Brazil Lake

Formerly known as Bloomfield this area's name was changed to Brazil Lake when the train station was built to prevent confusion with Bloomfield, Digby.

For a little bit of history, when Brazil Lake was founded it consisted of four homes. Three of these homes were owned by a Cann, a Whitehouse, and a Crosby. If you visit this small community now you will find that there are quite a few more homes now than there was in the beginning.

The Train Station

Built in 1930 the Train Station became an important link to other places. Many mills and businesses were dependent on the train station. For example the Carleton Clothes Pin Factory would export its items out to the various places by way of the train. The station was also needed to fill the need for supplies for areas as far as Kempt. Because of the many mills in the area the station was necessary to transport their goods to other distant places.

The Steam Mill

Also (to my knowledge) built in 1930 was the Steam Mill. This mill was located just down the road from the train station and as the name indicates it was run on steam. The mill provided employment for many of the men in the area.

The Post Office

When the post office was first started it was located in the Crosby home. I am not sure yet whether these Crosby's were related to those who first lived in Brazil Lake. Their home was located directly across from the station and was run by Mrs. Crosby. That house still stands today. The post office was eventually moved. There is no longer a post office in Brazil Lake and the former location is unknown to me.

One thing I have been told is that Lake Annis which is located in the Brazil Lake area was once one of the best and most popular areas for summer homes and cottages. If you drive through this area you can still see many of the beautiful homes.

Below are some pictures of a nearby area.

The picture to the left was taken during the 1930's. The area is Gardener's Mill. The house was owned by two women who owned the mill which is located up the road from the house. The lake is called Sister's Lake and was used to move the logs form the mill. The lake is man made using a dam to block up a stream. Once the logs had been moved the lake would be drained and the
fields that the lake covered would be used for grain. The lake is now permanently dammed up. There is still a mill in the area but the lake is not used anymore. The picture to the right is of the same house but it was taken in the 1960's. The road that passed the garage used to go all the way into Kempt and the Carleton area. For a zoom-in of just the house and garage click here.
To view the large versions of the other two pictures click on the pictures themselves.

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