Black Culture

Greenville & Yarmouth

Nova Scotia
Leotra Jarvis & Vanessa Fells

Historical Community Events
 In Yarmouth we also do some special occasions for the Black community.  At Christmas time we always get together at the Hubert Brush Centre,but now we gather at South Centennial School and  bring in a black Santa Claus for the children. He gives out treats and asks them what they want for Christmas. Then after that we usually have cake and juice for the kids to go along with there treat bags. 

-In the summer time there usually is a bible school that goes on in the  Hubert Brush center, but now the childern attend at the Sheriton Assembly on East Street. When I use to go they use to bring us to Liverpool. We  use to go up for a week and stay in what we would call the " Crudy Shack". My cousins and I use to call it that because it looked like a big tin can and we weren't aloud to shower no longer than 5 min. The Christian camp was fun but I was only little so I wanted to go home. We did lots of crafts and learned about our heritage and about Jesus Christ. ] We came back in a week and the camp leader told my mother that I had the devil in me. She laughed and said she would send me to church and back to camp next year.

-Some other occasions we have are some dances out in Greenville for the black community. The dances are supervised by adults and there is a certain age limit that is required. The dances usually last from eight to eleven.

Street Dance - The other thing we hold for our black community is an black awarenessdinner at the Youth Center. At the center Ada Fells hands out awards for some of the black students that have improved in there school work and that have passed the school year to go into another grade or to college. At the dinner there are black students from grades 6 and up. Plus the children get
something so that they don't feel left out. The dinner last about two hours.

- And of course there is February, which is black history month, in which we do what we can to celebrate. We hold dances, contests in school, meetings, presentations, and different things like that. We try to encourage our African Canadian students to learning more about their culture. 
During the month we sell T- shirt's and hats, mug and books on Black History.  These also can to sold at any other time of the year too but, during Black History Month we have more in stock.

- That is about all the things I know about that goes on in our town and communities. Every year on the long weekend in May (the queens birthday) we hold a Black Basketball tournament were teams of all ages from all different parts of the province come to Halifax on the long weekend and have a huge tournament, it's alot of fun it's a great way to meet old friends and meet new ones.  

- There is also an special occasion in Weymouth Falls. There is an reunion that goes on every three years. This reunion is held for the Jarvis family, and the Fells and the Smiths. It is also held for alot more families but it would be impossible to name off all the families. Last year there was over 2000 people and we were all related. That gave us a chance to meet all of our relatives that we never met before. My father, Everett Jarvis had just met his four sisters at the Weymouth Reunion. It was a huge occasion and there was lots of good foods. They held it by my Grandmothers house that just recently just died this past February. There was over one hundred differrent families there. The hard thing to believe is that we are all related. 


Nova Scotia
Leotra Jarvis & Vanessa Fells

Village of Yarmouth