Doctor's Lake
By Jody LeBlanc

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Yarmouth has many lakes and rivers throughout  the county. This is  a picture of a scene taken from Doctor's Lake on Lakeside Road.  This lake is a beautiful spot to go on family outings, such as swimming, canoeing and sailing. Campers and photographers will  enjoy the  beautiful sunrises. 

The Manor Inn is located on the shores of Doctor's Lake. This flows into Second Lake located behind a nearby  restaurant, the Austrian  Inn located in the Dayton area.  A bridge here provides a good spot to pause and feed the ducks. Second Lake flows into Lake Milo. Behind the Irving station in Milton is a dam where these lakes empty into Yarmouth Harbour.  

At Lake Milo,Second Lake and Doctor's Lake there are so many activities in the summertime. These include canoe rallies, sailing, bass-fishing  tournaments, jet-skiing -- and there is a great place for camping! In the winter,   outdoor activities slow down.  Sometimes, however,  the Lake is frozen enough to skate on,  either in safe coves or - for the more daring - straight across.  Ski-dooing is another popular wintertime sport when the ice is thick. 

A boat house in Milton is a  convenient  spot to rent out boats for the day.  Dayton Fruit and Vegetable on also rents out paddle boats and canoes. 

If you're ever looking for a place to get away from the urban environment, your best bet is to go and enjoy the waters of  these lakes in Yarmouth County. 

Incorrect information on this page has been corrected:  Thank you Mrs. Aurel Mooney

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