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Update May 2, 2001

Date: 3/1/01
Name: grayden porter
E-Mail: grayden000@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: just lookig back at my home town.enjoyed the visit

Date: 3/2/01
Name: Carla Fenton
Location: Calgary, alberta
E-Mail: angeloil@home.com

Comments: Great site my father enjoyed it too.

Date: 3/2/01
Name: gary morris
Location: orillia ontario
E-Mail: catman905@hotmail.com

Comments: Could someone please help me in regards to a very good freind of mine? my name is gary morris and recently a freind by the name of gary groves and his wife helene, and there kids david, and sherry, moved down to yarmouth from toronto they did in fact give me the phone no: of his mothers house who i beleive is also in yarmouth her name is jeanette but unfortunatlly i no longer have therefore  the meaning of this search if anybody knows of him or any information about his whereabouts please let him know that i have been looking and could he please contact me ? thanking you in advance yours truly gary morris

Date: 3/3/01
Name: bruce beveridge
Location: central chebogue
E-Mail: bbeveridge@hotmail.com

Comments: nice site

Date: 3/3/01
Name: bruce beveridge
Location: central chebogue
E-Mail: bbeveridge@hotmail.com

Comments: nice site

Date: 3/5/01
E-Mail: majidalmajid@yahoo.com

Comments: i need contacts for my MARKETING MEDIA...

Date: 3/10/01
Name: Kylebuddy
Location: New Glasgow
E-Mail: pmackay@nsis.com

Comments: Hi: You have a lovely web site.....I really enjoyed all of it. Can anyone out there send me a recipe for Rappi (Sp?) Pie. What is it's origin? Nationality?  I'll be down to see you this summer.....What is the very, very best seafood/fish restaurant?
Thanks lots,K

Date: 3/11/01
Name: Becky(Day)Therien
Location: Thornhill,Ontario
E-Mail: rebecca.therien@sympatico.ca

Comments: Great site!! Yarmouth is my hometown and I miss it every day.You don't get the smell of salt water in Ontario.I miss all my friends and family there.Had many a great time at the Clipper Ship.That's where I met my husband.Feel free to drop me an e-mail ,I'd love to hear from anyone

Date: 3/12/01
Name: David Ross Wilson
Location: DuBois, Pa. USA
E-Mail: drwilson@adelphia.net

Comments: I recently learned my ancestors lived in Forest Glen, the name was Ross first name possibly James or John. My great grandfather was John Ross who married Katherine Henessee. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 3/14/01
Name: George W. Cooke
Location: Red Deer Alberta
E-Mail: gmcooke@home.com

Comments: Born Hebron, Yarmouth County, 27 Aug 1933.  Father George
W. Cooke.Lived in Yarmouth 1933-1951,joined RCAF, served 30
years,retired 1980,living in Red Deer Alberta..Before I left
Yarmouth to join RCAF, lived at 428 Main St,across from
Grand Hotel..Interested in contacting Yarmouth people, and
am trying to trace ancestry..Can anyone help??

Date: 3/15/01
Name: grayden porter
Location: halifax ns
E-Mail: grayden000@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: hello to the best little town of the east.

Date: 3/21/01
Name: poppy
Location: truro,ns
E-Mail: wwithers@tru.eastlink.ca

Comments: my wife and i were visiting my daughter and family last may.they had just moved there.we went down to help them move into there new home.we had never seen so many flowering crabs trees in one place.it was beautiful.we totaly fell in love with your beautiful town.can't wait to see the  trees again this year.you have every right to be proud of yarmouth.

                bill and margie

Date: 3/24/01
Name: charlie miller
Location: martinsville, in use
E-Mail: chaz@reliable-net.net

Comments: a few years ago I spent three days in Yarmouth and had seafood chowder ina place called the lobster pot. I do not find it on a list of restaurants. What happened to it and does it have a successor that serves the same kind of chowder.

If so, think you could get me a recipe?

Date: 3/26/01
Name: joluka
Location: Hastings, Michigan
E-Mail: joluka@triton.net

Comments: I inherited several documents relating to the Yarmouth area dating back to the early 1800's.  One includes the resolution of a dispute and the subsequent land division of Cow Island, among other items like regiment lists (1871).  Is there a historical group that might be interested that I could contact?  They were the property of one Captain Jeffery who might have also served as a magistrate since two magistrate lists are part of the documents I have.  If no interest, I may put them on ebay for sale.

Date: 3/27/01
Name: Craig Crosby
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: ccrosby@falconbridge.com

Comments: Yarmouth is great, but South Ohio rules! (I know, very juvenile, but it had to be said.)

Date: 4/4/01
Name: Randy Jeddry
Location: Saskatoon
E-Mail: rjeddry@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi! Enjoyed the look back at the town I grew up by! We lived in Lake Doucette, but Yarmouth was always "town"! (My Dad worked at Motor Mart!)I'm also looking for info on the local paper, The Vanguard. I hope you appreciate what a beautiful little town you have there; nothing in Saskatchewan has ever come close.....

Date: 4/7/01


Date: 4/11/01
Name: Mary Reis, Detours
Location: Portage Lake, ME
E-Mail: tourvan@yahoo.com

Comments: I am writing an itinerary for an RV trip to the Maritimes and Cape Forchu/Yarmouth Light are included.  Just looking for some specific information and directions form Yarmouth.

Date: 4/12/01
Name: Bob MacLaughlin
Location: South Ohio
E-Mail: b.maclaughlin@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Only liived in the area for 5 years after I retired, friends
told me about this site and I must say I really enjoyed it.

Date: 4/17/01
Name: Mike Schierz
Location: Hanover, Ontario.
E-Mail: mschierz@bmts.com

Comments: I would like any information someone may have on a cotton mill in Yarmouth N.S. running around 1968.
I was put up for adoption in Ontario and I am trying to do some none intrusive reasearch.
any info someone could give me would be appreciated.


Date: 4/18/01
Name: Dennis ( Denny) Hurlburt
Location: Richmond, B.C.
E-Mail: dennishurlburt@hotmail.com

Comments: This is a great site. Found relatives and people I went to school with.I went to Carleton School & Y.M.H.S. Was raised in Kempt.Have been in B.C.for the past 10 years. Always enjoy coming home to Yar.at least once a year.

Date: 4/19/01
Name: James L. Sawyer
Location: Bangor
E-Mail: jamessawyer@altavista.com

Comments: I am interested in events in June and July.

Date: 4/19/01
Name: Jas


Date: 4/21/01
Name: Deborah Allen
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: deborah.k.allen@accenture.com

Comments: I am looking for any information on the new company, Register.com that has come to Yarmouth.  I am originally from Yarmouth and really would like to come home.  I am looking for any information that might have been released in the Yarmouth Herald in regards to hiring.  If you or anyone else has access to this and can send it to me, I would be grateful.  Of course I would have to add that my parents would be grateful also as they are anxious to have their grandchildren home also.  Thank you Debbie

Date: 4/24/01
Name: Dan Crowell
Location: Winnipeg
E-Mail: Dancrowell@home.com

Comments: Found the Kemptville page and was hoping to see a bit more. Good site over all and makes one think of years gone by and of visiting what used to be home. (Kemptville)

Date: 4/25/01
Name: Grayden Porter
Location: Dartmouth Nova Scotia
E-Mail: grayden000@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Hello:
        To the best little town in the country, the place of my birth, the place of my youth, the place in my heart.

Date: 4/29/01
Name: Ed.
Location: Calgary
E-Mail: ewsmith5@home.com

Comments: Greetings Again:
   Looking forward to returning home for good this coming August. Things have changed since the '60's, but I'm really excited about getting back to once more be a part of what is and that which is yet to be. For those folk who have never experienced a lifetime of rambling and working in and around the rest of our Canadian provinces and the greater part of the U.S.A. ... believe me, you have a little bit of Paradise right there in the palm of your hands. The grass really isn't greener on the "other side of the road".

Date: 4/30/01
Name: Judy Garland
Location: New Brusnwick
E-Mail: magdan.nb@sympatico.ca

Comments:  I am searching for the records or tombstone,cemetary of my grandfather SELBY GARLAND. He lived in Digby, Berwick area
around 1916-28. He was from Nfld. The last one of his children was born there. Katherine. I would like to know the name of the Cemetary he is in and the date he was born and died.  It is very possible that he is buried close to his son Herbert and wife Olive Garland.  He would be in the Anglican cemetary, or perhaps Public... Thank You so   much.....Judy Garland


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