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Update Feb 28, 2001

Date: 12/31/00
Name: "happy" Carl D. Fenton
Location: Calgary , Alberta
E-Mail: angeloil@home.com


Date: 1/6/01
Name: Alex Sayat
Location: Millburn, New Jersey
E-Mail: alsayat@aol.com


Date: 1/7/01
Name: Chris & Tammy Sinderly
Location: Saint John, N.B.
E-Mail: anthjas@sympatico.ca

Comments: I used to live in Yarmouth Co., N.S.  Now am married and living in Saint John Any old friends recognize me drop a line i would love to hear from you.

Date: 1/7/01
Name: Judy &Robert Crowell
Location: Kemptville N.S.
E-Mail: jrcrowell@auracom.com

Comments: Very interesting.

Date: 1/7/01
Name: George White
Location: Orleans (Ottawa) Ontario
E-Mail: gwhite@sympatico.ca

Comments: Nice to see a home town web page, being a real "down homer".

Date: 1/8/01
Name: Valerie Johnson
Location: Yarmouth, Me.
E-Mail: vhj@verdan.com

Comments: Would you have any information on the S.S. Yarmouth?

Date: 1/8/01
Name: Tina Hanley
Location: East Kemptville
E-Mail: bobina24@hotmail.com


Date: 1/8/01
Name: Richard Bockmiller
Location: Millsboro Delaware
E-Mail: JoanandDick@cs.com

Comments: We will be coming to Nova Scotia by ferry from Portland Maine sometime the first or second week of Sept. 01 Looking forward to seeing this wonderful country. It will be myself and wife.

Date: 1/10/01
Name: Chris & Tammy Sinderly
Location: Saint John, N.B.
E-Mail: anthjas@sympatico.ca

Comments: My name is Chris Sinderly. I live in Saint John, N.B.
I lived in Yarmouth for many years. I lived in the Hebron Residential Centre for awhile and would like to hear from others that were there. Yarmouth is a beautiful place and will always be my home away from home. Thank-You

Date: 1/10/01
Name: Wendy Sims
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: wendy_sims@hotmail.com


Date: 1/12/01
Name: ute sautter
Location: 72461 Albstadt/Germany
E-Mail: utesautter@web.de

Comments: I have been in nova scotia in 1996, I guess, not shure,
the best thing is taking the ferry to the united states
to portland without any problems.
The only thing I couldn't find was a fish-shop.
Do you have one in Yarmouth? And I also love buying birth-
day cards or any kind of cards in Canada. In Germany you've
no change/choice on that kind.
So, now I'm saying good-bye, best wishes to all of you
and take care......

Date: 1/12/01
Name: Larry
Location: Winnipeg Mb
E-Mail: ldsaulnie@videon.wave ca

Comments:   I was looking for yarmouth newspapers but could not findhelp would be appreciated

                               tks l

Date: 1/12/01
Name: gititdon
Location: usa
E-Mail: gititdon@yahoo.com


Date: 1/12/01
Name: Pat
Location: Dartmouth
E-Mail: pat.matthews@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: I was born in Yarmouth and left with my mom was I was 14. I was born to George

Date: 1/12/01
Name: Pat
Location: Matthews
E-Mail: pat.matthews@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Oops got cut off the first time I signed in. Anyway, I was born in Yarmouth and left with my mom when I was 14 (a good number of years ago). I was born to George A. MacInnis and Marguerite S. (Morton) would love to hear from anyone in Yarmouth.

Date: 1/14/01
Name: Bill
Location: Massachusetts
E-Mail: wshee34330@aol.com


Date: 1/15/01
Name: Ted Gifford
Location: Beverly, Massachusetts
E-Mail: tedgiff28@mediaone.net

Comments: A very attractive and informative web site.  Keep adding to it, please.

Date: 1/18/01
Name: Angie Rose
Location: Kitchener, Ontario
E-Mail: Angierose_1@yahoo.com

Comments: Hi used to live there, I miss it there sometimes and your websites brings me closer to home.

Date: 1/19/01
E-Mail: janaprasad1@telus.net


Date: 1/19/01
Name: HardRock   Evan Goodwin
Location: British Columbia
E-Mail: Airtime@smithers.inbox.as

Comments: Hi Everyone in Yarmouth
It's been 7 years since I have been out of Yarmouth
I'm 18 now, I would have went to Maple Grove
I would like to visit yarmouth once again someday
If anyone knows me Give me an email I'd like to hear
from them....
Good web page!

Date: 1/21/01
Name: taffynago
Location: kingston
E-Mail: anoush52@netzero.net

Comments: Just wanted to congratulate you for your lovely site!

Date: 1/22/01
Name: Franki M
Location: Melfort Sk
E-Mail: franelle60@hotmail.com

Comments: I am looking for information on relatives in Yarmouth and I'm hoping your site will assist me or point me in the right direction..

Date: 1/22/01
Name: Steven Deveau
Location: Fredericton
E-Mail: c24eu@unb.ca

Comments: Just like I remember it.

Date: 1/22/01
Name: Dick & Florence
Location: Wakefield, MA
E-Mail: Fsurette@msn.com

Comments: We visit yearly at Eel Brook where my brother and wife both reside in the family home.  Love going there for hunting although can't see any deer, they must know Dick is coming and hide very well.   Miss Maggies donuts.....  Hello to all our friends in Quinin.  How is Perraio doing?......

Date: 1/22/01
Name: Scott Sith
Location: Bellevue, Nebraska
E-Mail: scott3554@home.com

Comments: Looking forward to visiting in July 2001

Date: 1/23/01
Name: June Stanley
Location: Gadsden, Alabama
E-Mail: junebugs55@aol

Comments: Looking for all the information i can about Yarmouth,i was born on the lighthouse at Cape Forchu my father was light keeper at that time.I am trying to trace his family history. I have enjoyed looking at the web pages from there,keep up the good work. Yours Truly June Stanley (Nickerson)

Date: 1/24/01
Name: vel surette-leblanc
Location: ontario
E-Mail: vleblanc@magma.ca

Comments: hi

Just visiting my hometown of Yarmouth and good to find your guestbook.....g'day.....vel

Date: 1/26/01
Name: Lois (Doucette) Richard
Location: Deerfield & Halifax
E-Mail: mjrichrd@istar.ca

Comments: A friend in Halifax referred me to the site because she found email address of people she went to school with 50 years ago and made contact with them.  I think that is great

Date: 1/26/01
Name: pickleears
Location: kingston ns
E-Mail: sandal@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Interested in photos of old Yarmouth and area.

You did an excellent job in arranging material and getting information

Date: 1/29/01
Name: Cindy Grant
Location: Wolfville, NS
E-Mail: 033206g@acadiau.ca

Comments: Very nice sight, I loved the arial photo and history of South Ohio (I used to live there).

Date: 1/29/01
Name: Bill LeBlanc
Location: Yarmouth, NS
E-Mail: grinders55@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi folks click on the address below and enjoy the grinders site



Date: 1/30/01
Name: Cindy Porter
Location: Ottawa, ON
E-Mail: cindyporter@home.com

Comments: I lived in Yarmouth from 1973 to 1980 and have very fond memories of it. I would love to hear from any of my fellow classmates, friends and family. I'm especially looking for contact info on Chrissy Hubley. If anyone knows how I can reach her, please let me know.

I will be moving back to Halifax this summer and I can't wait to be closer to the ocean.

Great Web site.



Date: 1/30/01
Name: tracey
Location: lower wedgeport

Comments: uncle larry aunt shirley just wanted to say i think you done a great job on your site it is really great
keep in touch and god bless love you guys....:O)

Date: 1/31/01
Name: Ted Gleichmann
Location: Florham Park, New Jersey
E-Mail: TGleichman@aol.com

Comments: Interesting site. Arrived via a link from Allies Attic.

Date: 2/3/01
Name: J

Comments: Just to let you know, Quinan has one "N", not 2

Date: 2/3/01
Name: Dana Strickland
Location: Newaygo Mi USA
E-Mail: strickland@riverview.net

Comments: Is the "Cat" the only ferry that goes from Yarmouth to Bar Harbor?  Are there other ferry lines that would carry our van and ourselves?  We are looking for an alternative. Please advise with info. Thanks!

Date: 2/5/01
Name: Richard Frauton/Rick
Location: Malden, Massachusetts
E-Mail: rcfrauton@mediaone.net

Comments: Looking to make a trip up to Yarmouth, NS, where my grandparents came from.

Date: 2/6/01
Name: Alex Lane Pink
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: alpink@is2.dal.ca

Comments: i love yarmouth its the best town ever. the summer is the best for sure down on the waterfront.

Date: 2/7/01
Name: Bill LeBlanc
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: grinders55@hotmail.com

Comments: A great web page and sight.  Keep up the good work people
I like your band page.<smile>

Date: 2/8/01
Name: Sandra Winters (Goosey)
Location: PMCES

Comments: It's a nice place to live.

Date: 2/10/01
Name: hugh driscoll
Location: Wales
E-Mail: hugh.driscoll5@ntlworld.com


Date: 2/10/01
Name: petals
Location: saint john, new brunswick
E-Mail: shab@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: just a short note , to say the yarmouth county, web site ...is really beautiful, and very informative ....you have done the resident of yarmouth county , very proud ....!

Date: 2/10/01
Name: Ted Gifford
Location: Beverly, Massachusetts
E-Mail: tedgiff28@mediaone.net

Comments: A very pleasant, informative site.  Even more scenic pictures would be appreciated.

Date: 2/10/01
E-Mail: dcpowers6

Comments: I would like to see info about the Bay Of Fundy

Date: 2/10/01
Name: Karen
Location: Bonnyville, Alberta
E-Mail: kwils@telusplanet.net

Comments: Thank you for inviting me to your website. I'm on a mission to visit Yarmouth, since my roots are from there. What a beautiful place.  Karen

Date: 2/10/01
Name: Judy Crowell
Location: Kemptville
E-Mail: jrcrowell@auracom.

Comments: Very interesting and lovely pictures

Date: 2/10/01
Name: David P Deveaux
Location: Rotherham South Yorkshire UK
E-Mail: Davdeveaux@aol.com

Comments: very interesting pages little brother doing geaoeology research woul appear grand father hails from district so it is nice to be able to see places he mentions

Date: 2/10/01
Name: Edwina Goodwin
Location: Airdrie, Alberta
E-Mail: wyneverytime@hotmail.com

Comments:     I was born in Yarmouth in 1961 and lived in the south end for eight years. I visted quite frequently since then and I am amased at all of the changes.
    Unfortunately I have not kept in touch with hardly any of my school mates in South End School, which would be nice to hear from them.
    This is a neat webpage and scrolling through it makes me very homesick but I was glad to find there was such a page.

Date: 2/11/01
Name: Stacy (Jarvis) Grant
Location: Dartmouth, NS
E-Mail: stacyg@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: This is my first time visiting this site.  I was hoping to find a site dedicated to
the Weymouth Falls Reunion.  I have attended all three and unfortunately by grand parents
Edna and Wilfred Jarvis were not alive to see this.  Each year it has been a tremendous
success, I hope it grows each time.  I want to thank you for including some information
on your site.

Date: 2/11/01
Name: ben
Location: caldwell, new jersey
E-Mail: ara@superlink.net

Comments: My wife & I will retire 6/01. We are interested in relocating to the
to the Yarmouth area. At this point we need to learn as much as we can about your lovely area
. can someone from your ccamber of commerce (or equiv
alant)contact me with information regarding relocation.
We have questions about the weather, (is it really that bad??) real estate, fuel prices.
please e-mail me at ara@superlink.net & we can communicate;
                                            Ben Crimaudo

Date: 2/12/01
Name: Pat
Location: Kingston Ontario
E-Mail: patrobin@kingston.net

Comments: This is very helpful in planning our vacation.  We will know where to go and what to see that interests us.

Date: 2/12/01
Location: QUISPAMSIS, N.B.

Comments: I lived in yarmouth for ten years and loved the place! Someday I would like to return. keep up the good work with the waterfront!

Date: 2/12/01
Name: nick
Location: yarmouth

Comments: this is cool!!!!

Date: 2/13/01
Name: Ross Keough
Location: Vancouver
E-Mail: ross@contactravel.com

Comments: Great site!  Cheers

Date: 2/13/01
Name: Doug Johnson
Location: Smiths Falls, ON
E-Mail: djohnson@recorder.ca

Comments: Many fond memories of the years I lived in Arcadia.

Date: 2/14/01
Name: George Franklin
Location: Albuquerque, NM. USA
E-Mail: geolead@aol.com

Comments: My grandfather was George Raynard, who has some historical items on display at the Yarmouth Museum. The Raynards in my family are centered in the Glenwood area. We have high hopes of visiting this summer.

Nice site!

Date: 2/14/01
Name: stewart.fuller
Location: Bedford NS
E-Mail: stewart.fuller@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: You have done an excellent job. I am impressed

Date: 2/14/01
Name: Darlene Purdy
Location: Gardners Mills


Date: 2/15/01
Name: Jerry Morin
Location: El Paso, Texas
E-Mail: patjer@elp.rr.com

Comments: My grandfather was Jeremiah Comeau, a blacksmith from Beaver River. He passed away in the 50's. I would like any information you may have on the settlement of Beaver River and would be thrilled if you have anything regarding my grandfather.

Date: 2/16/01
Name: Rozanne Bowden
Location: Hubbards, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: looking for Acadianproject info for my daughter -


Date: 2/17/01
Name: Ernie Grimshaw
Location: Ottawa On
E-Mail: ecgrims@home.com

Comments: There is no place like home, most interesting sites I love them all. Keep it up!!!

Date: 2/17/01
Name: Nina Giblin/Nins
Location: Taroona/Hobart
E-Mail: n_morgana@hotmail.com

Comments: Tjis sight is very interesting i wonder if you have somthing about Carleton School

Date: 2/18/01
Name: Greg Dease
Location: Yarmouth NS Can.
E-Mail: gdease@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Any one would like to drop a line feel free too

Date: 2/18/01
Name: Pierre Boudreau  (Percy)
Location: Victoria B.C.
E-Mail: pboudrea@direct.ca

Comments:  I lift Yarmouth in 1965 to jion the army at the age of 17 years old. My home was in Little River Harbour. I went to school in Comeaus Hill, Wedgeport and St Ann De Rousseau. I now live in Victoria B.C.

Date: 2/18/01
Name: Nancy Lay
Location: Lawrenceburg,Kentucky
E-Mail: cmnlay@iglou.com

Comments: I'm so glad you all have this website. I was born in Yarmouth, but was adopted. In July of 2000, I flew to Yarmouth and met my birth mother,grandmother,grandfather, and my full brother. He has lived there all his life. He has a camp on Mink Lake. I was there last summer, and am so happy there are some photos that I can show my co-workers. Carlton is a beautiful place. Thanks for the website. It's almost like being there.

Date: 2/18/01
Name: Becky & Chris Fitzgerald
Location: melbourne


Date: 2/19/01
Name: rosalie
Location: calgary alberta
E-Mail: seagull@home.com

Comments: great too see yarmouth on the net why don"t you get some realitors too sign on there is a lot of people looking for prop. around there, my sistrr barbara deaveau, works for one, i know she would be interested in it she is on the t. v. channel that sells realistate
 ss you again  rosalie james. i was a  macisaac from yarmouth

Date: 2/19/01
Name: Jonathan Fells
Location: Sydney Mines
E-Mail: donna.foster@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: I am doing a geneology trace of my family tree and it ends
here in Yarmouth.  My grandfather is Loran "Cuzzy" Fells.
His parents were Roy and Elizabeth (Muise) Fells.
I think Loran is still alive.
I am looking for any information to help me complete my
family tree.
I can be e-mailed at the above address.
Many thanks.
DJ Fells

Date: 2/19/01
Name: Russell Duncan
Location: Tucson, Arizona USA
E-Mail: rbduncan@sagelandscape.com


Date: 2/19/01
E-Mail: nwatson3@home.com

Comments: My parents were married in Yarmouth in the late'40's,and my brother and I were born there.We lived on Grand St.I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Yarmouth.

Date: 2/19/01
Name: Faith  McMillan
Location: Sussex, New Brunswick
E-Mail: faith@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: I am searching for a Allen or Allan who lived in Yarmouth at one time, he had a son Bruce Allan or Allen and had a foster daughter by the name of Marilyn Ethel,I am not sure, but he may have been a preacher there around 50 yrs. ago, any info would be appreciated, please email me at faith@nbnet.nb.ca

Date: 2/19/01
Name: steven t raynard
Location: vancouver

Comments: cool website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Not enough pictures though.

Need a good detailed map of Tusket Falls.

Date: 2/20/01
Name: Fran
Location: Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: Francine@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Hi Jeremy, I just saw your website. I am French-Acadian and
proud of it. I was born in Halifax where I grew up, went to
school and got married and now live in Eastern Passage. I have four
children, 3 sons and a daughter. My parents a d'Entremont who married
a LeBlanc are both originally from West Pubnico,NS. Just a short distance
from Yarmouth. My mother's brother the late Charlie LeBlanc and his late wife
Anne nee Blanchard lived in a Yarmouth all of their married lives.
Charlie worked for many years a shoe store on Main St. which
later was closed down and then later he worked for the Tourist Bureau
in Yarmouth. My mother's sister Therese d'Entremont nee LeBlanc and late husband
Allan d'Entremont owned the Singer Shop on Main Street and lived for a short
time not to far from it. So I am well aquainted with the town of  Yarmouth.
I noticed that Jeremy LeBlanc was one of the researchers, and since I have
been doing genealogy for over 11 years now which include the
names of d'Entremont, d'Eon, LeBlanc,Barteaux,Pothier,Babin,
Amirault, DeVany, McClintick,McToal, Dobson etc. I am descended through Daniel
LeBlanc and his wife Francoise Gaudet and through their son Jacques LeBlanc who
married Catherine Hebert then to his son Jacques who married Catherine Boudrot to
Pierre who married Marie Madeleine Babin to Joseph married to Marie Amirault to
Joseph LeBlanc married to Marie d'Entremont to Andre married to Marie Anne Pothier
to Henri LeBlanc married to Therese d'Eon (my grandparents),
to Dorothee LeBlanc married to John d'Entremont (my parents) to me Francine d'Entremont
married to David Dobson. I have four children, Marc, Matthew,
Brian and Kimberly. I would like to hear from Jeremy LeBlanc to see where he fits in or
to any d'Eon, d'Entremont, Pothier, Amirault, Babin who may read this message.
Greetings from Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. Fran Dobson nee

Date: 2/20/01
Name: Stephen Surette
Location: Arlington, MA
E-Mail: rjmande@aol.com

Comments: Nice job! Is Wedgeport to be included in this site?

Date: 2/20/01
Name: Darlene
Location: USA
E-Mail: Bladeldl@aol.com

Comments: Hi
 My ancestors came from yamouth,NS. The Porters. My great grand
father was Asa Porter. His parents were Hezediah and Cecelia Kiernan Porter.
If you are related or have information I could get I would love to
hear from you.
Nice site

Date: 2/20/01
Name: Betty  Goodwin
Location: Shelburne
E-Mail: thegoodwins@auracom.com

Comments: I am searching for the burial site of my husband's grandfather Andrew Freeman Goodwin, Born September 10, 1863, died April 22, 1927.Andrew married Emma Louise Larkin,born 1875, died May 18, 1957.  They were both believed to be from the Argyle area.  Any assistance that could be given as the burial site of Andrew is unknown and family wants to find it.  Thank you Betty

Date: 2/22/01
Name: Tom Collins
Location: Torrington, WY
E-Mail: tomcollins@communicomm.com

Comments: I'm very pleased to find your web site!  It's a helpful source of information, on a lovely and historic county of NS.  I'm researching my ancestors (ALLEN, CROSBY and DENNIS)of Beaver River and Deep Brook.  No luck yet, but who knows... it's not over, 'til the fat lady sings.

Date: 2/23/01
Name: curt
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: ccann121@msn.com

Comments: great site lots of information

Date: 2/23/01
Name: little red
Location: scar ont
E-Mail: littlered@sprint.ca

Comments: born and raised in yarmouth 1956 (SOUTH ENDER) moved to ont 1979.still own property in yarmouth.

Date: 2/23/01
Name: clyde (douglas)crosby jr. fish
Location: scar ont
E-Mail: littlered@sprint.ca

Comments: ben up here since 79 still dont like it but money is good .looking for robert gridley who was in toronto?high school 1974.still like the old times.still fishing but this time lake ontario.lots of fun.know how rough is not living at home not being with the bye"s and all. will be back someday where the heart is!

Date: 2/23/01
Name: Mary
Location: Kemptville
E-Mail: ma_pa@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: The music at the beginning is a very nice touch. Keep up the good work

Date: 2/23/01
Name: Nina/Nins
Location: 46 Delta Ave Taroona Tas
E-Mail: n_morgana@hotmail.com

Comments: this is a very interesting site

Date: 2/24/01
Name: doug crosby
Location: scar ont.
E-Mail: littlered@sprint.ca

Comments: A true southender.born and raised at corner argyle and forbes.22 forbes st. do you rememember sookey our good?neibor .dad was a good fisherman.family of five charles louise grace doug olive+ringo.now own proprty at 156 argle st.stuart fevens best buddie still.love ya and still miss home and ERNIES CLAMS!

Date: 2/25/01
Name: Mandy MacIntyre
Location: Halifax Nova Scotia
E-Mail: mallory420ca@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi there was just surfing the net and I thought that I would
sign the guestbook to say hello to all who come to this site too

Date: 2/25/01
Name: J. H. Driver
Location: Littleton, CO
E-Mail: JHDBDRIVER@aol.com

Comments: A fine site - thanks - look forward to visiting in September.  Anyone named Mowat (other than Farley) or Drever in the area?  Paternal grandfather was an Orkneyman named Drever, he married an Orkneywoman named Mowat. Both born in Westray, Orkney, 1868.

Date: 2/27/01
Name: TriCounty Lock & Safe
Location: Hebron, N.S.
E-Mail: Shortstop@klis.com

Comments: I have just recently moved back home and I am trying to catch up on all the changes that have taken place over the last 36 years. The Waterfront is the most drastict change I've seen so far. Terrific work. The only question I have is how to find the attractions that are not marked. Thank you. Dave Cushing

Date: 2/28/01
Name: Vicki Dillard
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
E-Mail: DILLARVR @columb54.dhec.state.sc.us


Date: 2/28/01
Name: Kelly



Well that is it for 2000 welcome to 2001.
If the monk put 1 for the first year of the calandar than welcome to the 21st Century.
All the best to you and yours.

Got any predictions for the next 100 years?

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