Amirault's Hill

Salt hay stacks in Amiraults Hill.
From Dean W. Bourque
Amirault's Hill (Y) : East of Yarmouth in the municipality of Argyle.  This community recalls the resilience of the Acadian People, who returned in numbers to Nova Scotia following the expulsion of 1755.  Nearby Pubnico was an important Acadian settlement both before and following the expulsion, for this was one area where the lands had not been confiscated by others. As the population of settlements such as Pubnico expanded, the settlers moved farther along the shore.  Thus, about 1800, Jaques Amirault of Pubnico settled in the district which bears his name.
*from the book "Place Names of Atlantic Canada" Ref 917.16 HAM in the Western Counties Regional Library*


Amirault's Hill (Y) :   Jaques Amirault (sometimes Amiro or Amero) settled lands on the Tusket River in Yarmouth County in 1766.  The Hill retains it's name.

*from the book "Place Names of the Province of Nova Scotia"Ref 917.15 BRO in the Western Counties Regional Library*

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