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February 2005
Genealogy requests 
*Please Note: The proper protocol when someone requests information on a specific individual is to inform that person and get  permission to pass on information or have them contact the person requesting the information. 
Because of the rather large numbers of responses to the Shark Legend we ran in Dec 2004 month.  We will be placing the replys in Magazine Yarmouth.   To view the progress on this strange story please click HERE!

Date: 2/1/2005
Name: n robin
Location: truro
E-Mail: cantthinkofone17@hotmail.com

Comments: cool informative site ... thanki plan to visit this summer on my bike

Date: 2/1/2005
Name: priscilla
Location: ft. lauderdale, florida
E-Mail: priscillamer@yahoo.com

Comments: With such a magnificent beach in Port Maitland, surely there are so many more beautiful and quaint pictures around the waterfront; wharf, boats, sunsets etc, which would make people dream of a vacation visiting this idelic paradise!!

Date: 2/2/2005
Name: glen savell
Location: silverhill, al. usa
E-Mail: gsavell @interiorexterior.net

Comments: planning a visit to yarmouth in july 2005

Date: 2/2/2005
Name: Cathy
Location: Port Maitland
E-Mail: waynethimot@hotmail.com

Comments: Thankyou for letting me sign the guestbook.We moved here December 13,2004.My father was originally from Yarmouth, Albert Doucette.His father was Jean Avite(Harvey) from Quinan,his mother Beatrice Muise was from Yarmouth.It is so very nice to come back to your roots.We live in Port Maitland and would love to know a little of the history in the community.Who was the original owner of the house we purchased etc...Thankyou for taking the time to read this.
                       Sincerely Cathy Doucette

Date: 2/2/2005
Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: lhemeon@gmail.com

Comments: Pictures of Yarmouth for those who love this town or are away and miss being home.


Hope you enjoy..

Date: 2/2/2005
Name: Melody
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: melodyp@gmail.com

Comments: Enjoyed looking at Norwood.

Date: 2/2/2005
Name: Melody
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: melodyp@gmail.com

Comments: Enjoyed the site and brings me back to my younger years.

Date: 2/2/2005
Name: Sheila Isaacson (Pinkney)
Location: Port Alberni, British Columbia
E-Mail: ray-she@shaw.ca

Comments: Have been in B.C. for a number of years but was from Hebron, Yarmouth County. Would be great to hear from someone down there. 

Date: 2/2/2005
Name: Shei
Location: P
E-Mail: ra

Date: 2/3/2005
Name: nikki
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
E-Mail: nicolesrbljan@yahoo.com


Date: 2/4/2005
Name: Becky
Location: Edmonton
E-Mail: crmf@telus.net

Comments: When I was I child Lake Milo was a daily tridition, when the weather held up. When I was older I married and moved out west forgetting how much fun, Lake Milo could be. Till my girls went home on vacation with my mother. We have been inspired to move home to swim in Lake Milo as often as we can. Thanks for the great site.

Date: 2/4/2005
Name: lil cheata
Location: nova scotia
E-Mail: none@hotmail.com

Comments: the south cenntenial school is the best

Date: 2/5/2005
Name: Joe Ryan
Location: Plymouth, Massachusetts
E-Mail: Ryan.Joseph.J@att.net

Comments: from Ireland to Nova Scotia to Massachusetts
Love your area, some day I'll return - for good.

Date: 2/5/2005
Name: william muise 
Location: HALIFAX


Date: 2/6/2005
Name: JD
Location: Mansfield, Ohio
E-Mail: stormyraine@earthlink.net

Comments: An amazing article. 

Date: 2/6/2005
Name: Peppermint
Location: Madisonvillle Texas

Comments: I have recieved this email twice. Scary looking shark i must say!

Date: 2/6/2005
Name: Thomas J. Browne
Location: Chagrin Falls, Ohio
E-Mail: TJBrowne@aol.com


Date: 2/6/2005
Name: HOLLY DUGAS ( pinkney)
Location: YARMOUTH  NS
E-Mail: brianholly@eastlink.ca


Date: 2/6/2005
Name: Larry and Shirley Stephens
Location: Alamos, Sonora, Mexico
E-Mail: larry@avoiceinthedesert.com

Comments: We have only a few weeks left here in Mexico on our third mission trip to this area.  We plan to leave for Port Maitland on or about March 14 and expect to arrive home near the first of April.

We have several construction projects underway, as well as our "regular" work. If you want to see what we do, go to <A http://www.avoiceinthedesert.com. We update this page on a regular basis and would love for you to drop by, sign our guest book or send us an email.  We also have a page of about 30-40 old post cards of the Port Maitland / Darlings Lake area.

See you all soon
Serving HIM in Alamos, Mexico
Larry and Shirley Stephens 

Date: 2/7/2005
Name: Jim Jeffery
Location: Ontario
E-Mail: jcjeffery@unitz.ca

Comments: Great idea to give patrons the opportunity to express their feelings on the homosexual marriage issue. Hope everyone, on either side, will use those e-mail addresses to do so.

Date: 2/7/2005
Name: Jim Jeffery
Location: Northern Ontario
E-Mail: jcjeffery@unitz.ca

Comments: From your home page I found the Yarmouth weather cam, located at the Port Matland exit to the main highway to the Valley. I installed the page on my desk top. It's always the first thing I check when I turn on my computer in the morning. Also usually check Avonport, as my wife went to school there, from Hantsport. I have even sent the URL to a few friends originally from Yarmouth, now living all over the place. 

Date: 2/7/2005
Name: Elaine Pinard
Location: New Liskeard, ON

Comments: Reading up to refresh my memory of the Pubnicos, where I'm from.  Great website.

Date: 2/7/2005
Name: Hedley Cullen (Warrington)
Location: HMCS Montreal
E-Mail: cullen.j@forces.gc.ca

Comments: Hello.  I was born in Yarmouth in July 1969 to Gail Warrington.  She lived there with her parents Frank and Jessie.  For a time I lived with Lois Nickerson out by the fish and chip wagon.  I'm looking for any information anyone may have on a Nathan Brown.  My mother says that he is my biological father and that he died at sea while she was still carrying me.  Could someone please contact me with any news possible?  Thanks ever so much.

PS If your interested on seeing where a piece of home may roam...google search HMCS Montreal and check out the web site.

Thanks again

Date: 2/7/2005
Name: Brenda Joyce Pinkney
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
E-Mail: bpinkney@gway.org


Date: 2/7/2005
E-Mail: solarbaby01@hotmail.com

Comments: I think this is a really kewl site...i showed the girls my hometown and they think its awesome...keep up the good work...please put more pics..i love to see my old stompin grounds.  ty

Date: 2/7/2005
Name: Sheila Isaacson (Pinkney)
Location: Port Alberni, British Columbia
E-Mail: ray-she@shaw.ca


Date: 2/8/2005
Name: Billy a Cyriac
Location: Oklahoma City
E-Mail: wjb@flash.net

Comments: I've added two more stories about Wedgeport to my site, http://home.flash.net/~antiqdot: "Blue Fin" and "Acadian Bicentennial." Enjoy. Bill Boudreau

Date: 2/9/2005
Name: joan Selkirk
Location: Thunder Bay
E-Mail: badmilton@shaw.ca

Comments: Iam from West Pubnico,my parents are Clarence LeBlanc/Evelyn.  I enjoyed looking at all the pictures and seeing my family's house    thank you  Joan

Date: 2/10/2005
Name: Andy Holmes
Location: Gaylord, Michigan
E-Mail: ah@copper.net


Date: 2/10/2005
Name: Stas
E-Mail: gogor@gmail.com

Comments: cool

Date: 2/11/2005
Name: michael doucette
Location: wedgeport
E-Mail: michael_doucette@hotmail.com

Comments: hi i like this web site cas its wedgeport ... good work

Date: 2/11/2005
Name: Frank Moy
Location: Wantagh, New York
E-Mail: poohbearmoy@msn.com

Comments: Your site tell me how much I misses and didnt see when we were in Yarmouth on vacation.  Interesting stories.  Thank you.

Date: 2/11/2005
Name: lisa jorche
Location: halifax 
E-Mail: liasbrahimjorche@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: hi my name lisa jorche Im looking for my mother annette Gautreau or annette cottreau she born in yarmouth 1949 and she have 3 brothers and 2 sisters please if any one have any info or can help me to find her. please email me at lisabrahimjorche@ns.sympatico.ca
 thankyou all 

Date: 2/12/2005
Name: Moscow
Location: http://www.russiamoscow.info
E-Mail: Moscow@hotmail.com

Comments: Hello friends! from http://www.russiamoscow.info

Date: 2/12/2005
Name: Elaine Pothier Bradley
Location: Newmarket , Ontario

Comments: Informative & very interesting Thank You

Date: 2/12/2005
Name: Jeffrey & Natalie
Location: Shelburne
E-Mail: naleblanc@eastlink.ca

Comments: A very nice website.

Date: 2/12/2005
Name: Shark
Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: vfmorton@eastlink.ca

Comments: I LIVE in Yarmouth and today I received an e-amil from a fellow stained glasser from INDIANNA , questioning the validity of this story!

MAN how things fly or travel or walk or whatever, but these stories do get around!

I do know it is true and it did happen right here in Yarmouth,  the Captain of the boat, standing back to in the first photo happens to be my husbands cousin, Bernard Tedford.
Altho he was not personally responsible for the "catch" , a crewman of the boat was.
Yarmouth is very proud of it's fisherman and so we are all"sticking" up for this Yarmouthonians historical "CATCH"!

Date: 2/12/2005
Name: Maria Beltz
Location: Sackville nb
E-Mail: mariabeltzz@yahoo.ca

Comments: I know the Milbury boys! They are my neighbours here at Mount Allison University. 

Date: 2/13/2005
Name: kaboom
Location: calgayr

Comments: i visited yarmouth in 2000 for 2 months and loved every single minute of it!  when my boyfriend and i finally decide to get married, we will have our wedding wither at Port Maitland beach or at the lighthouse, i haven't decided yet.  it has been almost 5 years since i was there, and i long to return.  My son and i are planning a 2 week visit in summer of 2006.  I wish this next year would go as fast as last so the time will fly.  I made lots of friends in Yarmouth and plan to see them all when i return. Yarmouth and Cape Forchu, to me, are the most beautiful places on this earth!

Date: 2/13/2005
Name: Nelson (Nels) Allen
Location: Thunder Bay Ontario
E-Mail: bnallen@tbay tel.net

Comments: Bernice and I are planing a trip to Yarmouth this summer in June and will be staying in Deerfield for the month. We want to see our old friends as I moved from there in 1947. Click on to Communities of Nova Scotia and then Deerfield.
This will bring up Dad's farm (The Hatfield Place) Hope to see you then. Or drop me a call on the Web.

Nels and Bernice Allen  bnallen@tbaytel.net 

Date: 2/13/2005
Name: Tom Norwood
Location: Mariaville Maine
E-Mail: mininewengland@yahoo.com

Comments: I once lived on Candlebox Island. My father Huck (Laforest was his real name) was the last keeper there. Thank you for your time and effort getting/keeping this site going,

Date: 2/13/2005
Name: Peter Boucher
Location: Manchester, NH
E-Mail: vmcrcr@netzero.net

Comments: Mother's maiden name is Surette, Maternal Grandmother's maiden name was D'Entremont (died at age 100 in Reading, MA on Jan 30, 2005).
Maternal Great Grandmother lived in Lower West Pubnico, died at age 104. I visited her last in 1978, I was 12 years old at the time.
Quite a few of my mother's and Grandmothers cousins still live in the Pubnico area.

Date: 2/14/2005
Name: Matriosca
Location: http://www.san-pietroburgo.info
E-Mail: Matriosca@hotmail.com

Comments: Salve amici da http://www.san-pietroburgo.info

Date: 2/15/2005
Name: V     Dawson
Location: Sydney

Comments: GOOD   WORK

Date: 2/15/2005
Name: Jim Surette
Location: Nebraska
E-Mail: jesconsulting@unfranchise.com

Comments: researching our genealogy.

Date: 2/16/2005
Name: Carol Gill (Nee Burridge)
Location: Perth Western Australia
E-Mail: gillsofwun@bigpond.com

Comments: I am the Great Grand Daughter of Mr Richard Robert Burridge, born at Yarmouth on 29th August 1849 and who settled in Albany Western Australia in 1868. His father's name was Ambrose Burridge. If anyone has any information regarding Burridge's still living in Yarmouth I would be interested in contacting them to help with the Family Tree.

Thank you    Carol Gill (Nee Burridge)

Get a job!

Date: 2/16/2005
Name: Jackie Boudreau
Location: Truro
E-Mail: jacboudreau@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: nice website.............Pretty location, oh course, my home town

Date: 2/16/2005
Name:  Jacqueline Boudreau
Location: Truro
E-Mail: jacboudreau@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: Orginally from Wedgeport.....nice website!

Date: 2/16/2005
Name: Steve Vernon
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
E-Mail: stevevernon@eastlink.ca

Comments: Hi there.  I'm looking for some information on a house that was supposed to be haunted.  It was on Main Street.  Some folks called it The Captain's House, some called it The Widow's Walk, (I'm told).  Apparently there was bagpipe music and strange lights involved.  I know, I know, sounds like a typical Yarmouth Friday night.

I'd appreciate any info anybody can offer me.  I'm a local storyteller, and I'm looking for a good Yarmouth ghost story.  The Churchill house has been done to death.  I heard this one when I was a teenager down in Yarmouth, but my memory is betraying me. 
Steve Vernon

Webmaster's Comments:Visit Steve's Site: http://users.eastlink.ca/~stevevernonNova Scotia's only professional horror writer.

Email Reply:
Hi Godfrey,
Thanks for all of your help.  I've e-mailled a note to the lady who posted on your message board, and am currently trying to track down a contact number for Linda Campbell, Heritage Coordinator.  Having a fun morning hunting.  Research is surprisingly enjoyable. It's funny how many links I hit on Google lead me back to your guestbook.  I hope Yarmouth realizes what a valuable asset that book is.  Many thanks.    Steve

Date: 2/17/2005
Name: N. MacLeod
Location: PEI
E-Mail: normac73@pei.sympatico.ca

Comments: Trying to locate John MacDonald(ex RCAF) and wife Lois. Last contact 1980. If either still alive, would like address, phone, etc.

Date: 2/17/2005


Date: 2/17/2005
Name: Claire Robertson
Location: Raynardton
E-Mail: marieclaire18@hotmail.com

Comments: Quelle beau travail!!! Je suis en train d'essayer faire comprendre à mes élèves l'importance de savoir où il habite. Ils sont tous des eleves du comté de Yarmouth et ils ont des diffucultés d'apprentissage.

Date: 2/17/2005

Comments: I've already signed it but I would like to see who else is in it

Date: 2/17/2005
Name: gordo
Location: campbell river
E-Mail: bumperfood@hotmail.com

Comments: almost as big as as tyee

Date: 2/18/2005
Name: David Randall Cook
Location: Macclenny, Fl USA
E-Mail: randycook32063@yahoo.com

Comments: My great, great, great,great grandfather David Randall Roberts was born on Roberts Island in the 1840s or 50s. I am researching the histroy of my family and would a appreciate any information. Great site. Randy Cook

Date: 2/18/2005
Name: Angelique J Stokes (Robicheau)
Location: Oregon
E-Mail: totalchaos@peoplepc.com

Comments: Hi, first let me say you have a great site! I came across it while looking for family roots. I am the granddaughter of Hubert Henry Robicheau and Eileen Thibault (Robicheau) i fear i do not have a lot to go on but would love to hear from any one who might have known them. I was told that our family owned the museum there in Yarmouth.  Take care everyone. Angelique Stokes (Robicheau)

Date: 2/18/2005
Name: owerri
Location: lagos
E-Mail: lagos.com



Date: 2/19/2005
Name: Jeff Budinski
Location: Edmonton
E-Mail: jzeff@shaw.ca

Comments: Good day;
I notice the name of Hebron in your area. Can you please tell how this name came about, who named and the history in the naming.
  Jeff Budinski

Date: 2/19/2005
Name: Murray Lewis
Location: Kings Park, New York
E-Mail: twinoaks@optonline.net

Comments: I'm a police officer here in New york and while reading Michelle Eddy's essay on wellington, a flood of nostalgia came over me. You see, I was born in Yarmouth and was raised in wellington. Our house was on the main rd just across from the Burell rd or the road to Sandford. I went to a one room school where Erma Watkins taught primer through ninth grade. I think there were about a dozen of us in total. After the 2nd grade they bussed us to Hebron. We attended Sunday school in the hall where Gladys Cann would play the organ.We would float log rafts on Willie Pearce's mill pond and fish for trout in the stream that flowed from it.It was a Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn life for me and the Patten boys who were our neighbors and as Michelle described, the changing seasons brought awe and amazement to a boy of eight or nine. (Willie, his brother Vernon and their sister Ethel, were all killed in a tragic accident at the Bluenose terminal in 1973. That was a sad day). I worked on John Jensen's farm in the summer, stowing hay and milking cows. On saturday night we would go to Yarmouth to see the movies after which we would go to Toots Hatfield's for candy and comic books. Occasionally we'd be lucky enough to go to the Bright Spot for a slab of rappi pie .( I'm the only one in NY who knows what it is and I still make it as often as possible). My grandparents lived in Port Maitland and sometimes I would walk up there to spend the weekend and fish on the wharf with my grandfather. In the fall we would go to the exhibition at the Yarmouth fair grounds. Chester Watkin's oxen would usually take first prize in the haul. In 1959, when I was in the sixth grade, my mother moved us here to NY. After high school I joined the Navy and spent six years riding submarines. After that I spent seven years driving a truck. I've been a cop here for the last 24 years and hope to retire in the near future. I last visited Nova Scotia about five years ago and hope to get back soon. You may leave there but I promise you, it doesn't leave you. If any of those old trails still wander the woods to Sunday Lake, follow them. You will then know the memories of which I speak. God Bless You All!!!
Murray Lewis 

Date: 2/19/2005
Name: wayne albert
Location: alberta, lethbridge
E-Mail: jeanandwayne@auracom.com

Comments: love seeing Yarmouth, glad to see there's so much to see on the internet. beautiful photos. love to see more aerial photos though.

Date: 2/19/2005
Name: Alan Wilson
Location: Martha's Vineyard
E-Mail: chanteyalan@aol.com

Comments: my great grand parents on my mothers side were:   Alfred Jaquard, Comeau's Hill  Eliza (Muise) Jaquard, Little River

Date: 2/20/2005
Name: Anne V. Williams
Location: Ione, Washington
E-Mail: valia@gardenbuddies.com

Comments: This is a wonderful website.  I hope the map section is expanded for those of us who are not as familiar with the area as others.  I enjoyed my grassroutes tour very much -- I even enjoyed the ads!

Webmaster Comment: Below is a link to a map of the area

Date: 2/20/2005
Name: Audrey Deveau (Pinkney
Location: Barriere, B.C.
E-Mail: adeveau@telus.net

Comments: Very interesting web site...love it

Date: 2/20/2005
Name: heather surette
Location: yarmouth

Comments: the islands are the best in the summer laying on the beaches in the sun

Date: 2/21/2005
Name: Camilla
Location: http://www.blog-buster.net
E-Mail: Camilla@hotmail.com

Comments: Complimenti da noi blogger http://www.blog-buster.net

Date: 2/21/2005
Name: Phyllis A. Duffy
Location: Haverhill, MA
E-Mail: phduffy@massed.net

Comments: Great fotos of Isle Madame!  I had the pleasure of visiting the island in the summer of 2003 seeking my Acadian roots.  My maternal great grandmother was from Arichat and I felt  lured to Isle Madame because of that newly discovered link and also because it was love at first sight when I spotted it on a map. Great site!  Learned about it from listserv.

Date: 2/22/2005
E-Mail: jacobbright@yahoo.com

Comments: hey guys i like that iam a true african you know liberia?cool come along lets talk.

Date: 2/22/2005

Comments: The picture you have is not Plymouth, its Wedgeport.
Webmaster Comment: Thank you.

Date: 2/22/2005
Name: Conrad Theriault
Location: Grimsby Ontario
E-Mail: conrad.theriault@sympatico.ca

Comments: Always great to see pictures of home you make me home sick,great job folks.

Date: 2/23/2005
Name: Shirley Smith 
E-Mail: HaleyP24@aol.com

Comments: Maiden name Surette... dad (Harry) from Nova Scotia

Date: 2/23/2005
Name: Carlene MacDonald
Location: Mink Lake, Carleton
E-Mail: waterwood@eastlink.ca

Comments: I would like to be added to your list of business in Carleton.  Water Wood Bed & Breakfast.  Route 203 on Mink Lake.  See my web site www.waterwoodcanada.com.
Also I notice some business's listed are no longer there, ie.  MaryAnne's Laudromat and Bernie Millers Garage.
I apreciate the site you  provide and it will be listed in my advertising.
Thank You

Date: 2/23/2005
Name: dick thibeau
Location: halifax/poulamon in summer
E-Mail: dickthibeau@eastlink.ca

Comments: great photos.  must have been a lot of work.

Date: 2/23/2005
Name: Doreen Wilson
Location: Poulamon
E-Mail: dodavis_2000@yahoo.com

Comments: We have only been here for two years and love it. The people are friendly and helpful. The fishing is great and the berry picking is super. There is always something going on so you really don't get bored and if you do it's because you aren't looking for in the right places.

Date: 2/23/2005
Name: marsha langford
Location: weymouth falls
E-Mail: marie54_14@msn.com

Comments: i was glad to find your site and read up on it it was nice to read 

Date: 2/23/2005
Name: arnie
Location: amherst.nova scotia
E-Mail: arnoldpitman@eastlink.ca


I did get in touch with a long lost second cousin from New York through your guest book just this week.  I do enjoy reading it and check on its new entries while here in Mexico every few days. 

Thank you for your site and may God Bless you
Serving Him in Alamos, Mexico
Larry Stephens

Date: 2/23/2005
Name: lisa jorche
Location: halifax 
E-Mail: liasbrahimjorche@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: hi evrey one Im just woundring if any franch town in yarmouth ns .
please I need some info .



Date: 2/24/2005
Name: Bob Martell
Location: Naples Florida
E-Mail: Rmartell@swfla.rr.com

Comments: Great Pictures!

Date: 2/26/2005
Name: leon williams
Location: digby county
E-Mail: not available

Comments: was brought up on this island

Date: 2/26/2005
Name: Pam Cotreau Brock
Location: Pensacola Fl
E-Mail: PCBrock@cox,net

Comments: Beginning research on father's family.  Have the following:
Descended from Phillipe díEntremontís son Phillip Mius (we thought through Marie, but one web site I found showed Ann)
Joseph DíAzy Mius and Marie Amerault
Joseph DíAzy Mius and Maire-Joseph Prejean
Pierre Hinard and Anne Rosile MIus
Jean Cottreau and Marie Hinard
Frederic Surette and Anne Muise
Vincent Gilles Cottreau and Marie Ann Surette
Marc Cottreau and Anne Madeleine Richard
Severine Cotreau and Anne Eliza (Liza? Elise?) LeBlanc
Severin Pothier (Potier) and Bibien (Babin? Bihanne ?) Surette
Nichols Alphie (Nicholas Alphee?) Cotreau and Anne Estelle Pothier
Gerald Severine Cotreau and Lois Maxine Taylor
Pamela Sue Cotreau
Can you help?

Date: 2/27/2005
Name: charlie&bernadette hearn
Location: poirierville
E-Mail: charlie hearn@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: real nice ,sent it to my sisterin new brunswick she loved it hadn't seen some of the places for years 

Date: 2/27/2005
Name: D.Nichols
Location: N.B.

Comments: Great place,good people

Date: 2/27/2005
Name: M.E.
Location: Calgary

Comments: I also received this email, however the pictures were blank but the description was there.  I was interested enough to go to Google to look for the pictures and happened upon your website.  It is Feb.27th 2005 and the email is still making the rounds, incorrectly.

Date: 2/27/2005
Name: Teddy Poirier
Location: D'Escousse
E-Mail: silverback@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments:  nice web site see you next trip home

Date: 2/27/2005
Name: koko harlow
E-Mail: kokoh82@aol.com

Comments: absolutely crap!

Date: 2/27/2005
Name: Randy Doucet
Location: Niagara Falls, Ont.
E-Mail: mepmanran66@yahoo.ca


Date: 2/28/2005
Name: Joan
Location: Dedham, MA
E-Mail: jorosull@comcast.net

Comments: Great to learn so much about Nova Scotia, villages.


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