Cedar Lake
Digby County,  Nova Scotia


Published on September 19th, 2007
By Eric Bourque
A local resident at that time who now lives in the Annapolis Valley, Rev. Dawson was the pastor of the Cedar Lake United Baptist Church in 1999 when he became the first president of the Old Beaver River/Port Maitland Cemeteries Preservation Society.

More Info @: http://www.thevanguard.ca/Arts/Cultural-activities/2007-09-19/article-607226/Cemeteries-recognized-as-heritage-sites/1
Cemeteries recognized as heritage sites

Descendants of Pasco Foote:Cedar Lake, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

The Yarmouth County Archives contains many thousands of files relating to businesses, organizations and people in Yarmouth County. This includes newspapers, genealogies, government records, and various other sources.


ELLIS (Wetmore), Sabra Moses - 96, Hebron, Yarmouth Co., passed away peacefully...... She was a member of the Cedar Lake Baptist Church and taught school in Nova Scotia for five years. Then, in 1926, More information:  http://www.genealogybuff.com/canada-bbs/webbbs_config.pl?noframes;read=37

Driftwood Sculptor
Juergen Schenk Juergen’s artwork brings into focus the beauty which nature has already provided. Combining the untouched with refined carving he exhibits the partnership of d   riftwood and design.

I think these are pictures from the Cedar Lake area:

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Cedar Lake Fishing near Port Maitland, Nova Scotia
Here is an example of how false information is spread on the net.  Our Cedar lake it is not.

DELANEY (SAVARY), Leta Aris - 95, Port Maitland, Yarmouth Co.Born at Cedar Lake, Digby Co., she was the only daughter of the late Murray SAVARY and Amy (REEVES) SAVARY JENNINGS

Hi my name is Dave Rhyno .I would like very much enter cedar lake into this site, We have a very pretty village with a lot of old buildings, plus Camp Peniel, and a very beautiful lake where there are numerous camps and cottages, not to mention the bass tournaments that are held here every spring and summer. could you please consider this and if yes let me know how i can get started

Thank you Dave Rhyno

Subject: Cedar Lake
From: Sharon Jane Kerfont <redsharhere@gmail.com>
To: "webmaster@yarmouth.org" <webmaster@yarmouth.org>

I just read your page and note that Dave Rhyno mentioned about Cedar Lake.  Why should Cedar Lake be left out of your Yarmouth villages and towns.  Cedar Lake falls in the two counties of Yarmouth and Digby and has a rich history.  You should try and contact a Mrs. Anne Sorenson who can give you a wealth of information on Cedar Lake.  Lets see Cedar Lake listed with his historical values.

Thank you!

Thank you for your letters.

Someone will have to provide information on this area as others did for other villages.
If you or anyone else has pictures or information that you can share please send it to webmaster@yarmouth.org.
On the subject line please write the name of the village.   In this case Cedar Lake.

I will include it on this page.

Yours Sincerely

Clips from Guestbooks

Date: 2/4/99
Name: Mary J
Location: West  Dover
E-Mail: wmellis@sprint.ca

Comments: Hello Yarmouth.It's nice to see you on line as they call it.I am not from yarmouth but my husband is and we did live there for a long time. He is from Port Maitland.We also lived in Cedar Lake for a few years.We try to get back when we can and my husband misses it so.What we do miss is walking on the beach,for there is no place like that up here.you can't find a quiet place for a picnic or listen to the waves hit the shore or even hear the birds singing, just too many cars & people.we have been wanting to stay at the grand hotel for years but never did oh well maybe someday. We have a 28th anniversary comming up on March 15th a week in yarmouth sounds wonderfull. We do keep in touch with relatives and friends ,and from time to time i'll drop you a line ok. Bye for now Yarmouth   MARY J


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