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 March 2003
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Update April 28,  2003

Date: 3/31/2003
Name: Annette & Matthew Wood
Location: Box  43 North Kemtville
E-Mail: matthew. wood@ ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: I was absolutetly delighted to read about Kemptville`s 
history. THANKS for making this possible for us!

Date: 4/1/2003
Name: Jeannine Sweeney
Location: St. John's, Newfoundland
E-Mail: jsweeney01@hotmail.com

Comments: I am currently attending Memorial University in Newfoundland but I live in Cape Forchu, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I work in the gift shop at the lighthouse and I have a really great picture of the light that I would love to send to you. I think you should have more random pictures of the communities on the page because I often like to brag about where I'm from and would like some pictures to show off. Awesome site though, keep up the good work!

Date: 4/1/2003
Name: Caroline Anderson
Location: Malahat, BC
E-Mail: swayingcedars@shaw.ca

Comments: Good day from the Malahat (a small mountain) on Vancouver
Island. My name is Caroline and I would like anyone that
gets a chance to see my family to please say Hello from me.
My family are Tineke and Alfred Posnak at the Austrian Inn.
My brothers Chris and Alfred work there too. Hello to Connie and Jesse too....
Also Hello to Crystal and Paul McCormack ....
Feel free to e-mail me when you get your computer


Date: 4/1/2003
Name: Alisha Cleveland
Location: St. Stephen N.B
E-Mail: alishacleveland_16@hotmail.com

Comments: I think you have a great site.But i would like to see more pictures.

Date: 4/1/2003
Name: Kevin & Dee Kopp
Location: Yardley, PA - USA
E-Mail: wcabirder@aol.com


Date: 4/2/2003
Name: Georgia Jacquard
Location: Northville, NY USA
E-Mail: gjacq@klink.net

Comments: Hope to visit next year and will look over the site many times to see all.

Date: 4/2/2003
Name: BaBy
Location: nfld
E-Mail: ashdean@hotmail.com

Comments: YARMOUTH ROCKS!!!!It's were I lived and I miss it very much!!!See ya again in the summer everyone!!xoxo

Date: 4/2/2003
Name: Dot
Location: Hampton, NH
E-Mail: dlgooby@attbi.com

Comments: I always enjoy receiving information on my ancestors.  My great Grandfather was Capt. George Washington Churchill.  My maiden name was Porter.  I have many ancestors who lived in the Yarmouth area.  My great grandparents are buried in Pembroke Cemetery. 

Date: 4/3/2003
Name: Nelson (Nels) Allen
Location: Thunder Bay Ontario
E-Mail: bnallen@tbaytel/net

Comments: Lived in Deerfield 1932 till 1946 with my mother Myrtle
Hatfield and my step-father Alvin Hahfield.
Last visited there in 1999. Had a swell time visiting 
the places I remembered as a kid. Drop me a line 

Date: 4/3/2003
Name: gerald cottreau
Location: red deer alberta
E-Mail: gerlo@telus.net

Comments: Just looking up the old family roots.

Date: 4/4/2003
Name: juanita graham 
Location: miramichi new brunswick
E-Mail: rjgraham@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: really great to see pictures of home(carleton)

Date: 4/4/2003
Name: kathy doucette 
Location: hampton ontario
E-Mail: scott.boyle@sympatico.ca

Comments: born in yarmouth in 1962 beautiful town i shore get home sick around christmas time all my relatives stay all over nova scotia .

Date: 4/4/2003
Name: Dawn Saulnier 
Location: Chester, NS 
E-Mail: dawn_saulnier23@hotmail.com

Comments: Iam the daughter of Austin Saulnier and I am very interested in geneology on my family and I am looking for some records on some info about Abrams River and alittle more about my family. I have been in the Courthouse before and I think it is very interesting that it is the oldest standing courthouse in Canada. If you have any info on anything about my family or on Abram's River just send it to my e-mail. Pictures also. Thanks for your time Dawn Saulnier 

Date: 4/4/2003
Name: kathy crosby
Location: south ohio yarmouth ns
E-Mail: kathycrosby@eastlink.ca

Comments: heritage canada

Date: 4/4/2003
Name: cody
Location: south ohio yarmouth ns.
E-Mail: kathycrosby@eastlink.ca

Comments: i would like to know more history on carelton.

Date: 4/4/2003
Name: kathy crosby
Location: south ohio yarmouth ns
E-Mail: kathycrosby@eastlink.ca

Comments: i would like to know more history on south ohio. there are not many pitcures.i live in the old stage couch stop. my house is is 153 years old. there is no write up on it ... i would like to know why?????katy crosby.

Date: 4/4/2003
Name: mitch
Location: Quinan
E-Mail: mitchellpottier@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi

Date: 4/5/2003
Location: ABA


Date: 4/5/2003
Name: Nelson (Nels) Allen
Location: Thunder Bay Ontario
E-Mail: bnallen@tbaytel.net

Comments: I put the wrong e-mail address on my last posting.
Here is the correct one  bnallen@tbaytel.net 


Date: 4/5/2003
Name: Hobler Family
Location: Hanover, Ontario
E-Mail: hoblfam@log.on.ca

Comments: Just checking to see where my grandmother was born. Nice site. Thanks

Date: 4/5/2003
Name: Marty
Location: Boston
E-Mail: Connacht2@aol.com

Comments: Interested in Trade, any worthwile idea.
Grandfather from Moncton before 1900.

Date: 4/6/2003
Name: brett barbati  AKA "fred"
Location: melrose,ma.usa
E-Mail: cynthialbarbati@lahey.org

Comments: I am 9 years old, and my grandparents live in Ste. Anne du Ruisseau. I am doing a project on my heritage for school and i am interested to see what information is available is on these sites for me to use. I have to make a poster, and I want to print some pictures. I visited some of these places, and i enjoy seeing them and my grandparents, Mr and Mrs Leo Burke. I miss them.

Date: 4/6/2003
Location: HALIFAX
E-Mail: arthurberry@hotmail.cxom


Date: 4/6/2003
Name: Laurie Blanchard
Location: Fredericton, N.B.
E-Mail: russellb@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: Well done site.  Please continue to add more info about Yarmouth taday.

Date: 4/6/2003
Name: Pamela Morgan
Location: Calgary, AB
E-Mail: pamjm403@hotmail.com

Comments: Having once lived here myself but moved to Calgary, AB in 1986...it will always remain a pleasant part of my past.  I'm very fond of Kemptville and it's surroundings.  My wish is to be able to share my past with my husband and our four children.  Having this site available is handy in showing them what it was like for me when I was growing up.

Date: 4/7/2003
Name: mickey mouse
Location: lower haven
E-Mail: mickeymouse@yahoo.com

Comments: D------ S------ has not paid child suppport in 3 months and previous to thathe hadnt paid in 5 months.  THe money has to be forced out of him....His youngest son has cerebral palsy and he won't support his 2 kids......

Webmaster Comment:  Sorry to have to dash out the name you have placed here. 
It is very sad if a father does not do his all to support his own children.

Date: 4/7/2003
Name: Alkan Chaglar
Location: Moncton
E-Mail: achaglar@hotmail.com

Comments: excellent!

Date: 4/7/2003
Name: Alkan Chaglar
Location: Moncton
E-Mail: achaglar@hotmail.com

Comments: excellent!

Date: 4/8/2003
Name: Stephanie Dorrell
Location: Annapolis, MD  21403
E-Mail: stephanie.dorrell@rsmi.com

Comments: I would like 2 brochures (I for my sister) mailed to me about the Arcadia Village in Pubnico.

Stephanie Dorrell
113 Edelmar Drive
Annapolis, MD  21403

Date: 4/8/2003
Name: Jamie MacDonald
Location: Halifax/Dartmouth
E-Mail: jamie@macdonald.tc

Comments: Love your town, country, beaches and people!

Date: 4/9/2003
Name: Emily Surette
Location: Kentville
E-Mail: glitterbug130@hotmail.com

Comments: i ike this websit because i learn alot about acadiands and i hope to see you at the reunion in september 2004

Date: 4/11/2003
Name: laura surette-milsom
Location: halifax
E-Mail: lbmilsom@hotmail.com


Date: 4/12/2003
Name: bobby
Location: chelsea ma. 02150
E-Mail: bobb1027@comcast.net

Comments: I did a lot of work on my family tree in yarmouth,and found the people there were very helpful to me. I am looking forward to my next visit in july 2003

Date: 4/12/2003
Name: juanita graham 
Location: miramichi new brunswick

Comments: just came back to look at more villages of yarmouth county

Date: 4/14/2003
Name: Doug
Location: Kemptvill
E-Mail: freekysports_1@hotmail.com

Comments: hi

Date: 4/15/2003
Name: Gerald Cottreau
E-Mail: gerlou@telus.net

Comments: went to Ste Anne du ruisseau, graduated in 1976

Date: 4/15/2003
Name: ceilidh
Location: halifax
E-Mail: scampbell68@hotmail.com

Comments: Always wanted to visit the Tusket Islands. On my " to do " list for August 03. Good info!

Date: 4/15/2003
Name: cheryl
Location: dartmouth


Date: 4/15/2003
Name: Gerard LeBlanc
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
E-Mail: leblagae@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments: I was raised in Yarmouth and have lived here in Fredericton for the past 27 years.  I have been home on a couple of occassions and am amazed at the changes in the "Ol Town".  Looks like the Town administrators have really put a great deal of time, money and work into upgrading and rejuvenating the town.  Well done.  I look forward to seeing old friends at the "Rock around the clock reunion" this July.  Great to find your site on the net...


Date: 4/16/2003
Name: Jacque
Location: Pubnico, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: jacquelino_05@hotmail.com

Comments: HI! your site is  very cool. my class was looking for informarion on pubnicos and different things, and yuor site really helped...
thank you

Date: 4/16/2003
Name: Winters, Michele
Location: Yarmouth, NS
E-Mail: wintersm@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: just visiting.  taking a look to see what visitors will see when they choose "yarmouth" as their search word.

Date: 4/17/2003
Name: Glenn Killam
Location: Maxwell, Ontario
E-Mail: ve3gna@sympatico.ca

Comments: First of all, let me add my compliments on a great site. It is so nice being able to keep abreast of the goings on in the old Home town.
I was raised in Town from 1946 to 1957, before we moved to Hebron. I left in 1964, returned briefly in mid '65, before leaving again in '66.
The rest of my family still resides in the area, growing steadily, as the various kids and grandkids have their own kids.
I would like to know if there is a site whereby I could get a link to the old Vocational School.
I have searched everywhere and to no avail. I was a student there from 1962 to 1964, before joining the RCAF.
Keep up the good work, guys.

Date: 4/18/2003
Name: Ruth-Anne MacLennan
Location: Lwr.Sackville, NovaScotia


Date: 4/19/2003
Name: Dan Leblanc
Location: Grand Falls, New Brunswick
E-Mail: dleblanc00@hotmail.com

Comments: Just checking things out back home.  It's too bad there isn't much industry to keep our youth in the area!!!  It would be nice to be back home.  Great place to start a family.

Date: 4/19/2003
Location: NEW CANAAN, CONN. U.S.A.
E-Mail: edufutures@aol.com

Comments: Very nice website

Date: 4/19/2003
Name: Joseph Garron
Location: Clyde River


Date: 4/20/2003
Name: Val Hall
Location: Penticton B.C.
E-Mail: valhall@vip.net

Comments: Gladys Fuller Goudey gave birth to my father on November 17, 1925 at "Evangeline Booth Maternity Hospital and Home" in Boston Massachesetts, U.S.A. His birth name was Jack Walter Goudey.  He was then adopted by Amanda S. Hall in on April 26 of 1927 and his name was changed to Lee Don Hall.  My dad grew up in the Andrew Lovitt house located at 90 Main Shore Road in the Milton Highlands which Amanda Hall resided in untill 1937.  I have a few other names that some how fit into my dads past.  Arthur Hayes... possible conductor on one of the first trains that ran between Yarmouth & Halifax.  Also a Maude Goudey??  Anyone with any info please contact me. 

Date: 4/21/2003
Name: mr &mrs pappaeliou
Location: newyork
E-Mail: nuckles43@aol.com

Comments: can you email me a list of hotels and a list of places of interest. if possible can you also mail me the same information thank you. 

            Mr Gus Pappaeiou
            85-72   76street
            Woodhaven New York 11421-1005

Date: 4/21/2003
Name: Greg Brown
Location: Miramichi
E-Mail: browngr@nb.sympatico.ca

Comments: Looking for the Don Family, formerly of Hebron.  Peter and Marie.  Marie was the daugher of Raymond Terris, my mother's first cousin.
Greg Brown

Date: 4/24/2003
Name: Daniel Walsh
Location: Truro
E-Mail: dannywalsh40@hotmail.com

Comments: I am from Forest Glen. Great place to live, fish and hunt. I hope to move back in the future.

Date: 4/24/2003
Name: Daniel Walsh
E-Mail: dannywalsh40@hotmail.com

Comments: By the way, the picture is not Forest Glen, it is in Digby Co.
It is my relative's barn, Richfield, Bernie Cosman's place. Nice picture.


Date: 4/25/2003
Name: Barb Cochrane
Location: Dunchurch Ontario
E-Mail: cochrane@vianet.ca

Comments: former Yarmouth girl having a peek at what`s going on today

Date: 4/26/2003
Name: walter parnell
Location: arcadia
E-Mail: www.walterparnell@eastlink.yar.ca


Date: 4/26/2003
Name: marsha  boudreau (white)
Location: cape breton
E-Mail: marsha_boudreau@yahoo.ca

Comments: halden & vera daughter

Date: 4/28/2003
Name: Adrienne
Location: Whitby, Ontario




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