Denise Stone

Chegoggin is a small community just outside Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. It's about a 10-15 minute drive from town.  There are many businesses  throughout the area such as mechanical shops (Harvey's Brakes and Front Ends 742-0309), auto body shops, farming (Sweeny's farm, Tedford farm, Whittaker's farm), craft shops, sewing classes;  there is also Gateway Farms Bed & Breakfast owned by Lloyd and Joy Sweeny.

There is  beautiful scenery in the area which includes drumlins (mounds), which make the winter very nice as these are used for sledding by the children.  The many lakes and rivers are used for summer water sports, including fishing , as well as wintertime skating. This is just a beautiful countryside to explore and enjoy. During the summer the sides of the roads are covered with lupins and wildflowers; and the surrounding forests are home to countless birds. 

There is also a lot of wildlife in the area.  There is a nice field, where there is no hunting allowed, and where during the fall over half a dozen deer can be seen. Many times you can be driving along to see a few people stopped along the side of the road observing the deer.  With all this beautiful scenery it makes Cheggogin a very pleasant place to live..

There is a Baptist Church which I've been in and find quite nice. There is also a hall which was once used for voting and a few years ago guides and Brownies used  this for thir meetings.  However,  it was too cold in winter and they were moved to Hebron a few years later.  The hall is  getting quite old and is not used anymore.

The ocean is very near so it's only a short drive away to observe the ocean front and even go swimming.  The ocean breeze can be felt most of the time.

There are many families in the area and so there are a lot of children playing. It is very seldom that you can drive down a road in Chegoggin and not see children playing.  Even when it is raining,  the children are out in their raingear. .


Chegoggin (Y) :  There are a point and a village of this name. Indian  "che"(great) and "goggin"(encampment) make Chegoggin a great encampment.from the book "Place Names of the Province of Nova Scotia"Ref 917.15     BRO in the Western Counties Regional Library*

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