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Feb 4 to March 17 

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Many people sign our guest book looking for information on the Yarmouth area. 
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Name: Greg
Location: Red Deer, Alberta
Email: wheels@agt.net
Comment: very pleased to find this site! I have family in the Barrington area and hope to get there again someday soon! 
Name: Stacey Boer
Location: Kalamazoo Michigan
Email: mjn454@aol.com
Comment: Thankyou for the information provided on your website. It will help me on my school report. 
Name: Mark Abramowicz
Location: Rohm and Haas Co.
Email: rbnxma@RohmHaas.com
Comment: Please send me information on the Yarmouth Ferry routes, schedules and fees. My home address is Mark Abramowicz 11 Hedgerow Dr. Fairless Hills, Pa 19030-4023 215-945-4230

Name: RJD
Location: Yarmouth
Email: marmich@atcon.com
Comment: Some nice in Yarmouth

Name: Bill Bradley
Location: Hooksett NH
Email: BillBradNH@aol.com
Comment: Would like information sent to me regarding Nova Scotia. We want to visit this summer in our motorhome. Bill Bradley 1465 Hooksett Rd, #212 Hooksett NH 03106-1829

Name: Chris Killam
Location: Port Maitland
Email: logain@atcon.com
Comment: I've lived in and around Yarmouth all my life and really like it here! The people are nice and the weather (for the most part) is great too. This is a pretty cool page, could be fancier though, but I'm sure that's coming soon. Anyone interested can check out my own page at http://www.atcon.com/cts/logain/mine.htm

Name: Huey Cleveland
Location: Toronto
Email: parmedia@eagle.ca

Name: Thea Atkinson
Location: Yarmouth
Email: atkinson_thea@burridge.nscc.ns.ca
Comment: I would suggest that you put a festival link for Yarmouth and Area Enjoyed the links

Name: Peter Boutilier
Location: Ottawa
Email: No Email Address Specified
Comment: Nice to visit home!!

Name: Dale Mahar
Location: Souris P.E.I.
Email: No Email Address Specified

Name: booskque
Location: truro
Email: No Email Address Specified
Comment: i was born in yarmouth on november 24,1975 and have lived there all my life, now i attend school in truro and think that yarmouth is a bad place to live. in five years it will be a ghost town.

Name: Colin McAllister / Buzzard
Location: Saskatoon Sasktachewan
Email: cmcallis@eagle.wbm.ca
Comment: Just stopped in to see if any old school friends were still in the area. If anyone is out there, drop a to my email.

Name: Adam Goudey
Location: Annapolis royal
Email: agoudey@atcon.com
Comment: I am from Yarmouth and Visit often. It is great to see that yarmouth is on line. I would like to see some info on the surrounding communities. keep up the good work.

Name: Michael
Location: Buffalo, New York (USA)
Email: mpk2@acsu.buffalo.edu
Comment: I am interseted in ferry info to travel from Maine to Yarmouth

Name: Keith
Location: Keswick ont
Email: kkaren@hopserv.interhop.net

Name: Clay Frotten
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Email: frotten@agt.net
Comment: Since I got married in Calgary 11 years ago my wife and I have returned to Quinan and Yarmouth where I was born. She loves the people and the Country and we are contemplating a land purchase in or around Yarmouth soon.

Name: Jim McRae
Location: Dayton, Yarmouth County NS
Email: jmcrae@fox.nstn.ca
Comment: Originally from Huxley, Alberta.

Name: Shelly Nickerson
Location: Preston Lake, Ont.
Email: shell@idirect.com
Comment: I visit your page when ever I get the least bit home sick.

Name: Johnathon Muise
Location: Sault Ste. Marie Ontario
Email: jmuise@age.net

Name: Steve Brodell
Location: Boise, Idaho 83703-3160
Email: SKBrodell@MSN.Com
Comment: Looking for any Brodell relatives. Seems there may be some in the Yarmouth area. I would appreciate any help that anyone can provide. Thanks!

Name: William Rogers
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Email: billybob@travel-net.com
Comment: Would like to see pictures of Yarmouth!

Name: Stan Skrzeszewski
Location: London, Ontario
Email: sskrzesz@icis.on.ca

Name: Bob Raudenbush
Location: Southport, Maine
Email: raudenbush@maine.com
Comment: Looking to visit your area October 96. Looking for tourist and accomodation info.

Name: Blair Rhyno
Location: YCMHS\Yarmouth
Email: n/a
Comment: very impressive,great photos

Name: mondy barrera
Location: Amsterdam,NY USA
Email: mondo@klink.net

Name: Ed Ross
Location: Kirkland Lake,Ontario
Email: eross@nt.net
Comment: Former Yarmouthian. Class of 1961. Anyone remember? Perhaps someone could let me know if there is another high school reunion planned for sometime in the future, If you know Gloria and Wayne Goodwin or John Cluee, say hi for me. Regards

Name: Bavaria Restaurant
Location: Carleton
Email: bavaria @ fox.nstn.ca
Comment: Thank you linda for listing ower restaurant. ludwig + gerdi

Name: Bill Lockhart
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Email: wlochar@compusmart.ab.ca

Name: Bryan MacDonald
Location: Moncton, New Brunswick
Email: downtown@nbnet.nb.ca.
Comment: Hello, Linda Just logged in, and am anxious to see what is on the Yarmouth Page. Hope things are going well, in Yarmouth. What is happening at the Yarmouth Development Corporation?

Email: hhcreatn@i-america.net
Comment: once had a book about the Halliburtons of nova scotia

Name: d.g.matthews
Location: alberta
Email: pamatt@ccinet.ab.ca
Comment: looking for campgrounds, having difficult time finding many east of the man. border

Name: m ansara
Location: ontario
Email: mansara@icis.on.ca
Comment: where the hell is yarmouth??? just kidding, i'm a newf!!

Name: Mark & Lisa Strayer
Location: Orchard Park, NY USA
Email: woodradio@aol.com
Comment: My wife and I are planning a trip to Halifax in MayOJune and want to take the ferry over from Portland. Can you send us any information on the Ferry. Thanks.--Mark and Lisa-40 Cranwood Lane-Orchard Park, NY 14127 USA

Name: Mark & Lisa Strayer
Location: Orchard Park, NY USA
Email: woodradio@aol.com
Comment: My wife and I are planning a trip to Halifax in MayOJune and want to take the ferry over from Portland. Can you send us any information on the Ferry. Thanks.--Mark and Lisa-40 Cranwood Lane-Orchard Park, NY 14127 USA

Name: Jeff Roth
Location: Lorain, OH
Email: jeffroth@centuryinter.net
Comment: Friends of Klaas Tuinman and Deb Canivet there in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. We are looking forward to visiting someday.

Name: Anne and Bill Crossman
Location: Rural Southern Alberta, Canada
Email: crossman@supernet.ab.ca
Comment: Been to Yarmouth many times in years past. Interested in any rural properties for sale with 10+ acres. You can steer local real estate agents our way. Anne C.

Name: Kent Nickerson
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Email: kentn@interlog.com
Comment: As a native of Yarmouth County, Arcadia that is, it is good to see Yarmouth with a home page.

Name: David Muise
Location: Edmonton
Email: No Email Address Specified
Comment: Cool!

Name: don wilkie
Location: marysville michigan
Email: dwilkie@interserv.com

Name: Charles McNeese/sneedzer
Location: ST Louis, Missouri
Email: sneedzer@village.yvv.com
Comment: Ilearned of your city from a local resident on the internet I hope to visit in the future and see your town. Your home pages are very interesting///looking forward to seeing you beautiful city in the summer Charles Mcneese

Name: Bill Hahn
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Email: N/A
Comment: Do you have any hospitals? If yes you should have them listed.

Name: Woodie Ischer
Location: Oakton, Va. 22124 USA
Email: WoodieJ@AOL.COM
Comment: We would like to plan a two week or so trip to Nova Scotia and would appreciate any and all information on places to see and visit, walking tours, bed and breatkfasts etc. Thank you, merci bien Woodie I

Name: Woodie Ischer
Location: Oakton, Va. 22124 USA
Email: WoodieJ@AOL.COM
Comment: We would like to plan a two week or so trip to Nova Scotia and would appreciate any and all information on places to see and visit, walking tours, bed and breatkfasts etc. Thank you, merci bien Woodie I

Name: Nick Rowse
Location: Bermuda
Email: nrowse@ibl.bm
Comment: Like to seeor find out information about the ferry sevices that run to Yarmouth, specifically inforamtion on the ferry from Portland, maine.

Name: Linda Bond (Linda MacIntosh)
Location: Chatham, Ontario
Email: lbond@cwconnect.ca

Name: Richard Frost
Location: Adams, MA
Email: drrfrost@aol.com
Comment: Nice to have a link back to "home". My grandparents (Enoch and Bertha (Whitehouse) Frost lived in Brenton and I come back as often as I can. (as a child 5 years old, my picture was taken on a railroad work car with Cliff Deveau at a crossing just north of my grandparents farm)

Name: Marsha
Location: Canada
Email: mfitt@north.nsis.com

Location: No Location Specif
Email: No Email Address Specified

Name: Greg Prest
Email: gprest@north.nsis.com

Name: Stephen L. Silva
Location: Billerica Ma
Email: Compuserve 74554,2311
Comment: Trying to find how to get a Birth Certificate for someone who was born in Yarmouth

Name: Marsha Fitt
Location: Westville, N.S.
Email: mfitt@north.nsis.com
Comment: Born in Yarmouth...nee McRae...Grandmother's last name Nickerson. Glad to see this site.

Name: Elaine McGowan
Location: Dartmouth, NS
Email: mcgowan@lion.nstn.ca
Comment: Hi Yarmouth, How goes the battle in that end of the province. Having had to move out of the area to get educated and some experience, I would like to see an employment opportunity page created on you wonderful page. Looking to return to the Yarmouth area, but not having the time to travel there on a regular basis I miss some of opportunities that may arise. At the moment I currently work for Istar (nstn) as a customer service rep helping people with the internet service. Nice to see that Yarmouth is doing very well in that department. Feel free to E-Mail me at any time. Thanks so much, Elaine.

Name: Chris Cook
Location: Burlington, Ontario
Email: 101529@netrover.com
Comment: Home sweet home. I can not wait to come back for a visit. Does anyone know if there is a YMCHS reunion for the class of 1986??

Name: D. Craig McAllister
Location: Kingston, Ontario
Email: dcmic@limestone.kosone.com
Comment: It was great to find a web site on my old home town. Ispent a few years in Yarmouth I graduated in 1983 and worked a Louis Shapiro's for a few years. My mom still lives there, Linda Hattie. I would love to hear from anyone I know or went to school with. Thanks, D. Craig McAllister

Name: Colin McAllister (Buzzard)
Location: Saskatoon Sk
Email: cmcallis@eagle.wbm.ca
Comment: Great Page! It would be great to hear from anyone who graduated from YCMHS in 87/88.

Name: Tracey Flemming
Location: Dartmouth, NS
Email: pony@ns.sympatico.ca

Name: Stefan
Location: Welkom South Africa
Email: stefan@marques.co.za
Comment: Thought this was a really sweet site. It's nice to see a small place like yarmouth represented on the net Please give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done

Location: YORKTON, SASK.
Email: No Email Address Specified

Name: Jerry Sullivan
Location: Yarmouth, MA
Email: jjsullins@capenet.com
Comment: Hello from your sister town in Massachusetts.

Name: Gifford Watkins
Location: Dallas, TX
Email: GiffieW.aol.com
Comment: I am a former resident of Yarmouth and still follow the events that take place. I would like to have the opportunity to voice an outsider's opinion to the editor of the Vanguard. Gifford Watkins 1718 Timbercreek Dr. Garland, TX 75042 email GiffieW.aol.com 
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