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Update Dec 31, 2000

Date: 11/21/00
Name: Ron Melanson
Location: Greenwood ,NovaScotia
E-Mail: ronmelanson@canada.com

Comments: Hiya do'n just surfn around ,born and raised in Yarmouth ,u
should add a link on this site to (http://www.klis.com/yarmouthalumni/)
this is a site for all the people who have gone to Yarmouth
regional High School ,a good place to find old friends an school chums

Date: 11/23/00
Name: shawn d'eon

Comments: hey arcadians

Date: 11/23/00


Date: 11/23/00
Name: Jeff White
Location: Durand,Wisconsin
E-Mail: bluenose@win.bright.net

Comments: Just seeing what the ``back home'' is up to.

Date: 11/23/00
Name: Uncle Kenny fells
Location: Oakfield Nova Scotia
E-Mail: kfells@staff.ednet.ns.ca

Comments: This is fantastic and I know your mom and dad gave you lots of information.  I just wish your mom would allow you to use some of the other pictures from the Old AME Church.  kmf

Date: 11/23/00
Name: Jeff White
Location: Wisconsin
E-Mail: bluenose@win.bright.net

Comments: I really enjoyed the presentation on Kemptville as I spent as much time as I could at the Oakland Lake camp when we lived in Yarmouth, and since moving to Wisconsin.tHANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Date: 11/27/00
Name: Jason McGray
Location: oshawa, ont.
E-Mail: djgravity2000@hotmail.com

Comments: just visiting a piece of home while here in ontario. god bless all my family there.

Date: 11/30/00
Name: John
Location: East Uniacke
E-Mail: anchorage.greenbay@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: I read your advertising in Sunday Shopping.  I was surprised to see Yarmouth not wanting Sunday Shopping. Yarmouth being a tourist town, needs tourist to spend money in their community.  The major complaint has been the lack of shopping for tourist.  The tourist have the money and want to be able to spend it.  I agree with family values, and time for the family, is there a happy medium?

Date: 11/30/00
Name: curtis
Location: cann

Comments: very nice

Date: 11/30/00
Name: Marlene E. Rooks
Location: Boynton Beach, FL
E-Mail: marrooks@msn.com

Comments: Want to visit your city sometime next spring.  Looing for information.

Date: 12/4/00
Name: roger amero                rog
Location: plympton,n.s.
E-Mail: rogeramero@hotmail.com

Comments: I have been to your town many,many times,
and there isn't anything that I seen that
needs changeing.

Date: 12/5/00
Name: Bob&Susan LeBlanc
Location: Gatineau Quebec
E-Mail: Karymusic@hotmail.com

Comments: Nice to have a look every now and again,,Had a great time this summer,,thanks to winnie surette,,for the Homecoming 2000 celebrations..Took lots of pics and posted a page for the Homecoming 2000,,on my web site karymusic.homestead.com
Hope all is well back home..Bye fer now..

Date: 12/5/00
Name: monica hill
Location: ottawa on
E-Mail: will.sevigny@hoome.com


Date: 12/9/00

Comments: 'Just a quick note to say hello and a heartfelt "Merry Christmas" to all the folks in and from Yarmouth. I'm heartened by the amount of folk who can relate to the poem that I submitted awhile back entitled "HOME". 'Nice to know that I'm not the only Yarmouthian who gets rather homesick every now and then. I wrote a little Christmas "ditty" the other day, and I'd like to share it with you ...

                 The Other Side Of Christmas

            It's easy, my friend, to be joyful
             When your pockets are jingling with gold.
            It's easy to praise all the gods that you raise
             When you've never been hungry or cold.
            It's easy to say,"What a great Christmas Day!"
             When your larder is laden with store ...
            But how would you feel if you had to deal
             With life like the hard-working poor?
            If you had naught to spend and had to depend
             On the Food Bank for something to eat,
           Would you still feel the glow that you often show
             When greeting the people you meet?
            When your pay has been spent to cover the rent,
             And collectors are parked at your door ...
        And the bills are piled high but as hard as you try,
            You just can't keep up anymore ...
        When corporate greed has placed you in need
            And the taxman has lower'd his sword,
         Would you still feel like singing
             When the bells start to ringing,
         And praising the One you call "Lord"?

          Oft Christmas is lost to the outrageous cost
            Of keeping a roof o'er one's head,
          And the notion of giving gives way to just living
            And keeping one's family fed.
          So ... to you who still care, I offer this prayer:
            "May your day be unbridled by debt.
          And, may God up above bless the ones that you love
            With a Christmas you'll never regret."


   My best wishes to all over this holiday season and beyond.

Date: 12/11/00
Name: Matt Crowell
Location: East Kemptville
E-Mail: matthew_crowell@yahoomail.com

Comments: This is a cool page

Date: 12/12/00
Name: hugh hickerson
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: hughe@ns.sympatico.ca


Date: 12/13/00
Name: sandy harding/sammybluejay1
Location: bethany ontario canada
E-Mail: sammybluejay1@yahoo.com

Comments: Hi i am married to ronald harding from the yarmouth area he has all kinds relatives down there have not seen them for years but i can honestly say beautiful country down there lovely homepage keep up the good work

Date: 12/14/00
Name: petals
Location: saint john new brunswick
E-Mail: shab@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: you have beautiful home pages, and your community can be proud ...very informative .....

Date: 12/17/00
Name: Drew Hart
Location: Vancouver
E-Mail: drew_hart@hotmail.com

Comments: Hello,

Just trying to do some research on Raynardton.  I am the grandson of a Raynard (Marion Bronk (Raynard)).

Drew Hart

Date: 12/18/00
Name: Barbara Nickerson
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
E-Mail: Vegasbump@aol.com

Comments: We are summer residents of Carleton.  Miss everyone and just wanted to say hi.

Date: 12/20/00
Name: maureen goodyer
Location: almonte, on
E-Mail: maureen.goodyer@sympatico.ca

Comments: i came upon your site when looking for info on b12!! i have lots of 'history' in yarmouth. my grandfather was edgar j. vickery and was instrumental in starting the museum there. is lillian goudey related to francis goudey? francis was edgar j's sister. do you kno of anyone there doing geneology. i am trying to do my grandmother's family. she was star rogers. i hope the above didn't print out in all one line. i neglected to put in carriage returns. i am sending this from my office but have given you my home email. would love to hear from anyone re the above.  relatives still in yarmouth are john and dorothy goudey/elizabeth and robert manuge and on my husband's side there was gladys roberts, who just passed away. look forward to a response.  maureen (flanagan) goodyer

Date: 12/23/00
Name: Jackie
Location: Durham,  Maine
E-Mail: Windyacres@nqi.net

Comments: I just wanted to wish all my good friends in Yarmouth a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  Can't wait to see you all in May, 2001.  Have a safe and warm winter.

Date: 12/27/00
Name: Ray Devoe
Location: Arundel, Maine
E-Mail: joray@cybertours.com

Comments: Just a note to say you have a very good website. We have
been to Nova Scotia many times and find it very scenic.

Date: 12/29/00
Name: Sandra Cook nee Hulsman
Location: Rusagonis NB
E-Mail: diggrsam@nb.sympatico.ca


Well that is it for 2000 welcome to 2001.
If the monk put 1 for the first year of the calandar than welcome to the 21st Century.
All the best to you and yours.

Got any predictions for the next 100 years?

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