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Update Oct 24, 2001

Date: 8/1/01
Name: Dorothy Porter Gooby
Location: Hampton, NH
E-Mail: dlgooby@yahoo.com

Comments: I have been doing a lot of genealogy research on the Porter and Churchill families.  My ancestors arrived in Yarmouth County from Massachusetts just after the Revolutionary War.  My father and his brothers were the first generation of his immediate family to return to the states.  I used to visit my Grandmother in Yarmouth many summers when I was growing up.  I am looking for anyone with information on the John B. Porter II and his wife (Mary McCormick) family.  Somehow we don't have any pictures of my grandfather and his siblings when they were growing up.  I don't have any pictures of John II or his wife either.  If anyone has any would you please contact me.  Thanks.  Dot

Date: 8/2/01
Name: Cody Saulnier
Location: Yarmouth Nova Scotia
E-Mail: saulniercody@hotmail.com

Comments: Awsome sight nedds the sports!!!!!!!!!

Date: 8/4/01
Name: Grace C. Doucette
Location: Belen, New Mexico, USA
E-Mail: GRACEDOU@aol.com

Comments: Enjoying your site immensely. Grace

Date: 8/4/01
Name: Crystal Durkee
Location: Calgary
E-Mail: c.durkee@home.com

Comments: Hey everyone!! Wish i was there, Im still in Calgary with Caitlyn (now 7) and Ryan. Just graduated from S.A.I.T from the travel counselling program and now working as a travel agent at Bonivista Travel Miss you all

Date: 8/5/01
Name: Amanda Robichaud
Location: Burlington, Ontario

Comments: I was just searching on thw web about home, and it was very neet to see that all these people put on messages. I was raised in Yarmouth County(Pinkney's Point), I feel the appreciation of home now that I don't live there.  Nova Scotia will always be my home.  My family still lives there, I love going home to visit and it will probably be one of those places that I will retire.... Someday:)

Date: 8/5/01
Name: carol cristina
Location: kenner,LA usa
E-Mail: ccristina1@aol.com


Date: 8/6/01
Name: Wayne Furman
Location: Nashua NH
E-Mail: wayne-furman@worldnet.att.net


Date: 8/6/01
Name: Susan
Location: Gibson Center, No.Conway, NH
E-Mail: susan@gibsoncenter.org

Comments: Bringing a group of  (20) seniors in October aboard the Scotia Prince - looking at your website for what to do in Yarmouth on our Friday there?  Local Tours, etc...  Thanks Susan

Date: 8/6/01
Name: PAUL


Date: 8/6/01


Date: 8/7/01
Name: Libby Baker
Location: Oakura, New Zealand
E-Mail: libbybaker@clear.net.nz

Comments: I am Olga Neal's daughter and my father was born in Yarmouth, Creighton Charles Baker.  It is great to be able to be in touch with these places from so far away.


Libby Baker

Date: 8/7/01
Name: cindy
Location: advocate harbour nova scotia


Date: 8/7/01
Name: shannon james doucette
Location: ottawa ont
E-Mail: legends_of_the_flame@yahoo.com

Comments: i'am from the maritimes and i love the maritimes.

Date: 8/8/01
Name: Annabelle Baker
Location: Petersburg, Alaska
E-Mail: islebell@mitkof.net

Comments: One of the best uses of the web is as a means of lessening physical distances.  My father's family were from Yarmouth and I have good memories from my visits.  Your website allows a cybervisit...free and very little time commitment involved.  Keep up the good work.

Date: 8/10/01
Name: Barrie & Estella Woodworth
Location: Halifax


Date: 8/11/01
Name: virgil jarvis
Location: lunenburg n.s.
E-Mail: vdjarvis61@hotmail.com

Comments: i enjoyed the work that you done on Greenville,because i'm from there. the history was great ,thank you and keep up the good work.

Date: 8/11/01
Name: Nettie Keating Watson
Location: Maynard, MA
E-Mail: Nettien@aol.com

Comments: Left Hebron in 1949.  Been back to Yarmouth and surrounding areas a number of times since then and will be visiting next week.  Hope to visit Carleton for old times sake with my grandchildren!

Date: 8/12/01
Name: Guy Baker
Location: Toronto
E-Mail: guybaker@home.com

Comments: My aunt, Olga Neal, told me about your site.

I plan to spend some time looking around the site and may have some material for you.  I was born in Yarmouth in 1947 and moved away in 1960.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Guy Baker

Date: 8/12/01
Name: .
Location: Hermans Island Lunenburg
E-Mail: gbwilson@bwr.eastlink.ca

Comments: Having grown up in Yarmouth I found this to be of interest

Date: 8/12/01
Name: Mitchy
Location: Quinan
E-Mail: mitchellpottier@hotmail.com


Date: 8/13/01
Name: Jack Downing
Location: Basin Bayou, Florida
E-Mail: jd3rd@hotmail.com

Comments: Plan to visit in Sept. 2001

Date: 8/13/01
Name: Grandma Hobo
Location: South Texas, USA
E-Mail: grandma_hobo@yahoo.com

Comments: I am collecting picture postcards from around the world.  I would like to collect enough cards to have the world's
largest collection.  Any new cards from your area would be nice.  I would gratefully accept any old cards you have
"cluttering up drawers."

Mail to: Grandma Hobo,
2058 Tiner Lane,
Ingleside, TX  78362-4403, USA.

Please forward this to friends or family in another city.
Thank you very much for any help you give me for
my World's Largest Collection attempt.  My home page is:


Date: 8/13/01
Name: Toni Tolino
Location: England
E-Mail: carismatique2001@yahoo.ca

Comments: Hi!, I'm searching for the hair salon in Yarmouth NS Canada. She is located paralel to the shore and fishery in the East of down town on the main road where going west toward the Hyw 101 there is Mc Donnald and many stores... where she is almost on the end of that road...All I remember that in the fall 1994 she hosted an hair show that I model for. She sell the product that a stylist from the state was promoting... He was an excellent stylist and his products are called Limage sold to hair dressers and not L'Image sold in store... Do you know that hair salon email address or phone No. or address... She was pregnant at that time and He had change my hair from blonde to burgandy most of all he had transform my britle hair to a healthy hair in a intense treatment... My hair style was simetric he knew his hair well , he gaved me the perfect style for my natural curled hair... And each time I took a shower I was ready in a couple minutes I looked I just got out of the salon... it lasted 9 months until I let another one bring me to blonde and now my hair are brithe big time even with all the product on the market to restore it... from salon to drugs store nothing works . My hair is braking of each time I comb... She has the treament he used on me, she also wrote all he did to me for reference... I'm now in the UK for another year or so. Can you find her for me Please! and let her know what I told you she might remember... I like to buy those products...

Date: 8/13/01
Name: Antoinette Tolino
Location: Cumbria England
E-Mail: carismatique2001@yahoo.ca

Comments: Hello!
I'm looking for the hair salon located on the same road where Mc Donald is but further out of the city, parallel to the fishery shore...She had hosted an hair show in the fall 1994 and sell Limage product from an American Stylist who did the show ...
Can you help me locate her Please!.
Thank You!.

Date: 8/13/01
Name: George Wilson
Location: Herman,s Island Lunenburg Co
E-Mail: gbwilson@bwr.eastlink.ca

Comments: Great memories of Yarmouth. I lived for some time where the liquor store is now.My thoughts go to places like Charlie Clam Shell,Wagners,Snackerie,Y-camp,Creasers,Ymca etc.
  I wonder where these people are living: Alfie Boudreau,Alden Kelley,Marilyn Cain, Nancy Hughes?
  Regards to those who were around in the early fithies.

Date: 8/14/01
Name: Charles Root Jr
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: crusade1@msn.com

Comments: Hi Nova Scotia

Just wanted to say that I spent a evening in Yarmouth, visiting. Came over on the CAT (20 foot swells, it was
was a very interesting ride) spent the night at the Colony Hotel, right there on the pier, nice place, needs A/C though!

The leather warehouse and antique shop was very quaint! Had a meal at The Prince Arthur. The food was very good!

I enjoyed my stay, I'll be sure to come again!

Date: 8/14/01
Name: Audrey E. Heartfield
Location: Nepean Ontario
E-Mail: mrgram1@hotmail.com

Comments: My husband and I visited the Yarmouth area and Cape Forchu in particular.  Wonderful weather and an experience we won't forget.


Date: 8/15/01
Name: Janet Theriault
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: frenchgal1969@hotmail.com

Comments: I really enjoyed looking through the pictures as i used to live in Arcadia just after the school!

Date: 8/15/01
Name: Joan Rytterager
Location: Oakhurst, California
E-Mail: rytter@sierratel.com

Comments: Since I am originally from Hubbards, N.S., I enjoyed your web site very much.  Olga Neal is my own "Auntie O"!!

Date: 8/15/01
Name: Erin
E-Mail: exh29@yahoo.com


Date: 8/16/01
Name: Yvonne
Location: Raynardton
E-Mail: yse@klis.com

Comments: Very informative and a joy to read.  Have enjoyed sending this site to friends who would otherwise never have a chance to see this part of the world.  Anxious to see it completed,  and Thank You.

Date: 8/16/01
Name: william brothers
Location: st catharines ontario
E-Mail: wabrothers1@hotmail.com

Comments: Very interested in nova scotia and its black history.I was born in Cambridge Station,a very small black community

Date: 8/18/01
Name: Jeff & Wanda White & kids
Location: Celina, Ohio
E-Mail: jxw2126@earthlink.net

Comments: Just checking on the old hometown website. Like so many others, we have lots of good memories of times and friends from 1987-95 in Yarmouth. Really miss the woods and lakes of Kemptville and Oakland Lake [not the same in Ohio].

Date: 8/18/01
Name: Jeff & Wanda White & kids
Location: Celina, Ohio
E-Mail: jxw2126@earthlink.net

Comments: Just checking on the old hometown website. Like so many others, we have lots of good memories of times and friends from 1987-95 in Yarmouth. Really miss the woods and lakes of Kemptville and Oakland Lake [not the same in Ohio].

Date: 8/19/01
Name: Chester Cook
Location: Salem, MA USA
E-Mail: chetcook@mediaone.net

Comments: Enjoy your site, keep up the good work.  Thank you.

Date: 8/20/01
Name: Loretta Wood
Location: Raynardton
E-Mail: LAW@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Loved the pictures - who took them?  I have some of Raynardton You can post if you want them.

Date: 8/20/01
Name: Lucky
Location: Glace Bay
E-Mail: sexslave23@hotmail.com

Comments: I am originaly from the Yarmouth,South End.And there is no better place in this world there I wanna give a shout out to my peeps in south end keep it real doggs be sure to bite after you bark

Date: 8/21/01
Name: Nick Dussault
Location: Moncton, NB
E-Mail: nicholas_dussault@hotmail.com

Comments: I REALLY miss Yarmouth.  I moved to Ottawa to study to become an Air Traffic Controller, now I'm living in Moncton.  Nice places, but there is something special about living in Yarmouth.

Date: 8/25/01
Name: Maggie
Location: Florida
E-Mail: tipperrose@earthlink.net

Comments: We are looking to relocate to Yarmouth or nearby.Looking to rent,and need jobs(office cleaning,esp).We are now in process of selling our lawn business, so we can move.
Any info. or help would be appreciated. Thank You !

Date: 8/26/01
Name: Donald O. Bouschor (BOUCHARD)
Location:  Lake Leelanau Michigan USA
E-Mail: bouschor@traverse.com

Genology Request

Comments: Hello - After 20 years of effort, my Nova Scotia born ancestor, Elie Bouchard b. 1794, Carleton N.S. was found to be the son of Alexis Bouchard,b.Aug 23,1767,Petite Riviere Que. and Agathe Blanche Leblanc, daughter of Benj.Leblanc and Marie Dugas. Alexis had two other children, Alexandre, b.1790 and Olivette,b.1792. Alexis and Elie were of the sea, boatbuilders, fishermen, owned and sailed their own vessels. Elie had his boat and cargo seized by the authorities, stole it back, ran it to Quebec and sold both. After shipping on a whaler from the States, he was shipwrecked on Newfoundland, one of two survivors, and found a station, shipped to Hudson Bay, crossed over land and river to the North Shore of Lake Superior,Territory of Michigan, then to Mackinac Island, where he joined other voyagers trading with the Indians on the Mississippi for the Hudson Bay Co. He was 27 years old. Nova Scotia made REAL men at an early age. Now to my request. I desire to find my ancient Acadien roots and I "am awash in a sea of Leblancs". It is believed that Alexis Bouchard moved to Ile Madame about 1800 or so. Other Bouchards, named John or a Pierre may be relatives. Elie Bouchard died, on a trip to homeland on Nova Scotia to see his family on Oct. 25,1879 on Staten Island NY USA. I hope he saw his loved ones, and died on his return trip to Michigan. Any person that would like to assist in determining which branch of the Leblanc tree produced Elie, please contact me. Again Agathe Blanch Leblanc was his mother,and Benj. Leblanc and Marie Dugas were her parents. Bouchard relatives married into the Hebert and Bougeois Families. Thank you in advance and see you at the Grand Convention in 2004. Don Bouschor  age 69

Date: 8/26/01
Name: Jack and Rena Turner
Location: Tennessee. USA
E-Mail: jackrena@bellsouth.net

Comments: We will be seeing you in September 2001

Date: 8/28/01
Name: Debbi
Location: Leighton
E-Mail: kirafaye1975@yahoo.ca

Comments: This is a great page, very informative, one should maybe publish the website address with the Doer's and Dreamer's Guide.

Date: 8/30/01
Name: Wil Sevigny
Location: Iqaluit, Nunavut
E-Mail: wil.sevigny@home.com

Comments: cool site guys.....No pun intended...Later

Date: 8/31/01
Name: Todd Hatfield
Location: Cavan,Ontario
E-Mail: chatfield@rushtrucking.com

Comments: My Grandmother,the late Dorothy Hatfield (nee Moses)was born in Gardiner's Mills in 1909.She married Nathaniel Hatfield of Melrose Mass.Nat lived summers with his Grandmother Hatfield in Deerfield.Nat and Dorothy's so Roger now lives in his Childhood home in Deerfield across from the Braemar farm.Please E-mail me if you like or have any info on my family.

Date: 8/31/01
Name: Todd Hatfield
Location: Cavan Ontario
E-Mail: chatfield@rushtrucking.com

Comments: My father Roy Andrews is from Raynardton.Only been there once.Very nice

Date: 9/2/01
Name: cyril macpherson
Location: calgary alberta
E-Mail: cymac@home.com

Comments: it is so beautiful there.i miss nova scotia so much.i am from lakeville nova scotia.

Date: 9/5/01
Name: Gloria Hemlow
Location: Dartmouth
E-Mail: daisypod@accesswave.ca

Comments: I had put my e-mail in wrong when i wrote before.There is no shaw on the end of it.Sure hope i am in the right site.Thenk you.

Date: 9/5/01
Name: Carolyn Jarvis
Location: New York City
E-Mail: chj2@nyu.edu

Comments: I really enjoyed looking at your website.  I was born in Lynn Massachusetts but my family is originally from Weymouth Falls.  I visited there a long time ago.  I didn't know that they had a family reunion there.  Carolyn Jarvis

Date: 9/5/01
Name: Nelson Allen
Location: Thunder Bay Ontario
E-Mail: bnallen@air.on.ca

Comments: Hello my name is Nelson Allen.I was born in Yarmouth and lived in Deerfield with Myrtle and Alvin Hatfield my mother and stepfather. Was in the RCAF in world war # 2. Married Bernice Allen daughter of William and Pearl Allen of Dayton.Moved to Ontario in 1949 and have been here since. We have made several trips to Yarmouth and always enjoyed getting back home. We hope to hear from some of the people that remember us.
Bernice & Nelson

Date: 9/6/01
Name: gene elliott
Location: las vegas, nevada
E-Mail: badoggie@earthlink.net

Comments: Hello to all......

Date: 9/6/01
Name: sonny
Location: woodbridge,va.
E-Mail: jcr1802@a0l.com

Comments: In Aug. I took the ferry from Bar Harbor over to Yarmouth.  My wife and I took the 2 hour tour which included the light house. I found this the most interesting point in the yarmouth area. I took the ferrry back to Bar Harbor and the next day drove to Halifax. I found Halifax area much interesting as I visited Peggys cove Luinburg and the Halifax waterfront. I had no car in Yarmouth and I now wonder if I missed more then I expected in that area. I hope to return to Yarmouth in the next few years. Can you tell me what I may have missed,

Date: 9/8/01
Name: Jack Deason
Location: Abbeville, SC, USA
E-Mail: jtdeason@wctel.net

Comments: Our group of Church Seniors visited there in 1989.Have always wanted to go back, but have not made it.Met a real nice couple from South Ohio, Ray & Joyce Burnie,
kept in touch with them for a while, but have not corresponded with them in a long time.  Do you know if they are still in the area? We enjoyed our tour of Nova Scotia, had a great time, the country is beautiful and interesting.


Date: 9/10/01
Name: Trina White
Location: Ottawa,Ontario
E-Mail: trinavv@yahoo.com

Comments:  Web site looks great.I lived in PortMaitland and still have family down there. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone.

Date: 9/12/01
Name: joost
Location: toronto
E-Mail: joostjanet@aol.com


Date: 9/13/01
Name: Sandra Trahan
Location: Crowley, Louisiana
E-Mail: sandnla__2001@yahoo.com

Comments: I am a cajun from Louisiana.  I was born in Church Point, La.  I will be visiting Yarmouth in October and am very excited about seeing your beautiful country to see where my decendents came from.

Date: 9/15/01
Name: Schimion / Erika&Lutz
Location: Germany / Colon
E-Mail: Lutz.Schimion@gmx.de

Comments: We was in Gardners Mill. It is so a wonderfull Place, that we have a Cottage there. Between Sisters Lake and Clear Water. Greetings from Germany

Date: 9/18/01
Name: Angela Doucette
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: doucette_angela@hotmail.com

Comments: I currently live in pinkeny's point na d have all my life.Glad to finally see a wed site on it. Great Site!!

Date: 9/20/01
Name: Betty Hodges
Location: Morro Bay, CA
E-Mail: Beachbetty@AOL.com

Comments: Eli D'Entremont was my grandfather.  He lived on D'Entremont Rd. in Metegan River, Digby County. Am looking for more info about that area.


Date: 9/20/01
Name: Betty Hodges
Location: Morro Bay, CA
E-Mail: Beachbetty@AOL.com

Comments: Hi,
My grandfather Eli D'Entremont and grandmother Judith Saulnier lived in Digby County.  They had 4 children.  Van, Leo, Arthur (my dad) and Al.  They traveled back and forth from Cambridge, MA to Nova Scotia quite often.  If you knew any of them, please contact me.  Thanks.

Date: 9/25/2001
Name: Dan Patten
Location: Plymouth, Minnesota
E-Mail: pattens@citilink.com


Date: 9/26/2001
Name: ann green
Location: burridge campus
E-Mail: www.burridgenscc.ns.ca

Comments: hi just thought i would drop to see what it was all agout lived here all my life

Date: 9/26/2001
Name: Angie Barager
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: a_d_b@hotmail.com

Comments: Gotta love Yarmouth!!!!

Date: 9/26/2001
Name: Shawn

Comments: YARMOUTH RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 9/26/2001
Name: Linda Lent
Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: linda.lent@sympatico.ca

Comments: Very interesting to know there is a place to look up information about our town.

Date: 9/29/2001
Name: Nina
Location: London
E-Mail: Nina@noodle-jam.com


Date: 10/2/2001
Name: Mike Worden
Location: Port Maitland,Ontario
E-Mail: Sn00man@aol.com

Comments: Port Maitland Ontario was a little fishing village,at the mouth of the Grand riveron the shores of Lake Erie,didn`t know there was one down East.very nice

Date: 10/2/2001
Name: Marie
Location: Derry, NH


Date: 10/4/2001
Name: Mare
Location: Richmond Rd
E-Mail: mare_29@hotmail.com

Comments: This pic brings back alot of wonderful memories of fishing trips here with my parents and grandparents 30-35 yrs ago.

Date: 10/4/2001
Name: william w.cribbs
Location: coniston,ont.
E-Mail: william@unitz.on.ca

Comments: It is nice to come back home on online again

Date: 10/4/2001
Name: George Poole
Location: Chilliwack   B.C.
E-Mail: fish@cwk.imag.net

Comments: mY WIFE & I ARE FROM Yarmouth i`m from Pembroke and she is from South Ohio we love the site keep up the good work .If any one down home has the recipe for green tomatoe mince meat please send it to us we lost owers and can`t make it for Cristmas Thank you and have a good life

Date: 10/5/2001
Name: Robin Pittman
Location: Stuart, Florida USA
E-Mail: robim@earthlink.net

Comments: I am a direct decendant of the Surrettes and Thibedeaus of Pinkneys Point and Melbourne. Up until now I never realized what a beautiful place Nova Scotia is. Thanks for the history lesson! I am currently on my genealogical quest and your website has been most informative.

Date: 10/6/2001
Name: heather blades
Location: calgary alberta
E-Mail: heatherblades


Date: 10/7/2001
Name: Roy LeBlanc
Location: South Carolina

Comments: Very Nice Web Page ,And Very Informative.

Date: 10/8/2001
Name: Donna Martin
Location: Henderson, NV
E-Mail: Borghese1@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi I was checking out your sight to show my daughter the Forchu Lighthouse. My Grandmother was born at the lighthouse. Her father was Capt. John Hiram Doane born Dec 23, 1844. He married Catharine Porter in 1866.

Date: 10/8/2001
Name: william w cribbs(langthorne)
Location: coniston,ontario,canada
E-Mail: william@unitz.on.ca

Comments: My biological father lives on Tinkham road Bill Langthorne I came down home (Yarmouth )to barry my adopted father Bernard Cribbs in May 2000. I went to visit Bill Langthorne when I was in Yarmouth.

Date: 10/10/2001
Name: Amanda D
Location: Dartmouth, n.s
E-Mail: adempsey01@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi! I miss Yarmouth so much! I'm in Dartmouth now going to college, It's nice here but no one knows anything about Yarmouth! It was great looking at the pictures on this site and I can't wait to come home in June!

Date: 10/13/2001
Name: William W. Cribbs( Langthorne)
Location: Coniston,Ontario
E-Mail: william@unitz.on.ca

Comments: I was born in Yarmouth in June 1959  now that i have a computer i can always come home via the internet and it is always nice to come home!Bill Langthorne ("Mackerel King")is my biological father.

Date: 10/14/2001
Name: Malcolm Barton
Location: Mississauga Onterio
E-Mail: MalcolmBarton@sprint.ca

Comments: Hello,
I must say that i,ve truly did appreciate this webb page .i was born in Digby and grew up at the Leeman Langford homestead in Weymouth Falls.From 1978 to 1981 I lived in Yarmouth NS .In your reserch you mentioned The Maroons .Can you forward me more information on this groupe as to where they setteled as well as who their decendids might be today.Thankyou for your reserch .Malcolm Barton

Date: 10/14/2001
Name: brandy
Location: florida
E-Mail: cutienamedbrandy@yahoo.com

Comments: it's a great town i go every summer. amanda and deanna i love you.

Date: 10/14/2001
Name: Nelson Allen
Location: Thunder Bay
E-Mail: bnallen@air.on.ca

Comments: We are looking for the address for  NOVA SCOTIA ARCHIVES HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA.
Do they have a web site or an e-mail address?
Many thanks

Date: 10/15/2001
Name: Frank Muise
Location: Victoria BC
E-Mail: fmuise@shaw.ca

Comments: This is a nice site!I am from Yarmouth.I was raised in brooklyn,its a great place to live.I will be moving back to NS in 7 weeks,cant wait!

Date: 10/16/2001
Name: Bruce Frost
Location: Orleans Ont
E-Mail: r.b.frost@sympatico.ca

Comments: Wow! Argyle has a web page. Keep the information coming

Date: 10/16/2001
Name: Bruce Frost
Location: Orleans, Ont
E-Mail: r.b.frost@sympatico.ca

Comments: My mother was from Kemptville. She was Ethel Hamilton born on a little crossroad just up the road from the bridge at Kempt Corner. She was a school teacher and met my father Dave Frost in Argyle and had seven girls and then three boys. She had a brother Edwin and two sisters Nina and Viola. They are all pased away now. Are there Hamiltons in Kemptville now? I remember Chester Grey and Prossers and also Raynards etc. Well a lot has changed I'm sure. I was there shortly three years ago to put my Aunt Nina to rest beside the church in North Kempt. All the best to everyone there.

Date: 10/16/2001
Name: Veronica Parolin
Location: Kars, Ontario
E-Mail: veegoldca@yahoo.ca

Comments: Hello, I'm looking for town newspapers that offer free classifieds advertising.  Does your town have any?  English or French ok.

Date: 10/18/2001
Name: Charlene Pothier
Location: Lovitt Plaza
E-Mail: pothieca@burridge.nscc.ns.ca


Date: 10/18/2001
Name: Gloria Hemlow (Smith)
Location: Dartmouth
E-Mail: daisypod@accesswave.ca

Comments: Am looking for some relatives on my father's side.His name was Lloyd Smith(Tyne).Lived in Sanford,was married twice.Had 2 boys and 2 girls by his first wife.Ivan,Paul,do not remeber the girls names.Married my mom Annabell Crowell around 1933-1934.I was born in 1934.Just want to know if anyone has any information.Thank you.

Date: 10/19/2001
Name: Judy Bain
Location: New Minas, NS
E-Mail: judy_bain@hotmail.com

Comments: A beautiful part of our province!  My grandfather was lighthouse keeper for years.  I visit Cape Forchu often.

Date: 10/19/2001
Name: Jeff Grandy
Location: Fredericton, NB
E-Mail: a4uib@unb.ca

Comments: I wonderful place to visit either from the web or in person.

Date: 10/20/2001
Name: Rosamond Jean MacGregor Simon
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
E-Mail: rjmsimon@knology.net

Comments: Happy to find your web pages.  My paternal grandmother was born in Tusket, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia where she married Rev. Peter Stewart MacGregor, Baptist minister.  My gm was called Bessie, and born Elizabeth Maria Hatfield in June 1859 to Jacob Hatfield and Eleanor Jane MacKinnon, latter called Jane and also "Gramma Jake".

Date: 10/20/2001
Name: Marlana Penney
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: bathbombs@hotmail

Comments: HI PEOPLE!!!

Date: 10/21/2001
Name: Brandy
Location: florida

Comments: I love Nova Scotia!!! I come and visit everysummer and have a house in Port Maitland!!!!

Date: 10/22/2001
Name: Todd Hatfield
Location: oshawa,ont
E-Mail: chatfield@rushtrucking.com

Comments: looking for geneaology ties to my grandmother from Gardner's mills.her name was Dorothy Moses,born in 1909,daughter of Cyrus and Penelope Moses.any info please e-mail me,thanx


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