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April 2002
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Update May 2, 2002

Date: 3/31/2002
Name: Bill Gates
Location: Mt. Uniacke, N.S.
E-Mail: billgates@accesswave.ca

Comments: It is great to go and look at area where I grew up (Kemptville).

Date: 4/1/2002
Name: Sandra
Location: Luray, Virginia, USA
E-Mail: sandrarushing@hotmail.com

Comments: Planning to visit grandchildren in ME; want info on ferry to Yarmouth.  Happy Spring!

Date: 4/1/2002
Name: Jason Muise
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: jmuise98@rcomcsr.com

Comments: Good job girls!!

Date: 4/1/2002
Name: Dana Callis
Location: Chesapeake Virginia USA
E-Mail: djcallis@mindspring.com

Comments: My ancestor John Wetmore died in Beaver River May 6, 1848 at the ripe old age of 93.  He's buried in Trinity Ang.  Hope to get to your area soon and get a picture of his grave. Can you give me info on your area's location from Yarmouth and where I might find the church.  Great site. Thanks.

Date: 4/1/2002
Name: LaRoux Gillespie
Location: Kansas City, MO
E-Mail: laroux@kctera.net

Comments: What can you tell me about Ireton?  I do genealogy on every Ireton naem I find. Ihave about 6000.

LaRoux Gillespie

Date: 4/2/2002
Name: Tiffany
Location: here


Date: 4/3/2002
Name: Tim Clements
Location: Cambridge, Ontario
E-Mail: Hermitclem@excite.com

Comments: Great site, makes me homesick every time.Will be down this summer to get married.Anyone who remembers me drop me an email,it would be great to hear from old friends and catch up on whats been happening for the past fifteen years.

Date: 4/3/2002
Name: Bryan Sands
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: bsands@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments:        COOL

Date: 4/3/2002
Location: OTTAWA ONT
E-Mail: nannydalton@yahoo.com

Comments:  we think this is great,,,we can check all the nice pitures of yarmouth seeing we miss home so much,,,,,thanks to everyone,its nice being able to show are friends how  nice our home is

Date: 4/4/2002
Name: Sharon Durkee
Location: Manchester, NH
E-Mail: msbboop1967@yahoo.com

Comments: Good Morning:

I can't tell you how pleased I was to discover your website!  My family are descendants of the founders of the Durkee Memorial Library. As a matter of fact, I am the only granchild whose name is not listed in the archives.  My sisters, my mother and I are planning a trip to Carleton this summer to visit the library and place my name in the register.

Do you have any information about a Durkee Island that is said to be around the Nova Scotia area?

Thank you once again!
Sharon Durkee

Date: 4/5/2002
Name: Derek Paauw
Location: Peterborough, Ontario
E-Mail: dpaauw@trentu.ca

Comments: Born and slightly raised in Yarmouth.

Date: 4/5/2002
Name: Rob
Location: Heijermans
E-Mail: robheijermans@compuserve.com

Comments: Great site. We are former residents of Yarmouth (17 years on Lakeside Road in Dayton) and miss it a lot. This brings back lots of fond memories. Thanks.

Date: 4/6/2002
Name: Elizabeth
Location: Annapolis Royal
E-Mail: ejmailman@auracom.com

Comments: I think your website is very informative. I found it to be very useful.

Date: 4/8/2002
Name: Manci
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Comments: Enjoyed your website.  Thanks

Date: 4/8/2002
Name: Andy
Location: Belleville ON
E-Mail: atjn7.burke@sympatico.ca

Comments: Very interesting
looking for more history

Date: 4/9/2002
Name: beverley anne cann
Location: british columbia
E-Mail: bevfrank@telus.net

Comments: my father was born and raised in yarmouth, nova scotia. his name was bradford eugene cann and he was the son of lemuel cann and hattie baines(or barnes).

Date: 4/10/2002
Name: Ellen Pacillas
Location: Phelan, CA
E-Mail: mepacillas@yahoo.com


Date: 4/10/2002
Name: peppy
Location: yarmouth
E-Mail: peppy80_ns@hotmail.com


Date: 4/11/2002
Name: Slug
Location: halifax
E-Mail: bow_me@hotmail.com

Comments: nice

Date: 4/11/2002
Name: Amanda Gallant
Location: Petit de Grat
E-Mail: gaamanda73@hotmail.com


Date: 4/11/2002
Name: Jennifer Lark Bigelow
Location: Calgary, AB
E-Mail: jenny_lark@yahoo.com

Comments: I look forward to visiting the area.

Date: 4/12/2002
Name: Randy Crowell
Location: Vulcan Alberta
E-Mail: rcrowell@telusplanet.net

Comments: Yes this is the Randy Crowell that lived in Kemptville Yarmouth Co N.S.
I am now living in Vulcan Alberta  and no spock does not live here lol
i would love to hear from anyone from down home so drop me a line and i can hook up with you
I have MSN ICQ and Yahoo messenger also plus all set up with the webcam and have pics of my son to show
well hope to hear form someone soon miss you all
Randy Crowell

Date: 4/12/2002
Name: Heather
Location: Ohio
E-Mail: hllabbe@hotmail.com

Comments: Oh my how beautiful, can not wait to come visit the sites in Yarmouth!! Many pictures to be taken and treasured!!

Date: 4/13/2002
Name: Lisa Faye
Location: Michigan, USA
E-Mail: shadowfire68@hotmail.com

Comments: Great site!

Date: 4/14/2002
Name: hughe
Location: yarmouth n.s.
E-Mail: hughnickerson828@msn.com


Date: 4/14/2002
Name: ticked
Location: halifax

Comments: shame on you! Ignoring such classic Yarmouth acts such as Kary, Burnt Black, Christopher Robin Device ect ect !!!! These young Yarmouth folk are/were greatly talented and at least made it passed the red knight ( coughcoughthegrinderscough) and moved on to bigger venues in Halifax, Toronto  ect ect !! !  Don't ignore these people just because they don't play the harmonica.
tisk tisk!!

Yes you are correct : send us their sites webmaster@yarmouth.org
and lets not forget
Lex Gigeroff is the head writer of the SF TV series Lexx. another famous Yarmouthian
More Lex links

Date: 4/14/2002
Name: Tyler


Date: 4/15/2002
Name: Beth Mitchell
Location: Key West, Florida
E-Mail: eweave@hotmail.com


Date: 4/15/2002
Name: Sharlene
Location: Powell River, British Columbia
E-Mail: hockeynut@armourtech.com

Comments: As one who has family who has at one time, and others that continue to, live in Nova Scotia I find this is a great website. I have discovered through another source that there are flea markets in the Yarmouth area. Just curious to know when these activities end as I am planning a trip to the area but it will be in September.
The website does look wonderful, do keep up the good work. A great way to advertise one of the prettiest spots in all of Canada.

Date: 4/16/2002
Name: Barbara Morris
Location: Montreal
E-Mail: usedtobeno_7@hotmail.com


Date: 4/16/2002
Name: Sharon Murphy
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: knockaderry@aol.com

Comments: I love Port Maitland!  It is such a charming village.  I loved all parts of it when I was there.

Date: 4/19/2002
Name: Maggie Reed
Location: Tilbury Ontario

Comments: Love Nova Scotia & friends in Yarmouth.

Date: 4/20/2002
Name: shannon
Location: ottawa
E-Mail: legends_of_the_flame@hotmail.com

Comments: Im from yarmouth my fathers name is ricky doucette u might no him i just want to say im from yarmouth and i love i cant wait to come back and see my family and friends.

Date: 4/20/2002
Name: Sweetrockers
Location: Dartmouth
E-Mail: Sweetrockers12@yahoo.com

Comments: Interesting.  I did not know Greenville existed.  I am looking for sites specific to Black NS Women and found yours!

Date: 4/20/2002
Name: LaROux K. Gillespie
Location: Kansas City, Missouri 64131
E-Mail: laroux@kctera.net

Comments: Tell me please where Ireton is. I sent the webmaster some questions that he may forward here. I write books about the Ireton name. I have 7 covering every Ireton person or city in the world that I can find. I also have an Ireton Newsletter. I would like to work with someone there where you are to flesh out a history of your Ireton. I would be happy to work with a high school student or whoever is interested. My ancestors settled Ireton, Oklahoma, a ghost town now - but I still wrote a 150 page book about it.

Date: 4/21/2002
Name: laura vanmeel
Location: denver col
E-Mail: justinstyle@attbi.com

Comments: i can't get any info on the small villages like westport or sandy cove for hotels or b&b

Date: 4/21/2002
Name: Ken
Location: Concord, NH USA
E-Mail: Kpeperissa@aol.com

Comments: I plan to visit Yarmouth for a few days this summer.  I hold a US Private Pilot's license.  I am trying to get info on the airport, FBO, rentals, etc. but am not having any luck.  All I've been able to get is the name Tri County Flying Association.  Any websites there?

Date: 4/22/2002
Name: Brian Mac Donald
Location: Sydney NS
E-Mail: downtwonsydney@sympatico.ca


Date: 4/22/2002
Name: Chantelle
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: chantelle_17@hotmail.com

Comments: hey every one

Date: 4/22/2002
Name: terry adams
Location: calgary
E-Mail: teaman49@hotmail.com

Comments: i miss the salt air and the light house ,, coming home this summer

Date: 4/22/2002
Name: HRM  Councillor Brian Warshick
Location: Dartmouth, N.S.
E-Mail: warshick@accesscable.net

Comments: Well done !

Date: 4/22/2002
Name: Brian Perry
Location: Waterloo, ON
E-Mail: brianp@idirect.com

Comments: My father and grandparents lived in Port Maitland (Donald and Henry Heckman Perry). Anyone who knew them, drop me a line.

Date: 4/24/2002
Name: roberto  maitland
Location: santiago  chile
E-Mail: robema70@hotmail.com

Comments: my  name  is  robert  maitland  i  live  in  santiago of  chile  siuth  america. i would  like to  know  where is my  family name  comes  from thank  your  very  much.-

Date: 4/25/2002
Name: Valerie B
Location: yarmouth,ns
E-Mail: Angelbait181@yahoo.com

Comments: good stuff

Date: 4/26/2002
Name: Bill West
Location: Ft.  Lauderdale, Florida
E-Mail: bwest@a1haulaboat.com

Comments: My wife and I will be visiting Yarmouth in May.

Date: 4/27/2002
Name: Daniel Soyars
Location: Orange City, FL
E-Mail: dan_soyars@hotmail.com

Comments: My name is Daniel Soyars.  I am 12 years old and I am doing a report on Nova Scotia.  If you could e-mail me some information on vacation spots or anything else it will help.

My mailing address is 1532 Pine Avenue   Orange City, Florida  32763

Date: 4/27/2002
Name: Steven Muise
Location: Toronto Ontario
E-Mail: steve@computerfreak.ca

Comments: Hello Yarmouth!

Missing home, can't wait to get back so I can go fishing (coming home in july). You dont know what you have in little ole Yarmouth County, until you move away..

*looks around* - btw, I am Steven Muise from Quinan, son of the Late Virginia Muise - Frotten.

If any of my old time friends are out there, drop me a line, would love to hear from ya.

Date: 4/27/2002
Name: Twilah Clements
Location: London Ontario

Comments: very interesting

Date: 4/28/2002
Name: Bonnie Jones
Location: Sarasota, FL
E-Mail: bjjones02@hotmail.com

Comments: I used to purchased shredded cod fish made by a company named John's Cove fisheries.  I cannot find it anywhere.  Can you tell me how to contact this company, so that I can purchase this item directly?  I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Bonnie Jones

Date: 4/30/2002
Name: tyrel crowell



Happy Spring 2002

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