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Update June 29, 2000

Date: 5/3/00
Name: Stephanie
Location: calgary
E-Mail: burg@cadvision.com

Comments: It's so wonderful to see a website from home. I was home to visit family last summer in Port La Tour, Nova Scotia.I visited Yarmouth often when I was home and it was as beautiful as ever. I will return to this website often when I am feeling a little lonely for home. Thank-you. Keep up the good work!

Date: 5/3/00

Comments: Blue Reincarnation
Narcissus, oil painting by Jaisini

By Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb:

The theme of Narcissus in Jaisini's "Blue..." may be paralleled with the problem of the two-sexes-in-one, unable to reproduce and, therefore, destined to the Narcissus-like end.

Meanwhile, the Narcissus legend lasts.

In the myth of Narcissus a youth gazes into the pool. As the story goes, Narcissus came to the spring or the pool and when his form was seen by him in the water, he drowned among the water-nymphs because he desired to make love to his own image.

Maybe the new Narcissus, as in "Blue Reincarnation," is destined to survive by simply changing his role from a passive man to an aggressive woman and so on. To this can be added that, eventually, a man creates a woman whom he loves out of himself or a woman creates a man and loves her own image but in the male form.

The theme of narcissism recreates the 'lost object of desire.' "Blue" also raises the problem of conflating ideal actual and the issue of the feminine manhood and masculine femininity. There is another story about Narcissus' fall which said that he had a twin sister and they were exactly alike in appearance. Narcissus fell in love with his sister and, when the girl died, would go to the spring finding some relief for his love in imagining that he saw not his own reflection but the likeness of his sister.

"Blue" creates a remarkable and complex psychopathology of the lost, the desired, and the imagined. Instead of the self, Narcissus loves and becomes a heterogeneous sublimation of the self.

Unlike the Roman paintings of Narcissus which show him alone with his reflection by the pool, the key dynamic in Jaisini's "Blue" is the circulation of the legend that does not end and is reincarnated in transformation when autoeroticism is not permanent and is not single by definition.

In "Blue," we risk being lost in the double reflection of a mirror and never being able to define on which side of the mirror Narcissus is. The picture's color is not a true color of spring water. This kind of color is a perception of a deep seated human belief in the concept of eternity, the rich saturated cobalt blue. The ultrahot, hyperreal red color of the figure of Narcissus is not supposed to be balanced in the milieu of the radical blue. Jaisini realizes the harmony in the most exotic color combination.

While looking at "Blue," we can recall the spectacular color of night sky deranged by a vision of some fierce fire ball. The disturbance of colors create some powerful and awe-inspiring beauty.

In the picture's background, we find the animals' silhouettes which could be a memory reflection or dream fragments. In the story, Narcissus has been hunting - an activity that was itself a figure for sexual desire in antiquity. Captivated by his own beauty, the hunter sheds a radiance that, one presumes, reflects to haunt and foster his desire. The flaming color of the picture's Narcissus alludes to the erotic implications of the story and its unresolved problem of the one who desires himself and is trapped in the erotic delirium.

The concept can be applied to an ontological difference between the artist's imitations and their objects. In effect, Jaisini's Narcissus could epitomize artistic aspiration to control levels of reality and imagination, to align the competition of art and life, of image with imaginable prototype.

Jaisini's "Blue" is a unique work that adjoins reflection to reality without any instrumentality. "Blue" is a single composition that depicts the reality and its immediate reflection. Jaisini builds the dynamics of desire between Narcissus and his reflection-of-the-opposite by giving him the signs of both sexes,but not for the purpose of creating a hermaphrodite.

The case of multiple deceptions in "Blue" seems to be vital to the cycle of desire. Somehow it reminds one of the fate of the artists and their desperate attempts to evoke and invent the nonexistent.

"Blue" is a completely alien picture to Jaisini's "Reincarnation" series. The pictures of this series are painted on a plain ground of canvas that produces the effect of free space filled with air. "Blue," to the contrary, is reminiscencent of an underwater lack of air; the symbolism of this picture's texture and color contributes to the mirage of reincarnation.

 "Blue Reincarnation" (Oil painting) by Paul Jaisini,
New York 2000, Text Copyright: Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb
Send private comments to author Yustas61@aol.com

Date: 5/4/00
Name: Dirk Gillmeister
Location: Placerville, California
E-Mail: d&mgill@inforum.net

Comments: Looking for information about Kemptville, Nova Scotia. My wife's great-grand father was born in Kemptville on May 16, 1873. His name was Harry C. Prosser. I couldn't find Kemptville in my atlas so I got on the internet. I was happy to find a web site. Thanks for the information about your village!

Date: 5/6/00
Name: MelissaPothier
Location: Wedgeport
E-Mail: melissa_pothier@hotmail.com

Comments: hello, I really like this page. Two of your women came to my school, SAR, to talk about tourism and  I really injoyed it.

Date: 5/7/00
Name: Bonnie Werner ( nee Pitman)
Location: Lake Louise, Alberta
E-Mail: mountainmama54@hotmail.com

Hi, This is my first time visiting the Yarmouth website. Very good!!!! I would be interested in locating some of my highschool classmates,whom I have not seen since graduating in 1973.I grew up in Brooklyn. My parents names are Allison and Gaile Pitman.If anyone from my past would like to email me, I would love to hear from you and catch up on the past 27 years!!! Have a great 2000!!

Date: 5/9/00
Name: Blauveldt, Kenneth R.
Location: Fredericton, N.B.
E-Mail: veldtk@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: My family & I have spent many happy times here.

I was born in Tusket, as was my Father, his Father, etc. etc.

Date: 5/11/00
Name: savoy
Location: maine
E-Mail: lingraha@gwi.net


Date: 5/11/00
Name: Pat
Location: Ontario
E-Mail: feryl.fam@sympatico.ca

Comments: Just found this site. Haven't found any old friends yet, but hope to. Maiden name is Gehan. Graduated in 1979. I miss Yarmouth very much. Please drop me a line if you remember me!

Date: 5/12/00
Name: Kim
Location: Saskatchewan
E-Mail: kimm@twcfinancial.com

Comments: Hi planning on going to Yarmouth beginning of June if any one has any suggestions of things that are a must see please email me!

Date: 5/14/00
Name: Clayton Muise
Location: Argyle Sound
E-Mail: debbie2@ns.sympatico.ca


Date: 5/14/00
Name: Robert & Irene Bartlett
Location: Cape Breton
E-Mail: gipbartlett@yahoo.ca

Comments:  Just Surfing at present time

Date: 5/14/00
Name: Randall Har


Date: 5/14/00
Name: Randall Hardin
Location: Big Cove, Alabama
E-Mail: rvhardin@bellsouth.net

Comments: WE will be visiting during the week of September 2-9.  Would appreciate some information on area scenary and activities.  Thank you

             Randall Hardin

Date: 5/14/00
Name: Randall Hardin
Location: Big Cove, Alabama
E-Mail: rvhardin@bellsouth.net

Comments: We will be visiting your lovely city the week of September 2-9 of this year.  Wondering what are the "must see" locations in the area?  Very excited and looking forward to the trip.

Date: 5/17/00
Name: Emile
Location: New Hampshire   USA
E-Mail: mayorbeau@media.net

Comments: coming soon to Yarmouth....looking forward to it.  Thanks for the info....great job.

Date: 5/17/00
Name: James W. Gibson
Location: Bordentown, NJ, USA
E-Mail: JGibson@DesignSystemsInc.com

Comments: First time visitor, planning a vacation to Nova Scotia in August 2000. Entering and leaving thru Yarmouth.

Date: 5/18/00
Name: Mike Heartfield
Location: Nepean Ontario
E-Mail: mrgram@home.com


Date: 5/19/00
Name: Bud Fuller
E-Mail: stewart.fuller@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Yarmouth is my home town. I haven;t been there for a long time but still feel the tug,strange! Enjoy the various things that you offer on the net; thanks.

Date: 5/20/00
Name: Kelly
Location: Michigan
E-Mail: sandersj@bignet.net

Comments: enjoyed the sight - however I was trying to print out the driving directions
vacation/tours/fishermen and because you have the text in WHITE letters.....
all that prints out is the pictures on the sight. Perhaps you could correct this - it would be
nice to print this out to take with you driving.

Tip:  Have your brouser print black line text.

Date: 5/21/00
Name: paul coulson
Location: leicester
E-Mail: paul.coulson2@virgin.net


Date: 5/22/00
Name: eric schutt
Location: lisbon   mai ne
E-Mail: biw schutt @aol .com


Date: 5/22/00
Name: link
Location: Pembroke
E-Mail: linkin@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: I am trying to track down where the name Hazelton came from i no that my grand father was william hazelton and that he was the son of a unwed mother her last name was Tidd she was a school teacher in digby neck my grand father was raised by a Thierault family in gilberts cove he went to work @ sea at 9 years old

Date: 5/24/00
Name: Rosalie James/MacIsaac
Location: Calgary Alberta
E-Mail: seagullnest@home.com

Comments: Glad I found this site! will keep in touch!!!
Thank you so much...

Date: 5/25/00
E-Mail: yoursaviour69@hotmail.com

Comments: Hello Yarmouth people, how are you doing over there? We're doing good over here on the East coast of her. Right on.
Well, just visiting your site b'y. C'YA!!

Date: 5/25/00
Name: Rhonnda
Location: Bermuda
E-Mail: teiwaz@northrock.bm

Comments: Grateful for the pic of the beach...used to love walking that in the fog. ~s~

Date: 5/26/00
Name: joe a.k.a kinger
Location: morris Island  yar,co
E-Mail: joeking@klis.com

Comments: Good job on the site

Date: 5/26/00
Name: efe ono
Location: toronto
E-Mail: oshare@hotmail.com

Comments: as an african from nigeria,its nice to visit a black site likes yours,keep it up.

Date: 5/27/00
Name: Sharon
Location: Gloucester, MA
E-Mail: sharonh@gis.net

Comments: I have reconnected with a great uncle who is 97 and from Yarmouth, Zacharie Meuse.  He has travelled "down home" many times, but not since his ladyfriend passed away, Lottie Surrette.  Are there "any" living relatives left in Yarmouth? Thank you for any information.

Date: 5/29/00
Name: Ashlie/aka ash
Location: school
E-Mail: don't have one

Comments: Good webpage chow

Date: 5/31/00
Name: Gary L. Cantor
E-Mail: GaryC17897@aol.com.


Date: 6/1/00
Name: marsha wright
Location: parry sound,ont

Comments: visit your beautiful town and love it


Date: 6/1/00
Name: Sheila Rankine
Location: Michigan
E-Mail: sheilartom@aol.com

Comments: hello to  all , Hope to see you this summer.

Date: 6/2/00
Name: Carol Holland
Location: Red Deer, Alberta
E-Mail: hollandb@telusplanet.net

Comments: I grew up near Yarmouth so I  enjoy keeping up with the
news from that area.

Date: 6/2/00
Name: Raven feather
Location: Duncan B C
E-Mail: White raven feather@Yahoo.com

Comments: Good work please keep it up My roots are from Gavelton not sure on the spelling I would be very thankfull for any information  White Raven

Date: 6/2/00
Name: Me

Comments: Uh, where's the Rage Page?

Date: 6/2/00
Name: L Friars
Location: Rothesay, NB
E-Mail: ve9glf@nb.sympatico.ca

Comments: Was looking for a place called Sluthes Point.
How far would that be from Saint John, N.B.

Date: 6/4/00
Name: Americans are better than you
Location: Mass.
E-Mail: GOMCSORLY@hotmail.com

Comments: Canada is smelly, I do not like Canada. I went on a trip there and in Yarmouth eveyone was unfriendly and smelled like fish. We do not like people who smell like fish. Please remember all of oyu Canadians, that there is a neat invention called a shower. Use it, you all smell horrible. ANd you live in an ugly town. And that dumb Grand Hotel also sucks. If there are anyone who doesn't agree, email me at GOMCSORLY@hotmail.com. And all candians smell bad. the end

Date: 6/4/00
Name: Steven Wuebbles
Location: Weirton, WV
E-Mail: sauger53@hotmail.com

Comments: Planning to visit the area in mid to late June--I can't wait..

Date: 6/4/00
Name: Mike Keefe
Location: Halifax, NS
E-Mail: mike_keefe99@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi!  I was wondering if there were any overnight packages to Bar Harbour via The Cat.  I know there used to be on the Bluenose.  You walked on the Ferry in Yarmouth, sailed to Bar Harbour and got a night's accomodation there.  I was just curious as I plan to visit Yarmouth this summer and would like to add that to my plans.  Thank you!
Great Site!

Date: 6/6/00
Name: Anthony and Joanne Meaning
Location: Yarmouth Isle of Wight England
E-Mail: anthony.meaning@btinternet.com

Comments: Hello from Yarmouth out across the sea.Does anybody have any information on the Nove Espero ---- she was sailed from Yarmouth Nova Scotia to Yarmouth Isle of Wight by the Smith Brothers.I
We are not nautically minded,it's just a search for the book that was written after their successful crossing.Hope that we hear from somebody out there -----Tony and Joanne Meaning.June 6th.2000

Date: 6/6/00
Name: Harvey Tebbetts
Location: Natchez, Mississippi
E-Mail: htebbetts@locnet.net

Comments: Enjoyed your sight. See you next week. Can hardly wait to see your beautiful country.

Date: 6/7/00
Name: diamond36
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: vberry@auracom.com

Comments: Looking good guys! keep up the good work.

Date: 6/7/00
Name: Verla
Location: Grifton, North Carolina
E-Mail: Verla @ Coastalnet.com

Comments: Planning a visit in September, 2000.

Date: 6/8/00
Name: Alan Easton
Location: Scotland U.K
E-Mail: a.easton@cableinet.co.uk

Comments: i recently visited yarmouth and i fell in love with the place so much so i would like to find out about immigration ect
everyone was so freindly and i want to return

Date: 6/9/00
Name: Sue Pitman
Location: Mt Pisgah, N.B.
E-Mail: pitman_malo@hotmail.com

Comments: Would like to have contact with some of the people I went to school with and played basketball with,etc. I grew up in Brooklyn,just outside Yarmouth and still consider myself a Nova Scotian.Feel free to email me if you'd like to make contact.

Date: 6/9/00
Name: Ross Keough
Location: Vancouver BC
E-Mail: ross@contactravel.com

Comments: My mom comes from Yarmouth. I've haven't been yet. Great website! Would love old Yarmouth photos to look at on your site! Cheers

Date: 6/11/00
Name: John Parr
Location: Calgary,Alberta
E-Mail: jandkparr@hotmail.com


Date: 6/12/00
Name: Bruce Hoff
Location: 6176 Kari Dr, Melbourne, FL  U
E-Mail: Baracuda8981@cs.com

Comments: Thank you for the information you provided. I was looking for a book about visting you area, it would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 6/12/00
Name: Bruce Hoff
Location: 6176 Kari Dr, Melbourne, FL  U
E-Mail: Baracuda8981@cs.com

Comments: Thank you for the information you provided. I was looking for a book about visting you area, it would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 6/12/00
Name: Dave
Location: Yarmouth

Comments: I love this site! It is really nice to see a internet site
on our town! I would like to see a link on amirault's hill as soon as
possiblebecause amirault's hill rocks!

Date: 6/13/00
Name: Richard & Eos Hood
Location: 26 Floyd Road, Verona,NJ 07044

Comments: Just browsing as we will be visiting, Yarmouth in August.

Date: 6/13/00
Name: Keith Perry
Location: 92 Leroi Drive, Pittsfield, MA
E-Mail: kperry@taconic.net

Comments: Thanks for the wonderful picture.  I can see our stone cottage on the top of the bank north of Port Maitland.  Will be back this July.


Date: 6/13/00
Name: Nick Power
Location: Salmon River, Digby Co.
E-Mail: n.a.power@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: I have been enjoying looking through your page and some of
the links.  Nicely done.


Date: 6/15/00
Name: john surette
Location: down town yarmouth
E-Mail: grumps@klis.com

Comments: your service is very good.I was well informed as too what was going on in your town

Date: 6/15/00
Name: Gary Porter
Location: Yellowknife NWT
E-Mail: porter@internorth .com

Comments: Being from Rockville it is always great to find sites such as these. It has been just about twenty years now that I have been home but I still think of it often. Should anyone wish to E-Mail me please do so, it would be great hearing from home.

Date: 6/15/00
Name: George Franklin
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
E-Mail: geolead@aol.com

Comments: My mother, who is from Glenwood, is visiting here right now. She'll be returning on Saturday. We're looking forward to visiting her next summer.

Date: 6/16/00
Name: paul f abric
Location: toronto ont.
E-Mail: nvm@idirect.com

Comments: Very nice to see your web page, I was born in Wedgeport,my mother was Anntoinette Cottreau, married Percy Abric in Yarmouth 1935. I have not been home for many years, 1977 was the last time, I have been trying to locate Chester Munroe, Munroe's Carpets but cant seem to find him on the computer, last I heard he opened a store on Starrs Rd, Morris his son apparently runs it,should anyone there happen to know him, I would appreciate his contacting me on the internet,hope everyone there is healthy, looking forward to coming down this Aug. Paul.

Date: 6/16/00
Name: Kathy Whitten
Location: Richmond, Virginia


Date: 6/16/00
Name: Kathy Whitten
Location: Richmond, Virginia

Comments: We are looking forward to visiting your town in June.  Your web site was very helpful.

Date: 6/17/00
Name: L Downs
Location: Idaho - USA


Date: 6/17/00
Name: Carol Rawdon
Location: Martin Tennessee
E-Mail: rawdy@rnet.net

Comments: Will be visting Bar Harbor ME. in August Thinking about taking  trip to your village

Date: 6/18/00
Name: tim
Location: crowley
E-Mail: tjcjr1@mediaone.net


Date: 6/19/00
Name: Chris Perry
Location: St. Andrews, N.B.
E-Mail: dcperry@nb.sympatico.ca

Comments: Nice web site.  Looks like a tourism minded community and plenty to see and do.

Chris Perry

Date: 6/20/00
Name: Ray
Location: Arundel, Maine
E-Mail: joray@cybertours.com

Comments: This is a great site. Beautiful pictures. We have been there several times. Always enjoy the area. Thanks..

Date: 6/21/00
Name: Myrna Selby
Location: Boca Raton, Florida USA
E-Mail: mselby2020@aol.com

Comments: very informative

Date: 6/22/00
Name: Jenn Sheaves
Location: Dartmouth
E-Mail: jennysheaves@hotmail.com


Date: 6/23/00
Name: Reuben David
Location: USA
E-Mail: rdgarza@lexington@com

Comments: I plan to travel to Yarmouth next month for the first time.  I was wondering if you could be kind enough and tell me about your night life; specifically, if there are any gay discos/bars in Yarmouth.

Thank you.


Date: 6/23/00
Name: Mary Pictou
Location: Gray Road
E-Mail: ma_pa@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Hello.

Date: 6/24/00
Name: Sue
Location: Mt.Pisgah,N.B.
E-Mail: pitman_malo@hotmail.com

Comments: hi..second time visiting this site.I grew up in Brooklyn,just outside Yarmouth.Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me and want to get intouch. Igraduated in the early 70's from YCMHS and will send congrats to the class of 2000.

Date: 6/25/00
Name: Ann
Location: PEI
E-Mail: lou.ann@isn.net

Comments: Helping my cousin in Calgary doing research into her ancestry.
Does anyone have genealogy information on Israel Allen who lived
in the Pembroke area of Yarmouth County in the 1800's?  He had
a son Vernon Allen of Yarmouth.  Family connections would be Cain
of the Yarmouth area.  Any help would sure be appreciated.

Date: 6/26/00
Name: Elliott Danto
Location: Kendall Park, NJ - USA
E-Mail: iamell@home.com

Comments: We had planned a trip up to Nova Scotia many years ago. The year we were supposed to go the " gas shortage" hit Northeast USA. Gas was available on an odd/even schedule. With gas being unavailable our trip was cancelled & we've never been up. With the internet at our disposal our interest is again piqued. Hopefully we'll be  seeing you soon!!

Date: 6/27/00
Name: Donna McArthur
Location: Cambridge,Ont.
E-Mail: macs@easynet.ca

Comments: Visited last year on vacation and we are visiting again this yearbecause we had such fun when we were there.

Date: 6/27/00
Name: Richard Humphries
Location: Florissant, Mo. 63033
E-Mail: rhump@postnet.com

Comments:  Could you please provide me with the cost for the following businesses.
Clyde River Cottages
Yarmouth Hostel.
I would like to visit your area and would like to find a reasonable lodging. I am alone. Thanks for your assistance. Also what is concidered tourist time.

Date: 6/28/00
Name: susan kirby
Location: machusetts, USA
E-Mail: s3blazer@aol.com

Comments: we have been on the overnight ferry from maine. we are looking forward to go on the 3 day royal getaway the last week of july. we had a wonderful time last time.

Date: 6/28/00
Name: Jen McCarthy
Location: Gainesville, FL, USA
E-Mail: jrmccar@juno.com

Comments: A beautiful website!  I'm the grand-daughter of Bill and
Frances Crowell of Lake Annis (the daughter of Christine
Miles).  I was hoping to find some pictures on the web,
and you didn't disappoint!  My husband and I will be
traveling to Lake Annis this summer in August, hope to miss
the black flies.  Please, more pictures on the site!  It's
just great!

Date: 6/29/00
Name: Martha Korioth/Hal Guthrie
Location: Houston, TX
E-Mail: koriothm@spring-branch.isd.tenet.edu

Comments: We are looking for the website for Homewood Inn in the Yarmouth Bay area. Do you know what it is? Thanks!

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