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Update November 20 2000

Date: 10/5/00
Name: H.J.Muise
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: Hmmmm

 Site Looks Great!
   ill-B-back-4-sure!       C-U- [:

Date: 10/7/00
Name: Herb and Coralie Hanen
Location: Hillsborough, New Hampshire
E-Mail: HHansen@gsinet.net

Comments: Very good presentation. I think we'll manage a trip to see you soon.

Date: 10/7/00
Name: Darcie
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: darcie_16@hotmail.com

Comments: Excellent page, very informative! Yarmouth is beautiful. Anyone who has the chance to visit  shouldn't think twice.

Date: 10/8/00
Name: Barry
Location: Bath      UK
E-Mail: cole@rollrunner.freeserve.co,uk

Comments: Invited here by online friend......veiw her locale.......Stunning......... one day in person...ty

Date: 10/8/00
Name: Barry.... (BAZ)
Location: Bath      UK
E-Mail: cole@rollrunner.freeserve.co,uk

Comments: Wsa invited here by online friend....... Stunning..... one day a personal visit......ty    very informative......presentation years ahead of what similar english tourist provide.... welldone and thankyou

Date: 10/8/00
Name: David
Location: Halifax, NS
E-Mail: saveoursundays@chalktv.com

Comments: What a nice web site really enjoy reading the comments! Was down in the yarmouth area this summer a real beautiful place will return.


Please come visit us- <P><center><A HREF="http://members.tripod.com/saveoursundays/">Say No To Ssunday Shopping</center></A>

Date: 10/9/00
Name: len crocker
Location: songkhla thailand
E-Mail: crocker@hatyai.inet.ca.th

Comments: good to see you on the net

Date: 10/9/00
Name: Chrissy
Location: Mansfield, Massachusetts
E-Mail: ChrissyPDQ@aol.com

Comments: I just got home from Yarmouth and found it to be a beautiful town.  I went with Rose Heron whom, I guess, comes to visit every year.  We took the tour from the Rodd Colonial and stopped to see Mrs Finley...I have to say that was the highlight of my trip.

I saw the tape of the tour at the lighthouse store and didn't think to buy it and I wondered if there was any way I could order one online and have it shipped to me.  I'd love to show my family all the beautiful houses I was shown on the tour.

Date: 10/10/00
Name: Blair Rhyno
Location: Lunenburg Nova Scotia
E-Mail: blairrhyno1@hotmail.com

Comments: Just thought i would leave a note for anyone looking for me.Yarmouth born and raised,its a great place and this web site is a great idea.Keep it up.

Date: 10/12/00
Name: Arachnaphobia/bumhoolio
Location: pubnico
E-Mail: bumbum@hotmail.com

Comments: WOW.

Date: 10/14/00
Name: Mattse
Location: Now: Germany// 2001: Yarmouth
E-Mail: Hightower1967@canada.com

Comments: Hello,
in 2001 I'll work and live in NS. Planing this time from here in germany I'd like to get in contact with emigrated German people and native canadians to improve my knowledges and to prepare myself in a better way.

So if you'd like to give me some aid I'll thank you by inviting to my first birthday party in December 2001 in NS.


Matthias Meyer

Date: 10/17/00
Name: Darlene Bladel
Location: Pollock, La.
E-Mail: Bladeldl@aol.com

Comments: Hi
 My ancestors were some of the first in Yarmouth county in Ohio. Porter.
 If at all possible please let me know address or e-mail, prfered, to write to get information.
  I really enjoyed your site

Date: 10/17/00


Date: 10/17/00
Name: Darlene
Location: Bladel
E-Mail: Bladeldl@aol.com

Comments: Hi
  Really like your site. My ancestors came from Ohio and Yarmouth county.
  I will be anxous to see them when they are done

Date: 10/20/00
Name: Sandy Christie
Location: Gulfport Ms. USA
E-Mail: achristi@bellsouth.net

Comments: I was reading through the guest book log, in fact, over a period of a few days I read all of the entries since the guest book started
started and it really interesting. I was just wondering how many responses the loudmouth from Massachusetts got after
he shot his mouth off with his opinions on how thinks Canadians smell. What a loser that guy must be.

Anyway I really enjoyed reading through the log and I did want to send off another letter to let you know of my new e-mail address.
I really would like to hear from any one who remembers me. I have had some most enjoyable e-mails from Sheila Rankine who
did remember me and it was nice of her to fill me in on some of the goings on around Yarmouth.

Date: 10/21/00
Name: Robert Fevens
Location: Ottawa,Ontario
E-Mail: bfevens@hotmail.com

Comments: I was browsing the Guest Book comments and came upon the poem by E.W.Smith (9/10/00). His recollections of life in Yarmouth - what appear to be '50's and early '60's - brought back many memoroies of my boyhood. Thanks!!

Great site.

Date: 10/21/00

Comments: I'M from Kemptville,love reading anything about "down home".Wonderful site!

Date: 10/22/00
Name: ed Goodwin
Location: Vanderhoof bc
E-Mail: cavedawg31@hotmail.com

Comments: Great  i was born in yarmouth

Date: 10/22/00
Name: David Babin
Location: Barre VT

Comments: I used to live in Yarmouth co., I would love to see a page/link on amirault's hill.

Date: 10/23/00
Name: Dawn Ettinger
Location: Chicago    Illinois
E-Mail: ettingerdawn@hotmail.com


Date: 10/25/00
Name: Peter A. Surette
Location: Middleton,Massachusetts
E-Mail: PandP@aol.com

Comments: I"ve visited many times and Ilove it there.  Still have family in Eel Brook and friends in Quinan.Plan to go back sometime.Hello to all.

Date: 10/26/00
Name: oldteabag
E-Mail: j.feit@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Great looking front page. Lots to see.
Makes me want to see more.

Date: 10/27/00
Name: cherie salisbury/anderson
Location: sudbury,ont/PortLaTour,Shelbur
E-Mail: pussycat@ispnook.com

Comments: Hi. My name is cherie and i live in sudbury ont. I spent childhood summers and vacations with relatives in Port La Tour,Shelburne Co. I just thought i would take a look and see whats new down in that paart of the world .I also hope to visit for a couple weeks next summer.July 2001

Date: 10/27/00
Name: eric allen
Location: forest glen


Date: 10/29/00
Name: Eden Skye Clements
Location: London ontario
E-Mail: skye_always3@yahoo.com


Date: 10/29/00
Name: Kim Williams
Location: Dartmouth N.S.
E-Mail: llama.tree@sympatico.ns.ca

Comments: I think it might be helpful to include some info on the Hospital in Yarmouth for people enquiring about the facility and services they offer.
Thank you. Kim Williams

Date: 10/30/00
Name: Marge Kelley
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: markel@pathcom.com

Comments: I was born and brought up in Yarmouth.  My parents and many ancestors are buried in Town Point Cemetery.  Although I have lived in Toronto for many years, I still keep in touch with Yarmouth.  A Pubnico friend told me about the website. It is excellent.  thank you for letting me have a virtual visit to my home town.  I'll be back.

Date: 10/31/00
Name: Chelsea Coakley
Location: YARMOUTH
E-Mail: Chelseacoakley@klis.com

Comments: Very nice webpage. I like the articles, and especially the OCEANS 11 webpage.

Date: 10/31/00
Name: Cush
Location: Prembroke
E-Mail: remix_3@excite.com

Comments: yo yo.....this is a pretty interesting webpage....i really like fundy
issue #4.....it is very very VERY interesting!!!  it was great...well
that's all i have to say about the webpage...so like live long....remember
come support u'r yarmouth vikings hockey team....the games are very
great....it's all good!!!  hockey is great!!  later on dudes and dudets!!


Date: 11/1/00
Name: Paul Fitzgerald
Location: Halifax, NS
E-Mail: paul.fitzgerald@stmarys.ca

Comments: Hello
Great website! I take a course called African Nova Scotia cultural studies at Saint Mary's. The professor is Kenneth Fells who hails from the Yarmouth area. He asked the class to find out about the Salmon River Settlement. Sure enough I found out that it is now known as Greenville. I found your site helpful. Interesting to see some of Fells' relatives online. I'll bring it up in his class. Thanks again. Paul

Date: 11/2/00
Name: Rachel
Location: lreland
E-Mail: arnettrachel@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi! Just wanted a little taste of home!! Great website -especially the Carleton section.

Date: 11/4/00
Name: Sandra
Location: Whitley bay, England
E-Mail: Santheo@aol.com


Date: 11/5/00
Name: Alice R. d'Entremont Cote'
Location: Baldwinville, Massachusetts
E-Mail: Acote@juno.com

Comments: I need a telephone book for the Pubnico area.  Can you tell me the information I need to contact . ( Phone Number ,  address, or whatever ).  Need to make contacts with certain people & can't find my ancient book.  Of course after 12 years it really is too old anyways.   Can not locate a number to call Bell Atlantic ....
Thank You for ANY help...

Date: 11/6/00
Name: Darren LeBlanc
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
E-Mail: superspiker@homefreeweb.com

Comments: I was born and raised in Yarmouth, I am now studying at  St. Thomas University, just stopped in to say hello to all my Yarmouth friends, and to my hometown. Great website, GJ, did you make this one or what.......?  hahaha

Date: 11/6/00
Name: DAWN
E-Mail: ettingerdawn@hotmail.com


Date: 11/7/00
Name: Coolieo
Location: Amherst
E-Mail: Shawn_Doucette@hotmail.com

Comments: Arcadia was the best place I have ever known, and I hope that I will live there again, I moved there from town when I was 7 and moved up here to okay Amherst at 14, and I really miss that nice little place where I was free.  My name is Shawn Doucette, some people might remember me, but remember this, I will return!!!!!!

Date: 11/7/00
Name: Coolieo
Location: Amherst
E-Mail: Shawn_Doucette@hotmail.com

Comments: Hello Nanny, it's me Shawn.

Date: 11/8/00
Name: Peter Sutherland
Location: Bass River
E-Mail: ptsutherland@netscape.net

Comments: I am happy that Yarmouth has a web site. I am enjoying
the opportunity to check it out.

Date: 11/11/00
Name: B. D. White
Location: Baltimore, MD USA
E-Mail: bdwhite7@home.com

Comments: I enjoy your web site.

I am on a mission to reconstruct the ministry path of African American & African Canadian women who served as the pastor or spiritual leader of Canadian communities from the 1800s to the 1900s.

Thank you for your work.

Date: 11/12/00
Name: mr j bonning
Location: birmingham  England
E-Mail: jackg7huu@ic24

Comments: nice one thank you

Date: 11/13/00
Name: Donovan Kael
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: donovankael@hotmail.com

Comments: I'm sick of hearing about Save Our Sundays. I work, hear this, on Sundays when it falls on my schedule. I've worked in the restaurants that the church-goers love to frequent after their church services. If you don't want Sunday shopping, why not do away with Sunday restauranting? Why not do away with Sunday after-church-coffee's at Tim Horton's? Don't they have just as much of a right to have the day off as the people who work in Zeller's or clothing shops or whatnot? Why are retail employee's entitled to Sunday off and not others? Please. Get with the new age. Sunday's turned into the day of 'Daddy, lets go the park' for these 'single mothers'. So, if you ask the single mothers that you parade around, probably without asking them what they thought, you'll find a willing workforce. Just another day to make money that Daddy doesn't give.
And, as a sideline, just because Sunday shopping is becoming legal does not make it MANDITORY. Shop owners can decide for themselves if they want to open their stores. If they feel they can make a profit on Sunday, let them open up. If the main workforce doesn't want to work Sunday, hire a student. As it stands, if a student doesn't want to work during the week and have it interfere with their studies, it leaves them with Friday evening and all day Saturday. Give them a chance to work on a Sunday and i think that you would be very surprised at how many will work.
Boy, that was a lot to type out. Thank you for listening to my rantings.

Donovan Kael

Date: 11/14/00
Name: Satra
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: Chica_1@usa.net

Comments: Really cool! I never knew Yarmouth had a web page!

Date: 11/14/00


Date: 11/16/00
Name: Patti Callaghan(Cosman)
Location: Belleville, Ontario
E-Mail: dpmaple@sympatico.ca

Comments: Just happened upon this spot. Looking for relatives. My father John Cosman was born and raised in Forest Glen.

Date: 11/18/00
Name: Rolande Harris
Location: Wedgeport
E-Mail: harris_rolande@hotmail.com


Date: 11/18/00
Name: Ron Bourque
Location: Essex Junction Vermont
E-Mail: Jen_ron@compuserve.com

Comments: Looking for history of the Bourque family from Belville, NS.  I have heard their may be a family reunion in 2003 or 2004.  If anyone can provide me information it would be very appreciated.

Ron Bourque

Date: 11/19/00
Name: Ralph Cann
Location: St. John's Newfoundland
E-Mail: ralph.cann@nf.sympatico.ca

Comments: Just checked into your villages site after doing a Google
search for Brenton, where I grew up.  Enjoyed the site but
a little disappointed that Brenton didn't actually show up.


Ralph Cann

Date: 11/19/00
Name: Mawolf
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
E-Mail: mawolf8@home.com

Comments: Ed that is a loely poem you wrote and it must have been during my time in Yarmouth as I recalled it well.
I miss Yarmouth and my family.
I think we knew one another from school days.
I was home for 2 weeks last March and am coming home for a week this month.
Great work done preparing these reports.
I would like to hear from some of my friends who may remember me.
Linda (nee) Winchester
Keep up the great job representing our fine town of Yarmouth, N.S.


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