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Update July 31, 2001

Date: 7/10/01
Name: Perry Porter
Location: Lethbridge, AB
E-Mail: freon@telusplanet.net


Date: 7/10/01
Name: Ann J. MacDonald
Location: Charlottetown, PEI
E-Mail: lou.ann@isn.net

Comments: Enjoy the site on the new villages.  I was looking at the Pembrooke site and I recall
as a child visiting my cousin Barbara Allen who attended the old Pembrooke school.  On one occassion she took me there, it seemed so far away from her home on the main road.  I saw Barbara's picture in a few of those school photo.  It's nice to have.  My cousin Barb will be visiting the Yarmouth area on July 21 with her daughter and visiting her cousin in Pembrooke.  We will be down for a visit in September and look forward to seeing some old memories.  Keep up the good work.

Date: 7/10/01
Name: harold muise
Location: InYarmouth


   Hi  nic  pic  of the beach      I lived in P Maitland  for 10 years    and we  been in the u.s.   and all across
 canada     and theres No! beach  like the ones we have  In! yarmouth co.,

          Keep up the Great Work    people  [:

                                           Harold muise


Date: 7/11/01
Name: Bruce Scoville
Location: Gen.Del. Clinton,B.C. VOK 1KO
E-Mail: scoville@goldtrail.com

Comments: I was born in Yarmouth in 1952...Parents Gladys Scoville{Cook}, Ashton{Ted}Heubert Scoville...tring to find my family roots...my grandfathers name was Clifford Scoville who died in 1963 and was buryed in the Yarmouth cemetary He came from the United States but I"m not sure when.I would appreciate any information anyone could help me with.
                                    Bruce Scoville

Date: 7/12/01
Name: Andrea CANN
Location: R.I.
E-Mail: agatha63@netzero.net

Comments: Hi ,
 I am descendant of John Cann ,John Killam, Jacob Tedford,  Samuel Corning , with other names associated with my family history such as
Crosby, Baker, Allen and more. Thank-You for making such a great wibsite dedicated to the ancestry/history of many!!
 Sincere gratitude,

Date: 7/12/01
Name: Shauna Sollows
Location: Halifax, NS
E-Mail: sollows@hotmail.com

Comments: Spending my summers in Port Maitland with my grandparents Norman and Marg Sollows I have very fond memories.  It is wonderful to see this web page dedicated to such a beautiful place.  It will be a place I continue to visit for the rest of my life.

Date: 7/14/01
Name: Stephanie Bennett
Location: Bush, Louisiana, USA
E-Mail: Skb443@cs.com

Comments: Very interesting. Our family is visiting Acadia National Park and may come over to visit your area.

Date: 7/14/01
Name: earljacquard
Location: Montreal
E-Mail: earljacquard@hotmail.com


Date: 7/14/01
Name: Owen Graves
Location: South Ohio, N.S.


Date: 7/15/01
Name: Walt Furry
Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario
E-Mail: Wfurry@aol.com

Comments: Checking for ferry service. Planning a trip this summer, then on to Maine and Long Island NY.

Date: 7/15/01
Name: Jim Di Maggio
Location: New York City ,N.Y.
E-Mail: jdjimbeau

Comments: Gentlemen,
Have spent a week in Nova Scotia and it was a very nice vacation.  we were very impressed with the Scotia Prince. (my first time on a ship of that nature) We stayed a a couple of  B&B's and one hotel Keddys in Halifax.  We were supposed to stay there for one night and instead stayed for four. One thing I really enjoyed was the coffee maker in the room. (great advertisement for the brand of coffee they were serving)  We also enjoyed the Gateway Farms B&B.  The people are very nice.

It seems like most people like to send letters of complaints, but this happens to be one of compliments.  The only problem is,is that I had great difficulty in sending an E-mail.  It seems like I'll have to send out individual letter including to the tourist board and perhaps they may even recommend them,naturally the other places would have to be named as well and mention what I liked about them.
All in all, I enjoyed "Novo" very much.

                              Yours truly

                              J.Di Maggio

Date: 7/17/01
Name: Miss Thang
Location: centeral argyle
E-Mail: Miss__Thang1@hotmail.com

Comments: you need more pictures and more information about argyle.

Date: 7/20/01
Name: Dan Wight
Location: Pitt Meadows, B.C.
E-Mail: louella@pacificcoast.net

Comments: I was raised in Yarmouth and left there in 1949 to join the Army. I have been back many times over the years even though I have no relatives living there now. I check your website often to see what has changed since the last time that I was there.and always enjoy any new information.

Date: 7/21/01
Name: rrensink
Location: andover, ma
E-Mail: rrensink@mediaone.net

Comments: checking out ns - thanks

Date: 7/23/01
Name: Donald O. Bouschor
Location: Lake Leelanau MI  USA
E-Mail: bouschor@traverse.com

Comments: Thank you for this opportunity. I am researching members of the Bouchard family that immigrated from the Bai St. Paul area of Quebec ca. 1790. My paticular forefather was Alexis Bouchard b.Aug.23,1767 Petite Riv. Que. He married Agathe Blanche Leblanc on May 17,1790 in or near Carlton I have knowlege that they had at least 3 children, one of which Elie b. 1794 ended up in the Territory of Michigan,USA in 1822. He was a very remarkable fellow. He attempted to visit family members in Nova Scotia in approximately 1875 and died ,possibly on that trip and could be buried on Long Island near St Marys Bay. I am presently in contact w/ the Acadien Institute of Moncton Univ. Any assistance or referrals you could render would be most appreciated, especially the names and address of nearby Chuches (Catholic) in that area. I thank you in advance. Sincerely, Donald O. Bouschor

Date: 7/23/01
Name: Donald O. Bouschor
Location: Lake Leelanau MI USA
E-Mail: bouschor@traverse.com

Comments: Test Mailing

Date: 7/23/01
Name: Matt Smeltzer
Location: Wolfville
E-Mail: networkfella@mybc.com

Comments: Looks like a great place to live...will be down in sept for school, should be fun...too bad the cat didn't run in march for march break...hint, hint..
matt s

Date: 7/24/01
Name: Michael Sollows


Date: 7/25/01
Name: scott & marcus
Location: town
E-Mail: rknight.com

Comments: only 66 things to do , not 101

Date: 7/25/01
Name: Donald Omer Bouschor
Location: Lake Leelanau MI 49653 USA
E-Mail: bouschor@traverse.com

Comments: Hello- I am interested in contacting the most informed History Society in the Carleton area. The mailing or email address of the Catholic Chuch that served that community in 1790 would be most appreciated. I am doing reseach in the history of Alexis Bouchard, that resided there. Among at least three children, Elie Bouchard b.1794 survived and located in Michigan Territory in 1822. He may have moved, possibly to Arichat,during that intervale. Thank you for any answer that you could send.  Donald O. Bouschor

Date: 7/26/01
Name: Ann Stuart
Location: Dracut, MA
E-Mail: stuarta@tycoelectronics.com

Comments: Enjoyed browsing through your web site.  Good information, Born and brought up in Cape Breton so it is always nice to remember Nova Scotia through your web site.

Date: 7/26/01
Name: rose crowell
Location: clark's  harbour

Comments: surprised

Date: 7/27/01
Name: Gillian Warner
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: gwarn001@hotmail.com

Comments: I can't believe that I had to miss Seafest this year, it has been my first year away during the summer since my family moved to Yarmouth in 1986, and I haven't missed a Seafest since. The thoughts of the BBQ shark, the fireworks, the parade and the dory and rum running races are all very fond memories for me. I have to pass on my apologys to the City Drug Womens Dory racing team... I know I had promised to row again this year, but I guess I couldn't get the time off!! :) Hope that you faired well without me! For anyone that remembers me drop me a line, I would love to hear from you! (Class of 1997- YCMHS)

Date: 7/27/01
Name: David Proctor
Location: Amesbury, MA USA
E-Mail: dproctor@drc.com

Comments: Will be visiting August 20th, am looking for interesting things to do/ see during that day.

Date: 7/28/01
Name: Colin Churchward
Location: Wallsend , England
E-Mail: colin.churchward@amec.com

Comments: interesting

Date: 7/29/01
Name: Marjorie B, Cooper
Location: Waynesboro, VA 22980
E-Mail: Mbcooper108@aol.com

Comments: Having spent part of each summer of my first l7 years with my grandmother, Lois E. Perry on Shore Road, I was very interested in your pages.  Hope to do some geneaologic work in the future on the Perry and Sollows family.

Date: 7/30/01
Name: Marie H. Benefiel
Location: Huntington Beach, California
E-Mail: reaincalifornia@hotmail.com

Comments: Greetings from sunny California,

  I am desperatly searching for the Sollows family. My grandmother was Floris Sollows and I cannot find the origin of the family name. I know that she was from Yarmouth county and emigrated to the US.  Is there anyone that can help me?  Thank you for your assistance.
                     Marie H. Benefiel

Date: 7/30/01
Name: aleicia

Comments: Good site, but came lookinf ro exibition schedule of events and figured it would be here.....maybe something you should consider

Date: 7/31/01
Name: Chester
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: cpoole@yrbc.cbdc.ca

Comments: Nice site. Liked the picture of village of Arcadia ( that's my Grandfathers home across the river).

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