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July 2005 
Genealogy requests 
*Please Note: The proper protocol when someone requests information on a specific individual is to inform that person and get  permission to pass on information or have them contact the person requesting the information. 
Date: 7/1/2005
Name: Bayou Bob
Location: Louisiana, USA
E-Mail: bayoutalk@hotmail.com

Comments: I would like for all your users to come visit us down in south Louisiana!  We have an open community forum where our members gather to share views, opinions or just have fun!

Come by and get to know us!

Please visit: http://btalk.notlong.com

Bayou Talk ~where the bayou meets the internet~

Date: 7/1/2005
Name: The Bob
Location: Atlanta GA/Los Angeles CA
E-Mail: rhenness@usc.edu

Comments: Thought the tale was quite interesting myself after it was forwarded my way by our family's favorite fishing guide. I was originally looking for more information about the "1-hour battle" with this Great White before I had any idea that it could be a hoax. I am a big fan of Vin Diesel.

The Bob

Date: 7/1/2005
Name: Barb(Ollenberger)Gavel
Location: Eastern Passage, NS
E-Mail: prairiechikn@aol.com

Comments: Help! I heard there may be a YCMHS class of '85 reunion this year but that's all I know! I would love to be there for it so anyone with info PLEASE e-mail me! 

Date: 7/1/2005
Name: Lynn Hemeon
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: lhemeon@gmail.com

Comments: Webmaster:

Please post this site so others can see Yarmouth as I see it. This site was made for those who have moved away and miss home and for those who want to see what our beautiful town has to offer.

 Thank you. 

Date: 7/1/2005
Name: Paul
Location: Anderson
E-Mail: andydtx@sbcglobal.net

Comments: We are planning to visit your town sometime the week of 10 July..   We will expect a big parade.  Ha Ha.

We are looking forward to our visit.

Paul and Nancy Anderson

Date: 7/2/2005
Name: Jen
Location: shortbeach


Date: 7/2/2005
Name: Tanya Leclair (Smith)
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
E-Mail: leclairtours@rogers.com

Comments: Hello,
I really like this site alot.  My mother lives in Beaver River and my grandfather (Albert Smith) kept the light at Cape Forchu years ago. I am coming to visit in a couple of weeks, which I do at least once a year. I'm looking forward to coming with my family once again.

Tanya Leclair

From: OrigBluenoser@wmconnect.com
Subject: The old Bluenoose ferry.
To: webmaster@yarmouth.org 

Hello from sunny (and HOT!) Florida. 
I do not know whether anybody has an interest in knowing where the "Old" Bluenose ferry is, but I'll tell you anyways<G>. 
It is making the news down here in the Greater Tampa Bay area as not being seaworthy  (?), toxic fumes, and to top it off is a floating Gambling Hall. I think that it's name is the" Star of St. Petersburg," out of Tampa Harbor. 
I was driving along on causeway Blvd. about two(?) years ago, and looked over at the salvage/repair yard. "Lo, and behold" was the Bluenose w/ it's name on the stern and bow. Almost had an accident. Made me feel sad too. I think that my first trip on her was the next trip from Bar Harbor to home, just after the whale incident, never got seasick on her. That trip, I went to the "Restaurant". Now we were experiencing a good fog swell that day and loads of people were green around the gills. I had two eggs "Sunny-side up", bacon and "SOS". Sat right next to the windows near the entrance to the restaurant. I waited until a group of Americans started to walk by...I cut those eggs up and ate a little bit on top of the sos. The whole party leaned over the rails. Bad me! 

may the good Lord bless the old town and let it forever be the town of my memories. 
PS: I was born in Yarmouth. my gramp was Irving (Shine) Crosby, and Nathanial (Nate) Crosby is my uncle and good friend. 
(Son of Alice and Martin(Paddy) Calvert) 

Date: 7/3/2005
Name: Jim Gavell
Location: Boston, MA
E-Mail: james.gavell@verizon.net

Comments: I too would be interested in news/names of Gavelton. Anything about Gavel, Gavell, Gavelle, etc.
My father was William Harding Gavell, his father William Gavelle was killed in the explosion.
Will correspond.
Thank you.

Date: 7/4/2005
Name: Julie Edwards
Location: Texas
E-Mail: moxy29@msn.com

Comments: I am researching my O'Brien ancestors in Nova Scotia, specifically Capt. George L. O'Brien who was capt. of the Mary A. Law.  He died and was burried at sea.

Date: 7/4/2005

Date: 7/4/2005
Name: lily
Location: Tunbridge, Vermont USA
E-Mail: tunbridge@earthlink.net

Comments: I am awed by the beauty of the area way up there.  I want to spend my summers there and am looking to buy some land, on which to gaze at the most splendid water views I have ever seen. And of course listen to my favorite Celtic music.
Do you mind if I drive up this summer and buy a little piece of your paradise?  I promise to keep it unspoiled forever!

Date: 7/6/2005
Name: Richard Gavel
Location: Vernon B.C.


Date: 7/7/2005
Name: Tom Coron
Location: King George, VA. USA
E-Mail: tnpcoron@aol.com

Comments: Visited and drove around the island back in the mid eighties. Retiring next year, and plan to come back and see you!
Hope it hasn't changed too much!

Date: 7/7/2005
Name: nwaba
Location: togo
E-Mail: nwaba _mugu@25.com

Comments: cool site guy keep offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Date: 7/7/2005
Location: ROTHESAY N.B.
E-Mail: fairvale@rogers.com


Date: 7/8/2005
Name: smile
Location: clare
E-Mail: blanc22001@yahoo.com

Comments: peace to all of you and may you all find true love with whoever your partner may be, be it a person of the same sex ,of different race,different colour, size shape etc as long as you have and give love rather then kill and abuse others..:) have a great day 

Date: 7/8/2005
Name: Cathy
Location: N.S.
E-Mail: pahocaci@hotmail.com

Comments: Looking for info on the SWAINE families of yarmouth .My grandfather was Frederick Swaine  ,his father was Eldridge Swaine . Any info would help . Thanks

Date: 7/8/2005
Name: Jan Radtke
Location: Calgary, AB
E-Mail: radtkejl@shaw.ca

Comments: I have been reading a book that features your community. It is called "Summer's Child" by Luanne Rice and I had never heard of Melbourne, NS before reading this book. The author has painted a beautiful picture in my mind of your community. I am a true "westerner" having grown up in BC and Alberta. I have never been east of Windsor, Ont (and is that really considered "east"?) but can't wait to visit further east, some day. Today is July 8, 2005 and it is the first day of the world famous Calgary Stampede. I've been in Calgary for 24 years now and will probably steer (pun intended) clear of any of the festivities. I can't wait until I come over to the "other" side of wonderful country to experience the beauty I've been reading about.
Jan Radtke

From: Lou Roderick <lourod@gci.net>
Subject: comments from  Southeast Alaska resident...u should see are rumor page
 heh heh !!
To: g_routes@ca.inter.net 

Howdy.Just happen to stumble unto your site.Im unfamilar with Nova Scotia.....If you were to pick 3 nice beach areas what would u reccomend...that has good fishing ...restaurants...diving, crabbing, scalloping ,clamming......Im looking to rent a beach rental cottage ....I myself live on Wilderness Iland on the Northwest Pacific ocean about a 1000 miles due North of you on 57.57 latitude.Are fishing,shellfishing, crabbing is excellent here.I like dealing w/ 
canadians folks..they are alot like alaskans..Are East coast Canadians of the same nature as they  are out west ..Im aware of  the east - west poltical canadian differance... ....Like I said never been there..but Ihave a feeling ..we probably would like it there...better than down in the states...w/ all the crime etc..If you have any comments Im all ears.....Kind regards.... Lou Roderick, Sitka Alaska

Date: 7/9/2005
Name: Dave Ellis
Location: B.C 

Comments: Born in B.C, Raised in PortMaitland for 26 years. Just moved back to B.C this past January. Miss my home alot.

Date: 7/10/2005
Name: Pat Lynn
Location: Nashville, TN
E-Mail: pat.lynn@thomson.com

Comments: Where can I find information regarding the ferry schedules and costs for the ferry from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth, and the ferry to Portland????

We are planning to come to Yarmouth at the end of September.

Please respond at your earliest convenient

Webmaster Comment: Information can be found at; www.catferry.com
schedule@= www.catferry.com/schedule.html

Date: 7/11/2005
Name: Susie
Location: Dover, Delaware
E-Mail: susanshaner@msn.com

Comments: I doubted this was true and found your website on google.com. Thanks for the story

Date: 7/11/2005
Name: Sandy Christie
Location: Gulfport, Mississippi
E-Mail: achristi@bellsouth.net

Comments: Helloooooooooooo Yarmouth
Just thought I would let all of you old Folks who remember me that hurricane Dennis wasn't much more than a whimper to us. Not too bad when you consider this storm was on track to come in my front door and out the back if it was still there. We were all hunkered down and all we got , thankfully, was a little rain and 20-30 mph wind. You see, prayers do work!
Would like to hear from some you old geezers who have just been to lazy to let me know you are still alive. This is not intended to offend my many friends who stay in touch with me regularly.
Take Care Yarmouth, still trying to plan my next trip home. Will let everybody know so as I know for sure.

Date: 7/11/2005
Name: Betty Nickerson-Cormier
Location: Lepreau, NB
E-Mail: nickcorn@nb.sympatico.ca

Comments: I grew up in Tusket but moved to NB in 1978.  I still think of Tusket as home and it was great to read the history and see some familiar pictures.

Date: 7/11/2005
Name: Valerie Belliveau
Location: Lower East Pubnico

Comments: Had no idea the house we live in was included in your pictures!  Just thrilled.  Too bad it didn't help us sell that four wheeler! (ha ha)

It's been a while since I had reviewed the logs. I was annoyed to see the comments from name "unknown" located in New York.(6/20/05)  Are they not aware that the loudest voices come from the opposition?  Those of us (yes, that includes me) who do not care how others choose to live, or love, don't make a big fuss about it and thus get no media coverage.  How small minded to let a line on a website influence your decision on anything. 

On a cheerier note...Keep up the good work.

Date: 7/12/2005
Name: John Forbes
Location: Saugus, MA


Date: 7/13/2005
Name: D.M. Smith
Location: Highgate Ontario
E-Mail: missdingly@aol.com

Comments: We are planning a trip to the east coast this summer and we are searching for info.    Hope youre site has lots!!!!!!

Date: 7/13/2005
Name: Mark Surette
Location: Hermon, Maine
E-Mail: ColdSmoke1661@hotmail.com

Comments: I was just looking around on the internet and found this.  My grandfather, Robert Surette, lives on the island.  Great to know there is a website for the island.

Date: 7/14/2005
Name: Texican
Location: Texas

Comments: I know a young lady from Yarmouth.
Her love of her homtown and it's people make me want to visit Yarmouth and NS.

Date: 7/15/2005
Name: http://www.Westport.com
Location: Rideau Lakes, Ontario Canada
E-Mail: o_sandralynn@hotmail.com

Comments: This is wonderful to be able to see what Yarmouth is about..would love to come and visit some day

Date: 7/15/2005
Name: Brian Singleton
Location: St.john's  , NL
E-Mail: briansingleton@canoemail.com

Comments: Finally a tad of information on the birthplace of the beloved Toller. I visited NS summer 2004 and was surprised that I could find souviner shops carrying almost everything but not a bumper sticker, lapel pin , or anything else regarding the Toller. When I asked of the provincial dog I never met a person who had heard of it. You have a provincial treasure and should let the world know about it, but begin at home in your tourism industry. This dog is easily the equivalent of the Newfoundland Dog and the Labrador Retriever and these dogs are household names in Canada as should the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver be. 

Date: 7/15/2005
Name: Mike Cooper
Location: Boston area
E-Mail: mlcooper@rcn.com

Comments: Great compilation of pictures.

Date: 7/15/2005
Name: Rhonda
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
E-Mail: rpuckett@collinsbarrow.com

Comments: Will be travelling to Yarmouth area for 2006 Olde Timers National Hardball Championships. Will be in a rather large convoy, of possibly 15 families. We are hoping to be able to stay in the same area, whether it be a cottage type resort or even camping, if it comes to that. Anyone with information on accomidations like this, and is willing to share, please contact me! rpuckett@collinsbarrow.com

Can't wait!

Date: 7/15/2005
Name: Paula Fougere
Location: Seabrook, New Hampshire
E-Mail: auntiewitch1@yahoo.com

Comments: I have not been to my grandparent's house in Poulamon since I was a child, so I appreciate the photo of it.  We had a wonderful time visiting and I thank you for the trip down "memory lane".

Date: 7/15/2005
Name: lisa jorche
Location: halifax 
E-Mail: liasbrahimjorche@ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: hello   Im looking for Annette Gautreau or Cottreau  she born in yarmouth ns in 1949 she has 3 brothers and 2 sisters.  Please if any one have any info about this woman email me  at lisabrahimjorche@ns.sympatico.ca

Date: 7/16/2005
Name: Jerome
Location: Philadelphia,Pa,USA
E-Mail: fidvet@aol.com

Comments: I and my wife and pst dog will be coming to Yarmouth on vacation this Sept. We will be traveling with 2 other ladies on vacation to your area and we are looking forward to the beauty of your Island of Nova Scotia. I will be in touch when we return from vacation to give you our take Nova Scotia.

Date: 7/18/2005
Name: Dick Poirier
Location: 529 West 42nd St. Apt 6D NY,NY
E-Mail: DickPoirier@aol.com

Comments: I am the grandson of Ina Burke Poirier of D'Escousse. She was married to Phillip Poirier of Poirierville.  They emigrated to Boston in the early 1920s. My grandmother was a cousin of Eva Harding also of Boston. Eva's son was Uncle Tony, Anthony Harding of Wilmington,MA and somewhere on Isle Madame. I will be traveling through the area the first week of August.  I have never visited the area before and am very excited to see where my dad's family (Richard Edgar Poirier) came from.  I am just so taken with the history of the area and would love to learn more.  Please contact me with any information or suggestions of where to stay and points of interest.   Thanks so much, Dick Poirier

Date: 7/16/2005
Name: Alan Ellis
Location: Dartmouth  NS
E-Mail: alan.ellis @ns.sympatico.ca

Comments: great to see home 

Date: 7/17/2005
Name: Shell Baughman
Location: Decatur Indiana
E-Mail: drakko11@mchsi.com

Comments: Hi Shelley ;)

Date: 7/18/2005
Name: kamal
Location: uk
E-Mail: kamal@relay.mail.itabspl.com

Comments: good thing

Date: 7/18/2005
Name: Bruce W. Cole
Location: Wyebridge, Onatrio
E-Mail: cnhr@idirect.com

Comments: I was in Yarmouth in June.  I was visiting Gary and Elena Arnett, from Yarmouth Natural Foods. 

The magazine I work for is doing a major article on the store, and it will be featured on the cover of the Canadian Natural Health Retailer Magazine, a business magazine in the natural health trade.

I was in town for just a few hours to take photos.

They have an exceelent store, with a very unique look.  They have done an excellent job preserving the heritage and honouring the time period of when the building was constructed in the late 1890s.

I was on this website getting some background info on the town.

It was helpful.


Date: 7/19/2005
Name: Ryan Surette
Location: haverhill Ma


Date: 7/19/2005
Name: Robert Royds
Location: Jackson Maine
E-Mail: roberthwll38@aol.com


Date: 7/20/2005
Name: Russ Le Blanc
Location: Oshawa ON
E-Mail: yourgoals@gmail.com

Comments: Just came back from a visit to Yarmouth. We enjoyed the high school class of '75 reunion. 
I was born on Boston but spent many summers as a youth vacationing in Yarmouth Co. (Abrams River). Our family moved to Arcadia in '69.
I also worked at CJLS for a number of years (two seperate occasions) before moving to the Toronto area for employment reasons. 
The Yarmouth area has faced many a hardship (the loss of the cotton mill, tin mine, provincial bus service, airline service as well as the recent closure of the Portland ferry service) yet it still hangs in there.
The waterfront development is something to be proud of. If only more people could discover the treasures the Yarmouth area has to offer (as stated by the many postings on this guest book).
A special thanks to the webmaster for offering this service.

Date: 7/21/2005


Date: 7/21/2005
Name: william 
Location: edmonton
E-Mail: billymcclary@hotmail.com

Comments: it was great seeing the old town cant wait to get its been a long 3 years

Date: 7/22/2005
Name: Annoyed
Location: Yarmouth, NS

Comments: Why is it people think NS is an island?!?!? I see land connecting to land on the map.....I drive from here to NB without driving through water. How do you see us as an island??? If you look close....PEI is an island....even Nfld can be considered more of an island than NS....

Date: 7/22/2005
Name: Nwa Owerri  Aba
Location: LOME
E-Mail: Nwaowerri@yahoo.com


Date: 7/22/2005
Name: dale brazell
Location: 34 fairmeadow rd

Date: 7/23/2005
Name: Jill
Location: Massachusetts
E-Mail: thibedeauj@aol.com

Comments: My grandfather came to Somerville MA in 1918 His name is John Delbert Thibodeau (changed to Thibedeau) his mother was Alice Surette her father was Doctrove Surette. I have a very old typed copy of the story of Pinkney's Point handed down to me. I would like to know if there are any school pictures of my grandfather? I know they lived with Alices brother Louis Surette.  Any help contacting someone in the family line would be greatly appriciated.

Date: 7/23/2005
Name: david boudreAU
Location: hamilton, ontario
E-Mail: boudreau_14@hotmail.com

Comments: hey all the gang down there! im bored today and i was feeling a little homesick (for Nova Scotia) so i started looking for some pics online, finally i found some and now its a little better. anyways, thought id sign this cause someone might find it. anyways, talk to all you guys soon hopefully. bye

Date: 7/23/2005
Name:  Marilyn 
Location: Bridgewater. N. S.
E-Mail: msanford@ns.sypmatico.ca

Comments: We have enjoy this very much .Do you have any info.for in 1920,as we had a friend from the u.s.a. That came to the Boys Camp if this is the right one  and i feel it is. Thanks 
Webmaster Comment: I do not but someone may. long time ago.

Date: 7/23/2005
Name: Marge
Location: Town of Yarmouth
E-Mail: memceachern@hotmail.com

Comments: excellent site

Date: 7/23/2005
Name: Irving Malcolm Berry
Location: Winnipeg,MB
E-Mail: sgt3@!mts.net

Comments: I would appreciate getting information from anyone who knew my late grandmother Mrs. Lillian Berry(nee)Cisco. Her Late sister Was Mrs.Ann Moffat, wife of Jeb Moffat Yarmouth,N.S, it would be very helpfull in locating my relatives. If anyone has  information, please contact me at this E Mail.sgt3@mts.net. thank you.

Date: 7/24/2005
Name: Corinne (Forgeron) Peltier
Location: Campton, New Hampshire
E-Mail: micopel@aol.com

Comments: It was wonderful looking at the pictures of "home".  I will be visiting in a few weeks and I am looking forward to it!

West Arichat

Date: 7/25/2005
Name: Daniel( Dan) Daniels
Location: Halifax N S.
E-Mail: grizzlydan@eastlink.ca

Comments: looking for Cranberry Cottage cook Book there are Blueberry cottage etc.Iwanted to know where to buy them I used to have them all but lost all of them in shippingto B C.

Date: 7/25/2005
Name: Rod Callahan
Location: Saint John, NB
E-Mail: rodandcharcallahan@rogers.com

Comments: Lookijng to hear from anyone in the area who may remember me.

Date: 7/26/2005
Name: jack
Location: parksville b.c.
E-Mail: Jc.young@shaw.ca

Comments:  would like to visit nova scotia I was born in charlottetown PEI many years ago.

Date: 7/26/2005
Name: Reggie & Gina Hatfield
Location: Black Diamond Alberta
E-Mail: reg13@telusplanet.net

Comments: Howdy to all our friends and familys Yarmouth, This is a nice web site, hope to see you all in the fall.

Date: 7/26/2005
Name: Raymonde
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: raydoucet7@hotmail.com

Comments: I was sending instructions to a friend of how to gey to Plymouth but I cannot read the number of the highway to take to get there. I guess I'll just have to go tommorow and see for myself.

Date: 7/27/2005
Name: Brian Hurlburt
Location: Wellington Yarmouth County, NS
E-Mail: brian@yarmouthcounty.com

Comments: Just looking around your site and happened upon the Wellington Page. Keep up the good work!

Brian Hurlburt

Date: 7/27/2005
Location: BENIN


Date: 7/27/2005
Name: Grayden Porter
Location: Halifax
E-Mail: graydenray@msn.com

Comments: Hi.
  Was home for a visit a couple of wees ago. had avery good time I have not been home in a numer of years. I eas a little dissapointed to see all the malls though A shame to see so much leaving downtown It's always and always will
be Yarmouth greatest charm

Date: 7/28/2005
Name: Tom
Location: Live Oak, Florida
E-Mail: tburnett@Lani.net

Comments: I received the shark story (of it pulling the boat backwards.)

Date: 7/28/2005


Date: 7/28/2005


Date: 7/28/2005
Name: Tim Spence
Location: Orlando. Florida
E-Mail: tgs621@yahoo.com

Comments: I have visited your wonderful city some time ago, and loved it. i look forward to visiting before this year is over.

Date: 7/29/2005
Name: Flo Maynard
Location: Yarmouth
E-Mail: twicemama2000@yahoo.ca

Comments: Opened the Pubnico site and what do I see!  The old swimming hole!  The very best days were when you could swim (off the bridge) in the morning then swim by a full moon in the evening.

Date: 7/29/2005


Date: 7/29/2005
Name: Jamie Muise
Location: Sand Beach
E-Mail: jrmuise@sympatico.ns.ca

Comments: Ah...hello! 
Yup, born and bred in Yarmouth. Good work on the site guys. Awesome, ah huh!! Yeah, if ever you come to Yarmouth, give me a shout. I could show you around, yup, yup! Feel free to drop by my house, i'm always alone. I'm bored alot but love to do things outdoors. Single girls, let me hear from you!! 

Date: 7/30/2005
Name: Ruth Mercer
Location: Chicopee, MA
E-Mail: ruth@map.com

Comments: What a great job!  I think the first picture on the photo site is of my shed on Gray Road.  Makes me homesick - good thing I will be there next week!

Date: 7/30/2005
Name: Urquhart A. Wood
Location: Columbus Ohio
E-Mail: uwood@strategyinnovations.com


Date: 7/30/2005
E-Mail: egreaves@sympatico.ca

Comments: Did you attend Milton School from 1939-1947? Remember, Miss Sweeney, Miss Platt, Miss Grey, Miss Wetmore, and of course Miss McKinnon? Remember the old music room on the 3rd floor and the girls and boys basements? Would you be interested in having a reunion of these years? If so, drop me a line and if enough folks are interested and willing to work at getting it going, perhaps it could happen.

Date: 7/31/2005
E-Mail: easygoing44@hotmail.com

Comments:  A 50 year old Yarmouth man now living in Halifax take time to remember Thais Marie Haskins who was murdered in Yarmouth, July 29 1965. the young man went to the 10 am service at St marks church where her service was 40 years ago, In her memeory he gave the church a gift of $40.00.The young man was only 10 years at the time of the murder but he states that it seem like yesterday. Thought that was nice of this young man to to remember someone he didn't know.

Date: 7/31/2005
Name: Steven F. Illum
Location: Springfield, Missouri
E-Mail: stevef_i@yahoo.com

Comments: Thanks so much for posting all the photos, etc.  I can't help but wonder if I was looking at many of my distant relatives.  My great grandmother's maiden name was Cann (Lucetta May Cann).  Many of her family members (Cann, Saunders, Marshall, Donald, etc.) were buried in South Ohio so some of their descendants must still be hanging around the area.  Her father was Jesse Rice Cann.  He was buried in Lake George.  I'm not sure exactly where that is, but will learn someday.  Would enjoy a reply from anyone.

Steve Illum

Date: 7/31/2005
Name: Linda 
Location: Lyons, KS
E-Mail: rickandlindak@sbcglobal.net

Comments: Got this email about the shark but could not open the attached pictures.  Curiousity got me searching the internet to find the pics.  Amazing what can get started on the internet.

Date: 7/31/2005
Name: Cory Matthews
Location: Dartmouth
E-Mail: not sure

Comments: I just moved to Hebron with my mother, I just love it here. I plan to live out the rest of my life here. I want to say Hi to all my new friends that hangout at the best gym in Yarmouth. I love you Andrea, I mean mom!



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