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May 4 to May26 /96

The Log Report is an Internet meeting place where you can have your messages posted.
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Many people sign our guest book looking for information on the Yarmouth area.
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Name: Cindy Porter
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Email: gagnel@algonquinc.on.ca
Comment: I used to live in Yarmouth. Lots of family and friends still there, and I hope to one day be back and living in this fine province. Hello to all my old friends and many family still there. (PORTERS AND ELLIS')

Name: Sommer
Location: Minnesota
Email: swilliams1@nr-student.cc.mn.us
Comment: I will be coming to Yarmouth......on May 17th......to see my Fiance....

Name: Barry A Sutherland
Location: Clearwater Florida USA
Email: bar2794@sprynet.com
Comment: I was born in Yarmouth N.S.,and still have famliy in Pembrooke (Hadley's Peter,Mike,phil and there family's) I will be home this summer and can not wait til I go to Yarmouth. I take pride in telling people I was born in Yarmouth (raised in Mulgrave N.S.) P.S. " YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HEM YOU "

Name: Colin Grandy
Location: London, Ont
Email: leaf@serix.com
Comment: Planning on coming out to visit in the summer! :>

Name: Michelle Lacroix
Location: Chebouge
Email: Lacroix@ATCON.COM (Lea Lacroix)

Name: captain
Location: yarmouth
Email: yarmouth.fox.nstn.ca
Comment: Looks good Linda, keep up the good work

Name: Bob Neal
Location: Waterloo, Ontario
Email: bneal@mc1adm.uwaterloo.ca
Comment: Quite informative. Really enoyed the annimation in the Harris restaurant ad

Name: Pat Morris and Connie Boudreau
Location: Bridgewater, N.S.
Email: jpmorris@fox.nstn.ca
Comment: Connie and I grew up and lived in and around Yarmouth until the early 70's. We have always noticed the special bond that exists among Yarmouthians. This site is a wonderful example of that bond and a great communications tool. We would love to hear from anyone who understands this feeling. Keep up the great work !

Name: kris burley
Location: toronto
Email: yu107853@yorku.ca

Name: Don Cain
Location: Wappingers Falls, N.Y., USA
Email: No Email Address Specified

Name: Smitty
Location: Owen Sound, Ontario
Email: smitty@bmts.com
Comment: we would like to see roadmaps

Name: Natalie Haughey
Location: Raleigh, NC USA
Email: khaughey@interpath.com
Comment: My mother & I are comming on a short tour of NS in June. We want to check out light houses in your area. Do you have any info relating to this and B&Bs availability? Feel free to E-Mail me if you can.

Name: Darren
Location: Hull
Email: 95044650@95.humber.ac.uk
Comment: Yarmouth is cool

Name: Vegard Foseid
Location: Norway
Email: b9531@stud.ibf.hist.no
Comment: I have a "e-mail pal" in Yarmouth, called Melissa. Just stopped here to find out anything about Yarmouth. Stay cool everyone!

Name: Michael D. Powell
Location: Springdale, ARkansas
Email: 75447.2241@Compuserve.com
Comment: Would like to receive information for the ferry service to Portland. Mike Powell 20851 Lakeshore Dr. Springdale, AR 72764 501 751 6692 Fax 501 927 2157

Name: Pookie Meyers
Location: Hangover, NH
Email: No Email Address Specified
Comment: wicked cool site!

Name: Horne, Darlene & Joseph
Location: Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Email: jdhorne@nt.net

Name: Richard Thiede
Location: Jacksonville. Illinois
Email: dick249@netjax.com
Comment: Looking up information for a friend who will be in your area next August. It looks so good that I wish I was going also. Thanks for all the great pics and information. Dick Thiede

Name: Jovette Rivet
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Email: numb@mailhost.radiology.mgh.mcgill.ca
Comment: Hello Yarmouth, Just thought I'd drop a line to my mothers birth place. Actually my Grandparents Rose & Lawrence Siscoe still live there. If you bump into them say HI

Name: jean-yves gaudreault
Location: montréal
Email: jy.gaudreault@sympatico.ca
Comment: please send me info. about hotels in your city. and, schedul and price of the ferry for Maine thank yoy j.y.g. 400 de rigaud app 207 montréal H2L 4S9

Name: Pat Teichrob/Foster
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Email: shawmed@supernet.ab.ca
Comment: I have a neighbour who will be travelling to N.S. to be interviewed for a posting at the university in Pointe Eglace (Pointe Eglise ??)...my neightbours are originally from France and can't visualize Yarmouth or the Maritimes. Any information you can share with me that I might be able to pass on to them? He is a Professor and she is an actress. So she is wondering what the work situation is like with regard to live theatre. What is the population of Yarmouth?

Name: Michel & Mary d'Entremont
Location: Middle West Pubnico, N.S.

Name: Dougias B Surette
Location: Sarnia Ont.
Email: No Email Address Specified
Comment: I can't beleave that Yarmouth has a home page,I was raised in yarmouth

Name: Shawn Wells
Location: Halifax
Email: shawnwells@harcourtbrace.com
Comment: Really liked your site. Maybe you could add a section on local talent such as The Purple Helmets or Burnt Black

Name: Steve Surette
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Email: ssurette@bank-banque-canada.ca
Comment: Just thought I'd drop a hello. I work for the Bank Of Canada as a Lan Admin. I'm from Yarmouth and go down every summer. Looking forward to a fun evening at the Red Night! Take care!

Name: Leilah Ambrose
Location: Toronto
Email: No Email Address Specified
Comment: *giggle* you have a cute little town. Even though I've never seen it..I'm just guessing..uh...hello to Yarmouth Peoples I know :)

Name: J. Reichard/winot
Location: Denver, Colorado EUA
Email: jreich2@ix.netcom.com
Comment: I have a friend there in Yarmouth and would love to visit, so I am trying to find out more about your beautiful Province. Thanks for providing the opportunity to learn more!

Name: Carol Cole
Location: No Location Specif
Email: No Email Address Specified

Name: Sharon Nickerson (Deveau)
Location: Carleton, Yarmouth County
Email: snicker@atcon.com
Comment: Had a ball printing out all the visitors to Yarmouth's page then reading back thru them...found some friends I hadn't seen in years..hopefully now more will find me! :) Although times are tough in Yarmouth, like elsewhere in Canada, we can be happy we have the beautiful scenery, and the friendly people , always willing to help each other! Am proud to be a part of this community and Nova Scotia!!! C'mon over and visit sometime!

Name: annie
Location: toronto
Email: para@idirect.com
Comment: i work with a nurse from your fair city aand she states your city is wonderful ********
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