settled on Cousins Island,Yarmouth,Me.They raised 9 sons and 2 daughters and the brothers all became ship captains and later became ship builders right there in Yarmouth.Once they all sailed into Boston Harbor the same day and the commander of the fort thought something was suspicious where they all had the same name so he sent a messenger into Boston to check.After it was confirmed he invited them out to the fort for dinner.

Date: 11/13/99
Name: Mike Joudrey
Location: Cheggogin


Date: 11/14/99
Name: Cynthia Osborne
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
E-Mail: olightlydog@cs.com

Comments: I am looking for a map of Yarmounth; with local pictures.
Where might I find this?  Do you have upcoming events available for July 2000?  What is the weather like during this time of year? Does Yarmouth have a local item that is popular for buying/shopping?  And where can I find some brief history about Yarmouth,Nova Scotia?
Thank you.
Cynthia J. Osborne

Date: 11/14/99
Name: Jacquie Brown
Location: Big Water,Utah
E-Mail: jacquiebwn@aol.com

Comments: looking for houses for sale

Date: 11/17/99
Name: Ron Surette
Location: Langley  b.c.
E-Mail: sandy surette@bc.sympatico.ca

Comments: Would like to know more about the SURETTEs

Date: 11/17/99
Name: Bob Gillen
Location: Indialantic, Florida
E-Mail: usbrabo@aol.com

Comments: My grandmother, Annie L. Allen, was born in Carleton in 1865. Her parents were David Allen and Lydia Durkee. I'm looking for information about her and her family. I hope to visit Carleton in the furture to research on the spot.
                Bob Gillen

Date: 11/18/99
Name: Sharon and Brittany Corporon
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: sharon.c@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Very informative. My daughter and I came on to do her social
 studies report and it was very helpful.

Date: 11/19/99
Name: Diane Amirault
Location: Pubnico, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: daamirault@klis.com


Date: 11/20/99
Name: Barbara Nickerson
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada USA
E-Mail: Vegasbump@aol.com

Comments: We live in Carleton 6 mos. of the year.  Just checking the website.  Miss being there.  Oh well Spring is coming and we'll be back.

Date: 11/20/99
Name: Chuck Drinkwater
Location: St.Albans, Vt
E-Mail: gemstone@together.net

Comments: I've been searching out my ancesters who all came from Cousins Island , Me.I've found quite a colorful family history there and in Yarmouth and I just happened to come across your web page.It's very well done and you've tempted me to visit your town and beaches.I love kayaking and from the looks of those beaches it would be easy access to the water,am I right?
If there happens to be any Drinkwaters in your area I would like to hear from them as I'm sure I would be related in someway.Thanks for having me, Chuck Drinkwater

Date: 11/21/99
Name: Haeseli Carmen
Location: 3904 Naters, Switzerland
E-Mail: carmenhaeseli@raiffeisen.ch

Comments: I received your adress from my unte who is living in Kemptville for five years now.
Your site is really interesting !!!
Many greetings
Carmen Haeseli

Date: 11/23/99
Name: Sharon Troilo
Location: Kenora  On
E-Mail: stroilo@voyageur.ca


Date: 11/25/99
Name: Mary Silver
Location: St. Catharines, ON
E-Mail: mary.silver@home.com

Comments: Great!!

Date: 11/26/99
Name: Bruce Bourque
Location: Melrose, Massachusetts
E-Mail: BABourque@Hotmail.com

Comments: I've spent many great days in Nova Scotia, particularly South West Nova Scotia.

Vive L'Acadie!

Date: 11/27/99
Name: Christina
Location: Dartmouth

Comments: I'm coming for a synchro compitition!

Date: 11/27/99
E-Mail: lou.ann@isn.net

Comments: I want to thank this web site for the opportunity to air my
request for information on the Acadian ancestors of my
maternal Grandmother Mary Jane Hubbard married to John
Edward Cosman of Sand Beach, Yarmouth Co.

Within two weeks I had a reply from a lady in Ontario who
had all the information on the Moulaisons, as well as
the Hubbards of Yarmouth County.  Turns out we are third

Without this site, it would have taken a lot of
research.   Keep up the good work.

Sincerely,  Ann

Date: 11/28/99
Name: Marilyn Hatfield
Location: Berwick,N.S.
E-Mail: ernie.hatfield@labatt.com

Comments: Hi, My name is Marilyn ( Surette ) Hatfield.
I grew up in Pinkney's Point and I am very glad to see a bit of information about the community on the Internet.
It is a great place to grow up and has beautiful summer sunsets.

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